When I first discovered my psychic ability, I had no idea the gift I inherited from my psychic mother and grandmother would come with a lot of responsibility. When I first started communicating with spirit, my mom shared some important ground rules with me about safely connecting with the other side.


My mom explained that there are two different vibrations:


A higher vibration which are where your angels, spirit guides, and loved ones are watching over you, and a lower vibration, where the souls that do not make it to heaven remain earthbound. This vibration contains evil and negative souls.


Growing up psychic, my mom and grandma’s rules were simple:


  1. Use your gift out of love and to help people.
  2. Do everything with God.
  3. Never speak to the lower vibrations.


As I got older, I realized why they gave me this advice. Loved ones in Heaven, or on the higher vibration, are at peace. They are existing happily in Heaven and are watching over you in your life. They genuinely want to help you and see you live your best life while you’re here on earth.

The lower vibration are the energies that are purely evil and committed terrible acts like murder while they were alive. Much like an evil, jealous, or negative person, they do not want to see you succeed in life or live a happy life.


How do you avoid the negative vibration and evil spirits? Do NOT interact with them and do NOT let them in.


Spirit tells me that the souls you want watching over you are already with you and can communicate through signs, your internal feelings, and psychic thoughts. It’s all because of the love you’ve shared with them…

Love is a phone line that keeps you connected with this world and the afterlife. When you love someone in this world, that bond of love continues and keeps you connected with them in the afterlife.

That pure love connection automatically allows them to watch over you, send signs, see what you experience, and remain connected to you. Since love keeps you connected, they do not need “permission” to be part of your life or to send you signs.


What is Unsafe Mediumship?


Unsafe mediumship is when you reply on communication other than your own divine connection to spirit. Here are some forms of communication you should steer clear of:


Spirit boxes – devices that scan frequencies to pick up on ghostly voices.
Ouija boards- a board in which spirits move pieces to send messages.
Table topping – an old technique of inviting spirits in to manipulate objects.


All these devices and methods rely on a connection outside of your own psychic ability. It’s like talking to someone on a walkie talkie instead of a private phone call, It’s an open invitation.

When you use these unsafe techniques, you are allowing ANY soul in the nearby area to come through and communicate, and 99.9% of the time they will be lost souls and earthbound spirits who see the connection as an open invitation and jump at the chance to communicate.

The good news is that, if you don’t send the invitation in the first place, evil cannot enter your life.


What are Safe Mediumship Practices?


I know that many people result to using the above methods because they think these are the only ways to connect with spirit, but the truth is that you- and ONLY you- provide the connection to your loved ones. When a medium reads you, they are not opening and new door, but instead talking to the souls that are already with you and watching over you every day.


Some safe mediumship practices are:


Channeling- Mediums making contact directly through you during a reading with your loved ones.
Tarot Card- Psychics using cards to help trigger visions to bring through messages.
Tea Leaves & Crystal Ball- Gazing techniques that help psychic see their visions more clearly.


I have been told by spirit that we all have a way to speak and communicate with our loved ones. You just must recognize the connection deep within you. What better night that the night before Halloween?! This is the time when the spirits are the strongest and the veil between heaven and earth is the thinnest.

My mom and I decided to come together and do something we have NEVER done before. For the first time ever on October 30th, my mom and I are hosting a Psychic Seance where we will help you contact the family and loved ones that are with you and use our abilities to deliver messages to you. Click here to register. 


What is a Psychic Seance and is it Negative or Scary?


A psychic seance is a group of people who come together and put their energies together to focus on one thing: communicating with our loved ones in the spirit world.

If you are connecting with the souls on the higher vibration, for the right reasons, it is completely safe because we are using our own abilities to communicate and have our own private conversations with our loved ones.



This is a one night only event where you can join my mom and I, and we will be teaching:
Psychic protection- Keeping you and your energy safe from evil spirits, negative energy and lower vibration.
Psychic Techniques- My mom and I will teach you how to tap in and hear messages yourself and share psychic energy.
Readings: We will be putting our abilities together and giving readings together for the first time LIVE!
Q&A: Answering your questions in real time.


This one-night event is happening on October 30th at 9:00pm EST when the spirit world is the strongest and the veil is the thinnest. If you miss the event, a recording will be available for those who purchased. Click here to register.