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If you’ve been searching for answers in any area of your life, Matt Fraser’s teachings and insights could open a whole new pathway to healing and guidance for you. Explore four powerful topics with his Mediumship Audio Classes and begin an incredible journey of soul discovery.
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Psychic Healing for the Soul 2020 1

Psychic Healing For The Soul

Healing on any level is both a physical and emotional journey, but it can also be a spiritual one as well. If you believe in miracles, this is the class for you!
Dream It Into Existence 2020 1

The Law of Attraction

There is a universal energy that you can tap into that can help you achieve your wildest dreams and desires. It is called the Law of Attraction.
Letting Go of Fear 2020 1

Letting go of Fear

In this audio seminar with Matt Fraser, you will learn to put yourself first and replace your fear and anxiety with the positive healing energy of the universe.
Psychic Protection for Everyday Life 2020 1

Psychic Protection for Everyday Life

In this audio class, you too will learn how you can use psychic protection in your everyday life to keep you protected from dark souls, negative people, and unwanted energy.
The Truth About Heaven 2020 1

The Truth About Heaven: Secrets of the Afterlife

In this inspirational audio seminar, you will learn that Heaven is not a faraway place and that your loved ones are only just a thought away. Love is the ultimate bond and the glue that keeps you connected even through death.
Speaking to Heaven 2020 1

Speaking to Heaven

In this audio seminar with Matt Fraser, you will…

  • Understand Heaven and the afterlife in a brand new way.
  • Connect with the spirit world, sign, and symbols.
  • and much more…
Power of Positivity 2020

The Power of Positivity

In this audio seminar with Matt Fraser, you will learn that you have complete control over your destiny and future happiness. Each step you take forward, Heaven and your loved ones will be there to help you and lift you up.
Grieving to Believing 2020 1

Grieving to Believing

In this powerful audio seminar, Matt Fraser will take you on a journey to healing. Together with Matt, you will explore the inner workings of Heaven, learn the answers to your most sought after questions, and strengthen the bond with your loved one in spirit.
Awaken Your Inuition 2020

Awaken your Intuition

In this audio seminar with Matt Fraser, you will…

  • Take an in-depth look at what your psychic intuition is and where it comes from.
  • Learn ways you have already experienced intuition in your life.
  • and much more…
Angels To The Rescue 2020 2

Angels to the Rescue

Even when you do not feel them, you have angels who walk with you every day. You even have your own special angel. This is your guardian angel.
Finding Your Soulmate 2020

Finding Your Soulmate

In this audio seminar with Matt Fraser, you will learn how to identify your soulmate, the true meaning of love, and how you can open doors within your life to allow your soulmate to find you.
Signs and Synchronicity 2020

Signs & Synchronicity

In this audio seminar with Matt Fraser, you will learn the hidden meaning of signs and synchronicity in your life and where they come from.