Should I Stay or Should I Go? Why Some Souls Choose To Hang On Just a Little Longer – And Others Don’t

One thing I’ve learned over the years of being a psychic medium is that the dying have their own ideas about when to let go and when to hang on. I’ve heard from souls who clung to life with every drop of their remaining strength waiting for one special person to arrive so they could say goodbye – and others who took advantage of a moment when they were completely alone to take their final breath.

Naturally, there are catastrophic events and sudden accidents where people pass immediately, but when someone dies of illness or old age, they may have some measure of control at the end. I have learned from spirit that the reasons they decide to hang on a few more days or hours or to pass quickly are as individual as the souls themselves.



When It’s Hard to Say Goodbye


Once during an event, I connected with a father who had barely survived after having a massive stroke. He was put on life support and just when his family thought they had lost him, he pulled through. He couldn’t speak or communicate, but the machines were removed and he lived for two more weeks as his loved ones gathered from around the country to be with him.

During the reading, he told me he had consciously made the choice to hang on. His soul had been on the way to Heaven when he realized he wasn’t ready. He said that he had asked God for just a little more time with his family before he passed over. He was aware that during that time he would not be able to speak, walk, or communicate, and that hanging on would be painful, but he didn’t care, he just needed some time before he said goodbye.

Not everyone gets the opportunity for a “late check-out,” but I have heard of it happening every so often, especially to those who have lingering illness or a deep-seated fear of dying.



A Helping Hand From the Afterlife


I’ve been in contact with so many souls on the other side that I don’t view death as an ending – simply a transition.

However, some people are afraid to leave the familiarity of their earthly life and cross over alone. When they need someone to guide them across the veil, help is available in the form of loved ones who have passed before them. They might show up days or even weeks before. It’s common for the dying to be visited by a mother, grandfather, even a deceased pet before they pass. If they’re reluctant to let go, the comfort and support of that soul is sometimes all it takes to ease their journey.


Leaving Pain Behind


When you think of a dying person choosing their time to go you might assume they want more time. Maybe they’re holding out for something – a significant event, seeing someone for the last time, getting their affairs in order. But it also happens that people make the transition sooner than expected.

Often this is because they don’t want to cause their loved ones any more pain – or they don’t want to experience their own physical and emotional pain any longer.  These souls usually tell me that they had clarity at the moment they chose to pass and realized they would be leaving behind their pain along with their physical body but would still be there in spirit for their loved ones.

I recently did a reading for a Man who had suffered a massive heart attack and lost oxygen to the brain. He explained to me that he chose to transition into Heaven rather than stay alive on a machine. He felt it was more painful for his family to see him like that, and it would be easier for everyone if he just passed away.


Memories of a Lifetime

When someone passes over, the loved ones they left behind tend to think about their last days a lot. They worry if they weren’t in the room when the person drew their last breath and beat themselves up about the things they didn’t have a chance to say. They might not realize that their loved one might have engineered their final moments for a reason. I always tell people not put too much weight on those last moments – from the perspective of a soul in Heaven, it’s the whole relationship that matters.

In fact, many souls will come through and apologize for what their family had to wait them go through in their final moments. It is for this reason that souls will often come through during a reading or in dream to show their loved ones here on earth that they are no sick anymore. As a medium I love seeing the joy and relief that families experience by hearing from their loved ones and knowing that they are not sick anymore.

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