Do you ever wonder if a loved one in Heaven is sending you a sign?


It might be a bright red cardinal who perches on your windowsill and taps on the glass, a coin that appears out of nowhere displaying the year of your wedding anniversary, or an especially vivid dream.

You see, hear, and feel all kinds of things, all day long, and don’t give them a second thought, but a true sign from Spirit somehow feels different. Before you dismiss a sign as just wishful thinking, take a moment to stop, take a deep breath, and try to figure out who is trying to reach you from Heaven.


Not sure? Here are some questions to help you decode Signs from Spirit:


Spirit signs represent the personality of the departed. Think about when you first noticed this sign and ask yourself, “Who was the first person who came to mind?”

For example, if the sign you receive is the sudden smell of cigarettes that immediately made you think of your chain-smoking uncle, chances are that’s exactly who is trying to reach out to you.

Does this sign appear on a certain date that was important to someone like a birthday, anniversary, or special event?

If you hear your deceased husband’s favorite song when you start up the car on the morning of your wedding anniversary – there’s no doubt it’s him, reaching across the veil to send you love.

Maybe you invited the connection. Did you just go through old picture of them? Were you sharing stories about them with a mutual acquaintance?

Our loved ones are never far away, and when you remember happy times together it draws them even closer – and that’s when they might send you a sign!

If you are receiving signs like dragonflies, birds, and other creatures from nature, think to yourself, who loved the outdoors in your family?

Be on the lookout for signs from nature that strike a cord with you. You might see thousands of butterflies in your lifetime, but the bright blue one that lights on your finger and is the same color as your mother’s eyes feels different – and special.

If you receive a sign in the form of a song, think about the memories that tune conjures up. Did Dad used to sing that song to you? Did you dance to it on your wedding day?

Songs bring up such powerful memories. A particular song might remind you of a time in your life, or the lyrics might hold a message that can guide you through challenging times.

The best way to know if a sign is real Is to trust your gut. If you’re still not sure, be patient and watchful. See if it happens again. You’ll know for sure that a sign is real when it keeps repeating.


Inviting Signs From Spirit


Signs from Heaven are so comforting, they’re like receiving little postcards from your loved ones in spirit letting you know they are there. Signs often will come when you least expect them but need them the most.

The good news is that noticing signs encourages your loved one to keep reaching out with more. And signs aren’t a one-way thing. You can respond to these messages.

Once you figure it out who is sending it, acknowledge the sender.

Say “Thank you Dad!” Or “I know you’re there, Mom!”

Acknowledging signs makes your loved ones so happy! They feel closer to you and are encouraged to send you even more signs.

You can ask for more signs. “Mom did you send me that butterfly? That made me so happy, please send more!

If you’ve asked yourself all the questions, and still can’t figure out what you believe is a sign from Heaven, share your experience with friends and family members who are living. They may surprise you by knowing just who sent it

Of course, you can always come to one of my live events and see if your loved one in Heaven shows up to explain the signs they’ve been sending you!