PEOPLE: Matt Fraser & Alexa Papigiotis Married!

PEOPLE: Matt Fraser & Alexa Papigiotis Married!

Alexa Papigiotis and Matt Fraser are married.

Matt Fraser and Alexa Papigiotis are officially husband and wife.  The psychic medium and his bride, who are featured on E!’s Meet the Frasers, tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Palm Beach, Florida on Saturday.  Scroll through to see all the photos from their “magical” day

Fraser, 30, and Papigiotis, 23, met in January 2017, when her messaged her on Instagram asking her out to coffee — a very “21st century” love story, they told PEOPLE.

Over two years later, in May 2019, he popped the question and the pair got engaged.

Their nuptials were originally scheduled for February but, like many other couples over the past two years, they delayed the date due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fraser said the postponement was a blessing in disguise. “It allowed us to give everyone time to get vaccinated,” he said. “But then at the same time, you need every minute that you can to plan and to prep — it’s literally taken us two years to plan this wedding.”

About 93 friends and family members were in attendance for the ceremony and party at the historic Henry Morrison Flagler Museum in Palm Beach.

The venue was originally built as a wedding gift for the owner’s wife in 1902. “We’re literally getting married inside of a wedding gift,” Fraser said of the “breathtaking” waterfront location.

Papigiotis said the museum location made for a “magical” day. “It is the most amazing place — we could not have picked anywhere better. It’s so romantic, it’s charming, it’s magical,” the former Miss Rhode Island Teen USA said. “Every time we’re on the grounds, it just feels like you’re in a movie.”

The bride said the design and decorations were true to their “extra” selves, with plenty of gold and glittery accents, as well as a “humongous” light-up sign of their last name.

The event also featured various personal touches. When guests arrived, a string quartet played a song from Beauty and the Beast in honor of Papigiotis’ love of Disney, and later on, a cappuccino cart marked Fraser’s love of coffee.

In addition to cake, the duo served up McDonald’s Happy Meals to each of their guests at the end of the night — an homage to their mutual love of junk food.

As for their outfits, the couple said a lot of thought went into their wedding looks. “We love fashion so what we’re all wearing and looking like as a bridal party was very important to us,” Papigiotis said

Fraser went “classic” with a black tuxedo, while his groomsmen wore complimentary white tuxes.

Papigiotis, meanwhile, stunned in a lace-adorned gown, which she made sure Fraser didn’t see until their first look just before the ceremony. Her bridal party, composed of all family members, wore one-shoulder black dresses and elegant opera gloves.

Papigiotis told PEOPLE the first look was what she was most looking forward to about the wedding. “I got my gown a year and a half ago and I was never able to tell him what it looks like — he has no idea what I’m going to look like on that day,” she said ahead of the ceremony. “So I’m just so excited to see him for that first time and have a really intimate moment together before we see everybody else.”

Next up, Fraser and Papigiotis will be jetting off to Barbados for their honeymoon.

Once they return, they said they both agree that kids are the next step for their relationship.

“We are ready for kids,” Papigiotis said. “We are so excited. We’re going to, God willing, start trying right away, and we are just so excited to make our own little family and raise children together. That is our top priority for married life.”

Once they return, they said they both agree that kids are the next step for their relationship.

“We are ready for kids,” Papigiotis said. “We are so excited. We’re going to, God willing, start trying right away, and we are just so excited to make our own little family and raise children together. That is our top priority for married life.”

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THE OAKLAND PRESS: Psychic Matt Fraser back to public shows

THE OAKLAND PRESS: Psychic Matt Fraser back to public shows



For Matt Fraser, the pandemic pause brought a little more quiet than usual — from the voices inside his head.


Without live appearances, the celebrity psychic medium from Rhode Island and hosts of E!’s “Meet the Frasers” adjusted to not having the deceased pop up in day-to-day circumstances.


“There’s always that background noise of hearing people who have died,” the exuberant Fraser notes by phone. “So when the pandemic happened and my fiancée and I  were stuck in the house, for the first time in a long time I didn’t hear anybody. It was so different, like the whole world was quiet.


“It was a definitely a culture shock, a different way to live. At the beginning it was kind of nice … but also very sad. I felt like I had lost a piece of me for a while.”


Fraser did exercise his “gift,” which he attributes to his mother and grandmother, during the time off, mostly via virtual readings that were attended by people from around the world as well as “mini teachings” about the afterlife on Facebook. He also wrote a new book based on questions he’s often asked, and he has another TV project in the works.


And this weekend he gets back to live readings. His engagement at the MotorCity Casino (rescheduled twice) will be Fraser’s first in-person event, as well as the venue’s.


“I’m really really excited,” says Fraser, who was making three live appearances per week before the pandemic. “This is really my favorite thing to do, being with people and helping connect them with their loved ones. Being able to be in front of people again is just … I think I’m going to be more excited than the audience is.”

THE DETROIT NEWS: Psychic Medium Matt Fraser Comes To Detroit

THE DETROIT NEWS: Psychic Medium Matt Fraser Comes To Detroit

Noelle Gray

The Detroit News

Detroit — Psychic medium Matt Fraser wants to bring peace of mind to the residents of Detroit, one lost loved one at a time.

“I feel drawn to come, because I want to bring peace,” said Fraser. “People need to realize, especially with the pandemic and all these things happening, that we need to come together.”

Fraser will be performing Sunday at Motor City Casino, the first live entertainment being held at the Sound Board Theater since the pandemic shutdown.

As the star of the television series,”Meet the Frasers” on E!, Fraser explores his personal life alongside his family and pageant girlfriend Alexa’s family, taking viewers to the other side of his day-to-day experiences.

“Instead of all the readings and the things you see on TV, it brings people behind the scenes of my life, and get to know me, to get to know my family, and I thought that was pretty cool,” Fraser told The Detroit News over the phone ahead of the live show.

DIGITAL JOURNAL:  A Psychic Medium & Bestselling Author

DIGITAL JOURNAL: A Psychic Medium & Bestselling Author

Television star, psychic medium, and bestselling author Matt Fraser chatted with Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos about “Meet the Frasers” and being a performer in the digital age, and the impact of technology during the quarantine.

Fraser is a star of the hit reality television series Meet The Frasers on E! Entertainment, as well as America’s top psychic medium. “It has been great. At first, I was nervous because I hadn’t done reality TV before, but to be honest with you, you forget that the cameras are there really quick,” he said.


His sold-out live events, shows, television appearances, and popular private readings have allowed him to bring healing, hope, and laughter to a worldwide audience of fans and followers.​ He has worked with A-list celebrities, social media influencers, and everyday people.


Each day, he is motivated by his “clients.” “Getting up each day and seeing the messages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and people telling me that I am inspiring them and helping them cope with their pain of losing their loved ones,” he said. “Also, at the same time, people are coming to my pages and they are sharing their own stories. Even though my pages are primarily about me, it has become a community for people to come and meet other people that are like them.”


“Every single day, I am learning things that are new. It is a little bit like Rosetta Stone,” he said.


“I am very blessed and I feel blessed every single day,” he admitted. “My clients helped define me, and they shaped who I am. I don’t consider the fans as followers, I consider them family because they are all so positive. My fans are the nicest from all over the world.”


On being a TV personality in the digital age, he said, “To be honest with you, it has helped me reach people I normally wouldn’t have been able to reach and meet before. At first, I was skeptical about doing things online because I didn’t know how it was going to work, especially I am so used to being on the road and on tour. All of a sudden, all of these people decide to tune in online. I’ve read people from Greece, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.”


“Without this new form of technology, I would have never been able to reach these people without physically going there,” he added.


He acknowledged that he sees a silver lining during the quarantine. “The quarantine has taught us a little about connecting with the spirit world,” he said. “When we first went into quarantine, I didn’t know what was going to happen. Then something amazing happened, even though we couldn’t connect with our family members and see them face to face, we discovered a new way to communicate with them via Zoom. Now, we have learned to connect with people in a whole new way using technology.”


“Another thing I’ve noticed is that we are all here in this world to help one another,” he said. “If we didn’t help each other during the pandemic, where would we be?”


Fraser noted that he has loved being at home and enjoying his house. “That is something I haven’t been able to do before since I would travel so much and I was out of the house so much,” he said. “I appreciate being at home and spending time with Alexa and our pets.”


Regarding the title of the current chapter of his life, he said with a sweet laugh, “Zooming with the dead.” “I think that everybody’s chapter in their lives is ‘Zoom’ something such as Zoom holidays, Zoom birthdays, Zoom cooking,” he explained.


A bestselling author of When Heaven Calls and a true global phenomenon, Fraser has caught the attention of major media outlets across the country such as the New York Times, People Magazine, and CBS Radio. He has also been a sought-after guest on such popular television shows as The Real Housewives, Botched, and The Doctors, among others.


For young and aspiring artists, he said, “Keep following your passion.” “Keep going on your own path and don’t listen to anybody else,” he said. “There is enough room in the universe for everybody to have success in what it is that they are doing. Also, I would encourage parents, educators, and people that influence the youth to encourage people to have their own path. We are all brought into this world with different gifts.”


Fraser defined the word success as “looking back on your life and taking away life lessons from it.” “Helping people and being inspirational and that you left your mark on this world. That is what success means to me,” he said. “Also, knowing what your life purpose is. I feel that we are all here to contribute to this world.”


For his fans and followers, Fraser concluded, “Thank you so much, I couldn’t have done it without you. I love the people that have followed me from day one from before I had a TV show and before I was anybody. To see all of those people still following me on my journey shows me that I am doing something right.”


To learn more about Matt Fraser, check out his official website and follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

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POPCULTURE: Psychic Medium Takes Readings Online

POPCULTURE: Psychic Medium Takes Readings Online

Following a nearly two-year waitlist for private readings, psychic-medium Matt Fraser is making the most of his spiritual gift amid the ongoing pandemic by expanding his reach for fans and believers of the paranormal with a number of online group readings. Between emotional and often stunning revelations, the Meet the Frasers star has been known to keep audiences at the edge of their seats with his unique approach to connecting individuals with those that have passed. While in conversation with, the 29-year-old E! personality opened up about the groundbreaking global event and what fans can expect from the group sessions.

“I was nervous and excited but at the same time, I’ve never used my gift in this way,” Fraser said in our series PopCulture @ Home. Sharing how he has read for individuals in one-on-one sessions over the computer, reading for multiple families was a different experience altogether. “I was like, ‘I don’t know if it’s going to be too overwhelming. I don’t know if their loved ones are going to come through.’ [But] we did the very first event and […] the moment people started to appear on the screen — if you’ve ever seen Zoom, everybody just starts appearing — I started to see their loved ones with them as well.”

It was at this moment that Fraser realized how this was not just a humbling moment, but one he could really get behind in helping bring closure for thousands. “The next thing you know, I’m all over the screen delivering these messages,” he said. “It became such a hit that we’ve been doing them again and again and again and again, and we wanted to do something that was really affordable for everybody because, during this time, everyone’s at home, we’re all missing loved ones. We’re all thinking about our loved ones right now — especially those who are widowed, or those who had lost a son or a daughter, or those who are in the house literally by themselves.”

After going on to build an international clientele from A-list celebrities to everyday folks hoping to get in touch with those lost, Fraser shares most humbly how the online events are just $19 to attend and open to everyone from around the world. Of course, with a broader, more global audience, one has to wonder if any language barriers exist — even in the afterlife.

“For private readings, I want to say 90% of my clients are from out of the country and the reason why is because of the fact that they can’t see me in person, so a lot of people have signed up and waited a long time for private readings,” Fraser said. “When I do connect with somebody who speaks a different language — well, usually they speak English, but their loved one spoke a different language — they will still come through to me because heaven is universal.”

Fraser shares how during readings, the spirits will speak to him in a “different” way, which allows him to effectively communicate their message. “The best way I can describe it is that they use universal messages to speak to me. Imagine if I just passed you a photo album of my life and I’m like, ‘Tell me about my memories from my childhood.’ And you’re going through the photo album and you’re saying, ‘Okay, this was your birthday and you were with your grandmother, and you were here’ — and you can tell a story from that photo album. It’s the same way that they talk to me,” he explained. “When they can’t tell me things because there might be a language barrier, they can still make me feel things and they can still show me pictures and visions of things that I can put together to tell a story.”

Fraser goes on to admit he is “so glad” to be able to deliver these messages to those that need it most. “My whole job is about communication,” he said. “What I do is put people back in touch with their loved ones and the way that it works for me is that I see them, sense them, and feel them.” The E! reality star further adds when he’s in the middle of a reading, it’s a very distinct process. “I’ll see the departed and then next thing you know, I’ll hear names, dates, and places, and they’ll make me feel what had happened to them when they had died and if there’s any message there that they have to deliver a family member, they’ll also take the time to do so.”

Helping to bridge the gap between the living and deceased, Fraser shares that when he is facilitating those conversations with the spirit world, a lot happens with his own body. “What’s so crazy is they use all the parts of my body to communicate with me,” he revealed. “The same way that we have the five senses, they’ll use those same ways to communicate with me. So I’ll literally hear them in my ear whispering names and dates to me, I’ll feel what they went through. So for example, if someone passed of pneumonia, I might feel like I’m being suffocated or I can’t breathe. If somebody passed of a heart attack, I might start to feel my heart start to flutter. If somebody passed of a head injury, I might start to feel my head.”

He adds how the same time, some will also show him visions, which are “almost” like being in a dream. “The way that I describe visions, it’s the same way if you were daydreaming. You know how sometimes you just drift off into space and you see different random things? That’s the same thing that your loved ones do to communicate a message with me. They’ll show me memories from their past, memories from before they had died, and even things that are going to happen within the future. Because when our loved ones go to the other side, they can see tomorrow so much more clearly than we can even see yesterday.”

For more on Matt Fraser, watch the entire interview on PopCulture and see him provide a very accurate reading after our conversation that left yours truly speechless. To get your tickets to Matt’s next online group reading, head to his official website and follow him on Twitter for the latest!


NYSG: Psychic with a Fashion Sense

NYSG: Psychic with a Fashion Sense

What do you get when you bring two crazy big Italian families together -a reality hit TV show! The E! network series “Meet the Frasers,” follows Matt Fraser, a 28-year-old psychic medium and Alexa Papigiotis, his 21-year-old pageant queen fiancée as they live their lives in small town Cranston, Rhode Island.

In ‘Meet the Frasers,’ fans are able to peak in on their everyday lives. Matt communicates with passed loved ones, Alexa’s pageant queen life, the couple’s engagement reveal, and their adorable cats who always seem to steal the spotlight are the show’s highlights.

This adorable celebrity couple shares how they first met. Alexa explains, “Matt first DMed me on Instagram and congratulated me on winning the Miss Rhode Island Teen USA pageant.” The two later agreed to meet up for coffee and from then on, Alexa knew Matt was the one. Their mutual love vibrations can be felt simply by speaking to them, just as it is clearly portrayed on their show.

The question everyone asks Alexa is, “What is it like dating a psychic medium?” Alexa admits that at first, she was very weary, but soon she witnessed how Matt’s amazing gift touched so many people’s hearts and brought closure to his fans. This has me thinking, we should all find a psychic medium to date, am I right?

Matt is America’s top psychic medium who hosts various group readings around the world. From going on tours, to releasing his best-selling book “When Heaven Calls,” he has also made several guest television appearances on shows like The Kelly Clarkson Show, The Real Housewives, and Botched. This multi-talented psychic medium keeps people on edge when it comes to his group readings.

Everyone wants to know, how did he discover this gift? Fraser explains, “I was around 3 years old when I first saw my grandmother. She was the first soul that I connected with and I started to speak with her as if she was physically present With the ability to speak with souls, there is a process that occurs which has changed over the years, When I was younger I would see spirits of passed loved ones. They would literally be yelling and screaming to me in bed, trying to get my attention.

However, now that I have embraced my ability, that does not happen anymore because the spirits know that I am open to communicating with them whenever they

want.” Fraser knew this was a gift he needed to share with the world on live television.

Alexa Papigiotis previously won Miss Rhode Island Teen USA. The show depicts her prepping for her next pageant – Miss Rhode Island USA. Fashion plays an important role in Alexa’s persona. Her bold sense of style is inspired by iconic women such as Aubrey Hepburn, Victoria Beckham, and Kris Jenner. She loves a clean elegant look and has a fashion project in the works. Likewise, Matt also has a strong sense of style, which he describes as different, iconic, and memorable. Together their fashionable spirits shine through the screen.

Matt Fraser & Alexa Papigiotis Style Week

With increased exposure and international television distribution, Matt and Alexa who come from a small state, are grateful for the love and support they receive in the public eye. They get recognized wherever they go and are amazed by how so many people are invested in their lives and want to learn so much more about them.

Despite 2020 being a crazy pandemic year, the couple still keeps busy. Their wedding date is set for February 2021 and we predict that this stylish couple would only deliver a magical wedding experience.

“Meet the Frasers” is waiting to hear back on a Season 2 renewal, due to the pandemic. Regardless, Matt and Alexa will be working on more special television projects. The couple has captured our attention and we are excited to see what their future brings to the public eye.