Holidays In Heaven

Holidays In Heaven

My family loves any occasion when they can be together, eat, drink, and have a good time.

Oh, and for Alexa and I, if we have a reason to get dressed up – even better! Weddings, graduations, holidays, you name it; when there’s a celebration going on you can count us in. If you check out the preview for my new television show for a few minutes, you’ll see we’re not afraid to let loose and show our feelings. What can I say, we’re Italian!

Alexa and I love to bring back old traditions. This year we started to sending out personalized Christmas Cards. We hope to save them and send a new one out every year with a personal picture. Our life has been so hectic lately with touring, traveling and filming that we haven’t gotten to see some of our old friends or extended family. We wanted them to know that we still think about them so we decided this year to send out personal cards. We gathered our three bengal cats, got dressed up and sat under the Christmas tree in our matching outfits for the photo for our card.

For people like us, as much as we love the holidays and everything that comes with them, they are not without the occasional tearful moment. Because the time of year is so packed with family traditions and happy memories, it naturally makes us remember our departed friends and relatives and wish they were still around to share the festivities.

When I was a kid growing up, I just adored my grandma Mary. She was a medium too, and she really understood me. She crosses my mind often, but especially during times of celebration, since she loved nothing more than to cook and share good times with family. I have to admit whenever we’re sitting down for a big meal, I miss her cooking. Alexa and I still use some of her recipes when prepare our own holiday feast.

And that reminds me of what I wanted to tell you!

You don’t have to go through the holidays without the presence of all of the people you love, even those who have passed over. Here are a few ways to “prop open the door to Heaven” and experience loving signs and energy from souls on the other side.

Hey, don’t take that the wrong way! I’m not giving you tips to have a “haunted holiday”. This isn’t something scary – the energy I’m talking about is pure love and compassion.

 Here are some ways to enhance the connection with your friends and loved one in Heaven:

  • Keep their favorite traditions alive while creating your own. Whenever Alexa and I prepare one of Grandma’s recipes, I feel her standing over me, reminding me to add a little more salt. If you’re not a cook, don’t worry – you can play a favorite Christmas carol or hang a loved one’s cherished holiday ornament on your tree.


  • Talk about them! Don’t hesitate to talk about those who can’t be with you. Sharing stories and memories makes you feel close and is a healing way of staying connected. The worst thing anyone can do is to stop talking about someone when they pass to avoid making people sad. That just makes everyone miss them more.


  • Set a place at the table. If you have space, leave an empty chair and place setting for a relative who can’t be with you. Prop their photo against a wine glass and make a toast to their memory.


  • Allow yourself some quiet time when you can remember the loved ones who are no longer with you. You might want to say a little prayer or write about them in your journal. Doing so will let them know how grateful you are that they were a part of your life.


  • Look for signs from heaven – and take it one step further. You can start the day by having a silent conversation to your loved one and ask them to send you a sign. You can even get specific and ask for a certain kind of sign that’s meaningful to both of you. Then stay alert and watch what happens!


If I have learned anything from being a medium, it’s that death isn’t the end. Once you realize that it takes the edge off of grieving and missing those you have lost. And when family gathers, it’s wonderful to know that no one is missing. Everyone is there, either in body or in spirit.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours! I hope you will my family and I Jan 13th at 10/9c in your living room for the premier of our new TV show ‘Meet the Frasers’ only on E! Click Here To Learn More. 









Watch My New TV Show Jan 13 on E!

Watch My New TV Show Jan 13 on E!

Big News! My new television show, Meet The Frasers will premiere January 13th, 2020 at 10/9c E! Entertainment

I just want to take a moment to thank you for believing in me and trusting me from day one with delivering messages from your loved ones in spirit.

I am so excited to have you here with me on this new and crazy TV journey. Having your love and support means so much to me and I could not have done it without you.

As the new promo clips start making their way on TV, I am getting more and more excited to share them with you. I love doing this work and helping you connect with those you love in Spirit. It is even more special to me that I am able to share with you my family and personal life like never before.

For those of you who have already attended a group reading with me, you already know I love bringing humor into my readings. I know my job is done when I see people leave my shows laughing, smiling and feeling the presence of their loved ones with them in spirit. Being able to connect with you all up close and personal and deliver direct messages from your loved ones is the biggest reward and is exactly what you will see on my new TV show.

I wanted you to be the first to see the newest commercial for ‘Meet The Frasers’ my new TV series premiering Jan 13 at 10/9c on E! Entertainment. I think you are really going to like it.


My life is far from normal. I work with my family every single day, I have a pageant queen girlfriend and I see and hear dead people. My Dad and Sister are my biggest skeptics and if that weren’t enough, wait until you meet the rest of the family!

I am still the same psychic medium you know and love, just now coming on your TV screens Monday nights on E! Starting January 13.

I hope you enjoy watching the clip below. I also hope you will come and meet me for a group reading before the show premieres. You can find my full tour schedule by clicking HERE.

5 Ways To Show Thanks, Love & Gratitude

5 Ways To Show Thanks, Love & Gratitude

I don’t consider myself a spiritual teacher, just a guy blessed with the gift of connecting with souls who have passed over. People have always called me an old soul, and that’s not surprising! As you can probably imagine, I’ve picked up a few pieces of timeless wisdom from my friends on the other side.

I can tell the holidays are getting closer because Alexa is starting to look up recipes, and my family keeps calling asking what the dinner plans are. When Alexa and I first met, we started taking over the holidays. Our families are both small and before we met each other, our parents never did anything big. Alexa’s parents are divorced and my Dad was away in the navy when I was growing up so Thanksgiving to us was just like any other family meal. We decided to change all of that. Every year we host both families at our house, decorate the table with fancy and festive décor and cook all week long. We turned our family into a modern day italian brady bunch. 

Thanksgiving for us includes the traditional turkey and sides, along with –you guessed it – pasta and lasagna! Did I mention we’re Italian?

Why am I telling you this – to make you hungry?

Nope. I want to remind you of something really important that comes up over and over when I do my readings.

The importance of being grateful for your life and the people you love.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone in Spirit say “I wish I’d appreciated the good things in my life” or saw someone in my audience crying because they never let their mom know how much they loved her when she was alive – well, I’d have enough money for those Gucci loafers I’ve had my eye on!

Life is short. You know that – we all do. But what can you do to make sure that you make the most of the time you have? I want you to add a helping of gratitude to go with the turkey, and lasagna, this thanksgiving!


Here are five ideas to try :

  • Write a little card or note to everyone in your family and slip it to them when you get together. Let them know how much you love them and what makes them so special to you. Share a memory that you cherish.


  • Be “in the moment” when you’re with the people you love. People always wish they’d spent more time with grandma or listened closer to grandpa’s stories after it’s too late. Do yourself a favor, don’t wait till your loved ones are gone to appreciate them. Ask them questions, write down their special recipes, give them a hug and tell them you love them.


  • Don’t put off enjoying your own life till tomorrow. Take a chance, take the vacation with the kids, eat that cheesecake, adopt a kitten. There’s never going to be a perfect time, so make today count. Life is a gift, so say “Thank You” and appreciate it.


  • Be generous with everything – your time, your money, and your words. Smile and chat with the people in line at the grocery store. Make friends with everyone. Being kind, helpful and positive makes every day better for you, and the people around you.


  • When you’re feeling worried or overwhelmed, make a list of people and things that you’re grateful for. No matter how sad you are or how dark life feels, there’s always something beautiful around you. You just have to open your eyes and see it. It might be a sunset, or your girlfriends smile, or an act of kindness.


When your heart is full of gratitude, there’s not much room for sadness and worry. If you’re mourning the loss of someone you love, take a few minutes to remember the good times, and send some love to them in Heaven, thanking them for the good times you shared.

I’m sending you my very best wishes for this holiday season and every single day of the year. I’m so grateful to have you as part of the Matt Fraser community! I hope you will watch out new TV show Meet The Frasers and invite us into your living room. Meet The Frasers Premiers on Jan 13th, 2020 on E! Entertainment.

I hope I see you before the TV show airs. I have just finished adding new tour dates to my LIVE event calendar. To attend a LIVE group reading,

Say No To Quija Boards

Say No To Quija Boards

Not in my House! The Reason why Ouija Boards will never be allowed in the Fraser House.

I’ve been talking to souls in Heaven for so long that I forget that some people think Mediumship is kind of scary. They even think that by connecting with Spirit, you’re opening up a portal that ghosts and evil spirits can get through. There are all kinds of misconceptions, which is one reason I’m looking forward to my new television show “Meet the Frasers” that’s coming out January 13. I hope to make everyone see that when you respect the Spirit connection, what comes through is love, healing and even humor at times!

But that doesn’t mean I go around looking for trouble. I remember something my Mom Angela taught me when I was younger. She was very stern about using only using your psychic ability for the right reasons. To help others to heal and find answers.

A yard sale treasure?

One Saturday when I was around twelve years old, I was hanging out with some kids from the neighborhood. We noticed a sign for a yard sale nearby and decided to check it out. Nothing looked interesting until we started poking through some old games.

“Monopoly? I bet that’s missing a bunch of pieces.” said one of the guys.

Then suddenly I heard, “Oh my God! Is that a Ouija Board?” My friend Mike grabbed the box and we pooled our money to pay for it.

We didn’t have time to play with the board that day, but we couldn’t wait to try it out. Mike brought it home and we made arrangements to get together that Sunday.

Well, that never happened! Mike’s mom took one look at the battered old box with Ouija Board Printed across the front, and she threw a fit. Being strict catholic and Italian, she made Mike get rid of it right away and wouldn’t even let him put it in their trash can. Instead, she made him bring it back to where we’d gotten it – the house where the yard sale had been – and put it on their front porch.

I was so confused. We knew that the board was supposed to be a way to ask questions and answers, and it did seem kind of exciting and spooky, but we didn’t expect that reaction.

Respect the connection!

At dinner, I brought the whole thing up to my Mom. Well, she didn’t freak out, but she did let me know there would be no Ouija boards allowed in our house either.

As  a medium, my Mom knew that talking to souls on the other side wasn’t a game. My grandma who also had the gift, brought my mom up with knowing that if you were going to speak to spirit you had to do it right and respect the process.

I still remember what happened later that night. My Mom sat me down and explained that  because we were all so sensitive, we had to be extra careful not to invite in bad energy and negative spirits. She said that when you are intuitive you are more susceptible to them because they know you can hear and see them, and they’ll try to get through to you. She told me that although most spirits meant no harm, messing around with Ouija boards was just asking for trouble. It could open a portal to negative energy and bad spirits.

This was the first time that realized and was made aware that there was a dark side to psychic ability. Being so young I never even thought that there could be mischievous spirits and that on occasion some souls don’t cross over. As I grew older, the souls on the other side explained to me that there were different vibrations in Heaven. The highest vibration is the angelic realm, followed by spirit guides, loved ones that have passed on, pets and then the lowest vibration are rare souls that don’t cross over.

Chances are you will never encounter a negative soul, that is if you don’t go looking for trouble. Just like when here on Earth, you have to lock up your house before you leave, its the same thing with your energy. The same way you wouldn’t invite a stranger who comes knocking on your door into your house, you shouldn’t invite in strange energies. The problem is that when you use a Ouija board you send a signal to all souls, both good and bad and invite them in. It is no longer a secure direct connection with your loved ones it’s a wide open connection where any soul can step forward.

Do you see where the problem comes in? There is no need to use Quija boards, you have a direct connection called your Intuition that will help you connect with your loved ones through thoughts, feelings and emotions whenever and wherever you want. Trust that connection and it will only grow stronger over time. It is safe and beautiful way to stay in touch with those you love.

Psychic Protection rituals.

Over the years, I’ve learned that you can shield yourself from negative forces and spirits by keeping your own energy light and positive. Your light can counteract any darkness out there. But, in addition to that, there are a few things you can do to give yourself a little extra protection.

  • Imagine a mirrored wall around you, forming a wall and reflecting negative energy away from you.
  • Get to know your angels and guides, and call upon them to protect you.
  • Clear stagnant energy out of any living space that feels uncomfortable to you by burning sage. It really works!
  • Take a few steps to infuse spaces that are new to you with your own energy. I like to personalize hotel rooms by putting a photo of Alexa and our two cats on the nightstand, and by playing some of my favorite disco tunes.
  • When all else fails, open the windows and let the sunshine and fresh air in.

And guess what?  These techniques also help with earthly encounters of the negative kind!

I can’t wait to show you what mediumship is all about when Meet the Frasers airs. Be sure to mark your calendar for Jan 13. I think you’ll enjoy seeing my whole family in action – supporting me onstage and off – and always bringing through that loving energy!

To find more about my new TV show Meet The Frasers, Click Here.




Not Getting to Say Goodbye

Not Getting to Say Goodbye

Have you ever wished you had the opportunity to say ‘goodbye” ?

When you lose someone close to you it hurts, no matter what the circumstances. But when someone dies late in life or after a long illness, you at least have the chance to tie up loose ends and resolve unfinished business. Most importantly, you have time to share your deepest feelings and say goodbye.

The saddest thing is when you don’t get to say goodbye to a loved one. When someone passes over unexpectedly, friends and family are left regretting all the things left unsaid. If this has happened to you, you would probably give anything for just a few more minutes with that person.

When I do a reading, I’m basically giving someone those precious few minutes they have longed for. It’s so gratifying to be able to ease someone’s mind by giving them a chance to say goodbye and letting them know their loved one is safe and at peace on the other side.

“Nobody is going to die.”

I once did a reading at an event for a couple who had lost their young son to cancer. The little boy came through with a beautiful message for his parents. After the event, the father told me something that really touched my heart.

“A few weeks before he died, my son came up to me and said, Dad, no one in this family is going to die. It seemed like an odd thing for him to say at the time, but today it makes sense. I realize that my son never really left us – he is still right here.”

If you are dealing with guilt, sadness, and frustration because you didn’t get to say goodbye before your loved one passed, take comfort in the fact that it’s never too late. They’re not really gone – they are still watching over you, and they hear and see everything!

Here are five ways to say goodbye to a loved one in Heaven – even if you think you missed your chance:
  • Talk to them! Let them know everything you didn’t get the chance to tell them while they were alive. Tell them what they meant to you, what you learned from them. Thank them for being in your life. And you don’t have to walk around muttering to yourself- your loved ones hear you whether you talk to them out loud or in your head .


  • Write a letter. Some people love writing their thoughts down. If that’s you, don’t hesitate to put pen to paper any time you want to connect with your dearly departed. You can keep your letter, burn it in the fireplace, put it in a bottle and toss it in the ocean! It doesn’t matter how you “send” it – your loved one will get the message!


  • Honor them with a special ritual. Funerals are a way for the living to honor the person who has passed, but it might be hard for you to say goodbye when the grief is so fresh and there are so many people around. It might help to create a special ritual to say goodbye. Write a message on a balloon or release a paper lantern up into the heavens. You can even write your loved one a message on a sandy beach, and let the waves wash it away.


  • Remember them with a song. If there’s a song that reminds you of the person you’re missing, make it a point to think of them whenever you hear it. A friend of mine feels the presence of her grandfather every December when she hears “The Little Drummer Boy,” That was Grandpa’s favorite song, and she says a silent “Merry Christmas” to him every time it plays.


  • Be aware of the signs. Your loved one is always with you, and they’ll send you signs if you’re open to receive them. To encourage them, ask them to send a penny, a butterfly, or a bird to let you know they’re around. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they will come through!


Losing a friend or family member is hard. There is no easy way to say goodbye to someone you love and no perfect time to let go, but it helps to realize that souls never really die, and they are still around, sending you love. I hope you will will make it to one of my group reading. Each is a special experience where I will be helping you connect with your loved ones that have passed on. Click Here, to find upcoming group readings near you.

10 Signs From The Departed

10 Signs From The Departed

10 Signs of Spirit Communication: How The Departed Are Trying To Communicate With You

Death is not a permanent goodbye. I want to remind you that the same way you are learning to communicate with your loved ones in Spirit, they are also learning to communicate with you. 

Signs are a special language that your loved ones in Spirit use to get your attention and keep in touch with you. They use signs to send messages to you, bring you comfort, guide you, and let you know they are with you every day. 

Sometimes you might not notice the signs because they can be subtle, but once you know what to look for, your loved ones can communicate with you more easily.  Have you noticed any of the signs below ?

1.Familiar Smells That Bring Memories

Have you randomly smelled cologne or perfume that your loved one used to wear? Smells hold memories that your loved ones use to show you they are close by. For example if your Dad was a cigarette smoker, you just catch a whiff of cigarette smoke when you are home alone by yourself. 

2. Signs Through Pets

Pets can see and sense Spirit too. If they randomly perk up and start barking or staring at a chair in a corner that your loved one once sat or spent time in, it’s a sign they are there. 

3. Songs That Bring Meaning and Love

If a special song keeps playing in your car, house or when you are out shopping it is not a coincidence. Spirit uses music to communicate and send strong messages. It could be a song that your loved one always sang to you or a special song like a wedding song that the two of you shared.

4. Repeating Numbers

Seeing repeating numbers like 11:11, the birthday of a loved one, or a specific time of death is a sign that they made it to Heaven. They love using numbers because it is the easiest way they can reach you. The pop up randomly on license plates, clocks, or even receipts!

5. Waking Up At 3:00AM or Randomly At Night

Waking up at 3am or the same time every night is a sign. It normally happens when a loved one first passes away and is trying to get in touch with you. Bed-time is the easiest way for your loved one to reach you because your mind is in a relaxed state. 

6. Dream Visitations

Those in Spirit love coming to visit you in your dreams. To them visiting in your dreams is like a Skype video call with Heaven. You might see them standing their happy and smiling or they may come and have a conversation with you. These dreams come every so often and are very real. You may even wake up thinking it actually happened. 

7. Hearing Your Name Being Called

Have you ever heard your name being called and nobody was there ? You might sometimes hear your loved one. No you are not crazy. They sometimes we call out to you or say something that you can hear audibly to remind you of their presence. You might even hear then speaking to you through your thoughts when you are upset or need guidance. 

8. Phone Calls from Heaven

I have had many readings where loved ones have come through the phone lines. You might get a call from their number or your phone might ring randomly and nobody is there. These calls normally come from souls that liked to play jokes here in this world. If your dad or brother was a jokester, they may be prank calling you from the afterlife. Spirit is energy and can manipulate electronics such as phones, TVs, and computers to send a message. 

9. Feeling A Spiritual Presence

I have had many souls come to tell me that they visit their loved ones at night. You might feel them sit on your bed or just feel their presence In the room with you. When you feel the presence of a loved one, talk to them. They can hear you and love coming to check up on you. 

10. Seeing A Spirit Figure or Silhouette

If you have ever thought you saw your loved one standing in the hall or saw a figure move past you, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Sometimes you might catch a glimpse of your loved one for a split second. It’s rare but it does happen. Sometimes, they also will show up in photographs as distortions, blurs, lens flares or sometimes even orbs. 

If you can relate to any of these signs, it means your loved ones are close by in spirit and trying to communicate. You are not alone in what you are sensing and feeling. It is real. It is why I love leading the way for groups of people to connect with spirit. It’s why my LIVE shows are so special to me.

The experience of being together, honoring loved ones on the other side, and raising the group vibration to receive messages creates a ripple of loving energy that infuses every member of the audience. 

I hope you will join me at my next group reading by Clicking Here or by scrolling down and viewing the events below. 

You have seen and heard me give readings on TV and Radio. Now it’s your turn to join me up close & personal at one of my upcoming group readings where I will help you connect with your loved ones that have passed on. 

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