Have you ever wondered what a spirit looks like? A lot of people ask me this question and the answer is not what you would expect, here’s why…


Understanding Mind, Body, and Soul


Deep within you there is another version of you; A version that is free from illness, pain, disability, negativity and fear. That version is called your SOUL and it is the perfect version of you just in energy form. 

Your soul looks just like you! With all the beautiful characteristics that make you who you are right down to the way you wear your hair.

When you first pass on, you leave your body behind and your soul takes flight and enters into Heaven. During this time you leave behind the pain and illness that you experienced in life and only bring with you the love that is within your heart and the memories you treasure the most.

This is important because many times when we lose a loved one, we see them go through so much suffering. However, as a medium I can tell you that your loved ones in spirit are completely at peace and free from the illness and disabilities that have plagued them within life. 

The Best Version of You


During the readings I give, loved ones will come through and show me what they look like so their families know that they are ok.

I have seen children who couldn’t walk here in this world come through dancing and running, a grandfather who lost his teeth come through with a full smile, a mother who lost her hair during chemotherapy come through with thick brown curly locks waving her hair. 

Many times when I connect with the spirits, they come through looking younger and at an age when they felt their best. For example, one time I was speaking to a soul that passed of Alzheimer’s. For years she couldn’t eat, talk, or even walk here in this world. However, when she came through to me in a reading her soul appeared 10 years younger. She reverted back to the time before the illness had taken over her body and when she felt and looked her very best. 

You see, just like we change clothing and hair styles here on Earth, your loved ones pass on and they can change their outer appearance to reflect a time in their life that they feel they looked their best. 

Spirit Visitations 


If you have ever dreamt of a loved one that has passed on, then you have seen a spirit. The reason why is because when you are fast asleep, your body shuts down and you begin to dream. Because your loved ones are energy, they can slip into your dream and come and visit you while you are fast asleep. That is the reason why if you have dreamt of a loved one, you might remember being able to hug them, kiss them, and even touch and feel them. That is because it is really them! 

As a medium, it is no different for me! When I see your loved ones, they appear to me in visions. I first see shadows and silhouettes, and then detailed visions that show me what they were like here in this world. I see them, hear them, and most of all sense them. Sometimes I can see them so clearly, I even forget that they have died! 


Free From Pain and Illness 


What I loved most about the readings that I give is that with every spirit I talk to, they show us all a little bit of what Heaven is like. During a reading they share with me their favorite memories, show me who they are within Heaven, and ask me to deliver messages that they were not able to before they had died. 

I love this because a reading is literally like getting a few more moments with those you love in Heaven. It shows you that even when you might not feel them, they are always close by and with you. They are not dead, they are just different and with you in a different way. 

If you would like to hear from a loved one that has passed on, I hope you will come and join me at one of my online group readings by Clicking Here. It is during these readings that I connect with spirit and deliver their messages.