Change Your Life for the Better

Change Your Life for the Better

Over the last few weeks Alexa and I have taken a few days here and there to travel. It has been amazing to have a change of scenery and be around people again. It made me realize that before covid, I took a lot for granted.

I feel like the past year and a half has given me a new perspective, and a lot of other people have been telling me the same thing. But as a medium, I must say – this isn’t the first time I’ve heard from people who suddenly realize what’s truly important. The difference is, before covid, I was hearing that message from souls who had passed over.

Looking Back (Over Life and Covid) With 2020 Hindsight

One thing that differentiates souls in Heaven from the living is that they can look back over their lives with total clarity. They view things in a whole new light and understand what mattered and what didn’t. They see opportunities missed, and things they would have done differently.

But here’s the good news! You don’t have to be dead to shift your perspective and change your life for the better.

I believe the silver lining of the pandemic is that it’s taught us to appreciate life more and made us realize that we don’t always have control of what happens.

Before covid, I could never have imagined celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas without my whole extended family. But that’s exactly what happened! Now when we all get together, I’m much more aware of how precious these gatherings are to me.

What I’ve Learned…

It might sound crazy, but some of the lessons I’ve learned from the events of the last few months are the same things the dead have been saying for years. You might not realize it, but when souls come through from Heaven, they’re not just here to shoot the breeze. They have a purpose – to make the lives of the people they left behind better. They want to heal them, close out any unfinished business, and help steer them toward living their very best life. You can learn a lot from the universal messages they share, and there’s never been a better time to take these lessons to heart. For example:


  • Spend more time with the people you love. Memories the dead treasure most involve spending time with friends and family. The activities they show me are usually simple – Sunday dinners, family game nights, holiday traditions. What makes them special is the love and laughter that was shared.


  • You can’t take it with you. Souls might come through showing me their sense of style or that they liked nice cars – but they mostly do that to be recognized by the person receiving the reading. The material things we all enjoy in life aren’t important when you pass. What does matter is the happy times associated with that home, car, or other possession. So, if you have a beautiful home or car, be sure to enjoy it with the people you love – because those are the memories you’ll treasure.


  • Life is unpredictable so make the most of every day. Don’t put off your dreams or worry too much about what other people will think. I was working as an EMT, when I realized my true path. You can imagine, my career change to medium raised a few eyebrows! But I followed my heart and have found fulfillment and happiness.


  • Don’t wait. You can’t always wrap up your life in a neat package before you pass, so don’t wait to mend broken relationships, or tell someone you love them. I can’t tell you how hard some spirits work to come through to me, just so they can say “I’m sorry” or “I love you” to someone they left behind.


A Fresh Start.

I had a lot of time to think during covid, and I know what I’m going to do going forward – travel more, hug the people I care about, enjoy every day, and appreciate my health. Life is precious! We hit the pause button, and it gave everyone time to think. Now that the world is slowly opening, You have a chance for a fresh start.

So, here’s my challenge for you. Think about what you’ve learned over the past year and take another look at the messages the dead have for all of us. Then go ahead and take the first step toward your best life!

When Souls Have Unfinished Business

When Souls Have Unfinished Business

People seek out the services of a medium for lots of reasons: confirmation that their loved one is safe and happy in the afterlife, the desire to say “I love you” just one more time, even simple curiosity about what a reading is like.

However, one of the most compelling things that drives souls on both sides of the veil to connect with a medium is unfinished business.


Tying Up Loose Ends


We’ve all seen movies and television shows where someone is very sick, and the doctor tells them to “put their affairs in order.” Seeing that, you might wonder how you’d perform in that situation. Would you forget an important detail – or would there be one thing you’d have a hard time wrapping up, even if you knew you didn’t have much time left?

Some people believe that when you die, your spirit can’t pass if there is unfinished business. For example, there have been cases where people die suddenly, and their loved ones feel that their soul is lingering because they left something unsaid. Honestly, if that were the case, there would be a lot more ghosts and hauntings than there are!

Fortunately, souls can usually resolve unfinished business from the other side – but they might need a little help – and that’s where I come in!

Pulling Strings from Heaven


Sometimes there is a secret that the deceased couldn’t bring themselves to share while they were alive. When they see their past from a new, heavenly perspective, they realize that they must come clean.

Here’s an example of how one loving (but fearful) mother was able to find the courage to make things right, after she passed:

I once did a reading for a young woman who had been given up for adoption as an infant. She grew up never knowing her biological mother — in fact, she had not even been aware she was adopted. Her adoptive mom, whose name was Peggy, couldn’t bring herself to tell her daughter the truth, out of an irrational fear that the girl would leave home and search for her biological mother. Over the years, the biological mother tried to reach out to the family, but Peggy hid the messages and took the secret to her grave.

After she passed on, Peggy was finally able to see her actions clearly, and she realized she’d made a mistake. By keeping this secret, she had made it so that her daughter was living life as an only child, when in reality she had siblings she could connect with.

Seeing her daughter’s pain, Peggy realized she had unfinished business – and that she had the ability to correct it. From the afterlife, she sent signs to her daughter in the form of commercials, feelings, and thoughts. Her message was simple, “Go on!”

The daughter had never really known much about her family and after months of seeing the repeating ads she decided to sign up and research her ancestry.

As fate, and divine intervention, would have it, during that same week her long lost sister was doing the same!

Not only did she find her sister, but she also found out at that moment that she was adopted. She was happy, but a little freaked out! To try to make sense of the whole situation, the woman came to me for a reading. Immediately her mom came through!

She apologized for keeping the secret for so long and confirmed that she was the one who had brought her adopted daughter together with her biological sister. She asked her daughter for forgiveness and was so happy she had been able to make things right.


Keeping the Lines of Communication Open


When you’re feeling haunted by something left unsaid to a loved one who has passed, or if you have nagging questions and are looking for answers, it’s not too late. You can connect with souls on the other side in so many ways – and let me tell you, being able to feel their presence again is life-changing!

In my video course, Keeping in Touch I share techniques for keeping your loved ones close, even if they now live on the other side. So, when it feels like your unfinished business will never be completed, think again! You can reconnect with a loved one in heaven and get the answers you’re looking for – and experience the closure you need to heal.





Memories You Can Touch

Memories You Can Touch

Do You Have a Million Photos on Your Phone?


I know I do, and aside from the ones I share on social media, I’m pretty much the only one who sees them. It used to be different. When I was growing up, my mom had big albums stuffed with pictures that my sister, Maria, and I would look through.

There was one old album filled with faded sepia photos from when my mom was young. We’d sit on the couch together and my mother would tell us stories about our great grandparents, great-aunts, and great-uncles who’d died before we were born.

I’m a big fan of technology – it makes everything simpler and helps cut down on clutter, but those photo albums had a magical appeal that digital photos just can’t duplicate.


Meaningful Mementos from Loved Ones Who Have Passed

It’s nice to have something tangible to remember people by. It doesn’t have to be a photograph, it can be anything!

You might have a piece of jewelry, a vase or any keepsake that makes you feel closer to a loved one on the other side, just by having it around. We have a few items at my mom’s house that bring back vivid memories whenever I walk by them — and they have the same effect on other family members.


A Recipe for Remembrance

I have many wonderful memories of my grandmother. She showered me with unconditional love, and because she was a psychic medium herself she was able to help me understand the spiritual gifts I had been given and, of course, there was her cooking!

On holidays and just about every Sunday, you could find her in the kitchen creating something delicious. When I was really little, you couldn’t just Google a recipe, and I don’t think my grandmother would have done that anyway. She wrote out her recipes, and kept them in a little notebook on the kitchen counter.

When my grandmother passed, my mother kept that recipe box with the recipes handwritten on index cards. It was precious to my Mom because every time she made one of Grandma’s dishes, she would see the notes in her handwriting (along with splashes of olive oil and tomato sauce). She told me it made her feel like her mom was right there with her while she was cooking.

My grandmother was Italian, so naturally there were many treasured recipes on those cards! But everyone isn’t a cook – and with so many recipes and videos online, more and more people don’t even use recipe boxes or even cookbooks.


Creating a “Recipe Box” of Memories

Seeing how precious Grandma’s recipe book is to my mom made me realize that anyone can take the idea of a recipe book one step further to create a repository of memories. Your loved one may not have ever made a home-cooked meal, but they’re sure to have cooked up some great memories, and a that’s where my “Memory Repository” comes in!

Here’s how to create one for a family member or friend who has passed.

Find a box that represents the person. It might be Mom’s old jewelry box, or a cigar box that belonged to your grandfather. Include a photo of the departed and a few items that represent them. Make sure you have some letters or notes in their handwriting. Now add some memories!

Write down some of the good times you had together. If you’re not a writer, make some notes on the back of photos. Invite other family members to add their own stories or mementos to the box. Let everyone contribute.

When you’re missing your loved one, or just want to feel their presence, you can go through the box. You can share your repository with other family members, and take it out during celebrations. Be sure to keep it going by adding more memories, photos, and other items as they present themselves to you.


Love and Laughter Draws Souls in Heaven Closer

I believe the best way to enjoy loving memories and bring the person you’re missing “back to life” is by talking about them and sharing stories with the other people who loved them. A box of memories is a great way to get that conversation started when you gather with family.

You might think this will make people sad, and it might for a while, especially if the person passed recently. But if you get in the habit of bringing them into the conversation and share joyful memories, I’m willing to bet that you’ll find the whole process incredibly healing.


Heaven Has Memories Too

Something that always amazes me during readings is that the same memories that you think back to with a smile, are the same memories that your loved ones have with them in Heaven as well. Spirit tells me that the moment you enter Heaven all your memories return, even the forgotten ones!

Have you ever had a moment when a long lost memory just appeared in your head?

Suddenly out of nowhere you remember laughing with your Dad at the beach, or sharing a conversation with your Mom that passed away. The same way those in spirit send signs to us here on Earth, sometimes they even share with us memories through our thoughts and our dreams.

This is why when I do a reading,  your loved ones will often talk about the most favorites memories they enjoyed with you here in this world. It is their way of reminding us here on Earth not to dwell on the sad days, but instead let go of the grief and remember the good times we shared with them as they do the same in Heaven.

If you have ever wondered what Heaven is like, or what your loved ones in spirit are doing, I want to personally invite you to come and join me for an online group reading by clicking here. During this online event I will be helping you reconnect with your loved ones in spirit. It truly is a family reunion with Heaven.











Creating Good Karma

Creating Good Karma

Did you know that you can create good karma just by doing something nice for someone?

Doing something nice for someone else is like lighting a campfire, everyone around you is warmed by your actions including yourself. In fact, if you’re depressed, feeling hopeless, or mourning a loss, many people (me included) believe the best way to feel better is to get involved in an activity that helps others.

It doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated.

You might decide to feed the homeless, drop off magazines or cookies at a senior center, or spend time caring for animals at the shelter. It might be as simple as calling someone on the phone and letting them know you’re thinking about them. Doing something helpful has an almost magical way of helping you forget your own troubles, and gives you a feeling of purpose.

In addition to the little glow you feel when you help someone out, every good deed goes into your “Good Karma Piggy Bank.” It doesn’t even matter if anyone else is aware of your actions or appreciates them. The universe has a way of keeping track, and every kind act adds up like money in the bank. When you have a time in your life when you need positive loving energy, that good fortune comes back to you.


Planting Seeds of Kindness


I have a friend who’s the epitome of Good Karma. She is always practicing gratitude, can be counted on to come through when a friend needs help, and is great at listening and giving advice. Even though her friends come and go, and some people don’t appreciate her kindness and generosity, she never lets it get to her. She just keeps on being the kind, giving person she is.


She’s been like this as long as I’ve known her, but a few years back her life took a tumble. She was diagnosed with a very rare cancer that was considered to be virtually untreatable. Her doctors advised her to move to New York to see a specialist. The New York doctor had successfully treated others with the same illness, and she knew this was her only change of survival. She had no idea how she would be able to afford the treatment and care, and barely had the energy to think about  packing her things and moving!


She was never the type to ask for anything, but a friend secretly created a go fund me page for her. Almost overnight, nearly a half million dollars was raised. All the people who had come and gone in her life rallied around her, advocated for her, and spread the word far and wide. It seemed as if every single person she had been kind to over the years told a few friends, and they told a few friends…


Even though she never expected this kind of result from her good deeds, her good karma prevailed. She was able to get the treatment she needed and survived. I wasn’t surprised at all! That’s how karma works!


Creating Good Karma is Easy


Sometimes life gets crazy, and you wonder how you’ll get through the day yourself, much less practice random acts of kindness. But you can be a consistent source of positive energy and good vibes if you remember these four simple techniques:


1) Forgive. Instead of holding a grudge, try to give other people the benefit of the doubt. You might be feeling wronged by someone who had no intention of hurting you. You don’t have to spend time with people who are unkind or thoughtless, but let go of the burden of resentment you’re carrying, and forgive them.


2) Express gratitude whenever you can. There’s plenty of gratitude to go around, so be thankful for everything that’s good in your life – the people who care about you, your pets, your job, the flowers in your backyard. The more conscious you are about practicing gratitude, the more good things you’ll attract.


3) Be mindful of your actions. Have you ever been in a hurry, and realized that you’d checked out of the grocery store, or left the bank without thanking, or even looking at, the person who helped you? When you slow down and pay attention, you’ll find many opportunities to practice kindness with a smile, a thank you, or a helping hand.


4) Be kind to yourself. How you feel inside reflects in how you treat other people, so be your own best friend! Tape positive affirmations to your bathroom mirror, and avoid being overly self-critical and negative. Encourage yourself and cut yourself slack when you need it – just like you would for a loved one.


Sincere kindness, gratitude and positivity are all simple ways to make the world a better place. Being a source of light feels good in the moment – and the good karma you earn has a way of showing up just when you need it most. I encourage you to get in the good karma habit, and practice forgiveness, gratitude, mindfulness, and acceptance every day!




Angels in Disguise

Angels in Disguise

Have You Ever Met An Earth Angel? 


Life has a way of throwing challenges in your path. No matter how strong, smart, and capable, you might be, everyone needs a little help sometimes. That’s why it’s nice to know that in addition to friends and family on earth, you can tap into help from Heaven when you need it!

Many people often ask me, how do our loved ones help us from Heaven?

As a medium I can tell you they help out in many different ways, often without you even realizing it. In fact, you have a whole team to watch over you – angels, guides, and loved ones who have passed – warning when danger is near and sending strength and encouragement when you lose your way.

But that’s not all. Your “Spirit Team” has another powerful tool in their divine toolbox and that’s the ability to work through other people. Sometimes the best way they can help involves bringing in earthly support.

Support from Unexpected Places


I believe sometimes divine intervention comes through the hands of others – doctors, teachers, police officers, and everyday people. Of course, good Samaritans sometimes jump in and help on their own accord without any encouragement from the heavens, but there are times when I hear a story and I just KNOW there’s more to it than that!

For instance, I remember seeing a news story about a woman who slipped and fell down onto the subway tracks just as a train was approaching. Just thinking about that absolutely freaks me out – it was always something that scared me when I was a kid and went into the city! Miraculously, out of nowhere a man rushed in. With no time to pull her back to safety, he jumped down with her, held her tight and they both ducked as low as they could and were both saved!

When the good Samaritan was interviewed, he was still really shaken up, and confused. He said he had no idea what had possessed him rush in and save the woman. He had no knowledge of what to do in an emergency like this, but somehow he found a way to save the woman without killing himself in the process.

It was no mystery to me. As soon as I heard the story, I knew immediately that the woman’s Angels had been right there, working through a bystander to bring her to safety.


Animal Heroes


Humans aren’t the only ones that the Angels work through. How many times have you heard of a dog who pulled his owner out of a house just as smoke started to fill the room? Or a dog who found a way to alert neighbors when its owner was injured?

There are so many stories where you ask yourself, “How did that animal know what to do?” The answer is often that the Angels made him do it!

Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics Need Help Too!


Think about the medical profession. Lately, they’ve gotten some extra recognition for being the heroes that they are! But do you ever wonder what makes them able to always be there, sacrificing themselves and risking their health to care for others. When patients are rushed through the doors of the ER the doctors never know what they will be faced with, but something gives them the strength, patience and wisdom to help save lives.

Of course, medical professionals go through years of training, but as someone who was once an EMT, I remember times where I had a gut feeling that I couldn’t explain, or got a little burst of energy when I needed it most. Looking back, I feel that my own spiritual support system, or the guides, Angels, and deceased loved ones of the person I was treating intervened to help the outcome.


Need Help? Call upon Your “Team!”


If you’re struggling with a tough decision, feeling hopeless, or find yourself in a dangerous spot with no way out, don’t hesitate to ask the heavens for help. There are heavenly helpers standing by, waiting for you to call upon them – and if they can’t solve the problem, they’ll find someone who can!

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Many Mediums, Many Ways to Connect with Spirit

Many Mediums, Many Ways to Connect with Spirit

I was stuck in traffic the other day, and I figured I’d take the time to plan out this blog. I knew I wanted to talk about the different kinds of mediums and how they connect with souls on the other side but couldn’t figure out how…

Mediums can serve a specific purpose.


So, I’m sitting there thinking about my upcoming Dr’s appointments when suddenly it hits me! Mediums are kind of like all the different Dr’s we have.. Hear me out!

Just like doctors have a specialty, there are mediums who specialize in different types of readings. For example, there are psychic mediums, pet mediums, medical mediums, mediums that hunt for ghosts – just like there are chiropractors, Dermatologists, Optometrist, Pediatricians, and cardiologists, that all specialize in different parts of our bodies.

You’ll have the most success if you find the kind of medium you need. Just like you can complain to your chiropractor about chest pain, you can go to a psychic medium with a medical question – but it’s not ideal!

Although every Medium has a unique and special way to connect with spirit, they all have their own specialties.

Three generations, three different ways of connecting.


Beyond having a specialty,  mediums also receive messages differently. Also, the way psychic and mediums use their gifts varies! Take my family. My grandmother was a medium, my mom is a medium and I am a medium. We share genetics, we’re all mediums, but we have different gifts – different ways of connection.

My grandmother was primarily a card reader. She would do readings, mapping out the past, present and future for her clients using her handmade tarot deck. She relied on psychic ability, but mediumship was not a main connection for her. She could sense and feel spirit, but mainly received premonitions.

My mom is a psychic life reader. Before each reading she meditates on the client she is about to read, pulls a few cards, and suddenly thoughts, visions and feeling start to take over and paint a picture of that persons life. My mom’s readings help people navigate life, career and romance.

She can also decode symbols found in tea leaves or coffee grinds at the bottom of your cup.

It’s funny, because when I see tea leaves or coffee grinds they mean nothing – but to my mother, they tell a whole story. My mom’s mediumship also comes through when she looks at photographs. She is able to identify and see spirit in photos, and bring through messages.

For me, it’s different because I see visions in real life. Spirit appears to me in the form of a shadow or silhouette and I hear messages like a whisper through my thoughts. It’s not the same as the movies, though – they’re more like glimpses or impressions.  I also feel physical sensations – I’ll get a sensation in my chest and know the person who passed had heart issues, or feel a sudden pain in my head and know they had an aneurism or stroke.

I use all of these senses and feelings to understand the message spirit is trying to relay. To me it’s like putting together the pieces of a jig-saw puzzle.

Meet the Clairs!


You’ve probably heard of clairvoyance, and maybe you even thought it was synonymous with psychic. Actually, it’s only one of the ways that psychics and mediums receive messages. Here are a few of the most popular “clairs,”and how they feel to the medium.

Clairvoyance – Seeing:  Clairvoyant mediums have the ability to visualize memories or events presented to them through the mind’s eye or the third eye. Mediums usually see these visions as quick mental flashes which include pictures of people, places, and objects, or even symbols, colors, and auras.

ClairaudienceHearing: You can probably guess that this is the ability to hear messages from the other side. The words aren’t crystal clear like a phone call – the medium usually has to piece them together. What comes through is often fast and jumbled, or can even be a mix of voices that sound like what happens when you scroll through the channels on a radio.

Clairsentience Sensing / feeling:  This is the ability to sense emotions from spirit both positive and negative. Mediums with this gift can  also “feel” any physical pain associated with the spirit connection. These feelings are being transmitted from the soul they’re connecting with, and are clearly different from their own feelings.

Claircognizance – Knowing:  This is commonly described as flash of understanding, a premonition, or a sudden understanding that comes out of nowhere. Mediums who have this gift can often gain valuable insights in a reading that answer a question or help the recipient gain clarity or closure.

Clairalience – Smelling: This is the ability to smell a fragrance being transmitted by the spirit. It can be related to the spirit who is sending the message such as smelling cigarettes or pipe tobacco for someone who smoked or catching a whiff of the soul’s favorite perfume.

Finding a medium who is a match for you.


Why am I telling you all this? You might feel that I’m giving you TMI (too much information). However, it’s always good to have the knowledge to make an informed choice. If you’re in need of a medium for a reading, or for any purpose, it’s important to find out a little about them. I’ve said this often, a medium is like a translator between you and the spirit realm. That’s the reason you need to find a psychic or medium you connect with. It’s like finding a teacher that speaks your language, and communicates in a way that helps you to learn.

Now that you’ve been educated on the types of mediums, I invite you to see one in action. ME!

You can experience my style of readings without leaving your couch. Check out my online group reading page, sign up for one of my Online Group Readings and find out if someone on the other side has a special message for you.