Understanding Empaths & Sensitive Souls

Understanding Empaths & Sensitive Souls

The Proper Care and Feeding Of Empaths


“You’re too sensitive!” When I was young, I heard that phrase a lot from family members, friends, and classmates. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gained some new insights around what being sensitive means to me.

When you call someone sensitive, it can have different meanings ranging from being touchy, too emotional, or easily offended to being extra tuned in and intuitive.



A Highly Sensitive Antenna


As a psychic medium, my sensitivity has always come from being tuned into the energy of others. The same “antenna” that can easily pick up messages from Heaven tends to be affected by other people’s emotions in a very personal way. In fact, when someone is sensitive in this way, they actually take on the anger, sadness, or joy of others. There’s another word for people like that – they’re called empaths.


Empaths relate to others in a way that goes beyond caring or sympathy. Empathy is defined as the ability to strongly relate to and understand the thoughts and feelings or emotions of someone else. An example of empathy is feeling the same amount of excitement as a friend does when they tell you they’re getting married.


This is great when someone has good news, but being around people who are grieving, in pain, or holding onto a lot of negative emotions can be draining for an empath.


Feeling Other People’s Pain


Empaths sense the emotions of others. Psychic empaths feel other people’s pain without them saying a word and often experience it as their own. Psychic empathy is a type of empathic ability that allows an empath to tap into someone else’s emotional state or energy, usually without even knowing that they’re doing so.


This can be hard on the empath! When a psychic empath takes on the feelings and emotions of others, it can affect them in these ways:


– They typically feel drained after spending time with certain individuals.


– They may exhibit physical symptoms such as headaches or stomachaches.


– They can have lingering anxiety after taking on another person’s fear or sadness.


– They may feel depleted after spending time in large groups or around people who are physically ill.



Shielding your Sensitive Energy


People like being around empaths because they’re understanding and caring. They can have an easier time making friends and getting jobs because they tune into the other person and instinctively know what to say and how to relate to them.


But it’s not all fun and games! To experience more of the benefits and less of the discomfort of their unique nature, empaths must learn to safeguard their energy using psychic protection and shielding techniques.


The best way to shield your energy is by paying attention to people and situations that drain you and trying to avoid spending too much time there. Practice mindfulness to help you protect yourself. You might find that focusing on your breath quiets the mind and centers you in your body.



Energy Vampires


I’ve known people who make me feel uneasy and even physically uncomfortable for no obvious reason. These people might be energy vampires. When it comes to these individuals, I first try to avoid contact, but it’s not always possible or practical. That’s when I deploy my psychic buffer! I imagine myself surrounded by a thick wall of light and picture the negative emotions bouncing off before they can reach me. It sounds crazy, but it works! If I know I’m going to be around energy vampires, I take time to meditate and visualize my protective shield before I see them.


Emotionally Charged Situations


There are situations that are especially tough for empaths. Imagine if you were super-sensitive to being around other people’s fear and pain. If you’re an empath, you don’t have to imagine because you KNOW what this is like. How would you feel at a funeral, a hospital – even an airport or a dentist’s office? Your energy would be cluttered with the feelings of others. You can’t lock yourself inside, but you can be aware of the assault on your energy. Don’t linger in places that make you uncomfortable, and if possible, bring a calm, grounded friend along with you as a buffer. Finally, imagine yourself tuning your “antenna” down, so it’s not picking up every little vibration.


Clearing Out Energetic Debris


When you leave a triggering person or situation and still feel a little weighed down, take a moment to clear out that energetic clutter! Meditate, take a bath or a swim, or turn on some music and dance it out. Different techniques work for different people so try a few things and see what replenishes you.


Getting Used to Life as an Empath


The best way to shield your energy is by paying attention to people and situations that drain you and trying to avoid spending too much time there. Practice mindfulness to help you protect yourself. In any situation, you might find that focusing on your breath quiets the mind and centers you in your body. Spending time outside and connecting to nature is also grounding and helpful.


At the end of the day, there are upsides and downsides to being an empath. But when it comes to being a good friend and compassionate human, empathy can be a superpower. Use the techniques I’ve shared to set boundaries and shield your energy – then enjoy the upside of empathy!





Opening Your Third Eye

Opening Your Third Eye


If you’ve been to a new age bookstore, a yoga class, or a meditation workshop, chances are you’re heard or seen something about chakras. You might have wondered…


What is a Chakra, and Why Are They Important?


The word Chakra means “wheel” and refers to the energy points in your body. You’ve probably heard me say that everything and everyone – living and dead – is made up of energy. Keeping that energy healthy and balanced starts with your chakras, so it’s important that these spinning disks of energy stay open and aligned.


The Chakras control every aspect of your actions, from your psychic abilities to how you digest food. There are seven main chakras that run along your body – from the base of your spine to the top of your head.  Each one is associated with a color, and each serves a specific purpose and is tied to a group of nerves, major organs, and various aspects of your emotional and physical well-being.


A Very Basic List of the 7 Chakras and What They Do:


  • The Root Chakra is at the very base of the spine. It’s associated with the color red, and is related to your physical identity, strength and stability.


  • The Sacral Chakra is a couple of inches below the navel. Depicted as an orange sphere, it is associated with sexuality and creativity.


  • The Solar Plexus Chakra is just above the Sacral Chakra, represented by the color yellow. It’s all about confidence and self-esteem.


  • The Heart Chakra, is an emerald-green chakra located just above the heart. Not surprisingly, it represents love and connection.


  • The Throat Chakra, blue in color, is located in the throat and connected to your ability to communicate verbally.


  • The Third-Eye Chakra. A deep indigo, this chakra is centered right above your eyes and is the source of your intuition and psychic gifts.


  • Crown Chakra. At the very top of your head, you’ll find the violet or white Crown Chakra. Considered the chakra of enlightenment, this chakra keeps you connected to your spirituality and your greater purpose.


Opening the Third Eye Chakra.


You may have heard that everyone has psychic ability or psychic senses. If that’s true (and trust me, it is!) then why isn’t everyone sensitive and tuned in? For starters, to maximize your intuition, it’s important that the third eye chakra stay clear and balanced.


The third eye controls your psychic ability and intuition and can even lead to out-of-body experiences and astral travel. It’s also sometimes referred to as your sixth sense because it’s developed by developing your psychic abilities and intuition.


Since this chakra is physically located on the head, when it’s blocked or unbalanced you can experience headaches, issues with sight or concentration, and hearing problems. People who have trouble listening to reality (who seem to “know it all”) or who are not in touch with their intuition may also have a block. But, when it’s open and in alignment this chakra allows you to follow their intuition and be able to see the big picture.


I can’t see my chakras, so how do I know if they’re balanced?


You can tell when your chakras are “off.” You feel frazzled, flustered, drained, and may even be having health issues. The good news is, like a lot of spiritual ideas, what seems complicated is actually pretty simple to manage. Anything that allows you to be calm, focused, and in-the-moment can positively impact your chakras. So, meditation, yoga, walks in nature, eating well, not drinking and smoking too much, and being aware of your feelings instead of pushing them aside are all critical to a balanced chakra and a healthy life.


Your chakras are attached energetically, and while many people have one that seems to impact them the most, they all matter. However, we’re here to talk about how to enhance your intuition, and to do that, you’ll want to spend some effort specifically targeting and activating your third chakra. You’ll need to meditate on the third eye chakra daily for several weeks or months. Meditation is a key part of developing your psychic ability and being able to align with your body, mind, and spirit.


Opening the Third Eye Chakra


Start by sitting quietly for a few minutes each day. Once you’ve regulated your breathing, begin focusing on the middle of your forehead. Picture a bright indigo blue ball centered above your eyes, rotating in a clockwise direction. That’s your third eye. As you breathe in and out, relax and focus on the area. While you’re in this position, it’s time to imagine your chakra opening up, releasing your psychic ability.


When you get in the habit of focusing on your third eye through meditation, you should notice a deeper level of insights and awareness as you go about your day. To take things one step further, exercise and test your psychic muscles whenever you can. Keep a dream journal and jot down what you remember about your dreams and what you think they mean. You can experiment with automatic writing or making psychic predictions using tarot cards by yourself. Then share what you write or predict with others so they can weigh in!


Everyone Needs Intuition.


Intuition is real, and it serves a very practical purpose. It can help you make better choices and be safer, happier, and more connected to others. With a basic understanding of the chakras, and particularly your Third Eye chakra, it’s easy to tap into this natural gift through meditation or other mindful practices. I hope you’ll give it a try!

Second Chances – Coming Back From Death

Second Chances – Coming Back From Death


One of the best things about being a medium is that moment when you see someone’s idea of death and the afterlife change after you deliver a message from a loved one in Heaven. As satisfying as that is, there’s nothing like a near death experience to change the way a person sees life, death, and just about everything else!

A near death experience (NDE) is an event in which someone comes close to dying without actually dying.

Near death experiences are often described as being very similar to out of body experiences, where the person’s soul leaves their body and then returns back with a whole new outlook on the afterlife.

During these experiences, people oftentimes will visit Heaven for a few short moments, meeting friends, family and sometimes even pets that died. They sometimes are explained the purpose of their life, foretold certain life events that would be happening, and then told that they must return back to their body.


A Life-Changing, Near-Death Experience


Recently I had the chance to meet Dr. Mary Neal from the Netflix Original Series “Surviving Death.”

In 1999, Dr Mary Neal, an orthopedic spine surgeon, had a near-death experience. She was pinned underwater, declared dead, and was then revived. For a few short moments she visited Heaven and now shares her story with the world.

Talking to Mary was so amazing! Many of the things she saw during those minutes when she was declared dead match up perfectly with what souls in Heaven have described to me – like the life review. The only difference is that Mary experienced these events firsthand, and miraculously came back to tell us about it.


When It’s Not Your Time to Go


Near death experiences, especially ones where people die and come back to life are rare and miraculous. They remind us that we are here on this earth for a divine purpose and mission. If that mission has not been completed and it’s not our time to die, it’s possible that we will be sent back to Earth to continue our journey.

During these near-death experiences, people’s lives can be forever changed. I’ve had done some amazing readings and had some fascinating conversations about the topic, here’s what I have learned during some of my readings:


Unlocking Psychic Gifts: 


One woman I met was in a horrific car accident and was thought to have died. Miraculously she recovered – but she wasn’t the same. She was suddenly a psychic medium. She woke up from her coma and was shocked that she was able to see, hear, and sense the departed. She came to me for a reading and some advice. She didn’t know how this was possible! I knew exactly what had happened. The experience brought her so close to Heaven that even when she awakened from her coma, she maintained a stronger spiritual connection that most.


A New Outlook On Life: 


I remember a reading I did for a man who was an absolute skeptic and did not believe in Heaven or the afterlife. After suffering a major heart attack, he was clinically dead for 30 mins but was brought back to life with a whole new perspective.

He had the proof he needed to believe that Heaven was real. While the doctors were working to revive him, he visited Heaven for a few short moments and saw his family that had passed on. They had some important things to tell him.

They urged him to come back to Earth, get closer to God and start believing in Heaven. They also told him that he needed to become a better person. He had been an alcoholic and hadn’t been good to the people in his life. But that all changed after he spent a few minutes in Heaven. He realized he still had some growing to do spiritually, and some lessons to learn, and he was determined to make the most of his second chance.

He learned to cherish relationships deeper, set goals, spread kindness and open his heart.


Close To Death – But Not There…


One more thing!  It’s important to understand that not everyone who has a near death experience visits Heaven. There would be a lot more of these stories if that were the case.

For example, I knew a woman who had suffered an accidental gunshot wound to the abdomen, she was extremely close to death but not close enough to have the experience of visiting Heaven.

When she asked me about the experience and why she never saw Heaven, I saw a vision. The spirit world showed me it was because she had never left her body. Spirit tells me that near death experiences only happen when our soul exits our physical body and start to transition into Heaven.


A Visit with a Purpose


I was so honored to meet and speak with Dr. Mary Neal, and I left with confirmation of something I’ve always felt. Any encounter we have with the other side, be it a sign from Heaven, a reading from a medium, or a near-death experience happens for a reason. The dead come through to me because there’s something important they want their loved one to understand, and from my conversations with those who have taken a round trip to the other side – they learned valuable lessons and never saw things the same way again.

One thing is certain, proof of the Heaven and the afterlife is all around us. The more we learn about Heaven the more that we our loved ones are right by our side and that our soul truly lives on even after death.

I invite you to attend one of my events, either online or live by Clicking Here.

It is during these group events that I contact the spirit world and give reading in real-time. You might hear an important message from a loved one – and you’ll have a chance to see firsthand how audience member’s outlooks are changed by getting a little closer to Heaven!


Reincarnation: 7 Things You Must Know

Reincarnation: 7 Things You Must Know

Have you ever heard people talk about reincarnation or remembering things from a past life?

Reincarnation is the belief that after death, one’s spirit can be reborn into a new body. It has been around for thousands of years and it is still practiced today by people all over the world.

Reincarnation can be studied through past lives, psychic readings, or through young children who recall life before birth.

Here are some of the things I have been told by spirit…


1: Reincarnation happens when you do not fulfill your role here on earth.


To understand this, you must know that each soul has a specific purpose for coming on earth. Reincarnation occurs when the person dies before they are able to fulfill their role here on earth and it is believed that in order for them to learn the lessons of love, forgiveness, courage etc., they will be granted another chance at life.

Reincarnation is not a punishment, but instead part of the natural order of the Universe.


2: Not every soul will reincarnate.


This is a very interesting aspect of reincarnation. Reincarnation does not always occur, but when it does happen there are specific guidelines and conditions that have to be met before the soul will be granted another chance at life on earth.

It happens only when a soul dies too soon or lives a selfish life causing them to lose their path.

For example, I once did a reading where a woman had a miscarriage. That same soul that was lost was reborn when she became pregnant for a second time.

Reincarnation can also happen if someone’s death was so violent or painful, it caused them to lose focus and slip from their path of learning what they were supposed to while here on earth.

For example, a person who passed by suicide may reincarnate because of the many regrets they have for taking their life.


3: Some souls will reincarnate as pets.


Reincarnation can happen in any form, not just human. Reincarnating as an animal is a specific job that some souls will take on.

For example, I once did a reading where a seeing eye dog was actually a soul that was reincarnated. This dog was carrying out a mission to help its owner move past their mental disabilities and become an independent person.

It turns out the soul that came back as the seeing eye dog once lived a life here on Earth with disabilities of their own. They chose to come back and lead a life of service by helping someone.


4: Children will sometimes remember past lives.


Many times children will remember life before they were born and know things that are far beyond their years. This can be very frightening for them and they will often speak out about it.

I once did a reading where a young child was remembering dying as a solider on a battle field many years ago. These remembrances often come back as sudden and vivid psychic visions or daydreams.

Sometimes children will even remember specific details like what their name was, where they were living, or what talents they once had. Sometimes, these same talents are brought with them into their current life.

For example, if a child was an auto-mechanic in a past life, you may notice that they have a love of cars here in this world.

Even though it is common for children to have memories of past lives, parents should not be alarmed by this. Reincarnation has a huge part in the spirit world and it isn’t something that you can control or stop from happening.


5: Some Souls Reincarnate Back To Family


A woman I met recently reached out to me and was a little freaked out. Her daughter would tell her that she once took care of her and fed her as a baby. At first, the mom didn’t think too much of it.

However, her daughter kept talking about this past life and would tell her mother detailed things about how she used to take care of her as a baby girl around the age of two years old back in 1941. The child was only four at that time!

When her Mom started questioning her, it turns out she found a direct connection to what her daughter was describing her great great grandmother. Her Mom never mentioned this grandmother and didn’t have pictures of her in her house. However, the little girl described what she looked like in perfect detail down to the color clothes she wore!


6: Reincarnation can happen Many times.


I have been told by spirit that some souls can be reincarnated hundreds or even thousands of times. Spirit tells me that some souls choose to reincarnate over and over again to learn everything the universe has to offer or to assist the living here on Earth.

Reincarnating teaches us about value of hard work because we must put time into learning from mistakes made during past lives before progressing to the next stage of reincarnation.

Spirit also tells me that there are certain cases where the soul will come back as different genders or races.

Some eventually reach their highest form and no longer need or want to come back.


7: Reincarnation is a personal choice


Not all souls have to reincarnate, but it’s their free will to do so!

Reincarnation isn’t something that always happens by default or because you weren’t living your life correctly . Reincarnating might be a way for some spirits to better understand the human world and therefore make them more able as spiritual guides when they return back home.

I have been told by spirit there are even those who move from one body into another in order to experience different lives all together. In other words: same person, just with a new body each time!

For example, a doctor may choose to reincarnate to return to Earth with a cure to a disease or illness.

A soul that once passed tragically may choose to return to earth as a Good Samaritan to save someone from living their same fate.

A scientist might reincarnate to return to Earth to continue their life’s work and research that he was not able to do while he was alive.

Lastly, Reincarnation is a life lesson in learning patience and understanding that everything in life is a lesson, including when things don’t go our way.


Learning Through Spirit Readings


Everything that I have learned about reincarnation has been through the many readings I have given. Each time I am giving a reading, I learn something new about Heaven and the ways that spirit communicates with us. If you have been curious to learn more about the afterlife or if you would like to hear a message from a loved one, I hope you will join me for a LIVE online reading event by Clicking Here. 

The Secret To Achieving Mindfulness

The Secret To Achieving Mindfulness

During the past year or so, I have received hundreds and hundreds of messages from stressed out people. All have asked me how they can stop stressing and just live in the moment.

Everyone is feeling it. The heavy demands of life can overwhelm us, leaving us feeling tense and overwhelmed. However, there is a secret practice called ‘Mindfulness’ that can help you live a more positive life by focusing on being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment, without deep meaning or judgment.

When you practice mindfulness, you can reduce stress and live more happily in your life. In this blog post, we will explore 10 ways to practice mindfulness in order to enhance your life!


Step One: Practice Mindful Breathing


Did you know that mindful breathing can help reduce stress and improve your health? The next time you feel stressed, try practicing mindful breathing. All it takes is a few deep breaths to start feeling calmer and more relaxed! When we practice mindfulness, we concentrate on our breath and focus solely on the present moment without letting other thoughts distract us from this experience.

This form of meditation helps quiet your mind by focusing only on what’s happening in the here-and-now. Take deep breaths in and out and focus on your mind becoming quiet and still.


Step Two: Connect With Nature


I believe that the greatest escape from stress is experiencing what is right outside your door. When life gets too stressful, it is time to power down. Turn off the cellphone, TV and social media, and instead ground yourself in nature. Take a walk through the woods, sit outside in the sunlight, or go for a walk on the beach. Nature has a magical way of bringing us instant peace. Just remember to take in the moment and be present. Look for three things that you would not normally see or pay attention to.

What trees and plants can you identify? What animals do you see?

By asking yourself these types of questions, you immerse yourself in the moment and re-adjust your focus.


Step Three: Eat Mindfully


Mindful eating is a great way to slow down and appreciate the food you are putting into your body. When we eat mindlessly, we often overeat or choose unhealthy options. However, when we take our time and give ourselves gratitude for what’s on our plate, it puts us in tune with cues that tell us whether we’re full or not.

Before diving in, take a moment to look at the food on your plate. Look at the colors , textures and smell the aromas. Sample a little bit of everything before diving right in. Think of how someone savors fine wine. They swish it, smell it, and then sip it creating a beautiful experience.


Step Four: Be Mindful of Your Thoughts and Beliefs


Our thoughts create our beliefs, and these influence the actions we take. Negative thinking can lead to unhealthy behaviors which in turn can affect your mental health. Our thoughts also contribute to stress levels.

For example, when you have a hard day at work or school, it is easy to let negative thoughts consume us when we get home from being out in public all day long.

Create a habit of letting go of negativity before you walk into your home. At the front door take a moment close your eyes before you walk in. You can get rid of negativity by performing a quick visualization exercise. Picture a red stop sign in your mind and let go of any negative thoughts that may have been plaguing you throughout the day.


Step Five: Listen To Music With Intention


Music has been shown time and again to benefit mood as well as overall brain functioning, including memory skills! Not just any music will do- research shows that listening with intention enhances this effect even further. When you listen mindfully, noticing every detail you appreciate the music on a deeper level.

Here’s how to start:

-Listen to music because you want to and not as a distraction (distractions inhibit mindfulness!)

-Play the song through once before listening again. This way, you can listen without anticipating what will come next or getting distracted by lyrics.

-Notice all the details of sound: notice how loud it is; does your body want to dance along to the beat ?

-Think about how the song makes you feel on the inside. What memories do you recall by listening?

Step Six: Talk About Your Feelings


One of the greatest benefits to practicing mindfulness is building self-awareness. The more you are aware, the better able you are to make healthy choices in every aspect of your life. Talking about feelings and emotions with a friend or loved one helps us process our thoughts so that we can move forward into action rather than being stuck on negative thought patterns.

You can build self awareness by:

-Talking with others, especially those who are close to you.

-Keeping a journal about your thoughts and feelings. Writing out what happened during the day helps us make sense of situations that upset or confuse us. It also gives us clarity on how we want to proceed in future moments when similar events occur.


Step Seven: Practice Meditation of Yoga


Even just five minutes a day of meditation will help remove stress from your body by increasing blood flow throughout all parts of your system.

Here is a simple meditation you can try at home.

First start by sitting somewhere you will not get distracted. Put your hands together and close your eyes. Take a deep breath for around six seconds as you slowly breathe in through the nose, hold it for three counts, then exhale out of the mouth slowly over another five count.

Do this two more times so that you have taken a total of 18 slow breaths each time holding them briefly before releasing them. All the while focus on your breathing and how you feel.

This is a quick and easy way to improve your mental state.

The next step would be learning how to meditate for longer periods of time with the same process as above, but after you have finished this one try adding in extra deep breaths into each session which helps prevent further problems from arising.

If you are not a person that can easily meditate, you can also try Yoga.

There are many simple yoga exercise that you can find on youtube and do in your own home. What many people don’t realize is that yoga is about breath control and breathing, not about exercising itself.


Step Eight: Practice Your Mindfulness Skills in the Moment


There are many ways that you can practice mindfulness throughout your day. For example, when eating at a restaurant try to be aware of every little sense within your body without thinking about what is going on outside or around you.

This will help increase focus and stillness so that even if someone near by drops something it won’t bother you because your mind isn’t racing with thoughts during this moment.

The more mindful we become in our daily lives, the less stressed out we feel overall!


Step Nine: Do everything with intention and purpose.


Don’t waste your time, energy or emotions on things that don’t matter. When you learn to do this, it will help keep you grounded as well as be able to recognize the small distractions throughout our day so we can stay focused on what really matters most .

Focus on creating goals for yourself and how you can achieve them. Think about your goals each night and how your life would change.

Mindfulness is also about having the ability to give our full attention, without distractions or interruptions, so that you can achieve your goals faster .


Step Ten: Learn And Grow


Remember that each moment is an opportunity for learning and growing from past experiences whether they were good or bad because those moments have shaped who we are today. Therefore, if there is one thing I want everyone to take away from these steps toward practicing mindfulness is to enjoy the journey.

This can be hard to do but if you practice mindfulness throughout each day it’ll become easier and soon enough you won’t even have to think about how to stay present, it will happen naturally .

Thanks for reading! I hope that it has helped you in some way and please feel free to leave a comment below with your own experiences.

10 Ways To Stay Positive In Tough Times

10 Ways To Stay Positive In Tough Times

Do you ever feel like life is just too hard? I get it, we all go through tough times. Sometimes the stress of balancing work and home life can seem overwhelming or even impossible to overcome.

It’s during these moments that it’s important to remind yourself of the things about your life that are good so you don’t lose sight of what really matters! Here are 10 ways I have found to stay positive in tough times…


Number One: Never stop believing in yourself.


Remember that Heaven has a divine plan for you. You can call upon your Angels , Guides and loved ones in sprit whenever you need divine assistance.


Number Two: Reach out to your family and friends for support.


The people in our lives who truly care about us are there when we need them the most. There are somethings in life that you are not meant t go through alone.


Number Three: Live one day at a time, focusing on today instead of worrying about yesterday or tomorrow.


By living only in the present you can avoid stress, anxiety and depression by staying focused on what’s right in front of you instead of stressing about the unknown. A friend of mine once told me that 90% of the things we stress over never end up happening. So why stress?


Number Four: Exercise & Stretch.


When I am feeling stressed or anxious, one of the best ways to deal with it is by exercising for at least 15 minutes a day.

For me, walking is my medicine. Not only does exercise release endorphins in our bodies which make us feel better but when we are experiencing stress and anxiety oftentimes all we can think about is what made us upset. When you exercise, you reset your mind and reconnect with your soul.


Number Five: Be Grateful Every Day.


This probably goes without saying but it is so important to stay positive through tough times that I had to include it in the blog post content!

Being grateful for what you have, no matter how big or small, will give your life more meaning and make you feel better about yourself. You can do this by ending each night with a gratitude list.


Number Six: Spend Time With Loved Ones.


This is a great way to stay positive because it will allow you to be reminded of all the wonderful people in your life and that they care about you! You can do this by reaching our and reconnecting with the people in your life that you lost touch with.


Number Seven: Surround Yourself With Positivity.


Having positive people around you will help keep your spirits up and remind you that there is more to life than just negativity! You can do this by spending time with the right group of friends who are supportive.


Number Eight: Let Go of Negativity.


If someone is mean, hateful or negative, then they are just not worth your time. When you subtract negative people out of your life, you allow more positive people to find you.

People that are positive and uplifting will only add more positivity to your life.


Number Nine: Finding Gratitude In Everything.


The best way to stay positive is by being grateful every day for the small things in life, like a gorgeous flower or even something as simple as having enough food on the table. The more you acknowledge the goodness in your life, the more positive things you attract.


Number Ten: Do What You Love Everyday.


Remember not to lose yourself during times of stress. Stay focused on the things you love most in life. Take a day off from work if you can and do something that makes your soul happy. Dancing, Singing, Writing, Swimming or Journaling are all examples of ways to bring back happiness in your life.

Lastly, Remember to love yourself when times get tough. This is the most important thing you can do for your own well-being and mental health. It’s easy to put pressure on ourselves during these hard times, but remember that self-love helps to heals your mind, body and soul you need.

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