My child has been telling me that he has been seeing people who have died. Is my child psychic? What is an Indigo Child? 


Do you have a child in your life that shows signs of heightened awareness or psychic gifts? It’s likely you do! Children are more open to spirit because they haven’t learned to be skeptical yet and don’t close themselves off to the unknown the way adults do. Not to mention, those in Spirit LOVE visiting and playing with newborns and young children. After all, we do meet all of our departed family members in Heaven before we are even born.

When I was a child, I heard whispers and voices in my empty room and saw shadowy images that frightened me. My mom and grandmother were both psychic, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone that I inherited their gift, yet it was still difficult for me to accept. I was so reluctant to accept my abilities that I tried to shut them down and bury them completely. I’ve learned that this is not uncommon for psychic children. Most children will see the souls of family members that have passed on when they are little. Later on, as they become older those abilities fade away, but for some, they remain and become stronger and stronger later becoming known as being “Psychic”. In my case, my mother knew how to soothe my fears, but I still rejected my abilities until years later.

Many times, ghostly visions and sensations are overwhelming to children, and their parents don’t know how to help them understand and control their abilities. Parents may be scared that there’s something wrong with their child or dismiss their child’s abilities as the product of overactive imaginations. That can make children reluctant to tell their parents, to tell anyone, about what they are seeing or sensing. As they get older, they learn to suppress their gifts.

These days, more and more children are born with heightened sensitivity. Lots of people feel that they have been sent here because the world needs the light that these beautiful young souls can deliver. It’s the responsibility of the adults who love them to nurture their gifts and help them accept how special they are. You may have heard people talk about Crystal Children, Indigo Children, and Rainbow Children. These are terms for special types of children who are gifted. Below are some of the meanings to help you better understand each and the path that might be best suited for them.


Indigo Children

Indigo children always seem to make waves. They do not accept authority and are intuitive, psychic, creative and fearless. They get frustrated and can be insecure, so they need to be raised in an environment with clear boundaries and structure, so they can feel safe growing up. With the proper guidance and nurturing, these children will grow up to make changes to old traditions and help open up the world to new ways of thinking.

These types of children grow up to be great business leaders, politicians, and critical thinkers. The downfall is that they do not learn the same way as others. They tend to need more “hands-on” learning and can become bored with regular schooling.


Crystal Children

Crystal children are healers. They are in touch with their own energy and happy to share it with the people around them. Usually, they have a parent who is an Indigo adult. Crystal children are emotional and make decisions based on intuition and feeling rather than just the facts. They are great at connecting with young children, animals, and vulnerable people. They are born comforters.

Crystal children grow up to be great doctors, nurses, and counselors. There are some that I know of that have grown up to be veterinarians, massage therapists, and even school teachers because of their strong intuitive senses.


Rainbow Children

Rainbow children are sometimes referred to as “new souls.” They usually have a parent who is a Crystal adult, so at least one parent will understand them. To everyone else, they may be threatening because people will resist their visions and their actions. Rainbow children are brave, loving and strong. They cannot be contained. They are often telepathic and march to their own beat, unconcerned about what other people think of them.

Rainbow children oftentimes will spend time alone. They are thirsty for information and absorb new ideas and teaching quickly. They are very well rounded and jump from hobby to hobby or change groups of friends quickly.  They love to travel and adventure and have creative brains.

Rainbow children grow up to be great marketers, inventors, and managers. They love setting goals and working to achieve them. They prefer to work in the background but will stand behind any growing company or person as a silent partner or backbone.

So how do we help these children embrace and accept their intuitive gifts and their special place in the world? It starts with listening to them and being open to hearing their stories without judgment or fear. It is important to remember that a child who seems different is not bad or wrong. Just different. When a child talks about his or her vision of the future or some idea that seems, well, crazy to you, stop for a moment and just listen. You may be in the presence of a child with psychic gifts, gifts that can help the world.

It’s true that I suppressed my psychic gifts in my teens, but because my mother and grandmother were there to help me feel normal in my childhood when it was time for my gifts to resurface, I was ready.

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