I am sure you have received a sign or symbol from a loved one and have been left scratching your head at times thinking ‘What Does This Mean’?

Learning the meaning of the signs and symbols that your loved ones send to you is almost like learning a new language. It is a new way of communication between you and your loved ones in Heaven. Your loved ones want to communicate with you and let you know that they are nearby, and watching over you without disturbing your life or interfering, or taking your focus off of your day to day tasks. They choose to send you signs and symbols so that they trigger you to feel their presence nearby, and know that they are with you right at the very moment you see the sign.

Some signs and symbols that you probably have experienced already are: Dragonflies, Birds, Familiar Smells, Memorable Songs, Cloud Formations, or others such as seeing the same time repeating over and over such as 11:11.

But why are your loved ones choosing to communicate in this way to you? What is it that they want you to know?

The answer is a lot simpler than you would expect. Each sign or symbol that you see around you is like a little greeting card from Heaven saying ‘Hello’ and remind you that they are near. Oftentimes these signs will come randomly, and when you least expect them to. Many times these signs will be more prominent during special occasions like Christmas, Birthdays or special dates, and times such as anniversaries. They are reminding you that they have not forgotten about you after they made their transition, and more importantly that they are celebrating with you.

They want to remind you that you are never alone and that with each step that you take, you have their love and support.

Many times, these signs will even come when you are making life changes or decisions and need some divine intervention. Your loved ones will show you something that makes you feel calmer right away, and remind you of their spirit being near. A sign doesn’t just have to be about dragonflies or nature. A sign can come as subtle as a random memory that comes into your mind out of nowhere, meeting someone who reminds, or looks like the person you have lost, or hearing footsteps in your house when it’s just you, all by yourself.

Many times signs are written off as ‘just a coincidence’ or ‘couldn’t possibly be’. Coincidences just do not happen, not in Heaven anyway. Every sign is divinely placed in your life for you to see, but you have to have an open mind and heart. The more that you acknowledge the signs you are being sent, the more easily your loved ones will be able to reach you. Turning your head or writing off a sign as a coincidence is like closing the door or sending a ‘return to sender ‘to Heaven.

A good rule of thumb is that whatever you think is a sign from your loved one more than likely is. It is whatever gets you to think about and feel their presence at that very second. Normally they will send you signs that only mean something to you. For example, if your Dad passes away on the 15th, and you keep seeing the number 15 everywhere, turn around and say “Hello Dad”. Or another example is if you lost your husband or wife, and you are thinking about them, and randomly you hear your wedding song playing on the radio, that’s them. You see how it works?

It can be specific or it can just be something that is simple and to the point. Each sign is a validation of the love that keeps you connected both in this world and the next. If you receive a sign that you can’t decipher, don’t think too hard. Instead, look at what is going on in your life at the time you are receiving it, and think about the overall message that Heaven is trying to send you.

For example, if you are stressed over finances and looking for a job and signs keep popping up out of the blue, it’s Heaven’s way of reminding you that they see the situation, and for you to have faith that they will help lead you to new opportunities.

Take this next few days to acknowledge all the signs and symbols that Heaven is sending you. If you haven’t received any yet, you can always tell Heaven that you are ready and willing to communicate with them. Ask them to send you unique signs to let you know their presence is near.

Try it out, they hear you talking 🙂

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