Many Mediums, Many Ways to Connect with Spirit

Many Mediums, Many Ways to Connect with Spirit

I was stuck in traffic the other day, and I figured I’d take the time to plan out this blog. I knew I wanted to talk about the different kinds of mediums and how they connect with souls on the other side but couldn’t figure out how…

Mediums can serve a specific purpose.


So, I’m sitting there thinking about my upcoming Dr’s appointments when suddenly it hits me! Mediums are kind of like all the different Dr’s we have.. Hear me out!

Just like doctors have a specialty, there are mediums who specialize in different types of readings. For example, there are psychic mediums, pet mediums, medical mediums, mediums that hunt for ghosts – just like there are chiropractors, Dermatologists, Optometrist, Pediatricians, and cardiologists, that all specialize in different parts of our bodies.

You’ll have the most success if you find the kind of medium you need. Just like you can complain to your chiropractor about chest pain, you can go to a psychic medium with a medical question – but it’s not ideal!

Although every Medium has a unique and special way to connect with spirit, they all have their own specialties.

Three generations, three different ways of connecting.


Beyond having a specialty,  mediums also receive messages differently. Also, the way psychic and mediums use their gifts varies! Take my family. My grandmother was a medium, my mom is a medium and I am a medium. We share genetics, we’re all mediums, but we have different gifts – different ways of connection.

My grandmother was primarily a card reader. She would do readings, mapping out the past, present and future for her clients using her handmade tarot deck. She relied on psychic ability, but mediumship was not a main connection for her. She could sense and feel spirit, but mainly received premonitions.

My mom is a psychic life reader. Before each reading she meditates on the client she is about to read, pulls a few cards, and suddenly thoughts, visions and feeling start to take over and paint a picture of that persons life. My mom’s readings help people navigate life, career and romance.

She can also decode symbols found in tea leaves or coffee grinds at the bottom of your cup.

It’s funny, because when I see tea leaves or coffee grinds they mean nothing – but to my mother, they tell a whole story. My mom’s mediumship also comes through when she looks at photographs. She is able to identify and see spirit in photos, and bring through messages.

For me, it’s different because I see visions in real life. Spirit appears to me in the form of a shadow or silhouette and I hear messages like a whisper through my thoughts. It’s not the same as the movies, though – they’re more like glimpses or impressions.  I also feel physical sensations – I’ll get a sensation in my chest and know the person who passed had heart issues, or feel a sudden pain in my head and know they had an aneurism or stroke.

I use all of these senses and feelings to understand the message spirit is trying to relay. To me it’s like putting together the pieces of a jig-saw puzzle.

Meet the Clairs!


You’ve probably heard of clairvoyance, and maybe you even thought it was synonymous with psychic. Actually, it’s only one of the ways that psychics and mediums receive messages. Here are a few of the most popular “clairs,”and how they feel to the medium.

Clairvoyance – Seeing:  Clairvoyant mediums have the ability to visualize memories or events presented to them through the mind’s eye or the third eye. Mediums usually see these visions as quick mental flashes which include pictures of people, places, and objects, or even symbols, colors, and auras.

ClairaudienceHearing: You can probably guess that this is the ability to hear messages from the other side. The words aren’t crystal clear like a phone call – the medium usually has to piece them together. What comes through is often fast and jumbled, or can even be a mix of voices that sound like what happens when you scroll through the channels on a radio.

Clairsentience Sensing / feeling:  This is the ability to sense emotions from spirit both positive and negative. Mediums with this gift can  also “feel” any physical pain associated with the spirit connection. These feelings are being transmitted from the soul they’re connecting with, and are clearly different from their own feelings.

Claircognizance – Knowing:  This is commonly described as flash of understanding, a premonition, or a sudden understanding that comes out of nowhere. Mediums who have this gift can often gain valuable insights in a reading that answer a question or help the recipient gain clarity or closure.

Clairalience – Smelling: This is the ability to smell a fragrance being transmitted by the spirit. It can be related to the spirit who is sending the message such as smelling cigarettes or pipe tobacco for someone who smoked or catching a whiff of the soul’s favorite perfume.

Finding a medium who is a match for you.


Why am I telling you all this? You might feel that I’m giving you TMI (too much information). However, it’s always good to have the knowledge to make an informed choice. If you’re in need of a medium for a reading, or for any purpose, it’s important to find out a little about them. I’ve said this often, a medium is like a translator between you and the spirit realm. That’s the reason you need to find a psychic or medium you connect with. It’s like finding a teacher that speaks your language, and communicates in a way that helps you to learn.

Now that you’ve been educated on the types of mediums, I invite you to see one in action. ME!

You can experience my style of readings without leaving your couch. Check out my online group reading page, sign up for one of my Online Group Readings and find out if someone on the other side has a special message for you.





Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us

As a medium, I spend most of my time validating to people that their loved ones in Heaven are always with them. Even when you don’t feel or sense them, they are still part of your life. They send you signs, appear in dreams and even appear to young children. 

But here something that you might not know… 

Your loved ones who have passed are not the only ones watching over you. Everyone has a whole group of celestial beings that have been assigned to them before birth, including spirit guides, angels, saints, and even spirit animals.

Some of the most helpful (and popular) members of this group are angels.

Sensing & Feeling Your Angels 

Angels are around you every day whether you realize it or not. Think of all the times a voice in your head has given you a warning before anything else indicates a problem. 

For example, something tells you to slow down while driving and suddenly a car swerves into your lane or a tire blows out in the car right in front of you. 

Without your guardian angels watching over you and encouraging you to take your foot off the gas pedal, you may have been unable to react quickly enough to avoid a catastrophe. That little voice might be your intuition— but more often than not, it’s your angels!

Calling on your Angels & Saints 

In my work, I feel the presence of my spirit guides and angels all the time. I couldn’t be a medium without them. When I think of times when I call upon a specific angel or saint, I have to admit the one that comes to mind first is St. Anthony. 

St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost things. You can call on him anytime you have something that is lost or misplaced and St. Anthony will divinely help. 

If you know me at all, you’re aware that I’m always busy running around and doing a million different things and it drives me crazy when something slows me down. 

I’m famous for losing my keys, my phone, my wallet – and St. Anthony is always there to help me find whatever I’m searching for so I can be on my way. As I’m looking I ask for his divine assistance and suddenly I know just where to look! 

Now don’t get me wrong. St. Anthony doesn’t just show up and hand me my keys. I have to ask. 

Angels will not interfere with your life without permission unless you are in very serious danger, but they are always happy to help. All they need is an invitation from you. 

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. “Please help me,” or, “Please help my loved one” will do just fine! You don’t even need to say it aloud—your angels will hear your thoughts and understand your intentions.

What Do Angels Do?

There are actually different types of angels. 

There are guardian angels that watch over and protect you. These Angels are assigned to you at birth and accompany with on your life’s journey. 

There are Archangels – who occupy the highest spot in the angel hierarchy. They are specially chosen by God to oversee the spiritual development of souls and help life of earth for all living beings. 

There are also Divine Purpose angels with divine jobs that appear in your life for a specific purpose. For example Archangel Garbiel in the Angel of fertility. 

Depending on what you’re experiencing at a particular point in your life, you might feel drawn to a particular angel who can help.

Here are some of the most commonly called upon angels, and what they “specialize” in.

Archangel Michael 

Archangel Michael probably comes to mind when you think of protection. He guards you from negative energy, accidents, and illness. 

Archangel Michael is always there to shelter you and provide the love energy when you need it.

Saint Rocco 

Saint Rocco is a healing angel. He can help you recover from sickness or injury, and is also the angel to call upon when you’re depressed or experiencing emotional trauma. 

If you or someone you love is sick, lost or struggling, you can ask for his assistance with a silent request or prayer.

If you are a student, or have an important decision to make you can call on 

Archangel Uriel

Uriel is the angel you go to when you’re looking for understanding, information or a wise head to help with a difficult choice. 

Just invite him in, ask your question, and he will share his divine wisdom with you!

St. Francis 

St. Francis the angel associated with animals. You can call upon him for guidance and healing for your furry or feathered friends.

Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel is the Angel to go to when you have self doubt and are looking for clarity & personal understanding. This angel can help you Rediscover your life purpose.

One last thing…

It’s rare to actually see an angel, wings and all – so how do you know when you’re getting guidance, encouragement, and protection from a divine source? 

The answer is pretty simple… Listen to your heart.

If you feel a warm, safe sensation, or feel yourself being guided by a being who wants only what’s best for you – guess what? Angels are with you!

Oh, and one final thought. When you ask for an angels help – either for helping you get your dream job, healing from an illness, or just finding your car keys – and they deliver, don’t forget to send up a little prayer of thanks. 

Even angels like being appreciated!

If you have been wondering who has been watching over you, I hope you will join me at one of my online group readings. During these online events I have been able to meet and read for families from all over the country and even the world! We can only allow a limited amount of participants. If you would like to join me, Click Here to reserve your spot. 


Making Life Choices Using Intuition

Making Life Choices Using Intuition

Alexa and I were hanging out with a couple of friends this past weekend. We were having a great time chatting about all kinds of things, when someone asked me if being a psychic medium meant that I always knew the right choice to make.

Suddenly the whole conversation took a turn. It got my friends thinking about how life would be if you always knew what was around the next corner. There were a LOT of questions:

“Does being psychic mean you never go the wrong way when you’re driving?”

“Is it impossible to play cards without knowing what’s in everyone’s hand?”

“Can you tell if you’re going to be friends with someone when you first meet them?”

And of course, the inevitable question…

“Wait a minute – do you know what I’m thinking right NOW?”

It’s easy to get confused about what being psychic really means. The answer to every one of the questions above is the same – “It’s complicated.” I’ve shared many times that while we all have a life plan and destiny, free will also plays a big part in how things turn out. And not just our own free will – the will of other people can spill over and affect us.

For example, two people might be meant to live long lives, but if one of them chooses to speed to work or run a red light, both their lives could be cut short or changed forever.

So, do I see everything and know everything that will happen? No.

Do I always make perfect choices because of my intuition…. Well, yes and no.

I don’t always make perfect choices, because I’m a human being. I get preoccupied, and I have biases and beliefs that influence me. If I’m in a hurry, or not focused on what’s going on around me, I can miss important impressions and signs. If I take the time to slow down and listen to my intuition, I never regret it.

I don’t focus on predicting the small stuff, I never read my friends minds, and I don’t use my psychic gift to “cheat life,” by peeking at someone’s poker hand or playing the lottery. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good casino. However, my Mom has always taught me to use my gift for good and never for the wrong reasons.

But I ALWAYS make it a point to check in with my intuition in these instances:

  • If I’m committing to something that will impact my career, like writing a book or signing a contract for an event or television show.


  • When I meet someone who has the potential to affect my family, career, or safety. They can be anyone from an uber driver to my sister’s new boyfriend.


  • When it impacts my health or the health and well-being of my friends and family.


  • If I’m going to do something that will have a long-term effect on my life. Buying a house, making an investment, adopting a pet. (Asking Alexa to marry me was definitely in this category).


If I take the time to listen, intuition will always guide me in the right direction, and it can guide you too. You may not make a living with it – but everyone has natural psychic or intuitive gifts that can help them make good decisions.

What is intuition and how can you tap into yours?

Intuition, or your sixth sense, gives you insight about things that are not clearly obvious. It’s that twinge in the pit of your stomach that tells you something is not right. It could be a sign, an internal voice, or a memory that pops up at just the right time.

Intuition can be your secret weapon that helps you to make better decisions in every area of your life. To make sure you never miss a word that your “inner voice” has to tell you, try these tips:

  • Be mindful and aware when there’s a decision to be made. When you’re rushed and distracted, it’s easy to miss the whisper of your intuition.


  • Ask for help. Just say the word to bring in all kinds of support – your guides, deceased loved ones, angels, and your own intuition will respond when you simply ask. And don’t forget to say thank you for the assistance!


  • Tune into your body and your mood. Your mind and body sometimes give you signs that are well worth listening to. For example, if you always feel slightly sick and “off” when you see a certain person, maybe they’re a really bad cook – or maybe they’re not someone you should be spending time with.


  • Learn to tell the difference between wishful thinking and real intuition. This can be tricky, but practice makes perfect. Be honest with yourself. Is it really your gut telling you that new guy is “the one, or are you just tired of being single?” Pay attention to how you feel when you’re making a decision about a person, job – or anything. Then after the fact, see if your intuition was right, or if you were using your own wishful thinking as permission to move forward.


So next time you’re at a crossroads, put your intuition to the test. Check in with your gut, hunches, that little voice inside – whatever you want to call it, and keep track of how often your intuition is right or wrong.

We all have different ways to tap into our own psychic abilities. To learn how,  check out my book When Heaven Calls. It’s a good window into my life, and will show you how tuning into your own spirit connection and intuition can transform your life.


Bridging The Spiritual Gap

Bridging The Spiritual Gap

Okay, so I just realized something. As a medium, I’m accustomed to hearing people talk about how they wish they could see their loved one in spirit, or give them a hug, or do any of a million activities you’d normally engage in with a friend or family member. But they can’t, because the person has passed.

That’s why I love what I do!

It’s so gratifying to be able to help someone feel a little closer and more connected with their loved ones in Heaven. Not only do I bring through messages that provide healing and closure, but I also reassure the person that when they leave my event or hang up from our FaceTime session, their departed loved one will still be with them. They might not be able to have a cup of coffee and share a piece of cake, but they can still reach out and “feel” them. They just have to keep an open mind, and find different ways to connect.

Many people who have been in semi-isolation during Covid have been forced to find new ways to stay in touch with their living friends, extended family, and co-workers.

It took a while to get used to. At first the idea of having Thanksgiving in separate places and saying grace together over Zoom seemed insane! However, it worked! Families still laughed, shared holiday recipes, and told stories. Grandparents could FaceTime their grandchildren and send them gifts over Amazon.

Was video chatting with your loved ones exactly the same as being in the same room with them?

Not really. But the important part – the love and the memories that came through loud and clear. As the pandemic went on, longer than most of us expected, we got better and better at staying connected without actually being together. We got creative! There were Zoom book clubs, and FaceTime happy hours. At work there were virtual conferences and online office parties. People played chess, and watched movies together, virtually. A friend of mine just had an online baby shower, and she loved it!

Now back to connecting to the dead.

I’ve always said that souls in Heaven are energy, and I can connect to that energy and relay a message regardless of where everyone is. People have been loving my Live Online Group Reading Events just as much as they loved my in-person events. The audience still feels the same closeness with spirit, and everyone gets just as excited and emotional when a reading hits home with the person receiving it.

I guess all this has taught us that love endures.

And as powerful as my online events are, when you attend one, you leave with a lasting benefit. My events open the door to a spirit connection you can carry with you every day – no medium needed.

All that’s required is that you be open to a different kind of connection than you had when your loved one was alive.


So, if you’re missing a friend or family member who has passed and would give anything to feel close to them again, here are some suggestions:


  • Actively invite signs from heaven. You can start the day by having a silent conversation to your loved one and ask them to send you a sign. Don’t be afraid to get specific and ask for something that’s meaningful to both of you. Then pay attention and see what happens!


  • Find something you enjoyed together, and invite the soul to join you. It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated. Watch a television show, listen to music, or take a walk. As you engage in the activity, keep your loved one in mind. Start a dialogue with them in your head, and be mindful of the thoughts and answers that come through.


  • Set up a small space dedicated to your loved one. Maybe a section of your bookshelf, or a spot on your bedside table. Include a picture of the person, a piece of jewelry, or anything that makes you think of them. Whenever you glance at it, mentally say “hi!” This simple shrine will keep their memory alive, and help you feel close and connected.


  • Talk about your loved ones with other people. Sharing stories and memories makes you feel close and is a healing way of staying connected.


  • Allow yourself some quiet time when you can remember the loved ones who are no longer with you. You might want to say a little prayer or write about them in your journal. Doing so will let them know how grateful you are that they were a part of your life.


Now that we’ve all gotten used to connecting with our living friends and relatives in new ways, it might be easier to feel the presence of loved ones in Heaven. The love you share for the person who has passed is still there, just in a different form.

If you’d like proof that love endures, I hope you’ll join me for one of my Live Online Group Events.  Seeing how souls come through regardless of time and space might be just what you need to feel connected with your loved ones, every single day!


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What to Do When Somebody Dies…

What to Do When Somebody Dies…

How can you help a friend who is grieving?

It’s obvious they’re in pain, and even when you wrack your brain for a way to make it better, it’s tough to come up with the right thing to say. Most people resort to something like, “They had a wonderful life,” “At least they didn’t suffer,” or “They’ll live on in our hearts.” You might feel as if there’s nothing that will bring that person back, and no matter how well meaning, your words of comfort are just words.

But what if you could assure the person that their loved one is not really gone – that instead of being dead, they have simply transitioned to another phase of their existence?

The best thing about being a medium…

I’ve been connecting people with souls on the other side for years. Seeing the weight of grief being lifted when I deliver a message from Heaven is one of my favorite things about being a medium.

Group readings, in person or online, are especially rewarding for me because everyone in the room leaves feeling better. Even if they don’t get a message themselves, the realization that their loved ones are watching over them from Heaven eases some of the pain.

I have good news. You don’t have to be a psychic medium to help someone who is grieving – even if that person is you.

Here are a few things anyone can do to feel closer to the one they’re missing.


  • Embrace the fact that the dearly departed is now safe, happy and pain-free. Imagine them reunited with family members, friends and pets on the other side. If there are children who are also grieving, encourage them to draw pictures of the person in their new Heavenly home.


  • Be aware that souls communicate through signs and signals. Signs are like text messages or postcards from Heaven to remind you they’re with you. A sign can be anything – you’ll recognize it by the fact that it triggers a memory, or makes you think of the person.


  • Know that your loved one’s greatest wish is for you to be as happy as they are. The last thing they want is to see you lonely or in pain. In fact, souls often tell me that they are responsible for helping their loved one on earth meet someone new.


  • Learn some simple tools and techniques to bring loved ones closer — by doing this, you can actually invite more signs and signals. Try setting up a memory corner with photos, a candle and maybe something that belonged to the departed. They’ll appreciate being remembered in this loving way, and you’ll feel their presence every time you walk by.


  • Attend a mediumship demonstration like an online group reading and witness first-hand how the dead reach out to the living. Listen to the messages that come through to others in the room closely – everyone can benefit from the wisdom and guidance that comes through.


  • Be mindful and aware. So many times, when I do a reading, the soul lets me know they have been trying and trying to get their loved one’s attention. They’ve sent coins, flickered lights, and played meaningful songs on the radio – but the person they were trying to reach was too busy to notice. I get that we all are busy with normal day to day activities, but try slowing down and paying attention. That change in behavior might just be all you need to feel more connected!


As someone who has seen the healing and closure a message or sign from Heaven can provide, I wanted to reach out and share that comfort and closure with as many people as possible. So, I’ve taken the very best of what I’ve learned and created a unique new masterclass called ‘Keeping in Touch’ .  It includes practical and useful tips on how you can keep your loved ones close and connected to you even after death.

Check out the course, and the bonus gifts by Clicking Here.

If you’re struggling with a loss, or know someone who is, this course will open your eyes, and change your life!



LOVE is Thicker Than Water

LOVE is Thicker Than Water

Growing up, I always heard that when you die, you’re reunited with your loved ones who passed before you. It was a comforting thought, but I remember wondering who exactly would be in that group. My best friend from third grade? Relatives who I didn’t even know? Pets? Would I get to pick who I hung out with in heaven?

As a medium, I’m considered an expert in the afterlife, and it turns out I’m not the only one who wonders about these things. People have a lot of questions, and I get it! Knowing that you will be together for eternity can make losing someone easier to handle, and it can make the whole idea of dying less frightening.

Love Keeps Us Connected

A common thing people ask is if they will be with friends, family, or adopted family in Heaven regardless if they are blood related. The answer is yes, Heaven is a place that reunites us – it doesn’t separate us.

As a medium, I’ve learned that souls come through based on how your HEART recognizes them and not your genetics. Stepfather, stepsister, adopted parent, foster parent, best friend, are convenient ways to describe our relationships but sometimes the heart creates a different, more authentic label based on how strong and deep the connection is.

I remember, I once read a woman whose father had been missing from her life. When she was just 3 years old her Mom remarried. The man who was technically her stepfather was a loving person who treated her like she was his own. In his heart, she was his daughter and he loved her unconditionally. Throughout her life, he was the only father she ever knew. She called him Dad, and nobody ever knew anything different. After he passed, she came to me for a reading, and his spirit came right through. She was so relieved because she had feared that he wouldn’t be there because they were not related by blood. He made sure she got the message that they were connected forever – by love. She broke down in tears knowing that he was still with her in spirit, and they would be together in Heaven.

A Soul Connection

People often don’t understand that an enduring soul connection has nothing to do with legality or bloodlines. I’ve known people who tragically lost a fiancée before their wedding who worried that they wouldn’t be reunited in Heaven because the marriage ceremony didn’t take place. People who have been married more than once are sometimes confused about who they will be with in the afterlife. Remember that in the afterlife, true soulmates always reunited and love always finds a way to keep us connected.

I’ve done readings for people who were adopted. That can get interesting!

Sometimes both their adoptive family and biological family members come through. It’s confusing because they have 4 sides of their family instead of two and they may know nothing about their birth parents. However, I have found that most times it is the adopted family that has the strongest presence in readings. They are the ones that shared memories, love and a deep connection with that child, and that is what matters most.

Pets Become Family

Then there are pets. Even though they are not the same species, and are not ” born into our family” they become family because of the love and connection that we share with them. It can be hard to lose a pet you love, especially when their lives seem so short compared to ours – but they are watching over you in life, and will be waiting to lead you across the tunnel of light to the other side.

Heaven is not a place that looks for marriage certificates or DNA samples. You will be with anyone you loved in Heaven.

So, when people ask me questions about being reunited with loved ones in heaven, I always tell them the same thing, “Love is thicker than water – if you’re not sure who you will spend eternity with, your heart knows the answer!”

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