Has this ever happened to you?


You’re going about your day, and suddenly an old friend pops into your mind. Maybe you haven’t seen them or talked to them in months, but suddenly they’re in your thoughts. Then your phone buzzes, and it’s them! Surprised, you pick it up and say, OMG, I was just thinking about you!!


Connecting Through Energy


This kind of experience is usually not a coincidence, but an example of how we all send out energy with our thoughts. For one reason or another your friend was thinking about you that day. Maybe she was looking at old photos or heard a song that brought you to mind. Her thoughts made their way to you, and suddenly YOU were thinking about HER. When she called you on the phone, you’d already been connected energetically.

I’m fortunate to be able to connect and bring through messages from Souls in Heaven, and I’m so very thankful that I have that gift. But you have gifts too, and you should know that although everyone isn’t a medium, we do have some amazing abilities to connect energetically through our thoughts. The more you understand that the better, because thoughts matter a whole lot.

Your thoughts influence how you feel, and they ripple out to affect other people. That goes both ways because their thoughts and words affect you, too.

Thoughts are Energy


Thoughts are energy, and when someone is thinking or speaking negatively about you, you can feel that energy. You don’t have to be anywhere near that person, their thoughts can travel and make you feel sad, depressed, or tired.

On the other hand, when someone is thinking lovingly to you, you can pick up on that energy too, and start feeling warm and happy. The truth is that energy can be sent and received between people no matter how many miles separate them. That’s why you can think of someone you love and a second later get a call from them.

Energy can be sent in seconds. It’s the reason why healing prayers work. When someone is sick, you can pray for them and send them positive thoughts. That works for two reasons! Not only are you asking for Angels and Spirit to watch over them, but you are also sending a piece of your loving, positive energy to help them heal.


You Can’t Keep Love Away


I once had a client whose mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The two had always been close, and the daughter had so much love for her mom and did everything she could to help the woman feel connected and engaged.

She would visit her every day at the nursing home – usually once in the morning and once at night – and remind her of good times and happy memories. During the pandemic, the nursing home closed its doors to protect the residents, and she could no longer make those visits.

She was so worried! She was sure her mom wouldn’t know her the next time they were together, and she would lay awake at night worrying that the older woman was alone and disoriented without her visits.She came to me, and I asked Spirit for guidance.

The advice they gave was so comforting. They said that no matter what happened, my client and her Mom would always be connected through energy. It turns out, Covid-19 was no match for the love they shared.

I was told by Spirit that she should picture her mom every single day and send her loving thoughts. She was to imagine that they were together, and talk to her telepathically, sharing stories and memories just as she had during their face-to-face visits. She followed the instructions to the letter, and she could feel the connection. When she was finally able to visit her mother again, the woman appeared healthy and still recognized her.

Spirit also wanted my client to know that her Dad, who had passed years before, was watching over her. It hit me that the energetic connection that the woman shared with her deceased father and her ailing mother was even more powerful than death or Alzheimer’s.


You Attract The Energy You Send Out Into the World


If you think your thoughts don’t really matter or you find yourself being negative or critical, remember the power of energy. Positive thoughts can reach across the miles (or across the veil) to make someone feel warm and loved. Negative thoughts can cause another person to feel sad, repressed, or even physically ill. One last thing…be aware of your thoughts, because the energy you send out will always come back to you.