Have you ever made a wish and sent it up to Heaven hoping it would come true?

What you don’t know is what happens to that wish even after you forget about it. Heaven and your angels are always listening to you. They want you to live the best life possible, and they believe in you. When you make a wish, they work behind the scenes to help you achieve it, even long after you forget about it or give up on it. They work hard to divinely open doors, but you have to be willing to let them lead you.

You miss 100% of the chances you do not take.

Just because you make a wish, it does not mean it will automatically appear. If you are willing to work hard and pursue it, Heaven will lead you to opportunities that are waiting for you. These opportunities will keep emerging again and again until you are brave enough to pursue them. The best part is they only have your name written on them. They are divinely meant for you. Sometimes, it’s not that the wish is too big but that you are thinking too small. You may feel like you are not ready to take a big step, or maybe you are afraid of change.

I had a friend whose dream was to be an online marketing coach. She wished and wished to make this dream a reality. She made a wish to Heaven and divine assistance came. She met several people in different fields of expertise who were looking to create an online coaching series. She knew it was meant to be when they agreed to do it with her. The only problem was that she was not willing put in the work. They would have several conversations a week but when it came time for her to pursue it, she always found an excuse not to move ahead.

Heaven had delivered people into her life year after year, but her fear was too big. She was stuck in the same pattern. Heaven was opening doors, but she refused to walk through them.

Lesson: When Heaven opens a door, take a chance and try it. The worse thing that can happen is you learn and become stronger and wiser.

When opportunities emerge and you are reluctant, remember this quote: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land upon the stars.”

The Law of Attraction

If you have ever heard anyone talk about the law of attraction, you will know that you have the power to create anything you want within your life. It can be anything from happiness, health and wealth. It sounds too good to be true, but if you can dream it, you can do it!

All wishes first start as thoughts, just as Walt Disney once wished and dreamed of creating the ultimate magical land. Some thought he was crazy, but he believed he could do it. What started out as a few thoughts on paper and then a small theme park emerged into Walt Disney World and soon after TV shows, movies , story books and so much more.  He never stopped dreaming. He allowed his thoughts to be big and his mind to be strong. You can do the same.

Lesson: When you have an idea, don’t lose sight of it. Instead, run with it. You never know where it will lead you. Some of the biggest celebrities and stars have failed in the beginning but succeeded at the end because they never let their dreams slip away.

Just Because a Wish Doesn’t Come True, Doesn’t Mean Heaven Isn’t Listening

One time, a young woman came up to me and said, “Heaven let me down.” She explained that she had wished to marry this man whom she had fallen so deeply in love with in high school. She wished and wished for him to notice her, but he never found his way into her life.

After some years went by, she found a wonderful man and married him. It was around that time that she ran into the same man at her high school reunion. The funny part was, she didn’t even recognize him! He had gone down the wrong path and had gotten into some trouble. She was so thankful that they were never brought together.

Lesson: Heaven knows the path that will lead you to your highest and best good. Sometimes things don’t happen, but it is not because they are not listening; it is because something better is waiting for you.

You Can’t Cheat life

When I talk about wishes, the first thing people say is, “I wish I could win the lottery.” It always reminds me of the movie Bruce Almighty. Everyone in the world wished to win the lottery at the same time. They all won and the lottery had no money to give to everyone because there were too many winners!

The truth is, Heaven will help you when it can. Your angels will lead you to people , places and opportunities but they aren’t going to help you cheat. Even as a psychic medium, they have never given me the answers to my high school math test or the lottery numbers, nor would I expect them or ever ask them to. We are all here to live life lessons. Mistakes are part of life. They are tough at first, but they will eventually lead us to where we need to be.

The ultimate lesson is, never give up on your dreams. Have the courage to pursue them and set positive intentions for yourself. Speak to Heaven and your loved ones and wish often. Let them guide you on the path for your highest and best good, and always remember that wishes do come true.

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