Mercury Retrograde: What You Need to Know

Mercury Retrograde: What You Need to Know


Fights out of nowhere, missing emails, stress, and anxiety! I promise it’s not you, but instead something known as Mercury Retrograde.


What is Mercury Retrograde?


Mercury Retrograde is a time when the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards in its orbit. It doesn’t actually move backward, it just looks that way when you are viewing Mercury from earth. This astrological event happens three or four times a year, and can cause a lot of confusion for people who aren’t aware of what it means or the reason. Mercury is the planet in astrology that is known for communication. This is why during Mercury Retrograde, it’s often called the time when “communication goes haywire.” This can be anything from miscommunications with others, to having your computer crash out of nowhere! Mercury Retrograde is notorious for causing travel delays, technology glitches, and communication mishaps.


What to Remember


The main thing to remember during Mercury Retrograde is that it’s a time of chaos, and things are likely to go wrong so be sure to plan ahead! That’s why some people refuse to buy new cars, ink new deals, or start any new projects during retrograde. Although I never take it that far, I do recommend that if you are planning on traveling during a Mercury Retrograde time period, make sure you have all your ducks in a row beforehand. Double check with the airline, hotel, and car rental companies just to be safe. If you can roll with the punches and go with the flow, you’ll get through this period just fine.


Save The Date!


First, make it a point of saving the dates that Mercury Retrograde will happen this year in your phone. If you are prepared for it, you won’t be as stressed out or frustrated when things don’t go as planned.


Here are the dates that mercury will be in retrograde for 2022:

  • January 13 to February 3 
  • May 10 to June 2
  • September 9 to October 1
  • December 28 to January 18 (2023)


The Mercury Retrograde Loop Hole


If you have a project that lands right smack in the middle of Mercury Retrograde, like closing on a house or freshly finishing a deal, no need to worry, you are exempt from the chaos! Oddly enough, Mercury Retrograde only affects the deals, purchases, and travel plans that happen when booked during Mercury Retrograde. If you have a project you were working on before retrograde happened, consider yourself ‘ grandfathered in’. The best way to work with mercury retrograde is by using the time to your advantage! Take this time to finish up old projects, clean out your closets, and organize everything. Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to reflect and review your life so you can start fresh when Mercury goes direct.

Have Patience


Remember that retrograde doesn’t just effect you, but all human life here on Earth. It is normal for people to be more emotional, sensitive, or frustrated during this time. Give yourself and others around you some slack, and understand that this phase will eventually pass.

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Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Angel numbers are a type of number that is sent to you from your guardian angel. These numbers are signs that contain hidden messages from your angels that are meant for you to uncover. The secret of these numbers is that they mean different things depending on what other numbers come before or after them.


Some of the most common angel numbers are: 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, and 666. Each number has a different meaning that can offer guidance and support in your life. If you see these numbers frequently, it could mean that Heaven is trying to reach you with a message.


Here are some of the most common angel numbers and meanings:



Angel Number 000

Angel number 000 means that a new beginning is coming your way. This could be a new job, relationship, or chapter in your life. Embrace this change with open arms. It is part of your divine path that Heaven has laid before you.


Angel Number 111

Angel number 111 is a divine alert from your angels letting you know that they are nearby and trying to reach you. This sign often comes when they are “testing” the connection and trying to get your attention. This number is normally followed by more specific signs, so pay attention.


Angel Number 222

Angel number 222 is a reminder to have trust and faith. If you are seeing this number, your angels are reminding you not to let stress and negativity come between you and your divine connection with heaven. When in doubt, hand over your worries, thoughts, and fears to your angels and keep following their guidance.


Angel Number 333

Angel number 333 is a sign from your Angels to take chances and embrace the changes coming your way. They are telling you not to be afraid of the future but instead to open your heart and mind to the new opportunities that are being sent your way. This is a message from your angels reminding you that although you may not see the finish line, enjoy the journey!


Angel Number 444

Angel number 444 is a sign from your angels that you need to put some time aside to balance your life. You have been working hard and haven’t taken time for yourself. This number sequence is a reminder that you need to take some time for rest and relaxation and spend some time with the people who you love and care about.


Angel Number 555

Angel number 555 means that you are on the right track and following your intuition. This number sequence is a sign that you should keep trusting what you feel strongly and intuitively deep down. Angel number 555 is reminding you to trust that little voice that is inside of you even when your mind is encouraging you to head in a different direction.


Angel Number 666

Angel number 666 is a number of caution & warning. Your Angels want you to pay close attention to the people around you that you are trusting with personal information. They are telling you to proceed with caution and do some extra vetting before revealing too much.


Angel Number 777

Angel number 777 means that a wish is coming true. Has there been something that you have been asking Heaven for lately? This number means that good things are on the way! When you find that your dreams are coming through, you can thank your Angels.


Angel Number 888

Angel number 888 is a gentle reminder to break away from negative repeating patterns that are stopping you from moving forward in your life. Whether you are in a negative relationship, or feeling unfulfilled at work, your angels are telling you that it is time for a change. Learn and move on!


Angel Number 999

Angel number 999 is a sign that your prayers have been heard. This is an especially good message if you have been going through a tough time. You might be praying for your health, to be lead through a challenge, or for divine help. This number is a sign that Heaven has received your prayer and your angels are working silently in the background by sending you strength.


Angel Number 1010

Angel number 1010 has two different meanings for those who see these types of signs. One applies more specifically toward businesses and career situations, while the other is applicable to personal matters such as finding your soulmate. Angel number 1010 will first appear as a sign that you need to take action, for example on your business or career. It is important for you to be aware of the opportunities being presented, so don’t ignore these signs!

If this number appears in relation to personal matters it means that there are angels all around who have taken an interest and they want nothing more than good things to come into your life. They’re sending guidance and support toward finding love. This is also a message telling you not give up hope even if the situation may seem impossible at times because someone special has yet to come along—they could very well be right beside you without realizing it themselves.


Angel Number 1111

Angel number 1111 is the most common Angel number. Like angel number 111, angel number 1111 means the angels are trying to get your attention. They are trying to tell you that you are on the right path and that they are with you and guiding you. You may find that this is also an indication of being ready to make big changes in your life so be sure you’re paying close attention to what comes up when you see these numbers 11111 showing up over and over again as they will not only point out things about your past but offer guidance on where you should head towards next.



Wishful Thinking or a Sign from the Angels?


Angel number sequences are endless and they appear in your life when you least expect them, but most need the help and guidance from Heaven and your angels.  A good way to tell if the number you are seeing is from your angels is to look for repetition. If you see the same number sequence over and over again, it’s likely your angels are trying to send a message.


Remember that your angels are always there to listen to you and to be there for you. If you have a question or need guidance, ask your angels and they will help lead the way.



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What Is Psychic Ability?

What Is Psychic Ability?

From My New Book ‘We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife’


What is Psychic Ability?


Have you ever just known something about another person, or predicted an event before it happened?

If so, you might have asked your- self, How can I tell if what I’m sensing is based on a psychic insight, something that I experienced in the past, or wishful thinking?

People ask me that question all the time.

The answer is, it might be more than one of those things coming together.


The Sixth Sense


Think of any experience you have. You usually engage more than one sense. When you eat a sandwich, you taste it. But you also see it, feel it, and smell it—if the bread is toasted, you can even hear yourself biting into it.

The first five senses are seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling, and smelling—but psychic ability goes beyond that. It’s the sixth sense, and it allows you to see and interpret the unseen. Your sixth sense uses your first five abilities and then takes them a step further to go beyond.

Psychic ability taps into the universal energy. When you ask the universe a question, it’s kind of like doing a Google search—but instead of the internet, you have unlimited wisdom at your disposal.

That’s how a lot of psychics and mediums describe their insights. And just like doing a search online, you have to be clear on what you’re asking or you won’t get the right answer. And here’s another thing—you don’t really know where the message came from or how it got to you. It just shows up.


Tuning In to Friends and Family


Most people with psychic abilities have certain areas where their gift is the strongest. For example, I always know when there’s something going on with a family member or close friend. I’ll suddenly have an urge to reach out and call them. They may live far away, and I might not even talk to them regularly, but suddenly they’re on my mind— and they won’t get off!

I was taking out the trash recently, when all of a sudden, a friend of mine in Florida popped into my mind, and then I thought of their dog. The dog was like their child; it meant so much to them, and I had a feeling that the dog was sick, or that it might have even passed on. I wanted to reach out, but I felt funny about calling them—what should I say?

What if I had my signals crossed and the dog was fine? So instead of calling them on the phone, I decided to visit them. We made plans to meet for dinner, and a few minutes after we sat down, they broke the news to me that the dog had passed. My intuition had been right, and I was able to comfort them by letting them know that the dog was at peace.

Intuition, or psychic ability, can take many different forms—it can warn you of something that will happen to you, a loved one, or a total stranger. And it can also prepare you for really great moments in life like having a baby or meeting your soul mate.


Trust Your Gut


So, bottom line, a psychic knows things before they happen. Lots of people have psychic insights, but they don’t know it. They find all kinds of other explanations for what they’re sensing. Being psychic has all kinds of benefits—but to take advantage of them, you first have to trust what your intuition is telling you.

While being psychic may seem mystical or out there—it’s also a very practical skill. It can help you make better decisions about everything from job offers to partners—even the route you take on a trip. So it’s worth paying attention to your intuition and learning to trust it.



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Book Cover with Matt Fraser standing with a gold jacketPsychic medium Matt Fraser, the author of When Heaven Calls, is back with a book that answers the question everyone wants to know the answer to: “What happens after death?” Although the answer might seem complicated, it’s actually pretty simple: We never die.

Drawing from his personal experiences as America’s top psychic medium and the thousands of conversations he’s had with those in spirit, Matt will pull back the curtain on life’s hidden question. He’ll dive into what happens when we cross over, explore the beautiful realities of heaven and eternal life, the guardian angels who keep us safe on earth (including our pets), and much more. He’ll also explain how we can tune into our own inner psychic medium and better recognize the signs and messages our loved ones send us from heaven. As Matt explains, “We all have our own ‘phone line’ to communicate with heaven. All we have to do is figure out how to use it.” 

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What Happens When You Die?

What Happens When You Die?

Stepping Into The Afterlife


People often ask me, “what happens when you die?” It’s not surprising that they’d want to know. Death is something that inevitably happens to every one of us, but you can’t go on Travel Channel and watch a tour of Heaven before you go.


I find that most people tell me that they are fearful of dying, mostly because they just don’t know what to expect. Even if you DID know what to expect, it’s still kind of scary for most people to think about dying themselves or losing a loved one – so let’s make this less stressful. Try to exclude the word “death” and substitute it for “transition.” Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s ask “What happens when you transition?”


As a psychic medium, I’ve connected with countless souls in Heaven, and based on what they’ve shared, I have a good understanding of the first actions that happen when a soul crosses over.


Passing Over


When someone passes from old age or illness, they’re surrounded by their loved ones – and not just the living ones. Souls of their own dearly departed visit them and prepare them for the transition. But there’s not always time for that. When death is sudden, like a car accident, the transition is instant.


Many souls tell me that dying suddenly was like going to sleep – except they fell asleep on earth and woke up on the other side. It’s like when you were a little kid and fell asleep in the car. Your dad would carry you into the house and you’d magically wake up in your bed. For some it’s like that – they close their eyes and open them in Heaven.


The Life Review


You’ve probably heard mediums talk about the life review. It’s a soul’s way of transitioning from one life to the next and revisiting the lessons they learned on earth. It’s kind of amazing, because during the life review, the soul sees every action, relationship, and experience through their new, heavenly “filter.”  They see the love they shared and the impact they had on others. The life review allows the soul to leave all the pain, illness and hurt that they might have experienced in life behind and truly understand their life’s purpose.


A Heavenly Reunion


When you are about to pass, angels, loved ones, and pets who are already on the Other Side will help guide you through the transition. Some of them arrive early, and that’s the reason many people appear to see loved ones and have conversations with them before they die. I know this because of my connection with souls on the other side, but people who have had a near death experience will tell you the same thing. That’s one of the reasons virtually no one comes out of an NDE (near death experience) quite the same as they were before it happened.



Checking In On the People You Left Behind


One thing you should know is that love is eternal! When someone passes, they will often come back and check up on their family and friends on earth. It’s common for the deceased to attend their own funerals in spirit, not to see who sent flowers, but to see for themselves how their loved ones are doing.


Choosing Special Signs


One interesting item on a souls’ “to-do-list” is choosing the signs they will use to reach out to loved ones on earth. They might choose different signs for different family members, but you can be sure that whatever they select will have meaning to them, and to the recipient. There’s nothing to stop you from making this task a little easier by talking to your loved one before they pass. Many people set up special ways to know if their loved one is near – it might be coins, music, or flickering lights – whatever works!


Divine tasks


Your work isn’t over when you die. Heaven is a place where souls continue to fulfill their purpose. They choose a “job” that helps those on earth – and usually this divine task relates to lessons they have learned, special gifts, or helping others overcome an obstacle they struggled with in life. For example, an alcoholic who died of alcoholism might help those on earth with their recovery, or a gifted schoolteacher might encourage others on the same path.


Closer Than You Think…


When a loved one passes, to the people they leave behind it feels like the ultimate distance. For the dead, it’s the opposite. From their Heavenly vantage point, hey still feel close and connected! They are with you through the good times, the bad times, and all the times in between.


The last thing that they want is for you to cry over them, first, because they’re not gone, and second, because they don’t want your grief to keep you from being happy and enjoying life.


So, when you imagine how your loved one is doing in Heaven, remember this. The one thing that the dead always say to me, as a medium, is that they don’t want you to take time out of your life mourning them. Time and time again, they ask me to relay the same message, “I’m always by your side.”


We Never Die


What I have learned as a medium is that we truly never die. There is just a continuation of life in a completely different way. These are just SOME of the parts of transitioning that the souls have shared with me about life after death, however there is so much more I want to share! That is exactly why I decided to write my new book ‘ We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife’ available for pre-order right now on Amazon!  In my new book I will take you on a journey of the soul from this world to the next. I hope you will join me on this journey and order a copy.


If you would like to hear from a loved one that has passed on, I invite you to join me at an online group reading or in person event by Clicking Here to take part in the most amazing family reunion with Heaven!






10 Ways to Know a Spirit is Around You

10 Ways to Know a Spirit is Around You

Has something like this ever happened to you? It’s been a long day and you’re feeling exhausted. You turn off the lights in your bedroom, get into bed, and start to drift to sleep, when all of a sudden you feel someone sit down on your bed. You immediately open your eyes and see nothing there – but the feeling of physical weight that someone is sitting next to you doesn’t go away. If you have ever experienced something like this, it means you may have had a spirit visitation. Below i’ve listed some tell-tale signs to know when there is really a spirit around you.


1. Babies & Children See Them


Recently a client of mine sent me a video of her baby taken from their baby monitor. The room was empty but the baby was laughing, smiling, and interacting with someone that wasn’t there. Although the footage seemed a little creepy, it was a true sign that a loved one was there pay a visit. Your loved ones in spirit get so excited when a child is born! The same way that friends and family come to visit the newborn, those in spirit also make their visitations. When babies are just born, they can sense, feel and see those in spirit. So, next time your child is looking and pointing to an empty room it might be a sign that someone is there with them, paying a visit!


2. Pets See and Sense Spirit and Energy


The same way that young children can see spirits, so do our pets. In fact, that’s the reason why pets are not afraid of death and dying. They can see those in spirit much like a psychic medium can. It’s not uncommon for pet owners that have passed away to come back and visit their beloved pets. Many times pet owners will notice that their dog will randomly bark at a chair that your loved one always sat in, or they might even follow something around the room. These are signs a loved one or spirit is near.

I once had a client who lost her husband. Every time her husband came to visit in spirit, her dog would go crazy! The dog would walk from room to room barking. It would even bark at the coat stand where her husband always kept the leash before taking it on walks. She noticed when the dog would act this way, it was as if her husband was still in the house.


3. Feeling a Chill or Touch


When a spirit enters a room, we can sometimes physically feel their energy. Have you ever felt a rush of cold enter the room, or a chill run down your spine? You might have been feeling a spirit. When your loved ones check up on you, at times you can actually feel their energy in the room with you. I once knew a woman who every so often would feel her husband sit on her bed. She knew it was him checking up on her. Sometimes she could even see the impression of where he sat left on the sheets.


4. Smelling a Fragrance or Familiar Aroma


When your loved ones pass on, smell becomes part of their personality and spirit. If you ever had a familiar smell come out of thin air it could have been a loved one in spirit. You might smell your grandfather’s favorite cigar he always smoked when he was here, or randomly smelling your dads old spice cologne. These are real experiences that show you a loved one is nearby.

When I was growing up psychic, spirit would always visit me in this way of fragrance and smells. I would wake up to the smell of funeral flowers and then the voices of the departed would follow soon after.

You don’t have to be a psychic medium to get this sign. In fact, this is a very common way spirits use to reach you. I once read a man who was so confused about what he was experiencing. After his mom got sick, he moved in to take care of her in her final years of life. Each night she would cook amazing Italian meals from scratch. After she had passed away, he missed his mom and those memories of her cooking so much. Randomly one night after his Mom passed, he woke up to the smell of meatballs, pasta, and his moms Italian gravy! He went running into the kitchen dazed and confused. To his surprise, the kitchen was spotless but the smell was so strong! This was a sign from his Mom that she was using to remind him that she was still with him.


5. Spirit Orbs


When you sense and feel a spirit around you and need some proof or validation, take out your phone and turn on the camera! Sometimes when a spirit is near you, you may actually be able to capture them as an orb on camera. This isn’t actually what your loved ones look like, they look the same in Heaven as they did before they were sick here in this world. However, sometimes the camera lens can pick up and capture their spirit as an orb, blur, or distortion in the picture. This sometimes happens when families are together taking group pictures or on important days in your life. When this happens and an orb

appears, know that you just got photobombed by a spirit! Many parents have told me that they see orbs appear on their baby monitor systems. They orbs appear around the child and sometimes fly around the room. This is not to be feared. It’s just angels, guides and loved ones popping in for a visit.


6. Electronics Get Strange


Your loved ones are energy, which means when they are present, weird and strange things can start to happen. The TV might turn on by itself, the light might flicker, or the smoke detectors sound when there is no danger. This is not your loved one playing jokes, but rather an effect of spirit energy.

Remember that when your loved ones pass away they take an energy form. The spirit of your loved one is like an electromagnetic field. This is why electronics are often first effected. Don’t be scared, Instead ask who is with you, paying a visit.

7. Feeling Like You are Not Alone in an Empty Room


Just as you can tell when someone living is staring at you, the dead can make you feel the same way. Even though they are not physically here with you, their spiritual presence can be felt just the same as someone physically with you, watching you. You might feel a presence with you while you’re sitting on the couch or watching TV alone. Sometimes these feelings can bring other validations like floors creaking or something falling and crashing in the next room.

The spirits don’t mean to scare you! In fact, they don’t even realize that you can sense them. If you are feeling this sensation, try to figure out who might be visiting you and remember that spirits are the strongest during special times in life like birthdays.


8. Seeing a Specific Sign


Signs are the language that your loved ones In Spirit use to get your attention and communicate with you. Signs like dragonflies, butterflies , cardinals, repeating numbers, and familiar songs are all ways that your loved ones use to get your attention. These signs are special because they instantly trigger emotional memories, helping you feel close and connected to those you love and miss in spirit.


9. Hearing Your Name Being Called


As weird as it might sound, sometimes a spirit will call or yell out your name, and you are actually able to hear it clear as day. When I was kid this would freak me out! I remember one day I was alone playing in the basement, when I heard my Moms voice yell “Matthew!” I was scared I might be in trouble. I came running upstairs, only to find my Mom fast asleep on the couch and nobody else in the house.

When I shook my Mom awake to tell her what happened she wasn’t surprised. She said that sometimes spirits try to get our attention by calling out our name and using a voice of those we recognize. Her advice was to ask the spirits if there was a message they were trying to send and to wait to see what followed.


10. Waking Up in the Middle of the Night


Have you been waking up randomly at weird hours of the night? Have you noticed the time being 3:33 or 4:44? This is not a coincidence, but rather a spirit visit. 3:33 and 4:44 are known as the “visiting hour” amongst spirits. It is during this time that your loved ones come to check in on you. Sometimes they might even come and visit you in a dream. This type of sign usually occurs when a loved one first passes over and is trying to communicate.


Connecting Through A Psychic Medium


Remember that when a loved one passes away, it is not a permanent goodbye but rather just a change in world. As a psychic medium I have learned that the same way that you are trying to connect with your loved ones they are also looking to connect with you. If you would like to connect with a loved one, Click Here to view online readings and upcoming events.

The Invisible Psychic String

The Invisible Psychic String

The Psychic Cord That Can’t be Broken


The holidays can be lonely when someone you love isn’t around. You might be separated by miles or in a more permanent way, but whatever the reason you can’t be together physically, it’s comforting to know that you’re always connected energetically.


Coincidence or Spiritual Connection?


It happens to everyone. You randomly think about someone from your past – then within a few hours you get a friend request from them on social media or unexpectedly run into them. Or you have the sudden urge to call a friend at the very moment something significant is happening to them. Once, based on an impulse, I called an old friend I hadn’t talked to in years. When she answered the phone, she told me she was waiting for the coroner to arrive to pick up her mother who had just passed.


Those synchronicities are more than just coincidence. I believe these incidents are proof that we’re energetically connected to certain people with a “psychic string” that time, distance, and even death can’t break.


A Psychic “Hotline” Connects you to Loved Ones


Remember when you were a kid, and you made a “telephone” with two tin cans and a string? I tried that experiment when I was about ten. You couldn’t have a real conversation, but the vibration would travel through the string, and if you were paying attention, you’d know when the person on the other end was trying to reach you. This is the same – you’ll feel a tug – and your subconscious or your intuition gets the message. All you have to do is be open and receptive.


We’re energetically tied to people for all kinds of reasons – the most common connections are to partners or soul mates, children, and immediate family members – but you can also find yourself linked to friends, pets, and even ancestors who you’ve never actually met. We all have multiple cords connecting us to the people who matter most.


There are also cords that aren’t so healthy or positive, and those can actually drain your energy – but that’s a story for another blog.


As a medium, I know that people carry these invisible soul connections with them into the afterlife. If one person goes before the other, this cord will bridge the gap until they’re together again.


What is an Astral Cord?


An Astral Cord is a golden string of energy that connects your heart to the heart of a loved one who has passed away. When you love someone, the connection doesn’t die just because they do. You give off energy with your thoughts and intentions and send it out into the Universe. Your loved one feels that love and sends it back to you, through this golden string.


The astral cord also allows the deceased to send you signs to let you know they are still connected to you. You will notice these signs because you may feel a little tug on your heart when this happens and it’s usually when you need their support, or right before something amazing occurs in your life!


Love is the Most Reliable Network!


Love energy is the most powerful way to create enduring connections in life, and it’s also the best way to stay connected with loves ones in Heaven.


The more love you give off into the Universe and the more you set your intention to receive love, the stronger your connection becomes. The golden string of energy that connects you makes spirit communication easier for both parties involved.


So, when you’re feeling sad because you’re missing a loved one during the holidays, remember that they’re not that far away. Reach out and talk to the people in your life that you care about, and for those on the other side, send out a loving thought – you’ll hear back from them in your dreams at night, or notice signs as you go about your day!


Staying Connected


What people often do not realize is that when you visit a psychic medium like myself, your loved ones come through not because of my gift or ability, they come through because of the connection you had with one another. When they see that they can reach you through someone like myself, they take the opportunity to deliver you a message. This the reason why I love my readings so much! Whether I am doing a group reading or a LIVE event, nobody is ever attending alone. Right with you are the spirits of your loved ones that have passed on. It truly is a family reunion with Heaven! If you would like to attend a psychic medium event with me, Click Here.