SUN JOURNAL:  Top national psychic medium plans Main tour stop.

SUN JOURNAL: Top national psychic medium plans Main tour stop.

Top national psychic medium with Maine roots plans visit. Do you believe?

The author and reality TV star who was written about by the New York Times says ‘It’s almost like carrying a pager back in the day. That’s how I feel as a medium: I feel like sometimes, I’m just getting paged by heaven.

Matt Fraser expects you to come in skeptical. He expects you to come in with your arms folded, your face a mask of disbelief and your words demanding that he prove to you that he can really communicate with the dearly departed.

Fair enough. Billed as America’s Top Psychic Medium, Fraser has no beef with agnostics. This is a man who was once a target of a sting operation aimed at exposing celebrity psychics as frauds — an operation that failed and which only cast Fraser’s work in a more credible light.

So now that has been addressed, can we get on with things?

Fraser, author of the best-selling book “We Never Die” and star of the hit television series “Meet The Frasers” on E! Entertainment, will be coming to the Merrill Auditorium in Portland in June.

His shows almost always sell out and it already looks like the Portland appearance will be no exception. That’s plenty fine with Fraser. The more people there are, the more healing he can achieve.

And Matt Fraser is all about the healing.

“When we lose a loved one, the saddest thing is that there are so many questions left behind with their passing,” he said in a recent interview. “How did my loved one die? Are they OK? Are they at peace? Who are they with in heaven? Are they able to see my grandchildren? Are they able to see me in the house I’m buying? I love these events because it really answers all the questions that people might have when they lose a loved one. It shows them that there is another side. The reason I’m able to do what I do every day is that I know my loved ones are there. I know that heaven exists. And I want to give that same peace and comfort to the people who attend my shows. What I’m really hoping to show them is that yes, your loved ones are with you. They are by your side every single day. They’re already trying to reach you with messages. I just tell you what they have to say.”

Fraser’s shows tend to be raucous events, with the medium dashing from one section of a venue to the other as the spirits guide him from one person to another.

Believer, doubter or outright non-believer, it doesn’t matter. Fraser takes all comers.

“People write to me all the time and their biggest stress is about where they are sitting,” he said. “They say, ‘Oh my God, Matt, the only seats that are left are in the back or are in the balcony. You’re never going to be able to see or connect with me.’ And that’s not true. What I try to tell people is that it doesn’t matter where you sit. It only matters that you are there. As long as you’re there, you’re part of the experience. It’s not me who runs the show, it’s actually the spirits on the other side.”

Fraser refers to his show as “like a family reunion in heaven.”

“One minute, I’ll be talking to someone in the front row who had lost their mom and the next thing you know, I’m being called to the back with someone who had lost their dad,” he said. “Next thing you know, I’m climbing up to the balcony because someone up there had lost their son. I’m all over the room during the event, going as many places as I can. I feel like I’m doing postal delivery in heaven, just getting out message after message after heaven. So it really doesn’t matter where you sit. It’s the souls on the other side who decide who comes through, what they say, and what they talk about.”

Fraser hails from Rhode Island, although he has family roots all over Maine. His father grew up in Millinocket. His grandmother lives in York Beach, his great-grandfather in Bangor.

Fraser says he grew up under both a mother and grandmother with psychic abilities. It’s no surprise that the young Fraser inherited the ability to communicate with the dead, he says.

But it wasn’t any easy thing for a young boy to take on.

“When your biggest concerns are what flavor of ice cream to choose, strange voices calling out to you in an empty room are not exactly on the menu,” Fraser wrote on his website. “I remember being terrified to go to bed because almost every night I would hear whispers and voices in my empty room, all trying to get my attention. I’m lucky I had a mother and grandmother to soothe my fears, but I remember vividly that having to accept these unwanted visitors was a difficult process for me.”

The older Fraser got, the stronger his abilities became. Among other things, by some accounts, he had long conversations with his maternal grandmother, who had died when he was 3.

“Soon after, I began seeing full-body apparitions standing in my doorway and passing through my room,” he wrote. “This sparked a whole new level of concern and anxiety for me as I knew these occurrences were increasing but I didn’t know what it meant . . . or how far they would go to get my attention. If you recall the movie ‘The Sixth Sense,’ you’ll have an idea of what I was going through — and trust me, it’s scarier in real life!”

Eventually, of course, Fraser grew to accept his gift, and to use it to ease the pain of others. But it’s not as simple as jotting down messages from the dead and passing them on. The dead don’t work that way.

“I consider this like learning another language,” Fraser explained. “Souls don’t communicate the same way that we do here in this world. They don’t speak English or Spanish on the other side. They communicate through me, as a medium, through signs, symbols, intense feelings and visions, and that’s how I’m able to deliver these messages. I see things, hear things, feel things, and I put everything together to form the message that the spirits will have me say.”

The thing is, to hear Fraser tell it, the spirits of the dead have a lot to say. He isn’t working a 9-5 job and shutting out the voices at the end of the day. His communication with departed souls isn’t limited to those hours when he’s under the bright stage lights in a packed auditorium.

“There are no customer service hours when it comes to talking to the spirit world,” Fraser said. “Any time there’s a message that has to come through, they’ll come to me. This isn’t just my job, it’s my life. If it’s 3 a.m. and for some reason the spirits have to reach a loved one, they’re getting me out of bed to deliver that message. I try my hardest to live a normal life but the souls are always there and they’re always speaking. As much as I try to get away from time to time, if there’s an urgent message, they’re still going to try to come through.”

Fraser thinks about this for a second or two before a fitting analogy comes to him.

“It’s almost like carrying a pager back in the day,” he said. “That’s how I feel as a medium: I feel like sometimes, I’m just getting paged by heaven.”

Fraser wrote his first book, “When Heaven Calls,” about his experiences growing up with the ability to communicate with the dead. The book also serves as a guide for those people who believe they, too, have been hearing voices from the other side.


In 2018, a writer for the New York Times followed a team of skeptics in an operation to determine if Fraser was a fraud. The belief was that Fraser wasn’t a true medium, but just a master of “cold reading,” the art of reading body language and taking educated guesses.

But Operation Peach Pit was unable to produce any proof that Fraser was doing these things. The New York Times Magazine story actually portrayed Fraser’s show favorably and Fraser’s career rocketed.

“I love that this whole investigation went on and when it came out, they saw the real me,” he said of Peach Pit. “Since then, I’ve had an amazing relationship with the New York Times. To be honest, it got me a TV show, because before that article, nobody was really paying attention to me. I was just a small-time medium from Rhode Island and all of a sudden, there’s all this hoopla and I caught national attention.”

When you look at the numbers, it’s not real surprising that Fraser and others like him are able to fill auditoriums with people looking to reach out to their dead loved ones. According to a Pew Research study, 41 percent of adults in the United States believe in psychics such as Fraser — although that number drops dramatically, to 10 percent, when the people polled are atheists. Women, the study found, are more likely be believe.

When we asked our readers whether or not they believe in psychic abilities, none wrote in to scoff, but more than a few — most all of them women — wrote to share their own stories about communications with the dead.

One woman wrote that after her 93-year-old father died two years ago, a beautiful butterfly visited the woman and her sister as they worked in their backyard. Ultimately, the butterfly landed on their welcome mat and seemed to stare at them.

“After several seconds, I quietly said, ‘Dad, is that you?’” the woman reports. “We watched, quite taken aback, as his wings ever so slowly opened and closed! ‘Oh, my god,’ we said as we turned to look at each other, ‘did you see that?’”

Another woman, from Lewiston, wrote to say that she has been contacted by the spirits — both human and animal — many times.

“Deceased have reached out to me,” she said. “Generally they have a message or unresolved worry, want me to convey the message. I can hold an object, signature, or belonging of someone passed, and read it. Then there is automatic and angel writing. Pictures are excellent — see beyond the image. Have held dog hair, collars, etc. of living and deceased dogs to hear what they are thinking.”

Others wrote to report similar experiences or to say that they regularly employ the use of mediums right here in the Lewiston-Auburn area. A few of those spoke in awe one Madame Desjardins, who used to do psychic readings from her College Street home in Lewiston.

“She was spot on all the time,” said Pam Webber Carrier of Auburn. “Had several earth-shaking readings from her. She told a friend of mine and myself something that no one knew. She had all the details down to a T. We both were crying as she flipped the cards telling the story.”

MF photo for press

Psychic medium Matt Fraser comes from Rhode Island and has roots in Maine.

Steve Triggs, formerly of Lewiston and now living in Orlando, Florida, agreed that Madame Desjardins was the real deal.

“My family spoke of her in hushed tones,” he said. “I visited her in the ’70s and she accurately described where I would live, the number and sex of my future children, and my overall career path. The woman had a gift.”

Locally there are those who believe (mostly women, just as the national poll indicates), those who disbelieve and those who keep an open mind.

“I’d like to think there’s something to it,” said Lisa LaFontaine Lothrop of Auburn, “but they haven’t convinced me yet.”



“I know there are plenty of fakes out there,” said Jennifer Marchigiani of Auburn, “even some famous fakes. But I also know there are some that are for real, with scary accurate readings without fed info.”

Not all men are disbelievers. One fellow wrote in to say that he’d been dragged to a medium by his wife only to be wowed by a strange woman who seemed to know intimate details about his past. Eventually, the medium passed along messages from the man’s uncle, who had died in the second World War.

“The medium was feeding back to me answers that only a person very well read on WWII history would ever know about,” he said. “I really wasn’t in control of the conversation.”

He’d gone into that room a skeptic and came out a believer.

Whether one believes or not, Fraser is undoubtedly one of the most established psychic mediums in the world right now. He’s been featured on a slew of television shows, including “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” “The Real Housewives,” “The Doctors” and “Botched.” And that’s not to mention all the television interviews in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Fraser will perform in Portland Friday, June 16, at 8 p.m. and one way or another, he says, he will make some connections with the spirit world and help some Mainers find peace in their lives. And in doing so, Fraser will remain forever linked to those people he has helped.

“It’s not a temporary thing,” he said, “it’s a permanent bond. You’re sharing with them something that is truly life-changing. I never, ever forget someone that I read for. It’s just something that will forever be stitched to my heart.”

SHOWBIZ CHEAT SHEET: Matt Fraser’s TikTok Videos Generate 100 Million Views

SHOWBIZ CHEAT SHEET: Matt Fraser’s TikTok Videos Generate 100 Million Views

Psychic medium and reality TV star Matt Fraser is seen on TikTok delivering some pretty powerful readings and many of his readings are done virtually.

Since joining the social media app, his videos have been viewed over 100 million times. His content consists of short clips of him giving readings to people as well as providing advice on love and life. Fraser says that he joined TikTok because he wanted to create content that was entertaining showing exactly what it’s like to attend his live events in person or on Zoom, while still delivering profound messages from heaven.

People look stunned and experience a true connection to their loved one on the other side during Fraser’s virtual readings. But how does he do it when he’s not in the same room as the person he is reading?

How does Matt Fraser make a virtual connection?

Fraser can make a connection virtually, but he and the person must be present at the same time. “Every medium works differently,” he explained to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I know that the way that my gift works is I need a direct connection to somebody. There are mediums out there who do email readings or text message readings. But the way that it works for me is I need a direct connection with somebody. It can be over the phone, it can be via Zoom, it can be anywhere, but it has to be a connection where you are present and I’m present.”


Matt Fraser at home for a virtual reading
Matt Fraser | Photo courtesy of Matt Fraser

“So the reason why email doesn’t work for me is because you might send an email looking to connect with somebody for a reading. You might send it at 6:00 in the morning. By the time I read it, it might be 7:00 at night,” he said. “You’re already focusing on other things and doing other things. So when you are present with me, your loved ones in spirit are present as well.”


Matt’s TikTok videos feature surprising and even funny virtual readings

Some recent readings Fraser has featured on TikTok are virtual readings where a secret adoption was revealed. Or in one reading, he identified a father’s funny quirks and it brought smiles and laughter to his loved ones.

Fraser also shared a TikTok from a news story that compared his gift to the film The Sixth Sense. “It was almost like living that movie,” Fraser explained in the video. “I had the departed coming into my bedroom at night and trying to get me to pass on messages from those who had passed on.”

At the time Fraser was only 23 years old but he could recall that his gift brought fear when he was a child. “I was scared, I was only three or four years old,” he said. “And having all these people coming to me wanting to pass on messages.”


He admits the spirit world has him ‘on call’ 24/7


Fraser eventually embraced his gift. But because Fraser can connect in various ways, he has to set boundaries with the spirit world. “To be honest with you, there are times when I have to set boundaries with the spirit world, right?” he shared. “But the thing is if there is a message that they have to deliver, it doesn’t matter if it’s morning, noon, and night. If there’s a message from someone on the other side, they’ll use me to deliver it.”

“And what’s crazy is it might seem like it’s intrusive, but I’m going to be honest with you, that’s just a part of life,” Fraser said. “It’s a part of my job. It’s almost like when you’re an on-call doctor, an on-call nurse. When the phone rings, you’re going to pick it up.”

“That’s how I feel with the souls on the other side,” Fraser added. “And I’m always happy when I do because when I get those little messages, I get really excited to call up family members, friends, or even clients. Sometimes I have to wake up in the middle of the night because their loved one in spirit is coming through with the message.”

Matt Fraser is also the author of a New York Times bestseller, “WE NEVER DIE: Secrets of the Afterlife.” And “When Heaven Calls,” both published by Gallery a division of Simon & Schuster Ltd.

Fraser is currently on a National Event tour across the USA and Canada. Tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster.

TOWN SQUARE MEDIA REVIEW: Matt Fraser Wows Audience at Zeiterion Theater

TOWN SQUARE MEDIA REVIEW: Matt Fraser Wows Audience at Zeiterion Theater

Screenshot 2023 04 04 at 5.36.17 PM


I walked into the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center last night not really knowing what to think. Psychic-medium Matt Fraser, a Cranston, Rhode Island, native, was set to perform his first of two shows in the historic New Bedford theater.

Fraser cracked a handful of pretty funny New Bedford jokes that landed well with the audience.

“I knew we shouldn’t have had the bar open in New Bedford,” he quipped after a row of guests didn’t properly follow some directions to stand up. But this crowd was not at the Z last night to laugh, they were there for something much deeper. The people in attendance were there to connect with loved ones who have passed.

“This is a very unique crowd. Half of you aren’t alive,” Fraser said, only half kidding.

The medium gave a quick overview of his background and how he came to discover his ability to seemingly communicate with the dead. Then, Fraser jumped right into action.

“You,” he said, pointing to a woman. “You lost your mother.”

He then began describing how the woman’s mother had passed and talked about different memories that the woman had with her mom.

I watched him very closely during each reading. While he seemed to initially cast a rather wide net to catch a fish, once the fish was on the line, Fraser really raised eyebrows.

While talking with one family, desperate to hear from their recently deceased mom (and wife), Fraser said, “You brought her picture tonight, didn’t you?”  Indeed they had.

He described a prison jumpsuit to another woman who was trying to connect to a young man in her life who had passed. Without her input, Fraser called that the young man had died by suicide and had also attempted suicide by cop, all of which were accurate.  Not exactly a typical reading.

Fraser ended the night with a stunning reading of a young woman in her 20s. Without any leading questions, Fraser described a strained relationship between the young woman and her deceased father.

“I hate to say it, but he was a player,” Fraser said. “But after you were born he fell in love with you and decided to leave that life behind.”

Fraser then got gasps from the audience when he blurted out that the young woman had a tattoo that her dad hadn’t approved. She didn’t answer. Instead, she turned around, lifted up her long, brown hair and revealed a large tattoo on the back of her neck.

“He hated this tattoo,” she said. “I guess he’s still not over it.”

The crowd roared. They were stunned, but Fraser wasn’t finished.

“Wait ’til you hear the second part of this,” he said. “You’ve been thinking of adding more to the tattoo to honor your father.  He says don’t do it.”

The young woman teared up as she admitted she had been thinking of doing exactly that.

“He came here tonight to let you know that you don’t need to honor him with a tattoo because he’s always with you.  He sees your accomplishments and your struggles.  That goes for everyone here tonight, whether you’ve had a reading or not.  Leave here knowing your loved ones are right beside you.”

Does Fraser have the ability to speak with the dead? I’m honestly not sure. What I am sure about, however, is that Fraser is a showman. That is inarguable. His stage presence is undeniable, right down to his white sequined jacket and black, patent leather shoes with no socks.

Fraser is scheduled to appear in front of a sold-out crowd tonight at the Zeiterion again March 16.

Read More: Psychic-Medium Matt Fraser Wows Audience at Zeiterion Theater |

Matt Fraser, the psychic medium with the messages, at The Hanover Theatre

Richard Duckett

Worcester Magazine

Matt Fraser thinks he can see a busy afternoon ahead for himself on Jan. 22 at The Hanover Theatre and Conservatory for the Performing Arts.

“The show actually takes place in the audience,” Fraser said of going in close to where people are seated. He’ll even be venturing up to the balcony, he anticipated. “I’m trying to reach as many people as possible.”

It won’t be a dead audience. Although, actually, from his view, probably half of it will be.

“The souls of people who have passed away will start to talk with me. I have to leave the stage to talk to these people. I’m sure I’ll be going to the balcony,” Fraser said.

A psychic reaches for the ‘stars’

The event is titled “Matt Fraser: America’s Top Psychic Medium,” and Fraser, who lives in Rhode Island, has established a big following nationwide

Fraser has had his own television series “Meet The Frasers” on E! Entertainment; written best-selling books (“We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife”; “When Heaven Calls”; “The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability”); performed sold-out events around the country; appeared on numerous television shows and media outlets; and done readings for celebrities, including Donnie Wahlberg, Dorinda Medleyand Karamo Brown. All this, as he says on his website, “with the mission of reconnecting friends and family with the spirits of those who are no longer with us.”

Fraser has been to Mechanics Hall several before, but returns to Worcester for the first time since the pandemic with a visit to The Hanover Theatre. The Jan. 22 event will kick off a Massachusetts tour, he said during a recent telephone interview.

Asked if being psychic medium means he has clairvoyant powers of seeing into the future, Fraser said, “Every psychic medium is different. I can tell you, doing this work, every psychic medium has a special gift. I really focus on communication with the spirit world.”

Body and spirit

He could be called a medium delivering messages. With that, “sometimes someone from the spirit world can make predictions,” he noted.

“It’s really the spirits who take over the show,” he said. In terms what he sees, Fraser said, “I see shadows of silhouettes. It’s not like a clear picture. I might see a silhouette of a boy … so I know it was a young person who passed away.” Information about the spirit and the person the spirit is trying to communicate with comes to Fraser “in a flash,” he said, involving all his senses so that he suddenly knows details about the audience member, the spirit, and the relationship between the two and what the message is the spirit wishes to convey.

“I’m just as in shock as the person in that audience,” Fraser said.

Skeptics welcome

Many who show up at events are hoping to make contact with deceased loved ones. Those who are skeptical about the whole process are not likely to be at The Hanover Theatre on Jan. 22, but Fraser said they would be welcome.

“I love the skeptical ones,” he said. “I don’t expect anyone to believe what I do. Absolutely not until you experience what I do first hand. I see so many skeptics become believers. I’m not here to prove anything to skeptics, but what I’m hoping is that they’ll come and give it a try and have an experience that can be life-changing.”

Seeking signs

In an earlier interview with the Telegram & Gazette, Fraser said said he initially suppressed his sixth sense of being able to see and hear the dead while growing up in Cranston, Rhode Island. “It started with my grandmother. My grandmother was a medium, so was my mom. It was considered taboo … Later in my teens I realized they (spirits) were coming to me because I could see them and hear them.”

Fraser got a job as an emergency medical technician in Boston, but out of curiosity, Fraser said, “I saw a medium for myself. I realized I didn’t have to be an EMT to help people. I could use this and help people emotionally. Word traveled quickly. I had to leave my full-time job.”

He said he started doing events and readings because “my loved ones talk to me and I want people to have a sense of comfort. ” Deceased loved ones in the spirit would “watch over every part of our life. Many times they send signs to let us know that they are with us.”

‘There is obviously a heaven’

All souls communicate differently, he said, so every event is different. Some souls are pushy, he said, while other spirits are more reserved. “What it shows is that when we pass on we still retain our personalities,” Fraser said. “With every reading the audience learns something new. We learn about the afterlife. There obviously is a heaven. I wouldn’t do what I do there wasn’t a heaven.”

Fraser said he understands that some people may have troubled feelings about their former relationship with a person who is deceased.

“All the time. These are the readings you might not want to happen but have to happen. One of the saddest things is unfinished business. That’s’ where the healing comes in. (For example) An argument that wasn’t resolved.”

At events and readings the spirit and the person who is alive are “able to resolve that problem in a way they weren’t able to,” Fraser said.

Fraser finds that both the living and the spirits of the departed are seeking validation and closure.

A life-changing time

While the pandemic shut down in-person shows, Fraser said, “More people reached out to me (than ever before). They were afraid.” They asked “do we truly live (after death). I feel so truly blessed to answer that question and give that hope to people.”

“Meet the Frasers” ran for 10 episodes in early 2020, and focused on the relationship between Fraser and his pageant queen girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis,along with their respective and highly visible and involved families.

The pandemic shut down more episodes of the show but Fraser has switched to streaming his series, now titled “The Frasers Plus One” to Facebook Watch. An all new special on Facebook Watch premiered Jan. 6.

As the new title might suggest, some things did happen during the pandemic regarding the couple.

They were married Oct. 9, 2021, and on Aug. 8 last year became parents of their first child, a son, named Royce.

Fraser and Papigiotis first exchanged pleasantries on Instagram (Papigiotis wasMiss Rhode Island Teen USA at the time), and then had a coffee date at Coffee Connection in North Providence.

There were some unusual aspects about the first date given Fraser’s line of work.

“When we first met she was afraid to talk about death and dying,” Fraser said.

But some things are clearly meant to be in the land of the living.

“She started to come to the shows and went from fearful to being one of my biggest supporters,” Fraser said.

THT: Matt Fraser: TV star and America’s top psychic medium

THT: Matt Fraser: TV star and America’s top psychic medium

Catching up with Matt Fraser: TV star and America’s top psychic medium

Matt Fraser is a star of the hit reality television series Meet The Frasers on E! Entertainment, as well as America’s top psychic medium. He chatted with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his latest endeavors.

He is enjoying time at home with his wife, Alexa, and his new baby Royce. “We have been trying to sleep every spare moment that we get,” he said. “Work, sleep, talk to dead people, and do it all over again. The baby is five months and it’s going by so quickly. It’s crazy.”

Fraser is excited to be touring Canada for the first time ever, in addition to his shows in the United States. “For two years, there was no touring or going out. I like seeing how excited people are,” he said. “To be honest, I was surprised to find out that I have fans and followers in Canada. When it sold out, I honestly couldn’t believe it.”

“I have been having so much fun, it’s amazing,” he added. “Going back on the road and seeing everybody hugging and kissing one another and having fun is something that I missed so deeply. We missed all that for two years. The pandemic made me realize how much I love my job and doing what I do.”

A bestselling author of When Heaven Calls and a true global phenomenon, Fraser has caught the attention of major media outlets across the country such as the New York TimesPeople Magazine, and CBS Radio. He has also been a sought-after guest on such popular television shows as The Real Housewives, Botched, and The Doctors, among others.

On the success of his latest book, “We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife,” he said, “Thank you so much. I am so excited, I am already starting my third book believe or not. The nice part about the pandemic is that I really learned how to take some downtime and some time to relax.”

His New Year’s resolution for 2023 is to “just to try to slow down a little bit.” “Take some time to enjoy the moment, now that Royce is here,” he said. “I enjoying looking at the baby growing, and learning to balance things a little more. He is almost going to be a toddler soon. I realize how precious these moments are.”

His wife Alexa is of Greek origin, and he noted that her grandfather would call his baby “the little Fraser boy” when he was first born. “In the Greek culture, they don’t call the baby by its first name until the baby baptized,” he said.

This past summer, he played at Palladium Times Square in New York and he praised the venue for its “intimacy.” “It was easy to navigate and every seat was a good seat,” he said.

On the title of the current chapter of his life, he said, “Just Keep Going.” “That’s what it is,” he admitted. “We just keep going and see what heaven provides.”

For Fraser, the word success means “family.” “At the end of the day, success is coming home to your family,” he said. “It’s about spending time with the people that you love.”

“Thank you for the bottom of my heart, to me, they aren’t just fans and followers, they are family,” he told his dedicated fans.

To learn more about Matt Fraser, check out his official website and follow him on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

SHOWBIZ CHEAT SHEET: Matt Fraser Returns to TV: ‘We’re so Excited!’

SHOWBIZ CHEAT SHEET: Matt Fraser Returns to TV: ‘We’re so Excited!’

When psychic Matt Fraser spoke to Showbiz Cheat Sheet in April 2020, he was teased that E! was still gearing up for another season of his reality TV show Meet the Frasers.

Matt and (then) fiancée Alexa Papigiotis were engaged and he dished that filming was already underway but was paused due to the pandemic. Like everyone else, Matt was hoping for a short pause – which turned into multi-months of isolation.

“It was crazy because the pandemic came in and it shifted everything,” Matt recently told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I feel like it changed TV as we know it. It was kind of weird because we had almost two years, where the world missed out on everything. We missed out on so many shows. We missed out on so many people’s lives.”

Fans of psychic Matt Fraser will finally get to catch up with the Frasers

Even though he couldn’t move forward with another season of Meet the Frasers, Matt continued to host live virtual readings and he wrote more books. He teased that his new book, “We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife” is definitely not his last.

Matt Fraser from the new show 'The Frasers + ONE' holds a puppy and smiles

Eventually, Matt returned to the road and his tour continues to be in high demand.

But fans still wonder what happened since Matt and Alexa got engaged, but they also missed seeing his fun family who seems to believe that social distancing doesn’t exist when it comes to family. Now fans can catch up with the Frasers on Friday, January 6 at 8 pm on Facebook Watch with The Frasers +ONE.

“The same thing happened with Alexa and I is that there was just this big gap,” Matt said since his show Meet the Frasers Season 1. “What was so amazing is that the moment that we got the all-clear and the moment that everything started to get back to normal, it was the time when Alexa and I actually found out that she was pregnant.”

Psychic Matt Fraser gets married on the new show … and here comes baby!

In 2020, Matt hoped that fans would follow not only their journey to the altar but their dream to have a baby someday. “And the moment that happened, filming started right back up. So we’re so excited,” he said.

The trailer will hook anyone who watches it. Matt and Alexa recount their lavish Palm Beach, Florida wedding and the thrill of learning that Alexa is pregnant. “My head is killing me,” Matt is seen telling Alexa. “You know how you have pregnancy brain? I have psychic brain.” Hilariously adding, “I have a conga line full of dead people right behind me.”

Matt said he was thrilled to return to TV, especially to a streaming platform like Facebook Watch because fans don’t have to pay for it, they can access the show at any time, plus it has a wider, global reach.

“The only difference is we had to find a different home,” Matt said referring to the move from E! to Facebook Watch. “So now we are streaming, which is amazing. And the new show is The Frasers + ONE, which is a one-time special that’s coming out to bring everybody back and show them what happened during that time when we were on hiatus.”

He even wears a pregnancy suit on ‘The Frasers + ONE’

Matt may be a psychic medium, but he admitted to being pretty clueless about what his wife endured during her pregnancy. Fortunately for Alexa, his friends and family were happy to help him find out. He’s seen putting on a pregnancy simulation suit and the result is nothing short of comical.

“This is my first time having a child and more importantly, learning the ropes of how to deal with pregnancy just like Alexa was. So, I had to learn just as much as she did!” he shared.