Your Child’s Imaginary Friend May Be Something More


Recently I did a reading for a woman and her family and a lot of interesting messages came through. One in particular blew everyone’s mind! It had to do with an imaginary friend that had been part of their daughter’s life when she was young. Many years ago, the mother had been pregnant with twins. One was born strong and healthy, but the other had serious health issues and died a very short time after birth.


The soul of the twin who had passed came through in the reading to share that she had spent time with her sister when she was a young child, and had actually been able to experience life through the little girl’s eyes. It turns out that the surviving twin had always talked about her imaginary friend, but never mentioned that “friend” was actually her sister.


Everyone was shocked to learn this so many years later! Even the surviving twin had forgotten the true identity of her “imaginary” childhood companion, but during the reading, all the pieces suddenly fit together. The twin who had passed shared how much love she felt from her parents and her sister, and the reading ended on a beautiful and healing note.


If your child has an imaginary friend, it might be a character that they saw on television or something they dreamed up. But there’s another possibility. Your son or daughter might be hosting a visitor from Heaven. If that’s the case, there’s nothing to fear.


The Soul is coming from a place of love, and the relationship can be very positive for both the child and their Heavenly guest!  Of course, the way you respond when your child shares their experience can make a big difference. More about that later. First, I want to take a step back and explain why it’s so common for Spirit to come through to babies and young children.


Open Minds, Open Hearts. 


It’s important to understand that when a child is born, their soul has just transitioned from Heaven. For the first few months of life that baby still maintains a strong connection to the Spirit World. They are aware of the constant presence of their team of Angels, Guides, and deceased loved ones, which is why you might see a baby smile and gesture at something or someone you can’t see.


To the baby, their presence is perfectly normal. As the baby grows into a young child, their connection eventually starts to fade or they may find a different way of interacting with visitors from Heaven. Some children will maintain a connection with a relative who has passed. Sometimes this will be because they shared a special bond with the person in life. That’s how it was when my Grandmother passed over. 


Visits From Grandma.


I remember Spirits visiting me when I was a boy. They’d usually come at night, and sometimes it would scare me. But there was one visitor who I was always happy to see.  


When I was young, I was very close to my grandmother – my Mom’s mom. When she passed, I could still hear her talking to me, which was confusing. I remember being at the funeral, and it didn’t feel like she was really gone at all.


A while after that, Grandma started visiting me at night in my room. She would sit with me, talk to me and read to me. I loved seeing her! I told my mother, and she was very calm about it. My mother and my grandmother were both psychic mediums, back then they didn’t talk about it that much, but my mom definitely understood what was happening. 


What happened to me isn’t unusual. I’ve had many parents tell me stories about their child pointing to someone in a picture who had died before they were born and acting as if they knew them and had spent time with them. Children are more likely than adults to see Spirit, because their connection is still so open. 


Here’s another reason- children accept what they see. They haven’t learned to doubt their own feelings and observations or to concern themselves too much with what other people think of them like adults tend to do. 


What to do if Your Child is Talking to Souls in Heaven?


If you feel like your child is talking to Spirits, don’t worry! These Souls are not coming through to harm them. Children are pure beings, and will attract only loving energy. Many children treasure their time with their imaginary friends or Heavenly visitors, but some might have fears and concerns. 


Here are some ways you can help your child understand and accept their Spirit connection: 


  • Keep the conversation simple and loving. Talk about their invisible phone line where they can talk to grandma, or something else that is unthreatening and makes sense. 


  • Bring up family members who have passed in a calm, cheerful way, especially when your child asks about people in pictures. If it seems appropriate, let them keep a photo in their room. 


  • When they talk about an imaginary friend, be open and welcoming. Don’t joke around about it with other people, or make a big deal out of it. Take your cues from your child when it comes to involving the friend in family activities. 



Remember, children accept what they see. They haven’t learned to doubt their own feelings and observations. They don’t concern themselves too much with what other people think of them like adults tend to do. Their openness and honesty makes it easier for Spirit to come through! 


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