Blame It On Mercury Retrograde

Blame It On Mercury Retrograde

Wondering why your travel plans are hopelessly botched up and your cell phone is acting like it’s possessed? You might want to check your calendar, because it’s that time again –  Mercury is in retrograde!

You’ve probably heard people mention Mercury being in retrograde, but maybe you aren’t sure exactly what that means. Let me explain. The planet Mercury orbits the sun faster than Earth does. About three or four times a year, it passes us and, from our perspective, seems to be moving backwards. This planetary phenomenon lasts for a few weeks, and people often blame it when frustrating things happen in their lives – especially in the areas of communication and technology.

Mercury in retrograde can be a challenging time where things just don’t seem to be working right. Your internet is extra slow, and your phone keeps dropping calls. And it’s not just technology that’s affected. Relationships with other people can be affected too. During this time, I’m always careful about my communication to avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings. I try not to sign contracts when Mercury is in retrograde, and if I have to, I make sure to read the fine print carefully!

But sometimes, the negatives can become positives!

While no one enjoys technology snafus, missed flights, or squabbles with loved ones – there is a silver lining. Good things can happen when Mercury is in retrograde, especially when you take this opportunity to reassess, revisit and reevaluate. You might have conflicts that don’t seem that big of a deal. You sweep them under the rug because they just aren’t that important. Then during a time like this, suddenly that pile of small conflicts becomes the giant elephant in the room. That can help you to take those conflicts seriously and finally resolve them.

A good friend of mine was having trouble with her sister-in-law. They lived far apart and never saw each other, so my friend was content just to ignore the problem and pretend everything was fine. Then my friend’s mom got sick, and the family had to come together to help her. Of course, Mercury was in retrograde at the time. That and the stress of worrying about their mom combined, and everything that my friend and her sister-in-law had been sweeping under the rug exploded into a huge argument.

My friend made a comment that her sister-in-law misunderstood, and years of resentment came to the surface. When the smoke cleared, the two women looked at each other and started laughing. They both realized that they had been fighting over nothing. “We got all the yuck out of the way,” my friend told me, “and really started talking. It didn’t take long to realize that we butt heads because we’re so much alike. We might never be best friends, but we definitely aren’t enemies anymore.”

If you’re conscious of the effect of the planets on your life, you can prepare for them. Allow a little extra time to get to appointments, and make doubly sure you really saved that file before you shut off your computer. Be extra patient when Mercury is in retrograde – remember that during this time, people are more likely to lose their tempers or get their feelings hurt.

You can look at the things that cause stress and conflict and take a serious look at whether there’s anything you can do about them. Maybe a job that’s causing a lot of stress gets more stressful, so you get motivated to put that resume together and find something better. Maybe a conflict with a family member comes to the surface so you can finally let go of years of hostility and connect with love.

Whoever you’re with and whatever you’re doing for the next couple of weeks, take a deep breath, remember to be patient with the phone, the internet, your friends, your family and especially yourself.

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Surviving The Holidays

Surviving The Holidays

When November rolls around, it seems every store you walk into has gone all out to celebrate the holidays. There’s no escape from the decorations, the holiday sales, the festive music. For most people this is a happy time, but if you’ve recently lost a loved one, the holidays can be especially painful – and coping with grief takes a little more work than other times of the year.

But when you feel like you just can’t take another sleigh bell or holiday carol, just remember, you grieve because you had the courage to open your heart up to love. That same love is what will get you through the tough times, when that same heart feels like it’s breaking.

Sometimes feelings get to be too much around the holidays. People all around us are celebrating, reuniting with loved ones coming home for a visit, exchanging gifts, and expecting everyone to be as happy as they are. When you’ve lost someone, it’s hard to get in the middle of all that good cheer. All the celebrations and laughter sometimes make the sadness and loss seem bigger. It’s natural to miss your loved ones more over the holidays, and it’s important to have good coping mechanisms to deal with your grief and feelings of loss.

Get through the holidays your own way!

Holidays are times of tradition, when people come together. It can be hard to celebrate those traditions when someone is missing. Sometimes it helps to find a new way. A friend of mine lost her dad in January one year. When the holidays came around 10 months later, she and her siblings were so sad about their dad not being there for the holidays. They felt like they just couldn’t cope with the idea of holiday shopping, decorating, cards and preparing a big feast. My friend got everyone together and proposed a new approach. “How about if we cancel Christmas this year?”

Instead of shopping for gifts or planning a big meal, they pooled their resources and got reservations at a nice restaurant and went there after their dad’s favorite Christmas Eve church service. They talked about memories of their father and enjoyed just being together. On Christmas Day, they slept in and went to the movies. They had so much fun, and everyone was so relaxed and happy, that they decided to do it again the next year.

I have another friend who travels during the holidays. “I miss my husband,” she tells me, “so instead of going to parties and pretending to be happy while wishing he was there with me, I get on a plane and fly somewhere we always wanted to see.” She takes his favorite sweater with her. “He comes with me,” she says. She’s found a way to connect with her husband and cope with the difficult holiday feelings.

Focus on others.

Of course, not everyone can just leave town or skip the holidays altogether. There are other ways to cope during difficult times like these. Helping others by volunteering somewhere is always a good way to get a break from your own feelings. Being around children is another wonderful way to remember how to feel joy. Parents are always overwhelmed at the holidays. Give Mom and Dad a break and borrow their children for a day. Go skating, check oiut the holiday lights, or build a snowman. Experience the holidays through their eyes. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to “catch” their joy.

Whatever you do over the holidays, remember your loved ones are always with you, and the grief you feel is just a reflection of the love you share. Let that love lift you up, share it with others, and find a way to stay connected to your loved ones this holiday season.

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The Attitude of Gratitude

The Attitude of Gratitude

How much time do you put aside to give thanks on Thanksgiving?

When you get past the turkey and stuffing and pie, Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. When you take a moment give thanks for the good things in your life, you’ll be surprised how that makes you feel. Even when things seem sad and nothing seems to be going your way, the act of looking around for things to be thankful for makes everything seem brighter.

I have a friend who writes out ten things she’s grateful for each day. “It helps me remember what’s important,” she told me. She texts her list to friends, and they text their lists to her. Her list isn’t complicated. She’s grateful for her home, for her cats, her friends, the fact that her car starts up every morning – even in the snow. Simple, everyday things that make all the difference.

“When I look at that list, it reminds me to be happy,” she says. “And my friends’ lists inspire me too.”

Some people keep gratitude journals and write out their lists every day. Whatever method you use, a gratitude list can be an uplifting way to start or end each day. And sharing it with a friend makes it even better. If you want to have a bigger impact, how about putting a gratitude list out on social media and challenge your internet friends to do the same. What a great thing to look forward to reading!

Another great way to remember to be grateful is to tell another person how much they mean to you. Moms get cards on Mother’s Day, but how about sending a card on a regular Tuesday? Or maybe just make a call to say, “Mom, I appreciate you.”

If you’ve lost your Mom, take a moment to do an activity you used to share together, or call someone who loved her too and take some time to talk about your happy memories. Be grateful for the love that you experienced when she was alive, and say a prayer of thanks to her for watching over you from Heaven.

If you have children in your life, help them learn to be grateful too. You’re never too young to appreciate what you have. A client told me she was looking for a way to help her young children cope with losing their father to cancer. “We all needed something positive in our lives. I admit that I needed it as much as they did. We started making a gratitude list for every letter of the alphabet. At the end, we were even grateful for x-rays and zebras. It made us laugh and really turned things around.”

When you’re mourning the loss of a loved one, it can seem almost impossible to find things to be grateful for. Thanksgiving Day can be especially hard because it is a day when extended family gathers together. If you start feeling sad, remind yourself that your grief is a reflection of your love, and love is always a blessing. That’s a good place to start.

When there is an empty chair at the Thanksgiving table, sharing happy memories of your loved one can help ease the pain of loss. Set out their favorite holiday dish, their favorite dessert, and have everyone share it in their memory. You know they are around you, happy to be with you, celebrating your joys with you. Find a way to connect and invite those beloved souls in heaven to be part of your special day.

Gratitude can be the key to overcoming loss and turning tough things around for the better. On Thanksgiving, and every day, remember to ask yourself the question, “What are you grateful for today?”

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Signs from Heaven – Online Course

Signs from Heaven – Online Course

Discover a simple, everyday practice… for connecting with your loved ones on the other side and unlocking powerful messages from heaven.

After a decade of living and working as a successful psychic medium, I can safely say that I’ve connected thousands of people with their loved ones on the other side, and communicated countless messages from friends, family, loved ones, and even pets! In this powerful 3-lesson online video course, you’ll learn how to understand the language of spirit, open new channels of communication, and interpret them with ease.

The one thing that all of these messages have in common, is how much healing, comfort, and closure they’ve brought to the people they were meant for. So I’ve taken the very best of what I’ve learned and designed this healing program to bring you practical and useful tips on how you can connect with your loved ones on the other side and discover the messages that are waiting for you.

You’ll learn how to recognize the unique ways in which spirit can reach out to you, how you can open up to receive these messages, and most importantly… understand what they mean. So in other words, Signs from Heaven is really about showing you how to awaken your ability to see, hear, feel, and interpret the messages from your loved ones on the other side.

Something you might already be experiencing but didn’t know how to make sense of until now. I’m so excited to be able to say that you’ve finally found what you’ve been searching for…
and that this journey of connection and healing is meant for you.

So I invite you to sit back and relax… and join me as I bring you the very best of my teachings… from the very basics all the way to advanced techniques. And the only thing I ask is that you bring an open mind, a hopeful heart, and a willingness to create space in your life for this kind of profound healing. And perhaps most importantly, prepare yourself for the messages that are already coming your way!

If you’re attracted to this kind of learning, and you’re curious to discover more about how you can start communicating with your loved ones on the other side…

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Leaves Are Falling & Life is Changing

Leaves Are Falling & Life is Changing

When fall comes, there’s a chill in the air and leaves start changing colors. All those oranges, browns and yellows are a beautiful symbol of nature’s transition. Green leaves change colors then fall to the ground, making room for fresh leaves to come through in the spring. It’s natural, normal, all part of the circle of life. Take a breath of crisp fall air and remember that.

Many of us have a hard time with transitions and change. But change is natural. In fact, without change, our lives would be pretty boring! When a baby is born, there’s not much he can do for himself, but wait till a couple of years go by! Teenagers learn to drive, and suddenly they’re independent. An old, comfortable job makes way for a new, challenging job. A relationship doesn’t work out, or a marriage ends in divorce. We lose people we love. These are all examples of transition and change, and are normal parts of life.

What makes change bearable is our perspective. New parents might complain about all the sleepless nights and dirty diapers, but at the same time they feel grateful and blessed to have a healthy, thriving new baby in their lives. The parents of the teenager who’s driving can complain about fender benders and higher insurance but at the same time be happy to watch the young, independent person that they’ve raised. A new job might be stressful and scary, but at the same time it’s improving skills and advancing a career. And that relationship that seemed like everything (before it ended) might just be a stepping stone to something even better. Losing a loved one to death is very hard, but even there, we can look for the blessings. Maybe it’s freedom of a loved one from pain. Maybe it’s part of a higher purpose that the person left behind can’t fully understand.

Change can be scary, and it would be great if you could have some kind of warning so you could be brace yourself and be prepared, but usually, it just comes. A lot of times, people ask me if I can find out when something will happen, like when someone will die. The way I see it, people don’t have an expiration date. Only God knows when it’s time to go. There are things each of us are sent here to accomplish. But we also have the free will to make choices, and our choices affect the direction of our lives.

I don’t think it’s always helpful to know change is coming. Sometimes all that does is add to our stress because we can’t do anything about it AND it hasn’t happened yet, so we’re just worrying in advance. But when we know change is coming, or when change has already happened, there are things we can do to help ourselves and our loved ones cope better.

If you’re afraid of a change you think is coming, write about it. Write about what you’re afraid of, what you think will happen, how you think everything will go terribly wrong. Then turn it around and write about the positives. Look for the silver lining, the gift. Then let it go.

If you’re in the middle of change, that can be scary. You might have a lot of anxiety. Remember to breathe. Deep, slow breaths in and out. Maybe listen to a guided meditation or some quiet music. Look at something beautiful or just close your eyes. For that five minutes or ten minutes of quiet time, you can still your mind and help give yourself a break from the anxiety.

When you see those beautiful colors or big piles of fallen leaves, let them be a reminder to you that transitions are normal, natural. Some changes might be scary at first, but you can get through them. Just remember to breathe.

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Halloween – The Day Of The Dead

Halloween – The Day Of The Dead

While you’re buying Halloween candy to pass out to neighborhood children, or checking out the scary costumes or the horror movies popping up at the movie theater, do you ever stop and think what Halloween is all about? It’s more than just fun sized candy bars and costumes. Halloween used to be known as All Hallows Eve, a time to remember and honor loved ones who had passed. So Halloween didn’t start out to be scary at all!

For many cultures, the end of October is a time to remember and celebrate loved ones who have passed, such as All Souls Day, Day of the Dead or All Hallows Eve (also known as Halloween!). In China, people honor their ancestors for a whole month called “ghost month.” All of these traditions honor those who have passed and give people ways to connect with them. Sometimes those connections are in offerings of food. Sometimes it is prayer, and sometimes, like in China, it is messages written on special paper and burned to make sure they get through.

Over human history, the traditions have taken different forms, but they are usually happy and positive occasions. They are celebrations of life. During these celebrations, people can honor their loved ones and remember that they are never really gone. It is a way to reconnect and celebrate the people you love. Why not borrow from these traditions or start some of your own?

Sometimes, you can keep up a tradition our loved one started, and that can be a way to stay connected. A friend of mine tells me her father always loved Halloween. “He would wait at the door in his wheelchair, ready to greet the neighborhood children. When his hands were too weak to pass out candy, he kept a bowl on a small table and invited the children to take what they liked. He loved asking them about their costumes and pretending to be scared. Whenever Halloween comes around, our family shares stories about him, and we always buy his favorite candy…Hershey’s Dark Chocolate bars. And even though we can pass out the candy, we still keep the bowl on a table and let the kids help themselves.” By keeping her dad’s traditions going, my friend feels connected to him. “It’s as if he’s with us every Halloween!”

Another friend always bakes her dad’s favorite pumpkin cookies. “He always liked them better if they were a little bit overdone, so I keep a few in the oven a little longer every year. And those cookies don’t get decorated because he didn’t like icing. My son always shows them off to his friends when we’re done: ‘These are Grandpa’s!’” Everyone gets one, and we laugh and talk about our favorite memories. It’s just one of the ways we keep him with us.”

Buying a loved one’s favorite candy or making their favorite sweet treat is a great way to remember them and remind them that they are in our hearts, every day. During the Day of the Dead, people share a meal in honor of their loved ones. There are so many ways to stay connected with those we love who are in Heaven. But there’s no reason to limit that to one day or two days or even one month out of the year. You can use these traditions as reminders that you can feel close and connected to your loved ones throughout the year, any season, and any time you want to.

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