When you think of a loved one who has passed, I hope you’re remembering the good times you shared, their funny quirks and favorite foods and all the character traits and experiences that made them who they were in life.

But there might also be times when you want to imagine them the way they are right now. You might picture them happy, healthy and pain free. But when you visualize your loved one in Heaven, what do you “see” around them?

Does your mind go straight to images of clouds and huge, golden gates? If that seems too much like a cliché, then what exactly DOES Heaven look like?

As a psychic medium, I get asked that question a LOT! Now, I’ve never been to Heaven, at least not that I remember, but I’ve gotten thousands of impressions from souls who I’ve connected with over the years. And I can tell you, Heaven looks different to everyone.

That’s because heaven isn’t clouds, pearly gates, or golden thrones. It’s energy. And while we’re talking about what Heaven is and isn’t, let me share one more thing. Heaven is not in the sky…


What and where IS Heaven?


Heaven is an invisible world made up completely of energy that is right here among us. It’s nowhere and everywhere.

Like electricity, it’s all around us, but we can’t see it. To the living it seems like a far-away place, but to our loved ones in spirit, it feels like they have never left earth. They’re still connected to the earth because there of the people they love and watch over.

As a medium, I feel the presence of Heaven all around me. Some people think of their loved ones as in the air, the sky, the clouds – but I sense them, and they’re much closer than that.

Another way to describe it is with this simple analogy. We’re all under one sun, and it feels like it’s right in our backyard – but actually people all over the world can see it.

Heaven is a place made entirely of energy, and that’s why it can never be seen, altered, or destroyed by the living. I’m a medium, but I’m still a physical being. My impressions and insights about Heaven come from my connection to souls who reside there and not from personal experience.


What does Heaven look like?


Heaven can be compared to something you experience in your dreams, because it can be anything you want it to be. A great dream is going to be different for everyone, and Heaven is the same.  You’ll experience your own paradise surrounded by the things that you love.

For some, Heaven is a place of rolling landscapes, beautiful mountains, and flowers, to others it’s a magical city – a clean, idealized version of a city on earth.


“Design Your Own Space in Heaven”


Your idea of Heaven is going to be different than mine, because souls create their own version that makes them happy, and that’s the energetic space where they reside.

I know it’s hard to fathom, but I think of Heaven as a big condo building. The building looks the same on the outside, but inside no two units are the same. They are all different floor plans, decorated in different styles. That’s the reason why religion flows so harmoniously in heaven. Everyone can have a different religion and a different idea of heaven, and that’s what they experience when they die – but they’re all in the same “place.”


A Fisherman’s Dream


I did a reading for a woman whose husband was a fisherman. When I connected with him he was on a boat in the middle of the ocean – doing what he loved most. His wife was a little freaked out because, “I want to be with him when I die, but not in a fisherman’s heaven!” I had to explain to her that she could still be with him while having her own version of Heaven.

The great thing about Heaven is that you don’t have to compromise, and everyone gets what they want.  

Some people don’t want anything to be different than what they had on earth. Many souls come through sitting in the same house they lived in all their lives. They loved their home, so they carried it over and made it their Heaven. It’s the same with clothing, and jewelry. Souls come through wearing their wedding ring, even though the actual ring is here on earth – it doesn’t make a difference that on earth, the ring has been sold, is sitting in a safe deposit box, or their daughter is wearing it.  

That doesn’t mean that there is a jeweler in Heaven. Just like we put ourselves together with clothing and accessories on earth, in heaven we reflect the things that are meaningful to us. A grandmother who loved to have her whole family to Sunday dinner might show up in an apron – because that symbolizes who she was in life and what she loved. Who would Michael Jackson be without his white glove? You can be sure if he came through to a medium, he’d be wearing it.


No Compromise Required


Here’s one more crazy thing. You can be with a loved one in Heaven – together – and both perceive your environment differently. Unlike in a marriage or relationship on earth, there’s no need to compromise. When you reconnect with a soulmate in Heaven, you both get exactly what you want.


Closer to Loved Ones in Heaven


One thing I love about being a medium is that when I share messages from the dead or describe what Heaven is like to the living, it helps everyone feel closer to the friends and family members they’re missing. That’s very healing! When you’re able to imagine your loved one and feel them close to you, it’s as if they’re not gone at all – they’re just in a different space.

That’s one reason I created my online spiritual courses. These classes are ideal for anyone who wants to open themselves up to the Spirit world and receive more signs and messages from loved ones in Heaven. And just like this blog helped you understand just a little more about what Heaven is actually like, my audio and video classes will help you learn about the spirit world and stay connected to those you love. To learn more, > click here.