An Everyday Guide to Paranormal Activity 


When you’re a medium, paranormal activity is part of just about every day. It can show up in many ways – objects moving, electronics malfunctioning, strange sounds, unusual scents, the sensation of an otherworldly presence – the list goes on and on! What these occurrences have in common is that they originate from a source that’s outside of this world, and they can’t be explained by the laws of science. 



Where Are You Likely To Experience Paranormal Activity? 


If you work or live in a modern, ordinary office or home where no notable events have taken place, and there are no psychics, mediums, or other sensitive individuals around, you’re less likely to encounter dramatic evidence of ghosts, spirits, or other paranormal activity. These occurrences are more common in areas of historic significance, where the imprints of past events linger and cast a shadow on the present day. 

Locations where traumatic experiences occurred, like battlefields, crime scenes, prisons, hospitals, and abandoned institutions, often retain psychic traces of the suffering that occurred there. Mediums can tap into these energetic imprints and communicate with the affected spirits, but even if you don’t consider yourself a medium, you might pick up on the vibration or experience odd phenomena in these places!

And it’s not just suffering that sticks around. Locations where very pleasant, peaceful events unfolded can also exhibit paranormal activity. These places may emit a serene and uplifting aura, with signs from spirits being more comforting and peaceful.



Who (or What) Is Behind These Events?


To understand paranormal activity, it’s important to know the qualities and differences between ghosts and spirits. Ghosts can be best explained as energy imprints that are left behind. To me, they are like shadows, because they lack consciousness. They usually appear to the living performing repetitive actions. When I was describing this to my wife, Alexa, she immediately asked, “Like the holograms in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland!?”

In fact, those dancing figures are a lot like actual ghosts, except there are no projectors or mechanical devices involved in the paranormal version! On the other hand, active spirits are energy-based entities that have consciousness and are capable of interacting with our world. They send us signs; leaving scents, moving objects, altering temperatures, projecting sounds, and sharing any number of  visual cues. 

As a medium, I can communicate with these spirits and gain detailed images and impressions that allow me to prove to their loved ones that dad or grandma is still very much around. 



When a Loved One “Calls”


While historical events often contribute to paranormal activity, loved ones in spirit also play a significant role. These spirits may still have strong connections with the people they left behind, visiting them to offer support, love, and guidance. The paranormal activity caused by loved ones can happen anywhere, anytime. 

After they transition, some souls try desperately to pass on important messages via  signs, visitations (often when their loved one is in a dream state) or through a medium. Not all people who pass over are motivated to  do this, but when a soul struggles to transition to the afterlife, often because of a sudden, traumatic death or some other unfinished business, paranormal activity tends to increase. 

When a loved one passes, they will often come back to watch over their loved ones. When the person becomes aware of this, even subconsciously, they may experience a warm feeling of love and protection. However, when a soul doesn’t fully transition, they can get “stuck” between Heaven and Earth. We call these souls earthbound spirits. When earthbound spirits make their presence known or come through seeking assistance, it may cause heavier atmospheres and even disruptive behaviors. These restless souls are sometimes referred to as poltergeists.



Ghosts and Spirits Are Attracted to Mediums and Highly Sensitive People 


When there are mediums, psychics, or highly sensitive individuals around, you might sense an increase in paranormal activity. Spirits become aware of those who can perceive and communicate with them, and get very excited at the idea of being able to work through the medium and share a message with a loved one. For example, when I host an event, I can feel the souls gathering in the room, even before the audience arrives.

Once the seats are filled, anyone in the room who is open to feeling the presence of spirits can sense the energy! That’s why so many people benefit from attending a group reading event – even if they don’t get a personal reading. Just being in the room where souls are gathered to communicate with the living helps them feel closer to their loved ones in Heaven. 

There’s no wall between Heaven and Earth, which is why paranormal activity exists. Connection with the spirit realm is part of your existence on Earth, and as long as you don’t look for trouble (I’m talking about you, ouija boards) and stay in the light, you’re not likely to encounter a problem. Paranormal activity is not something to be afraid of. In fact, by being open to signs and messages from loved ones in Heaven and working to understand those things that originate beyond your earthly life, you can feel closer to Heaven while you’re still on Earth!

To get a safe, comfortable taste of paranormal activity, why not attend a mediumship event? I promise, it will open your eyes, change your perspective on life, and help you feel more connected to your loved ones in Spirit.