Can Negative Spirits Hurt Me?

Can Negative Spirits Hurt Me?

Understanding Negative Spirits, Souls & Energy.

Sometimes people ask me if all connections to Spirit are positive. “What about bad people who hurt me while they were alive? Can they hurt me after they’re gone?”

A friend of mine bought a beautiful old mansion in Newport to use for entertaining. Her family didn’t spend much time there, but when they did, they were uncomfortable. My friend asked me to come to the house with her because after she had some odd experiences. She thought the house was haunted. When I got there, I could sense a great sadness associated with that house. I felt emptiness, coldness and stagnant energy. The moment I walked in I felt that I was not welcome.

Even though the house was beautiful, it felt cold, sterile and airy – like a hospital. I told her it was really just an energy imprint, not a haunting. While I was there, I was shown that the original owners of the house had experienced tragedy. Their energy was still in the house. As I told my friend, it wasn’t a haunting. The house needed my friend’s energy.

An Energy Imprint is also referred to as an “energy haunting”. When a tragic, violent or emotional event happens in a house or a certain area, that energy can be left behind leaving an imprint. Even though there may not be any actual “ghosts” there anymore, you may still feel uneasy, sad or scared in the area. This is why so many people feel these sensations when visiting haunted placed like the Lizzy Borden house or the Winchester Mystery House.

I told my friend to infuse the house with her family’s happy, loving presence. The house needed to be recharged with positive energy, with day to day events, meals, sunshine and fresh air. She started going to the house during the day to work. She even took her pets to the house, so they could run and play in its rooms. Over time, her family’s positive energy replaced the old stagnant energy. Some of that old spirit was still in the house, but when the new lifeforce was allowed to come through, it edged that old energy out.

Crossing Over

Since we are all energy, things we interact with keep traces of our energy. That energy can stick around after we’re gone, but it’s not really the same as what people think of as “haunting.” Hauntings are rare and usually indicate a problem with a soul crossing over. Mediums can assist in replacing old energy, like I did with my friend, but transitioning the living over to Heaven is God’s work.

Souls have to be light to cross over. When you die, you let go of old pain, trauma and resentment. On the other side, we have to forgive and be forgiven and let things go. Sometimes, souls are too heavy to cross over, usually because of some darkness in their lives, and they become stuck. That’s what we think of as hauntings.

Those heavy spirits that get stuck here can’t hurt you when your own energy is positive. As my mom said, the only people you have to fear are the living! Still, there are some things you can do to get yourself some extra protection….and these techniques help with those earthly encounters too!

Psychic Protection Rituals
  • Imagine a mirrored wall surrounding you, forming a wall and reflecting negative energy away from you.
  • Get to know your angels and guides, and call upon them to protect you.
  • Burn sage to clear stagnant energy out of any living space that feels uncomfortable to you. It really works!
  • Take a few steps to infuse new spaces with your own energy. For example, I like to personalize hotel rooms by putting a photo of Alexa and our cats on the nightstand. I also play some of my favorite disco tunes!
  • When all else fails open the windows and let in the sunshine and fresh air.

Some people think being a psychic medium might be scary or a morbid way to make a living, I don’t see it that way at all. On the contrary, I feel blessed to be able to spread light and help the living heal by letting them know that their loved ones in Heaven are still with them and wishing them the best!

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How Can I Get Read At A Group Reading Event?

How Can I Get Read At A Group Reading Event?

 How Can I Improve My Chances of Getting Read at a Psychic Group Reading?

My group reading are what I love doing the most. It’s so great to have personal interaction and meet so many of you up close and personal. 

Most people come to group readings hoping to hear a message from their loved ones, and sometimes people are disappointed when they don’t receive a direct message. Some people do the strangest things they think will help them get a reading.

At every event it amazes me how some people come hours early to be first in line and rush to the front row seats in hopes of “being seen” by those in Spirit. People bring their loved one’s belongings, memorabilia and even ashes. One woman even brought her husband’s glass eye! People try all kinds of things to get a message. But does any of that really work?

Here are some things to remember about attending a group reading with a psychic medium…

Sit Anywhere

When you come to a reading don’t worry about where you are in the room, it doesn’t matter where you sit. If your loved one has a message, that message will find you. I have had messages for people sitting at the back of a room as often as I’ve had them for people at the front. The important thing is to come to the event with an open heart and a positive attitude.

That is why I treat every seat at my event like the front row. Each event is a group experience, and every seat is a good seat. I might get pulled to the way back corner to deliver a message to a mother who lost her son. Later, I may be pulled to the middle of a row to talk to a woman who lost her sister. Going in, I never know where the messages will be going, all I know is to listen and follow the direction of Spirit.

Be Patient

When your loved one has a message for you, that message will come when the time is right. Messages from Heaven don’t always come when we want them to or when we think they should. The messages come when we need them to and when we are supposed to receive them. Remember that time doesn’t matter, If your loved one passed recently, that doesn’t make it any more likely you will hear from them. Many times, It can be the ones that passed years ago that come through the strongest. If you don’t get a message during a reading, that doesn’t mean your loved one doesn’t want to talk to you. It might just mean that isn’t the right setting, and they will reach you in some other way.

Keep in mind that sometimes it can take up to a years time for a loved one to come through with a message. Not all the time, but sometimes it might take a little longer to hear from that special someone. This doesn’t mean they are not with you, it just means they are waiting for the perfect moment. Spirit will only deliver a message when you are ready to hear it and when it will help bring you happiness, comfort and joy.

Bring Memories, not Memorabilia

Your belongings don’t help when it comes to receiving a message at a group reading. Your loved ones are connected to you. To your loved ones in Heaven, memories and the soul connection you share are much more important than any physical objects. The physical objects are great for helping you feel the connection, but they aren’t necessary to your loved ones. Bring them if they make you feel good, but remember the connection is in your heart, not in your hands.

Have an Open Mind

Sometimes you might attend an event hoping to hear a message from your mom, but your dad comes through instead. It depends who has a message. You might even get a message from someone you don’t like or didn’t even want to hear from. Sometimes an ex-husband will come through with a message to apologize for bad behavior. It’s so important to keep an open mind and be receptive to whatever comes your way.

A group reading can be a great way to learn about the ways your loved ones try to communicate with you. Remember that they are learning how to communicate in this new way just as much as you are. They might come in a way you aren’t expecting, even through someone else’s reading! I have had many people tell me that even when they didn’t receive a message, the feeling of connectedness and hope of being part of a group reading lifted their spirits and gave them hope.

Don’t Let Doubt Stop You From Attending

The saddest thing I see is when someone comments on Facebook and says they won’t come to a group reading because they are not “guaranteed a reading”. I have to shake my head at that. Even during private one-on-one appointments I cannot guarantee that the certain loved one you want to hear from will come through. No Medium can say that for certain. When I channel a message it is a request from the other side, and it is Spirit who makes the decision on whether they decide to speak.

As the old saying goes ” you never know unless you try”. When you attend a group reading, your loved ones see it as an opportunity to reach you and speak to you. If there is a message waiting for you that you need to hear, they will make sure that it gets delivered to you. At a group reading I don’t pick the people, those in Spirit do. I just am the messenger waiting for the next message they need me to deliver.

I hope to meet you at an upcoming group reading. My team & I have been working hard to add new cities states and locations each week. If there is one thing I can leave you with it’s that each event is so much more that just a show. It is literally a family reunion with Heaven. I hope you will take a look at my upcoming tour schedule by clicking here. Each is a two hour experience where I will be delivering as many messages as possible. There might just be a message waiting for you!

What We Can Learn From Skeptics

What We Can Learn From Skeptics

Some People Just Don’t Want To Believe…

I am sad to say that there are some people in this world that do not believe that those you love are with you in Spirit. Being a psychic medium you would think that reading would change people. The truth is, there are some people who are just nonbelievers. As the old saying goes, you just can’t make everyone a believer, but I have accepted that. I have learned to deliver the messages from Spirit and not take it to heart. It’s up to the person I am reading to decide whether or not they want to believe in the message that is delivered.

There are a lot of people out there who question what I do. I get it! The fact that I can talk to dead people is a little hard to wrap your head around. Skeptics are always ready to plant doubts. They’ll claim it’s a trick, and that I don’t really communicate with souls on the other side. Sometimes those same people are getting messages from their loved ones. They just can’t open up their hearts and minds enough to hear them.

I feel sad when that happens because the soul in heaven really wants to have their messages heard.

I’ve had to handle plenty of skeptics. Sometimes they claim I pay people to come to my shows and agree with everything I say. I might do 30 readings in a night. Can you imagine how quickly that would add up?! Or they say that I research people in the audience ahead of time. That one makes me laugh. I never know who’s coming to a show. The tickets are first come first serve, and people sit where they like. And really, that seems like just too much work!

Years ago, I was invited to be on a radio show. I was so excited to be on the air. But when I got there, I realized the “shock jocks”  wanted to make jokes about what I do. It was very uncomfortable. But guess what? People started calling in, and after a few calls, those hosts stopped being skeptics and started to get that this is for real!

After that, they had me visit their radio show pretty regularly and even started asking me questions about their own loved ones. They’d still joke around, of course, but during the breaks they’d pull me aside and say things like, “Hey Matt, can you tell me how my Grandma’s doing in Heaven?”

I understand that it’s hard for a lot of people to accept that it’s possible to receive messages from their departed loved ones in Heaven. Sometimes it’s a conflict with their personal faith or their lack of faith. For other people, they’re just scared of what they might learn, or scared to face feelings they’ve kept bottled up for years.

Their healing might just have to come another way. And that’s okay. But I have to think that being around me while I’m connecting people with the other side opens their minds – just a little – to the possibility that their loved ones in Heaven are a lot closer than they think.

It’s important to remember that not everyone is open to a reading. I’ve had people try to buy readings as gifts for people they love and want to help. It is a kind and generous thing to do, but it won’t work if the other person isn’t open to it. Someone who is closed off to the idea of a reading will not be able to hear it for what it is, and they will find every excuse to explain it away as coincidence or tricks or some type of scam.

If you have someone in your life like that, you don’t need to push or pressure them into believing. Just listen to what they have to say and love them. And look to your own spirit guides to help you know if there’s something you can do to help.

Encountering a skeptic is no different from encountering any negative energy. I try to take all those experiences as opportunities to remember to always keep an open heart and an open mind and be grateful for my gifts. It doesn’t make sense to try too hard to convince someone to believe what I believe. It’s not my place to try to break down their defenses,  but I’m happy when I can open the door, even just a crack,  and let some healing light in.

Spirit is powerful. I’ve seen some pretty skeptical minds get changed completely. In the meantime, I put my energy towards helping people who want my help and get the messages through to the many people whose hearts are open to hearing them. At the end of the day let the life lesson be to trust in what you believe in. 


A Psychic Reading That Changed Everything…

Will these who skeptics become believers? Two skeptical news anchors receive a reading a LIVE Television. Find out what happens next…  

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When You’re Feeling Different Than Everyone Else

When You’re Feeling Different Than Everyone Else

 Have you ever felt like you just don’t fit in?

Do you ever feel like you are not like other people your age? I completely understand.

It took me a long time to accept my gift, and I feel very fortunate that I feel like I fit in my life now. However, it wasn’t always like that. I went through a lot of years, especially in high school, where I felt like I didn’t fit and that I didn’t belong. During this time, I learned a lot about life and I know it made me stronger, but it was awful to go through. At one time or another, many of us feel like we don’t fit in, but there are things we can do to change that.

Find your tribe.

Growing up, I was not an athletic kid. Far from it. So I didn’t fit in with all the athletes and jocks at the fancy prep-school my parents put me in. The other kids wanted football scholarships, and I just wanted to go to the mall! I felt like an outcast. Instead of going to parties, drinking and getting into mischeif, I spent a lot of time on my own feeling very left out. At the time I was living in a small community, and I got bullied by kids. My parents transferred me to a different high school for my senior year. All of a sudden, I had people I could connect with. Finally, I found other kids who were like me. We shared the same interests, and I started making friends. It was a great experience.

Looking back, I’m glad that I experienced the challenge of “not belonging” in high school – they taught me so much. We’re all here to learn lessons and to grow. Here are some of the lessons I learned through my high school experience:

Be yourself & love who you are.

What I have learned is that It is so important for kids to learn to be themselves. Society pressures us so much to fit a mold or be like other people. Today’s world is different, I love that there is so much more awareness now that being different is okay.  I know that people still get judged and ridiculed for not fitting other people’s expectations. One of the best things we can do for the people we love is accepting them just the way they are and help them accept themselves. We need to start by looking in the mirror and accepting ourselves first.

Be open to new experiences.

Sometimes feeling different is all in your head. When you were a teenager… and even as an adult…you may meet someone new and automatically place judgment and think they’d never want to be your friend. You try to compare yourself to that person to try to find a reason they would want to be your friend. Instead, you place doubt and never let friendship organically happen. Try the opposite.

The next time you meet someone new, be guided by your heart and not your headTry saying hello! Or try a new activity. Do you know that saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? Not true! I have lots of friends who have started new hobbies and are doing things they never imagined they’d be doing. And making great friends while they’re at it!

Mean girls (and guys) come in all ages.

Even as adults, we sometimes find ourselves in a group of people where we don’t really fit. Sometimes as we get older, some of our friendships don’t age very gracefully. We might not have as much in common anymore. A friend of mine realized that she had a bunch of friends who were “mean girls”…and they are all in their forties! She didn’t want to hang out in the negative energy hearing them gossip. It made her feel bad. She signed up for a yoga class on her own and ended up making some new, more positive friends. We are never too old to make new friends!

Out with the old and In with the New.  

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of old friends, even when they treat you bad. There is a piece of you that wants to hold onto the hope and belief that they will end up being that happy person again that you once knew and loved. The issue, however, is that if they make you feel bad then they just don’t belong in your life. Remember that when you subtract negative people from your life, you open the door for new positive people to enter.

Life is all about change, growth, and development. Remember that at the end of the day you are in control of your own Happiness and your own emotions. If someone is bringing down your energy, it might be time to separate yourself. Always remember that you are unique, special and different. If someone does not value your friendship or love you for who you are, there is someone out there that does.

It might seem difficult, but once you accept yourself and embrace life, good people, experiences and friendships will just have a way of finding their way into your life.

Let’s keep in touch.

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Forgiveness Sets YOU Free

Forgiveness Sets YOU Free

If you are a friend of mine on my Facebook Page, you will notice that I have been posting inspirational memes about forgiveness and letting go. It shocked me how many people replied with such negativity. It was very apparent to me that they were still hurting, sad and scarred from the negativity caused by someone they once knew, trusted and loved.

Forgiving and letting go after someone has done you wrong is indeed the hardest choice you can ever make, but it is one of the most important for you and for your health. Here’s why…

Negativity does not stay with the person you are upset with…

Some people feel that by holding grudges, it protects them from anyone else who tries to hurt them, including the person who hurt them. The truth is that the person who made you feel pain isn’t feeling that energy; you are. Although you think you may have it tucked deep down inside, the energy and pain are still living within you.

Situations we don’t find closure with lives within us and stops us from moving further in our life. Forgiveness does not mean the person was right; it means that you are freeing yourself from that negativity so you can live life again and put it out of mind.

Forgiveness allows you to feel free and happy again…

I was recently doing a psychic reading for a woman who waited over a year to talk to me. During our phone reading, she wanted advice and guidance from her mom who had died.

During her reading, her mom was talking about forgiveness. She had seen that her daughter was feeling lonely and disconnected. She wanted her daughter to make up with her kids and to put herself back out there into the dating world. She could see that her daughter would have the option of getting married again and of developing a close bond with her children.

During the reading, the mother’s spiritual guidance was very clear. She wanted her daughter to take back control of her life and to start to live again, but was her daughter ready to make the change?

Love & Divine Guidance from Heaven…

I personally love when the spirit comes through with wisdom and guidance. Those we love in spirit can see tomorrow so much more clearly than we can see yesterday.

When I started to deliver some of these messages to my client, she would not stop interrupting me. Instead of wanting to hear about her future, all she wanted to do was hear about her past. She wanted to know if the people who had hurt her felt pain, if her kids regretted what they had done and how they had treated her, if her family knew how judgmental they were, if her ex-husband’s new marriage would fail, and it just continued…

The more I tried to deliver her mother’s messages to her about the future, the more she would try to change the messages and make it about the past. Her mom didn’t want to talk about it. Her mom knew that her daughter had been dwelling on this for years and had pushed everyone away until finally, she was all alone living in the past.

My client at the time couldn’t see it. She thought by pushing everyone away and holding onto grudges, she was protecting herself. She felt it would make her feel better to think negatively about those who had hurt her. Instead, she was the problem to herself; she was closing her heart off and sinking into a depression.

Her mom had an important question for her: “ Are you ready to let go of the past and heal?” Her mom explained to her through me that she was trying to help her, but 25 mins of the reading were spent with daughter complaining and bringing up her painful past.

Finally, it just came out. I said, “Don’t you see what you are doing? Your mom is trying to talk to you and you keep blocking the messages. You  only want to relive your painful past.”

Her daughter stopped talking and remained quiet; suddenly, everything clicked. She saw that the pain was from holding on to the sadness for too long. She immediately began crying, and the pain was finally starting to release. She knew her mom was right; she had stopped living life because she was holding too much.

She didn’t date because of her failed marriage; she didn’t have friends because she was once deceived; she didn’t talk to her children because she felt they didn’t love her. Slowly but surely, she knew she needed to forgive and take her mom’s advice.

Forgiveness starts from the heart. It starts with YOU!

Over the past few weeks, she has started on the path of forgiveness. She first started with forgiving herself for her mistakes and for living in pain for so long. She forgave the grudges she held against her family and started to erase the painful memories from the past. She forgave her ex-husband and decided to put herself online and start to trust dating again.

You see, forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to ring someone’s doorbell and hug them. It all starts with you letting go of the pain and deciding to move forward.

In this case, there were some family members she couldn’t visit or talk to because the relationship was so bad. All she could do was forgive them in her heart and release the pain to the universe. What she could still repair was the relationship with her kids. She took a few weeks and then worked up the courage to grab the phone and call them. She set a date for them to meet up and talk, and they did.

It was not a joyous family reunion at first. In the beginning, it was awkward and emotionally painful, but she decided to push through it. She sat down and actually listened to what her kids had to say, and it was heavy. She cried but was ready for a change. For the first time ever, she was repairing and healing the past, not just living it. Her children forgave her and she forgave them. She was ready to put in the work, and it forever changed her life. They now talk every day, and she now has her family back.

Today, she is a different woman. She is finally living in the future. She is spending time with her grandchildren, dating an amazing man, and rediscovering her love of painting. She has even made like-minded friends by joining new classes. The people whom she once hated, no longer have control over her. She freed the energy and let go.

There is something we can all learn from this message from the spirit. Let go of the things weighing you down and take back control over your life. It may be painful at first, but it is worth the journey to heal and to be free.

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Soulmates DO Reunite

Soulmates DO Reunite

 “Will I be reunited with my soulmate in Heaven?”

I love this question because it means the person asking it got to meet his or her soulmate here on earth and actually realized it too! That doesn’t always happen, and I am

always so happy when I meet someone who got to have that wonderful experience.

Some soulmates are not meant to have a long lasting connection in this lifetime. They might meet at a crossroads to help each other when one of them is supposed to make a difficult decision or take a new direction. Sometimes the connection is very short and the relationship is an opportunity to learn lessons, but is not meant to last.

On the other hand, some lucky people get to share many years of their lives with their soulmate. They experience a deep and abiding love and feel connected to each other in every possible way. It seems like heaven on earth – but there’s a downside to that too. Losing someone who has been your perfect partner, your twin flame, in life is so very painful.

My friend’s parents were married for over 50 years before her father died. “Our love went very deep,” her mother often says. “The pain of losing him goes just as deep. But I know we will be together again.”

She’s right! You will be connected with your soulmate in Heaven. Of course you will. You belong together. Your soulmate is always with you throughout your life, and you will be reunited when you pass over.

In the meantime, your soulmate is watching over you, protecting you, helping you as you do the work you are meant to be here to do, and waiting for that time when you will be together again.

 You might wonder how you will recognize your soulmate on the other side. Will your soulmate look the same as you remember? The reality is that our physical form is not really what makes us who we are. The essence of your true love will be waiting to greet you in Heaven. You’ll see one another as you remember each other and connect for all eternity at the deepest spiritual level.

Sometimes people come to my events and tell me their loved one passed during their engagement, or just a short time into their marriage, before their life together could even have a chance to start! They understandably feel cheated out of all the the happy  years they expected to have together before being separated.

They feel cheated out of having children, buying a home, celebrating anniversaries, taking vacations – all the things they anticipated doing together.

Losing that person is painful, but if they really are your soulmate, you will be reunited on the other side. In the meantime, your soulmate in Heaven is cheering you on, hoping you live a wonderful life…maybe even helping you meet someone new who makes you happy.

There’s no jealousy between soulmates because it’s a sure thing that you will be reunited in Heaven. In the meantime, your soulmate wants you to live your best life here and now. In fact, it makes them happy to see you enjoy life – because you are getting to experience life for both of you!

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