Have you ever felt a deep, unexplainable connection to the spirit world, energy or pets?

Spirit tells me that we are all psychic in different and unique ways and that different psychics have unique special and unique gifts, allowing them to tap into the spirit world in many ways. Each medium connects differently, resulting in a wide array of experiences and insights. Take a look at the different types of mediums below. Which one resonates with you?


How Are You Gifted?

Each psychic medium has a distinct gift through which they receive information from the other side. Understanding these gifts can help you recognize and appreciate the diversity of spiritual experiences. So, what type of medium are you?


Life Psychics

Life psychics connect with your angels and spirit guides to reveal upcoming events in your life. They might provide insights into who you are going to marry, where you might live, or whether you will land that dream job.

A life psychic might sense a move to a new city where you will meet your future spouse. People with this gift often have a keen intuition about life events and might work as life coaches or counselors.


Psychic Mediums

Psychic mediums have the ability to communicate with spirits in the afterlife and receive information about the future. They act as a bridge between the living and the dead, offering messages from departed loved ones and glimpses into what’s to come.

A psychic medium might convey a message from a deceased relative about an impending change in your career. Those who become psychic mediums often have a strong sense of empathy and may work in fields related to grief counseling, medical field or spiritual guidance.


Pet Psychics

Pet mediums specialize in connecting with animals, both living and deceased. They can relay messages from departed pets and provide insights into the well-being of your current pets.

A pet psychic might help you understand that your dog is feeling anxious due to a recent change in the household. Animal lovers with this gift might work as veterinarians, animal behaviorists, or pet trainers.


Medical Intuitives

Medical intuitives connect with your body’s energy to identify imbalances and areas needing healing. They can sense physical and emotional issues that might not be immediately apparent.

A medical intuitive might pinpoint the source of chronic pain or suggest holistic remedies for emotional stress. People with this ability often pursue careers in medicine, holistic health, or energy healing practices.


Remote Viewers

Remote viewers have the unique ability to locate lost items and spiritually travel to different places and times. They can leave their bodies to visit distant locations or explore past events.

A remote viewer might help you find a lost heirloom by describing its location in vivid detail. Individuals with this gift might work in investigative fields, such as detectives or researchers.


Psychic Dreamers

Psychic dreamers receive information through their dreams. While they sleep, they might have visions of deceased loved ones or foresee future events.

A psychic dreamer might dream about a significant event that happens days or even months later. Those with this gift often find themselves in creative professions, such as writers or artists, where they can express their visions.


Angel Readers

Angel readers connect with your guardian angels to provide inspiration and support during emotionally stressful times. They can deliver messages of hope and guidance from the angelic realm.

An angel reader might help you find peace and clarity during a difficult period by relaying a comforting message from your guardian angel. People with this ability often become spiritual counselors or motivational speakers.


Energy Readers

Energy readers can sense the energy surrounding people, places, and objects. They can pick up on the history and emotions tied to a location or item.

An energy reader might hold a piece of jewelry and tell you about the person who owned it and the experiences they had. Individuals with this gift might work as an architect, interior designers, or historians.


Find Your Connection

Whether it’s through dreams, direct communication with spirits, or sensing energy, each medium offers a different perspective and set of experiences. Understanding these diverse gifts can help you appreciate the many ways we are all connected to the mystical realm. What type of medium are you? The answer might lie in the unique way you experience the world beyond.

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