Have you ever hit a road block in your life and have asked your loved ones in Heaven for help?

Have you ever run into a miracle or had an opportunity of a lifetime literally fall into your lap knowing immediately it was a gift from a loved one up above?

If you are nodding your head right now while reading this than you have already began to acknowledge the beautiful ways that your loved ones in Heaven can help to manifest positive changes within your life. What many don’t know is that not only does Heaven help you when you are hitting a rough spot, they also help to warn you or give you a ‘heads up’ when an urgent message needs to be relayed to you. How do they do this you ask? Through a special ability that was given to you at birth called ‘Intuition’. This is a very unique ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning or thought.

The ways our loved ones reach us through this ability is simple. Your intuition works through intense feelings that run through your body. For example have you ever had a bad feeling in your stomach for no reason at all and then received news of a tragedy? It was your intuition at work that let you know to prepare yourself for incoming news. It’s an ability that we all carry with us that signals us and helps to avoid problems both for ourselves and the ones that we love. The more that you listen to the “signals” that you receive the more signals will come in. Intuition is not only to warn you, many times it will help you to stay on course and reach for the positive opportunity.

For example, you get invited to a party after work and you are just not feeling up to it. You are tired and not really in the mood but you have a strong feeling that just won’t go away that is telling you to go despite the mood you are in. You end up going and meeting your future wife/husband that night who you end up marrying years later. It was with Heavens help that your intuition gave you the extra push to go and lead you to the perfect outcome.

So many times stories are shared of doctors who just ‘get a hunch’ and find a cure, or a mom who just ‘feels the car needs to be checked’ and finds out there was a problem with the breaks or even a student who applies to a school that he or she knows won’t accept them but has a strong feeling that says ‘Go for it’ and gets accepted. These are all ways that our intuition is at work and helping us. Start to listen and pay more attention to these feelings that you start to receive.

Your intuition is much like a muscle the more you use it the more it strengthens and becomes stronger. You don’t have to wait to receive the signals, you can call upon it at any time. Many times your intuition can even help you to see a situation more clearly. If something is on your mind and you feel like you could use a little help form up above sit in a quiet room and focus your intention on the question that you have. Mentally or out loud invite in your Angels and Loved ones to help. Focus on the question and start to take notice about how you are feeling as you focus in on the question. If you are feeling happy, uplifted and motivated it is your intuition pushing your forward. If you are feeling reluctant or that something is ‘off’ your intuition is most likely guiding you to rethink things or take a second look.

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