POPCULTURE: Star of ‘Meet the Frasers’ on Accepting His Gift

POPCULTURE: Star of ‘Meet the Frasers’ on Accepting His Gift

Matt Fraser, star of Meet the Frasers on the E! network, went from being an EMT to a reality star in what seems like an overnight change, but that certainly wasn’t the case. Not only was it a long journey for Fraser to accept his abilities, but when he started doing readings, which were initially just for fun, he never intended to be one of the next big faces in Hollywood. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Fraser explains that the process of him being where he is now with his gift wasn’t quick or easy.

“It took a long time for me to actually accept my gift, because when you are so young and you’re seeing the departed, you don’t think that it’s people who are family members of friends. When you’re seeing dead people, you think of them as ghosts. I never thought of them as people who used to walk this earth,” Fraser explained to PopCulture. When Fraser first noticed his gift, he was around 3 to 5 years of age, saying the only person he felt like he could relate to was the “little boy in The Sixth Sense,” because that was his life. “I woke up every night seeing and hearing people who had died, and it was frightening for me,” he said, adding that in the beginning, it wasn’t something he wanted to do as he just wanted to “live a normal life.” But in his teens, he went to see a medium and that’s when he realized how much of a blessings his gift was.

Before becoming a full-time medium, Fraser was an EMT who says he started doing readings for family and friends, but that it expanded into large audiences — that’s when he was approached to do a TV show. But he’s not the only one in his family who has this talent. His mother and grandmother were also gifted with psychic abilities, but clarifies that they all read differently. “My grandmother, she actually used to use cards to read people … [but] my mom is different. My mom will meditate before she does a reading, and she’ll get visions and things in the form of thought waves,” he said. “Where with me, it’s almost instantaneous, I see and hear dead people. And when I walk up into a live event or an audience space, I literally see them.”

When Fraser was approached about doing the show, he said it changed a lot for him but mostly because his followers now get to meet his family members, including his mom, who he jokes is “not professional” saying “tickets go missing” and that she doesn’t usually dress up either. While this may be the case, his mother has been by his side since day one — they even worked together before his reality show. The show offers his fans an opportunity to not only see how he’s changing other people’s lives through readings, but it allows them to meet his family, and now fiancé Alexa Papigiotis.

Fraser just wrapped his book tour for “When Heaven Calls: Life Lessons from America’s Top Psychic Medium” and is gearing up for Season 2 of Meet the Frasers. Fraser is still finding ways to communicate with his fans while quarantined with his family amid the coronavirus pandemic. For more information on how to get your own personal reading from Fraser and a list of locations he’ll be visiting, visit his website here.

TULSA WORLD: Psychic Medium Brings His Gift To The Stage

TULSA WORLD: Psychic Medium Brings His Gift To The Stage

Family gift: Q-and-A with psychic medium Matt Fraser of ‘Meet the Frasers’

Psychic medium Matt Fraser, star of the E! television series “Meet the Frasers,” is appearing Saturday, Feb. 15, at the Osage Casino Skyline Event Center.

He answered four questions in advance of the show:

You wrote in your bio that, as a child, you heard whispers and voices and saw apparitions. Wasn’t that scary?

Growing up was so scary for me! I felt like I was living that movie “The Sixth Sense.” I grew up hearing voices and seeing the departed from when I was just 3 years old. Being so young, I never knew that I was a psychic or a medium. I literally just used to think that the house was haunted. I didn’t realize it was an ability. My mom tried to get me to talk about it, but I was too afraid. I just wanted to be normal, so I pushed it away for years.


Just before leaving for college, you were going to be an EMT but your career path changed when you and some friends decided to go see a psychic. Were you skeptical about going to see the psychic — and what happened to change your course in life?

I always knew that I wanted to do something with helping others. I just didn’t know what that was. I decided instead of going to college, I would train and be an EMT. My dream was to become an EMT and then a paramedic. Around that time, I went to see a psychic medium myself. I wanted to know about my future and about my life, and instead, she kept telling me I was a medium and needed to embrace my own gifts and use them to help others. Yes, I was skeptical, but she was on point and she didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear. She told me what I needed to hear.

It was at that moment I started to look back into my own gifts. I realized after seeing her and the people she helped that I too could do the same thing. It completely opened my eyes. I decided to open myself back up and listen to the voices of the spirits and, when I did, my life completely changed. It’s like heaven guided me on a brand new path to help others to heal.


It’s interesting that your mother and grandmother were psychics. Genetic?

My grandmother was a psychic medium and so is my mom. We all have the psychic gift, except for my sister. For some reason, it never got passed on to her. Even though my mom and grandmother had abilities, they never used them professionally or spoke about them. Back when they were growing up, it wasn’t an open topic like it is now. Often, it was not accepted.


What can people expect to happen when they go see your show in Tulsa?

People have seen and heard me give readings on TV and radio and have even watched me give readings to celebrities. Now, they can join me up close and personal and be part of the audience for a live audience reading. During the event, I will be reading and reconnecting as many people as I can with their loved ones in spirit. I never know who will come through or what soul will speak to me, and that’s the fun part. During the course of the show, I speak to mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. This is so much more than a show. It is literally a family reunion with heaven.

HOLLYWOOD LIFE: Why Matt Fraser Made ‘RHONY’s Dorinda Cry

HOLLYWOOD LIFE: Why Matt Fraser Made ‘RHONY’s Dorinda Cry

Psychic medium Matt Fraser has done many celebrity readings before, but there’s still one star whom he’d love to meet.

“I would absolutely love to read Cher,” psychic medium Matt Fraser told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY when he recently came in to promote his new E! reality series, Meet The Frasers. Matt, who has done celebrity readings before, revealed, “Cher is a big one for me … We don’t know much about her and [late ex-husband] Sonny [Bono], and about the chemistry afterwards, and what happened after their breakup and whatnot, and after their divorce. I don’t know, there’s just something inside of me that feels like she still loves him so much, so I would love to reconnect them, especially because all this time has passed. Cher is a legend. She is a legend, and there were some marriages that happened afterwards, so I would love to see that connection between her and Sonny. I’d love to see if there’s still something there.”

Cher first gained popularity in 1965 as one-half of the folk rock husband-wife duo Sonny & Cher (with then-husband Sonny) after their song “I Got You Babe” reached number one on the American and British charts. Soon thereafter, they went on to sell 40 million records worldwide and became rock’s “it” couple. Sadly, their marriage didn’t last, but they did have a child together — Chaz Bono — before divorcing in 1974. Cher and Sonny both went on to marry other people after their split, and he tragically died in Jan. 1998 after suffering from injuries he incurred when he hit a tree while skiing.

Sonny’s death was heartbreaking, and Cher gave a eulogy at his funeral, but it’s been over 20 years since they both had a chance to speak to each other, so we’re definitely intrigued by Matt’s desire to try and reconnect them. We think it’d be a special moment for everyone involved.

And speaking of special moments, Matt recently did a reading with Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda Medley, and it’ll be featured on the Bravo show’s upcoming new season. He told us, “I got to meet with Dorinda Medley, who was incredible to meet. She invited me to her Berkshire home to go and help her reconnect with her [late] husband [Richard H. Medley]. Before meeting her, I didn’t know that her husband had passed, but the crazy part is that when we were driving there, sometimes souls will come to me early, and I kept hearing, ‘I’m the husband. I’m the husband’. And then sure enough, the minute I got there, her husband was right behind her. That house was so special to them. The moment that I got there, I saw visions of helicopters flying in, and he was showing me that they used to ride on helicopters to the house, and that they used to have big family gatherings there, and that house was such a special place for Dorinda.”

Matt continued, “So the minute I got there, I knew why she wanted a reading. But at the same time, when I met Dorinda, it was a very different Dorinda than most people, I think, see on TV because I could tell that she had such a huge pain that she was dealing with on the inside. She was so, so much in grief, and even when I was talking to her, it was something that she tried to hide. I could see on the outside she was trying to be strong, and she was trying to be put together, but on the inside there was just this pain that was there from her husband, and they just had such a true love with one another.”

“Her husband came through, and he confirmed some of the people that he was with on the other side, which I think is so incredible,” Matt further told us. “I think that when a soul comes through, and they can tell you the people that they’re with on the other side, it immediately puts you at peace because you know okay, they’re not alone. They’re in heaven, they are okay, and more importantly, they’re with us. I think that just showed Dorinda that he was with her every day. And there were some things that didn’t make it in the episode, because when you’re doing TV, it was an hour reading, but they cut it down to just small moments. For example, he had seen that Dorinda had given his ring to his daughter, so that during her wedding day he could still be there in spirit. Key moments like that. So you saw her tearing up. It was a very emotional reading, but it’s what she needed, and I was just so happy that she chose me to connect with her husband, and she trusted me to deliver that message to her.”

Want more? Check out new episodes of Meet The Frasers airing Mondays at 11pm only on E!

THE DAILY DISH: Dorinda Medley’s Reading with Matt Fraser

THE DAILY DISH: Dorinda Medley’s Reading with Matt Fraser

Dorinda Medley Chokes up at Late Husband Richard’s Message from Beyond the Grave

The RHONY cast member met with psychic medium Matt Fraser — and you should probably get your tissues ready.


Have you ever wondered if there’s an afterlife of some kind? Or if there’s a way to know if our loved ones are watching over us? Well, The Real Housewives of New York City‘s Dorinda Medley was lucky enough to explore these and other ideas when she invited psychic Matt Fraser of Meet the Frasers over to do a reading.

The RHONY socialite and medium sat outside together and some unexpected information came through — like a special message from Dorinda’s late husband, Richard Medley.

“I got a good feeling the minute I walked in,” Matt tells Dorinda in the video below.

Matt went on to tell Dorinda that he could sense her husband was there. The medium then revealed that Richard told him to hold her hand. The ‘Wife was already feeling emotional at that point, but it was the message Matt communicated to her from her late husband that really shook her up.

Matt tells her, “The first thing that he wants you to know is that you don’t have to keep searching for him all the time.”

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. You might need a tissue for the rest — Dorinda definitely did.

Find out what Richard’s full message to Dorinda was in the video below, and see more of Matt and his readings during Meet the Frasers on Mondays at 10/9c on E!.


CRANSTON HERALD: Seeing ‘ The Other Side’

CRANSTON HERALD: Seeing ‘ The Other Side’

Southern New England residents may know psychic medium Matt Fraser from his shows at local venues, during which he performs group readings for those in the audience.

Now, people all over the country will get to see those abilities and get a glimpse into his life behind the scenes.

The new television show “Meet the Frasers,” which premiered Monday on the cable network E!, showcases Fraser’s own personal and working relationship with his family, as well as his girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis’s relationship with hers.

Members of Fraser’s family who star in the show include his mother, Angela, father, Rod, and sister, Maria. Papigiotis’s family also stars in the reality show, including her mother, Sharon Ciolli, stepfather, Anthony Ciolli, and sister, Ava.

“My family works for me, which is a blessing because I love seeing them everyday,” Fraser said. “The best thing is that we all get to work with one another.”

However, he added that his mother “thinks she’s the boss” and that both his sister and his dad are skeptics of his abilities.

According to a press release from E! and NBCUniversal, “Matt and Alexa can always count on their families to give them unwavering support and advice – even when they haven’t asked for it.”

Fraser and Papigiotis both grew up in Rhode Island and agreed that “there’s really nothing like it.” Fraser, a Cranston native, attended Stadium Elementary School and Hugh B. Bain Middle School. Papigiotis grew up in North Providence and attended the schools there, but she said she has “always loved Cranston” because when she was in pageants, the dress shops were located there.

So how does having a local connection affect their lives and careers?

“We love it,” Papigiotis said. “You always have to remember where you came from. The show is really showcasing Rhode Island and Cranston.”

She added that people come up to them mostly in Cranston, Providence and at the beach. Fraser said people have messaged him on Facebook expressing their excitement regarding the new career step.

“For us, there’s no place we would rather live than Rhode Island,” he said.

Fraser, 28, believes that with the airing of the show, people will get to see “the other side of Matt Fraser,” such as life with Papigiotis and the rest of his family. He said he hopes the show will “demystify” psychic abilities and demonstrate that he is a “regular guy who just happens to see and hear dead people.”

Fraser also added that he hopes viewers will be able to relate to the family dynamic in the show, whether it be those who lost loved ones being drawn to him, young women connecting with Papigiotis or those who share the skepticism of his sister and father.

“Everyone can watch it together,” Fraser said.

Papigiotis said that her favorite part of the show is the fact that they can participate in it together. She said that she and Fraser can showcase their relationship while presenting their families to viewers and “[putting] love in other people’s homes, too.” She added that the show is realistic to their lives.

“The show showcases us and our daily lives, and our real issues,” she said. “There’s love, passion, humor and situations we go through day to day, and I think that’s what people find inspirational.”

Throughout his life, Fraser said he has had the ability to see and hear the deceased. He said at just 4 years old, he realized he could communicate with them, but at the time he found it frightening.

“Being so young, I just thought the house was haunted. I remember being that young and screaming for my mom to help me,” he said.

His mother, a psychic herself, pushed him toward his abilities. He said he had always wanted to help others, and eventually became an EMT working at the World Trade Center in Boston. He said while in this profession, he would walk into work knowing what the day ahead had in store for him – whether it be someone dealing with diabetes or having a panic attack.

“[It] was a good thing because it prepared you for what was to come,” Fraser said.

Papigiotis has made a career of competing in pageants, and her journey of participating in the Miss Rhode Island USA competition will be demonstrated on the television show. She’s been competing in pageants since she was 15 years old, beginning with the Miss Rhode Island Teen USA competition where she placed in the top 15. The next year, she was crowned Miss Rhode Island Teen USA and won the Miss Congeniality award.

Notable places in Rhode Island have been used as sites for filming the show. In Cranston, places such as Sonya’s Boutique on Oaklawn Avenue, the Park Theatre and the Fraser home in western Cranston have been used. In Providence, restaurants such as Mare Rooftop, Capriccio, L’Antica Trattoria at St. Bart’s and more have been used for filming. Filming also took place in Newport for some scenes.

“Because it’s a place that Alexa and I live, we get to film in our hometown. I think it’s going to be something that people are interested in,” Fraser said. “They get to see Rhode Island, what our community is like.”

“Meet the Frasers” airs at 10 p.m. Monday nights on the E! network. For more information, visit meetmattfraser.com, or follow Fraser and Papigiotis on Instagram and Twitter @meetmattfraser and @alexapapigiotis.