I Just Got My Own TV Show!

I Just Got My Own TV Show!

Psychic Medium Matt Fraser and His Girlfriend, Pageant Queen Alexa Papigiotis, Lead a Unique Family of Big Personalities in the Small Town of

Cranston, Rhode Islandin the 10-Episode, Half-Hour Series


E! Entertainment will make a big splash in the tiny state of Rhode Island with the half-hour reality sitcom “Meet the Frasers,” produced by MGM’s Evolution Media, premiering in 2020. Following Rhode Island’s local celebrity couple, 28-year- old psychic medium Matt Fraser and his pageant queen girlfriend, 21-year-old Alexa Papigiotis, the docu-series will showcase their lives, careers, and their very involved extended families.

As Cranston’s emerging golden couple, the duo is recognized everywhere from their local Italian restaurant to the latest stop on Matt’s coast to coast tour. It doesn’t hurt that they’re often seen in an SUV branded with Matt’s face and name. This twosome is climbing their way to the top, with the biggest challenge being the opinionated loved ones who want to have a say in everything they do.

“This series offers a hilarious look inside a loving, dynamic and always outspoken family,” said Amy Introcaso-Davis, Executive Vice President, Development & Production for E! “Matt and Alexa are homegrown celebrities on the rise, with personalities big enough to take over the small city of Cranston, Rhode Island and beyond.”


3 Ways To Test Your Intuition

3 Ways To Test Your Intuition

Trusting Your Intuition

Your intuition is that little voice inside that seems to know things before you do. Your friend’s name pops into your head, so you give her a call – only to find out that she just got some bad news and really needed someone to talk to. Maybe you had plans with someone but you find yourself delaying getting ready – and then the plans get cancelled so you don’t have to get ready after all! Intuition seems like an outside voice, but it’s part of you! By becoming more aware of this inner resource, you can learn to trust it and use it to help you in your day to day life.

Like all of our senses, intuition works best when we’re paying attention and staying aware. I have perfectly good hearing, but if my mind is somewhere else, I can’t hear what someone is saying even when they’re right in front of me. Intuition is the same. So the first step is to tune in. Being mindful and aware can help you stay present and attentive to those intuitive thoughts and allow them to get stronger.

Exercise your intuition.

Your intuition is like a muscle. It gets stronger when you exercise it. Try to predict random events. For example, when the phone rings, guess who’s calling without looking at the number. Now, if you have a special ringtone that only plays when your son calls, that doesn’t count! If you have a pregnant friend or family member, try to guess the gender of their baby before they reveal it. Or if you’re traveling, take a moment to see if you can feel if your plans will be delayed or if your flight will be on time. These are all some small ways you can practice using your intuition…and pay attention to how often you’re right!

Tune into the energy around you.

Another way to use your intuition is reading people’s auras, seeing what their energy feels like. When you meet a new person, what do you feel? Are they trustworthy? Are they happy and positive? Cynical and angry? Sometimes you meet a new person and you know instantly you are going to become friends. There’s just something about them, something that you connect with. It’s not their shoes or the color of their hair. It’s your intuition reading the person and seeing something you know you’re going to like.

In the same way, sometimes you meet people and you immediately feel like you don’t want to be around them. Maybe your intuition is picking something up. They might have some traits that remind you of someone else you know you can’t trust, and your intuition is putting up a caution sign to warn you. It might just be something superficial that your intuition picked up on, and that person might turn out to be alright, but it’s worth paying attention and checking it out.

Do all the pieces match up?

Sometimes a person can be smiling when they say hello, but it just doesn’t feel like the smile goes through to the inside. That’s your intuition telling you something doesn’t match. Now just because someone is smiling on the outside but seems sad or angry on the inside, that doesn’t necessarily mean stay away. Sometimes those people are going through something where they just need a little extra love and care. If you’re paying attention, your intuition will help guide you and help you know how to react in different situations.

Try to practice using your intuition, and you will learn to start depending on it.

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How Old Are You In Heaven?

How Old Are You In Heaven?

Do Souls Age In Heaven?

A friend of mine was celebrating a birthday the other day and asked me, “Do we keep getting older in Heaven?” I had to laugh. The answer is No. There is no one is spirit that looks to be 167 years old, thank God! Can you imagine?

Actually, there would be souls who were thousands of years old. What would that even look like?  But still, it’s a question that many people ask me.

The Meaning Of Time. 

We celebrate birthdays to mark the passage of time. Time has an important meaning to us, so we mark years, anniversaries, birthdays – all the milestones that matter here on Earth. It doesn’t really work the same way in Heaven. Spirit is infinite and forever, not limited by time – so a year is like a drop of water in an infinite sea. So with that in mind, it makes sense that birthdays and things like that don’t have the same type of importance they do in the physical world. They are important as moments when we feel especially connected to those we love, but not because they mark a specific amount of time.

In Heaven, we are all pure energy that reflects our deepest, truest being. People take spirit forms that are a reflection of their best selves. That spirit form might reflect any age. What’s most important is that is a manifestation of the soul.

Your loved ones in Heaven appear as an image of themselves that best reflects them when they were free of illness when they were healthy and living their best life. For example, a person who was on life support for 12 years may choose to be 12 years younger in Heaven. Sometimes souls who have passed from Alzheimer’s or suffered for many years with an illness will choose to reflect who they were before they had the disease.

What about when couples pass away years apart?

When husbands and wives pass away years apart, sometimes they will choose to come through at an age that reflects when they were happiest together. And the one who passes first will wait for the other to join him at that age. This happens by leaving their physical appearance behind and taking spirit forms.

When children pass, they do not “age” in Heaven. They watch over their parents and family until one day they are reunited with their loved ones and can resume those connections. People who spent years of their lives depressed or anxious may come through as a reflection of their wilder, happier, younger days. Some people may choose to reflect their older, wiser selves, especially if they were happy and healthy in their later years.

Because I talk about Spirit as a reflection, sometimes people wonder if I mean they are just air or something. It’s not like that. When I see Spirit, I see a vision of the person when they were their happiest. I don’t see air. I see the true soul self. Spirit is a reflection of the love in a person’s heart as well as their physical appearance.

Heaven is a reunion.

I am writing this blog because when you think about reuniting with loved ones in Heaven I want you to focus on what is important. The fact that you might pass 20 years after your husband won’t make a bit of difference when the time comes. If you are soul-mates, you will be a perfect match on the other side.

Your loved ones in Heaven do not want you to worry about what they will look like or the age gap between you. They just want you to know that they are in Heaven watching over you and supporting you. Their life journey is complete, but once you reunite, you will catch up and resume connection in the afterlife with those you love.

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Religion, Heaven & The Afterlife

Religion, Heaven & The Afterlife

Do Different Religions Have Different Heavens ?

Someone wrote to me on Facebook recently to ask if Heaven looks and feels different for different religions. It’s a good question.

There are various religions with their own ways of doing things and their own places to worship. Holy places on earth look and feel different, so It makes sense that people might think it would be the same in Heaven. When I ask, Spirit tells me the answer is no. There is just one Heaven because we are all one – and Heaven isn’t a place that divides us. It reunites us.

We all coexist with each other here on Earth, meeting different people with different belief systems. It’s the same in Heaven. Together, we all enter into the same Heaven and coexist there too. But here’s the interesting part. Heaven kind of looks and feels different for every individual. But the important part is the same for everyone.

Religion is our own personal way to connect and safely speak to those in Heaven.

All religions were created by God as a way of helping us stay connected to Spirit and to remind us that those we love never truly leave us. The specific religion is not really what matters most. What matters most is LOVE. What matters is how you treat people and that you are kind. Hold close to your heart all that you find and believe is holy.

I was born and raised Catholic. Now, because of what I’ve learned through my psychic work I do, I consider myself more spiritual. I have learned so much by reading about many different religions. Each is beautiful and has something to teach us, and I welcome them all. In my house and office, I have status of Buddha, Jesus, Angels and even Ganesh. They remind me that no matter what religion you are, Heaven is a real place that is open to all who believe in its existence–and even to those who don’t!

Spirit tells me that religion is created to help us all find a way to connect to Heaven and also to help us through the rough roads and challenges we face. Religion gives us hope – something to hold on to during the times when we are struggling or grieving. Religion gives us a way of finding community and connection. We celebrate joyful events and special days, and we also turn to religion for comfort in times of sadness.

When people attend religious ceremonies, like regular services, weddings, baptisms, and even funerals, there is a wonderful connection that comes from being part of that kind of community. Having connectedness with other people can also help us get closer to Spirit.

Many people feel that prayer is their way of connecting with Spirit, and people practice prayer in many different ways.

To some people, prayer comes as the words of scripture. For others, prayer is a poem, or even just a thought that they send to Heaven. There are so many different, wonderful ways to pray, to connect to Spirit. One thing I know is that Heaven accepts mail of any kind. There is no wrong way to pray.

Meditation is another way people connect to Spirit. Sometimes just sitting quietly or listening to soothing music or following a guided meditation can open our minds and hearts to a closer connection to Spirit.

No matter what religion you are or how you connect to Spirit, you can be assured that we are all loved by God and all have Angels watching over us. And ultimately, there is no separation. Heaven is a place where our differences fall away and we all reunite with those we love.

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Bringing Family Back Together

Bringing Family Back Together

What To Do When Your Family Doesn’t Get Along…

Do you have a family member that is just plain negative? Is there an aunt, uncle, sibling or cousin you dread seeing? Difficult relationships like that don’t just affect the two of you – they can impact the whole family.

Unfortunately, some people are just difficult to deal with, and when they are family, you can’t just walk away and never see them again. You might want to, but walking away can mean giving up a lifetime of gatherings, weddings, holidays and celebrations. The person might never change, but you can change how you deal with them, and that can have a positive influence on everyone involved.

Now keep in mind, there are situations where the other person is a danger to you or to others. That’s a whole different story, and it’s probably best to avoid those encounters entirely. I’m talking here about those aunts who just won’t stop complaining or the Uncle who can’t wait to attack your political views or that cousin who keeps holding a grudge because twenty years ago you said her dress makes her look fat or something. These are difficult, negative people who just don’t seem to want to be happy and insist on making everyone around them miserable.

Lessons from Spirit

The one lesson I have learned from Spirit is that life is too short and all we have is each other. You can’t worry about other family members getting along and you shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells during family holidays worrying about relationships within the family. You need to be able to enjoy those times together and not be waiting for someone to say or do something upsetting.  Conflicts may happen, and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it. And sometimes, you have to step up and be the peacemaker.

When someone has hurt you badly, it can be hard to forgive and move on. It can be especially hard if the other person doesn’t think they’ve done anything wrong and doesn’t take any responsibility for the bad behavior. You cannot change the person, but you can change your thoughts and how you respond. One thing I’ve learned is that often, someone else’s words or actions have nothing to do with how they feel about you. It’s about their “stuff,” insecurity, or internal pain, so remind yourself of that and don’t take it personally.

Setting Aside Differences

In some situations, it can be helpful to air out differences and talk it through with the other person. But some people are never going to apologize or admit they were wrong. Sometimes you need to be the bigger person and reach out. Sometimes you need to let things go and know that the apology you deserve is never going to come. If you let it go, it’s not because you are weak. It’s because you are strong enough to know that family means more.

No matter what the other person does or says and no matter if they apologize or not, you have to forgive them – for your sake, and the sake of the family.  Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. As hard as it can be to forgive, it’s what you need to do to heal. Forgiving takes a lot of effort sometimes, but it brings so much freedom.

Praying for the person helps a lot. When you’ve tried everything, and you just can’t heal a family relationship, let it go to the universe and let go of any negativity in your heart. Pray for that person and ask Angels to heal the differences between you. If it’s meant to happen, it will!

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Missing You This Father’s Day

Missing You This Father’s Day

You can still spend time with your Dad on Fathers day, even if he is in Spirit…

Fathers Day can be a wonderful time to celebrate Fathers. The whole family gets together, and Dad gets to be king for a day. But when Dad has passed, Fathers Day can be a painful reminder of your loss. If you’re missing a Dad, Grandfather, or any father figure this Fathers Day, you can honor their memory by connecting with them. I promise, that connection will help ease the pain.

Remembering Fathers and Grandfather who have passed away can be difficult and emotional. We depend on them for so many things, and when they’re gone, even firing up the grill at a family gathering can unleash a flood of feelings and memories. Those feelings are just proof of the love you shared in life and can still share even though they have passed.

Keeping the connection alive.

We turn to our Dads for advice and to help teach us things we don’t know how to do. That doesn’t have to stop when they’ve passed. They are still watching over us from Heaven, and they want to connect with us, to keep helping us. Looking at a picture or holding onto something they treasured or even wearing one of their old sweaters can help you feel that connection.

Remember that they are right with you and by your side. It’s okay to speak to them. You don’t have to be at the graveside or at the cemetery to tell them how much you love them. They hear you through your internal thoughts and when you speak to them out loud. Just a simple “Thanks, Dad,” can go a long way to helping you feel connected again.

Your loving thoughts are a sign from Heaven.

Guess what? When you are thinking about someone you love in Heaven, it’s because they are thinking about you! They love sending you old forgotten memories and special signs to let you know they are close by. They want you to think back and smile and remember them, and know how proud they are of you. Their love is still with you, even though you are a world apart.

A friend of mine got a big promotion last month. “I know Dad would be so proud of me,” she said. “He always believed in me even when I didn’t think I would be successful.” Her father died years ago, before she’d even started this job. “I put his picture on my desk, and every once in a while, I look at him and thank him. I feel like he’s there with me, keeping an eye on me. When I have a problem I’m trying to solve, I look at him and think, what would you do?What do you think I should do? The answer always comes.” And she’s not the only one. I hear from so many people how they stay connected to their Dads and keep getting that advice and encouragement that means so much.

Our Fathers and Grandfathers are always with us. Their presence is the strongest on days like Fathers Day and on special anniversaries you share with them. They love being there in spirit when families gather and share a meal, laughter, and memories. Reach out to them on those special days, and every day! Say thank you, ask a question, even just say hi. All you have to do is remind them that you are open to hearing from them and they’ll find a way to come through – no medium required. Happy Fathers Day!

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