Why is Grandma Seeing Ghosts? 


There are many times when you might sense the presence of a loved one who has passed over, but there are two stages of life when you are most likely to see and feel Spirits around you. 


This makes perfect sense when you realize that the “line” that divides the spirit world from the physical world is not a brick wall, but more of a veil. That veil is even more permeable during the times when you are closest to Heaven – right after you are born, and as you prepare to make the transition from life to death. 


It’s common when someone is dying that they will see their mother, father, or some other family member who passed away years before. They might even get a visit from a deceased pet.


 When these visions appear, the person who sees them might act a little strange! Often the people around them will think that they are delirious, having side effects from their medication, or not in their right mind, but in fact, they are comforted by the presence of their loved ones who have traveled from the Other Side to support them through their upcoming transition. 


There’s Nothing to Fear From Spirit Visitations


Hospice workers who spend time with people who are nearing the end of their life will share that these visions even happen to patients who are totally lucid the rest of the time. The nurses and hospice workers are used to this, and don’t have a “logical” explanation for this phenomenon.


 They welcome the visits because they provide so much comfort to the patients. These spirits may continue to show up for a month or so before the person actually crosses over, and it’s definitely nothing to be afraid of. 


The Souls are there for the best possible reason, to guide and support the individual through the next phase of their journey. 


How to Tell When Someone is Seeing Spirits


Even if the person who is preparing to pass over can’t articulate what is happening, you will know they are being visited by Spirits when they say something like “Get a chair for that lady in the corner’” when there is nobody there (or at least, no one that you can see). 


You might find them doing or saying other inexplicable things, like:  


  • Talking to people who are not there


  • Reaching out their arms toward something that you can’t see.  


  • Nodding, or gesturing as if in the middle of a conversation only they can hear. 


  • Mentioning seeing or being visited by family members who died years ago. 


Easing the Transition to Heaven


Souls in Heaven know that when a loved one is getting ready to pass over they may be experiencing fear or uncertainty about what is to come, so they show up to provide loving support and ease the transition. 


If you are sitting in a hospital room or with someone who is in hospice care and they start acting like there’s someone else in the room with them, don’t be alarmed. Act as if everything is normal, stay calm and quiet, and give them the chance to connect with that soul. 


If you’ve ever attended a mediumship event or received a sign from Spirit, you already know that our departed loved ones are all around us, and that they are coming from a vibration of pure love.


 Letting go of a person you care about is difficult, so let the presence of these Souls comfort you too! Remember that death isn’t the end, it’s simply a transition to the next beautiful phase of your soul’s journey. 


An Encounter From the Beyond


This truth became incredibly clear to me during one of my readings. I was hosting a live event when a mother’s spirit came through to her daughter seated in the audience . As I channeled her mother’s energy, an incredible story unfolded.

Her mother revealed that just before her own death, she had seen her little sister, who tragically passed away at the age of 13. The sister’ spirit beckoned her, telling her to come with her, and that their family was waiting for her in heaven. Embracing this, she peacefully stepped out of her physical body and transitioned into the spiritual realm.

The daughter receiving the message was moved to tears. She shared that in the moments before her mother’s passing, she had watched her reaching up towards something unseen and heard her whispering, “My sister is here.” These were her mother’s final earthly moments.

When we transition from this life, we are not alone. We are guided and supported, and the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds becomes thin, allowing us a glimpse into Heaven.


Connecting with the Spirit World

If you would like to hear from a loved one in spirit, try attending an Online Reading or attending a LIVE event when I am in your area.