Some People Just Don’t Want To Believe…


I am sad to say that there are some people in this world that do not believe that those you love are with you in Spirit. Being a psychic medium you would think that reading would change people.

The truth is, there are some people who are just nonbelievers. As the old saying goes, you just can’t make everyone a believer, but I have accepted that. I have learned to deliver the messages from Spirit and not take it to heart. It’s up to the person I am reading to decide whether or not they want to believe in the message that is delivered.

There are a lot of people out there who question what I do. I get it! The fact that I can talk to dead people is a little hard to wrap your head around. Skeptics are always ready to plant doubts. They’ll claim it’s a trick, and that I don’t really communicate with souls on the other side. Sometimes those same people are getting messages from their loved ones. They just can’t open up their hearts and minds enough to hear them.

I feel sad when that happens because the soul in heaven really wants to have their messages heard.-I’ve had to handle plenty of skeptics. Sometimes they claim I pay people to come to my shows and agree with everything I say. I might do 30 readings in a night. Can you imagine how quickly that would add up?! Or they say that I research people in the audience ahead of time. That one makes me laugh. I never know who’s coming to a show. The tickets are first-come, first served, and people sit where they like. And really, that seems like just too much work!

Years ago, I was invited to be on a radio show. I was so excited to be on the air. But when I got there, I realized the “shock jocks”  wanted to make jokes about what I do. It was very uncomfortable. But guess what? People started calling in, and after a few calls, those hosts stopped being skeptics and started to get that this is for real!

After that, they had me visit their radio show pretty regularly and even started asking me questions about their own loved ones. They’d still joke around, of course, but during the breaks they’d pull me aside and say things like, “Hey Matt, can you tell me how my Grandma’s doing in Heaven?”

I understand that it’s hard for a lot of people to accept that it’s possible to receive messages from their departed loved ones in Heaven. Sometimes it’s a conflict with their personal faith or their lack of faith. For other people, they’re just scared of what they might learn, or scared to face feelings they’ve kept bottled up for years.

Their healing might just have to come another way. And that’s okay. But I have to think that being around me while I’m connecting people with the other side opens their minds – just a little – to the possibility that their loved ones in Heaven are a lot closer than they think.

It’s important to remember that not everyone is open to a reading. I’ve had people try to buy readings as gifts for people they love and want to help. It is a kind and generous thing to do, but it won’t work if the other person isn’t open to it. Someone who is closed off to the idea of a reading will not be able to hear it for what it is, and they will find every excuse to explain it away as coincidence or tricks or some type of scam.

If you have someone in your life like that, you don’t need to push or pressure them into believing. Just listen to what they have to say and love them. And look to your own spirit guides to help you know if there’s something you can do to help.

Encountering a skeptic is no different from encountering any negative energy. I try to take all those experiences as opportunities to remember to always keep an open heart and an open mind and be grateful for my gifts. It doesn’t make sense to try too hard to convince someone to believe what I believe. It’s not my place to try to break down their defenses,  but I’m happy when I can open the door, even just a crack,  and let some healing light in.

Spirit is powerful. I’ve seen some pretty skeptical minds get changed completely. In the meantime, I put my energy towards helping people who want my help and get the messages through to the many people whose hearts are open to hearing them. At the end of the day let the life lesson be to trust in what you believe in. 


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