EXAMINER: A Conversation with ‘America’s Top Psychic Medium

Spiritual Healing: A Conversation with ‘America’s Top Psychic Medium’

This column is part of a series exploring topics that provide new insights into the boundaries of established science. 

By Adam Stone

Anyone who might already be familiar with Matt Fraser’s origin story knows he often discusses how he was seeing and hearing the departed from the time he was a child, as young as three years old.

Billed in his marketing as “America’s Top Psychic Medium,” Matt Fraser, known for the 2020 E! Entertainment series “Meet the Frasers,” will be appearing in our neck of the woods at the Paramount Hudson Valley in Peekskill on Apr. 5.

He was somewhat confused and scared about it all the time, but later learned both his mother and grandmother possessed their own unique psychic talents, and he ultimately came to understand the nature of his extrasensory abilities.

Now the 32-year-old Rhode Island native and former emergency medical technician is billed as “America’s Top Psychic Medium,” preparinMatt Fraser Photo eventg to play the Paramount Hudson Valley in Peekskill on Apr. 5 as part of a tour of live events in the United States and Canada, with the United Kingdom possibly on deck.

Bursting with an endearingly outrageous personality, Fraser’s fame grew in 2020 from his E! Entertainment series “Meet the Frasers,” a reality show about him and his boisterous family, later writing a New York Times bestselling book, 2022’s “We Never Die.”

When I interviewed Fraser two weeks ago, I wanted to better understand when in life he came to truly grasp how he could use his mediumship – communicating with spirits – to transform people’s lives.

It turns out there was indeed a specific moment for Fraser, when he was 18, having recently graduated from Archbishop Williams High School in Braintree, Mass.

He had been doing readings for friends, just as a sort of casual amusement.

But then he was introduced to a family who had lost their loved one to suicide. Emotionally unprepared for what he’d see, Fraser cried with the family when the visions came.

“That was the first time that I had ever experienced pain like that,” explained Fraser, now the father of an 18-month-old son with wife Alexa Papigiotis, a former Rhode Island beauty pageant winner. “I gave them the messages and told them why their son did what he did. More importantly, showing them that their son was happy, seeing the joy on their face and seeing the healing that came and the comfort that came at that moment was the a-ha moment that I realized I can do this for so many.”

‘I’m a Believer…Now’

Fraser’s next book, “Don’t Wait Till You’re Dead,” is scheduled for release in August.

In recent months, when going down a variety of YouTube rabbit holes, I’d stumble upon Fraser’s videos.

I was blown away by the incredibly specific, nuanced, private detail he would summon, converting hardcore skeptics into total believers in an instant.

Beyond his formal events, Fraser has also gone viral for wowing doubtful broadcasters.

One memorable example from 2016 features former Buccaneers receiver Michael Clayton, who co-hosted “Studio 10 Live” in Tampa Bay, a daytime show.

Check it out online.

The broadcaster’s hardened worldview melts away before your eyes.

“He did not want me on the show,” Fraser told me. “He did not believe in psychics or mediums. Anyway, the producer convinced him just to have me on.”

In the video, Fraser notes several pieces of minutia about Clayton’s late friend’s life experience and untimely death.

“I’m a believer…now,” Clayton says at the conclusion of the nine-minute segment where his co-host also received a powerful reading, their eyes both wet. “This is so phenomenal and what a great experience. I’m shaking right now because it’s kind of surreal.”

‘Who’s Wearing His T-shirts?’

In 2022, Fraser published “We Never Die,” which became a New York Times bestseller.

I wanted to speak to someone who had benefited from Fraser’s live events.

When I heard about Carlos Rivera’s story, I knew he’d be the perfect person to call.

The Bronx resident had been a debunker before Fraser essentially helped save his soul at a pair of shows.

Back in the fall of 2017, Rivera was grieving the loss of his 37-year-old son, Kristian, to an overdose. Someone had laced his son’s marijuana joint with fentanyl.

After his son died, Rivera helped absorb the parenting responsibilities of his grandchildren, but was feeling broken.

Accompanied by his wife and the mother of his son’s children, Rivera somewhat reluctantly attended one of Fraser’s events in New Jersey, about a month after his son died.

At the time, Rivera’s wife Millie had been honoring Kristian’s spirit by wearing his t-shirts every day, and no one else knew that fact.

“Well, Matt came over and he said to me, ‘Your son just died recently, right?” Rivera recounted to me in a phone interview last week. “‘He’s standing behind you.’ He always says that they stand behind you.”

Then Fraser approached Rivera’s wife.

“Matt says, ‘Who’s wearing his t-shirts? Which one of you is wearing his t-shirts?’ And my wife raised her hand. Right then and there, I knew this guy was for real.”

‘Miracle Worker’

Captivated by the experience, Rivera decided to attend another of Fraser’s events about a year later in Connecticut.

Rivera said Fraser appeared to recognize him at the event, and referenced the fact that his son’s spirit was again in the room.

But then Fraser also noted how Rivera’s late mother was also making an appearance, and she was taking sassy credit for her son’s commitment to tend to his grandchildren.

“Matt goes, ‘Your son’s here, and he’s telling me to tell you that you’re doing a good job with his kids,’” Rivera recalled. “He then said, ‘There’s a woman that died, your mother, she passed away.’ I said, ‘Yes, she did.’ Matt then says, ‘Well, she’s telling me, this is funny, because she’s saying,’ ‘I taught him all of that.’ Now, that’s my mother talking. You know what I’m saying? Exactly how my mother talks.”

I asked Rivera how the experiences changed him, going from a complete denier into an unflinching believer.

“He has brought an everlasting peace into my heart and in many other people who have lost their loved ones,” Rivera replied in a subsequent e-mail. “He is truly a miracle worker that God has given this very special gift.”

First Person

Carlos Rivera, at the back, with his late son, Kristian, his father, Carlos Rivera Sr., and Kristian’s son Angelo.

Unfortunately, when I connected with Fraser two weeks ago for a Zoom audio interview, he was recovering from an illness, and couldn’t deliver a reading. (We have a session tentatively planned for the coming months for a possible future piece.)

However, late last summer, a few months after Examiner Digital Editor Robert Schorkdied of cardiac arrest at just 51, I connected with a psychic medium, around the time I was reporting on the true nature of near-death experiences, a global phenomenon transcending race, culture, class, religion and era.

I wasn’t explicitly searching for Robert at the time but it’s easy to surmise that the notion of communicating with my late friend was flitting prominently through my subconscious.

The results of the reading – still the only one I’ve had to date – were extraordinary.

I hadn’t given the medium any information about myself.

All she knew was my first name, and the reading was conducted over the phone.

‘Wonder Twins’

Some family members of mine are skeptics themselves about any existence of psychic abilities (I used to be, generally speaking, if I’d given it any thought at all) and I was sure to e-mail them immediately after the reading so I’d have contemporaneous notes to reference at a later date.

Shortly before the session started, I thought to myself what evidence of Robert’s presence at the reading could theoretically look like. If the psychic was able to identify an obscure inside joke of ours, that would serve as an impressive piece of data.

Robert Schork, an editor with Westchester Magazine before becoming Examiner Media’s digital captain, died at the age of 51 last May. His spirit was a presence at a psychic reading.

For instance, if the medium noted the old Hanna-Barbera cartoon “Wonder Twins,” a pair of random superhero characters Robert used to joke was our joint nickname, given some of our similarities.

Don’t forget: the Connecticut psychic only knew my first name.

She didn’t know what I do for a living, or absolutely anything about the anonymous voice on the other end of the call.

“She asked if the name Robert meant anything to me,” I e-mailed my family last Aug. 24 just after the reading. “She said he died young of a heart attack. She said she got a brother vibe between him and I. She said we had an inside joke where there’s two characters dressed in a funny way, like the 1970s.”

Even though she also shared some information that I didn’t connect with during the reading (radio signals can be less than crystal clear when communicating with another dimension), the medium produced a laundry list of other mind-blowing details: about Schork’s laugh, about a certain phrase I overuse, about my coughing at the time, about a loved one’s gastrointestinal issues, about a late acquaintance of mine named Jon, about my mother’s passing, about the way my late paternal grandfather died of pancreatic cancer and about someone in my orbit’s excessive drinking.

I gave the medium no verbal cues, even when I was desperate to elaborate on her commentary, given how on track she was with most of the narrative.

For whatever reason, and for better or worse, I absorbed the encounter more as clinical reporting evidence than an emotional experience.

“She said I’ve been coughing and have had some breathing issues and mid-back issues recently,” I wrote in my August e-mail to my family. “All true. She said to get a more ergonomically correct workspace and to consult a doctor about the back and breathing.”

There’s a fascinating common thread stitched throughout a variety of columns I’ve recently prepared, exploring an array of alternative topics from near-death experiences to eastern medicine, astrology, terminal lucidity, and claims of extraterrestrial encounters.

For me, the connection is this: robust anecdotal evidence exposes the folly and inadequate logic in insisting we exist exclusively in a material world.

We reside in a mysterious scientific universe, defined by invisible energy, where only word salad explains away the divine.

Healthy skepticism needs to be turned on its head, stress testing conventional western explanations – that approach appears to be growing, as a Pew Research Center survey conducted last summer showed that a whopping 70 percent of U.S. adults identify as spiritual.

Remote Viewing

It’s worth noting that declassified documents from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) reveal our government’s serious investment in psychic abilities in the 1970s during the Cold War, through initiatives like the Stargate Project.

For instance, Joseph McMoneagle, a former Army officer recruited into Stargate, claimed to “see” inside a Soviet submarine facility in 1979 using provided coordinates, with detailed descriptions reportedly verified by satellite imagery.

Although some emphasize how the efforts failed to consistently generate actionable intelligence, what I find much more remarkable is the fact that controlled scientific testing helped illustrate the power of what the CIA called “remote viewing.”

“A statistically significant laboratory effort has been demonstrated in the sense that hits occur more than chance,” asserts an analysis, declassified in 2002 and available on the CIA’s website.

If you start doing a deep dive on psychics, you begin to understand the framework of potential future science that could eventually better explain the phenomenon.

While it remains murky to me, as a layman, I am starting to understand how the abilities reside from expanded consciousness, a heightened sensitivity to energies beyond typical human perception.

Magical? No. Spiritual? Yes.

Some might be born with more natural abilities in this space – like a piano prodigy such as Mozart – but it’s a skill anyone can theoretically learn.

Fraser was born with a natural genetic aptitude for mediumship, which was then nurtured in his home life.

But we all have intuitive abilities we can hone, and there are tons of books from well-credentialed authors on how everyday people can do just that.

In other words, you can be a psychic too.

Profound Moment

While every reading is special to Fraser, some undoubtedly resonate with him more than others.

One such recent experience involved a mourning mother who lost her two- and three-year-old sons a dozen years ago.

You must watch the video online to understand the potency of the moment.

“[I see] two children that were lost as well,” Fraser says in the video. “Were there two souls that died?”

“They’re my boys,” the woman confirms.

“You lost both children?” Fraser asks.

“Yes,” she affirms.

Shortly after, Fraser notes how he “just saw a vision here.”

“First of all, did they drown here in the physical [world]?” he asks.

“Yes,” the sobbing woman replies.

“I saw what happened because one of the boys let the other boy out,” Fraser reveals. “And that’s how I see them dying, because one followed the other. Do you understand that?”

“Yes,” the woman cries back, accompanied by her similarly emotional sister.

Fraser then elaborates on how the woman needs to transcend the feelings of guilt she’d punished herself with over the past 12 years.

He notes that the souls of the woman’s sons know how their mother often drives around in her car, pretending like the boys are physically present.

“So know that anytime that you’re riding in the car and sometimes you just think or you feel like your two kids are back there with you, know that they truly are and that they are not holding you accountable on the other side,” Fraser emphasized. “The only one that’s causing that guilt is you.”

“Thank you so much,” the teary woman musters.

(When Fraser discussed this encounter in our Zoom interview, he said it’s a reading he “thinks about every single day,” and the exchange actually led him to add greater child safety measures at the pool he’s building at his home.)


When Fraser told me about the a-ha moment from when he was 18, involving the young man who committed suicide, I wondered what it taught him about the mission-based work he was about to embark on in his life.

“So, all of a sudden, that’s when I realized, oh, my God, this is something that actually I can use to heal people,” said Fraser, who performs regularly at The Venetian resort in Las Vegas. “This goes beyond just telling people about their life. People need this to put back the missing piece of their heart that they’ve been missing.”

In an infinite universe marked by profound mysteries, learning about the eternal nature of the soul provides Fraser’s fans with life-changing perspective and otherworldly evidence.

While some dismiss mediumship as mere quackery (and yes, there are charlatans too, like in any field) Fraser loves wary participants the most.

“Those are my favorite, favorite, favorite readings to do because so many people walk in and they’re skeptics, or maybe they’re dragged in by their wives or whatever it may be,” Fraser said. “They’re shunning everything out. And then something happens during that reading that just makes them come around. And it’s just incredible.”

See for yourself on Apr. 5 in Peekskill.

Especially if you’re a debunker.


CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Matt Fraser To Appear LIVE at Hard Rock!

Matt Fraser said he didn’t need any “powers of prediction” to know one day he would be playing the 2,000-seat stage venue at Hard Rock Northern Indiana in Gary.

To date, Fraser has already played capacity crowds when previously booked at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tampa, Hard Rock Atlantic City, Hard Rock Cincinnati, Hard Rock Sacramento and Hard Rock Biloxi.

“It was just a matter of time, and now, here I am,” said 32-year-old Fraser by telephone with his distinct Rhode Island accent, the same delivery means for his psychic relays of messages from deceased loved ones to clients and audiences.

“I was just in the Chicago area on March 14 for a similar event at Genesee Theatre in Waukegan. I love when I get to come to the Midwest. I’m sharing a gift to be able to communicate with the other side”

At 7 p.m. April 11, Fraser is bringing “his gift” to audiences at Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana, and he said he is excited “about the energy he will capture from the gathered guests.”

“It’s not possible to get to every person in a theater who has questions, but I sure do my best to meet as many people as possible,” Fraser said.

Fraser established fans and followers when E! network premiered his 10-episode reality series “Meet the Frasers” in January 2020.

His original career was in the medical field as a trained emergency medical technician, but Fraser said he always knew he had other talents he had yet to explore.

“Even from a young age, I had the sense that I was able to communicate in a way that was beyond the ordinary,” Fraser said.

“I always knew I had a talent for healing, be it physical or help others to better understand themselves and those around them.”

He published his first book “The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability” in 2012 and then a second book in 2020 titled “When Heaven Calls.”

His most recent book, “We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife,” was published in August 2022, which was a New York Times bestseller.

Fraser just finished his fourth book titled “Don’t Wait Till You’re Dead: Spirits’ Advice from the Afterlife,” which will be released in fall 2024.

Of his many television appearances, including “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” “Red Table Talk with Gloria Estefan” and “Real Housewives of New York,” Fraser said a 2021 appearance on the discussion talk show “The Doctors” ranks as his favorite on-air moment.

“Since I spent my earlier career in the medical field, I’ve always loved the TV talk show ‘The Doctors’ and grew up watching it,” Fraser said.

“To have the chance to be a guest on that show was something extra special for me.”

Emphasizing the difference and contrasts of ages’ old astrology, charting the stars to predict and prophesize, Fraser said he didn’t grow up reading his horoscope.

“I always sensed I had a special gift to communicate with those who have gone before us, but I spent much of my youth ignoring my abilities,” Fraser said.

“The first time I really started to think about cultivating my talent was during my senior year in high school when a bunch of friends all decided to go see a psychic, and I went with them.”

As for crossing paths with “psychic friends” and contemporaries, Fraser said he is friendly with Theresa Caputo, known as The Long Island Medium, and Tyler Henry, the latter of whom brought his own psychic stage event to Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana in November 2022 before a sold-out audience.

“Theresa and Tyler are really the only two other psychics who travel and tour as I do to bring our stage events to audiences,” Fraser said.

“But anyone familiar with all three of us realize how different our techniques are and also our stage style for interacting with audiences.”

Fraser said he is offered appearances and guest star opportunities for television, but declines if “they are not my style or brand.”

“My work is all about healing and feeling closure to talk to those loved ones who we never had final time with for unfinished thoughts and messages,” Fraser said.

“But I get all of these offers to be on haunted and ghost themed television shows, and I’m just not interested. I want others to feel good and hopeful about what I’m telling them, not scared with scary music playing as the overlay while I’m talking on camera.”

Philip Potempa is a freelance reporter for the Post-Tribune.

WROR: Psychic Medium Matt Fraser Mystified, Enlightened and Healed

LYNN, MASSACHUSETTS: Thursday night in Massachusetts psychic medium Matt Fraser had a thousand loyal fans on the floor laughing, by talking to their deceased loved ones. How can that be funny, you may ask? Well ask the Rhode Island born medium who says his gift was handed down from his grandmother. “She couldn’t really share it out loud in those days. She even kept it from my grandfather.” It was home-spun stories like that and dozens more that entertained, mystified, enlightened and healed a loving Lynn Auditorium audience.

Millions have seen Matt stun his audience in person and on television sharing his breathtaking gift. His hit show Meet The Frasers is on E Entertainment.

Rhode Island. The smallest state in the nation is primarily known for its sandy beaches, wicked local accent and loud Italian-American presence. Until now… In this half-hour reality sitcom, follow the humor, heart and hijinks of Rhode Island’s emerging golden couple, psychic medium Matt Fraser and his beauty queen girlfriend, Alexa, and their extended families.

On stage, Matt’s Rhode Island humor comes through: “right now, your deceased loved ones are whispering in my ear, telling me to talk to you, and they won’t shut the hell up.” That is the gift of someone known as a psychic medium. If you want to believe it (I do) there are people among us that possess the ability to receive messages from beyond our physical world from our deceased loved ones, and interpret them for those here, still living.

Some may believe it’s baloney. But watching Matt in action can transform even the most rabid skeptic. Matt pointing to a woman in the audience:

“Your Dad is here, he’s RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! Did your Dad die recently?”

Women in audience: “he recently died, but not from smoking.”

Matt: “He’s right there.”

Woman: “hmm…I don’t think it’s my Dad.”

All of the sudden the woman BEHIND the first woman jumps up and says: “Did you say died of smoking? It’s MY DAD.”

The audience watching on the huge auditorium screen gasps in amazement. At this point Matt continues to stuns the audience with a list of rapid fire, hysterical and heartfelt validations that could in no way be known. The proof was the reaction of the daughter of the deceased smoker, (and many in the audience) crying happy tears.

I have experienced this gift first hand. In the past, I have had two readings from wonderful and skilled mediums. They report back that my Dad is with me each day. Both readings, 20 years apart, said the same exact thing. My Dad, came through to both mediums, using specific language. They both said “your Dad is saying you stepped up for him. What does that mean to you?” When he was sick back in 2002, I stopped my fulltime radio career for six months and moved in with him and my Mom, back home to help them. When he was alive he would say, “you stepped up to help me.” I have never posted that on social media, or shared it with anyone. How could the mediums know that personal fact? There were other stunning validations that came through, which reinforced my belief.

Kelly Clarkson says:

His readings will definitely raise the hair on the back of your neck.

If you’re fascinated with work like Matt’s, you may want to get his book “We Never Die.” It checks off all of the boxes between our world, and the next. Actress Jenny McCarthy’s endorsement of the book reads: “This book is like my own private reading.” When Matt comes to your town, you get an incredible value at his show. You get a free autographed book and a picture with Matt if you get his meet and greet package with the tickets. He was very friendly and generous with taking pictures and selfies.

All of us have one thing in common: we all have or will have a loved one that will leave us, some day. Matt’s beautiful gift and entertaining personality, makes his audience leave feeling lighter, knowing that our loved ones, while they leave us physically, never leave us, and are here watching over us.

ENTERTAINER: Matt Fraser is the Heaven’s Middle Man

ENTERTAINER: Matt Fraser is the Heaven’s Middle Man

People often wonder what exactly happens after death. Is there an afterlife? Are our deceased loved ones at peace? While different faiths lead to different conclusions, one man has gotten a pretty clear vision into the other side.


Psychic medium Matt Fraser has “the sixth sense,” or the ability to connect with souls that have passed on. He uses that ability to put the living at ease by relaying messages from their deceased friends or relatives.


While Fraser has now accepted his special gift, when he first began hearing voices from the other side as a small child, it was quite frightening.


“I was around the age of 3 or 4 when I first started seeing and hearing the departed,” Fraser said. “It started off where I saw my grandmother that had passed away when I was 3. After that, other souls started coming in, so it was crazy, because being a little boy, I was like living that movie, ‘The Sixth Sense.’


Every time I went to bed, all these souls would line up trying to speak with me and connect with me. When souls started to show up that were not family members, souls that I had never met before, that was so scary for me, because I didn’t know what they wanted. I thought the house was haunted. I didn’t realize these were souls that had messages. I was convinced that our house, growing up as a kid, had evil spirits in it, because I didn’t know why it was that I was feeling these things.”


These strange sensations at a young age were a hefty burden, so Fraser tried to rid himself of the voices and carry out a normal life.


“I did everything that I could to make the voices stop, to just be normal, to stop hearing and seeing these visions,” Fraser said. “But, it never truly left completely. Even though I did everything I could to make the voices stop and push what I was sensing away, I always could feel people on a different level. It was just this inner connection I had on a deeper level with most people. I could feel their pain, I could feel them on an emotional level.”


Due to this heightened connection he felt, Fraser chose a career path where he could help others.


“Because I had that ability, I always felt I needed to be in the healthcare field,” he said. “So, I actually started my career as an EMT, where I worked for the World Trade Center in Boston for the security operations department. Then from there, I went to go and see a medium for the first time myself, because at that point I was older and I wanted to understand what it was that I was running away from. So I went to see a medium for the first time and it changed my life, because I realized this is actually a gift. It’s not something that I have to worry or run from. It’s something I could actually use to help people.”


With newfound clarity about his ability and a passion to use his gift, Fraser began connecting people with their loved ones from the spirit world who were coming through with specific messages. He then started hosting readings to touch as many lives as he could.


Fraser explained that he can’t necessarily choose who he connects with, but rather the departed souls choose to connect with him when they have a need to talk to their loved ones.


“It all depends on the souls,” he said. “Souls come through when they have messages. It’s not like I’m walking down the street and all of a sudden there’s just random souls and everyone’s soul of a loved one is coming through. It depends on when there’s a message or when a soul has to come through. For example, so many times, we don’t get to say, ‘goodbye.’ So many times, there are questions over a loved one’s passing, such as how they left this world and if they are safe and at peace on the other side. There’s so many things that we question and wonder, and that’s where I come in as a medium. Souls will use me to finish their stories and tell a story they couldn’t when they were here in this world.

“I don’t ask questions, because the souls on the other side, already know what they have to come through and say to help you to heal. For example, when I do a reading, I never say, ‘Who are you looking for? Who do you want to connect with? What do you want to ask them?’ Because the thing is, your loved one’s spirit can hear your thoughts, feelings and emotions and they know what it is that you need to hear to be able to heal and move forward with your life, and that’s what’s so amazing.”


This connection certainly sounds amazing, and understandably, hard to believe, until you have experienced it for yourself. Laughlin guests will have that chance when Fraser comes to the Edgewater Pavilion, Saturday, Nov. 25.


“Come to a show and watch a reading,” Fraser implored. “There’s so many times I see skeptics’ whole world change for the better just by coming to an event. It happened not too long ago when I was on television. There was this reading I did with Michael Clayton, a former NFL player who had me on his talk show. It was funny because, he didn’t really want me on because he didn’t believe in mediums or the other side. But the moment I started talking to him, his friend that passed away came through, and he was just completely blown away. He was in shock and it changed the whole way he thought about death.”


Fraser said anybody in the audience at his shows has a chance to receive a message from the departed.


“The moment I walk out on stage, it’s like the audience disappears and all I see is dead people,” he said. “I tell people, ‘It doesn’t matter where you sit, it just matters that you’re there.’ When you’re there, you’re part of the experience, whether you’re sitting in the front or the back. What’s amazing is, the souls lead me all around the room. One minute I could be talking to someone in the front row who lost their son, to next thing you know I’m in the back talking to someone who lost their daughter. What’s amazing is, the souls have a way of reaching every single person there. If there is a message for you, I will get it to you, no matter where you sit, and that’s the fun part.”


While his events are entertaining, Fraser is in the business of helping people and that is why he tours the country sharing his gift with the world.


“I love having this gift,” he said. “In the beginning I didn’t, because I didn’t understand it. Once I understood how powerful these messages are and how they help people, that’s when I realized, ‘Oh my god, this is incredible!’ I’ve seen these messages change people’s lives. I’ve seen so many people not want to move forward in their life because of the loss of a loved one, or they think there might not be a Heaven, or an afterlife, and to hear a message from their loved one, and know their loved one in spirit is OK, it means they know they can be OK as well. That’s what I hope to achieve with every single reading.”


Fraser has also written three books, with a fourth one coming soon, in which he answers the most intriguing questions about his ability and life after death.


“My first book was, ‘The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability,’ which was an eBook all about how to discover your own gifts,” he said. “Then I wrote a memoir of my life called, ‘When Heaven Calls.’ My most recent book, I am so proud of, it’s called, ‘We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife.’ In this book, I answer all the questions people have been really wanting to ask a psychic medium but might not have the courage. Questions like, ‘Is there a soulmate?


Do you reconnect with your soulmate on the other side? What happens if a loved one passes tragically? What happens to the souls that don’t go to the other side?’ So that is all in my latest book and I’m so glad I decided to write it, because it has been the book that everyone has wanted. The moment it was released, it instantly hit ‘The New York Times’ bestseller list. I realized that so many people have wanted to ask me these questions, but may have been too scared. So I think this book really fills the gap in really helping people understand what truly happens when we leave this world.”

TRUE HOLLYWOOD TALK: Matt Fraser talks about his book and Tour Dates

TRUE HOLLYWOOD TALK: Matt Fraser talks about his book and Tour Dates

Top American psychic medium Matt Fraser chatted about his book “We Never Die, Secrets of the Afterlife,” which will be available in paperback on August 8, via Simon & Schuster.


“I am so excited about it,” he exclaimed. “When my last book came out, I got a call from the New York Times telling me that I made the bestsellers list, and I couldn’t believe it! This book is really about the questions one would ask a psychic medium such as what happens when you die? I try to answer questions that most mediums won’t talk about, and it’s definitely interesting.”


“The more that we learn about the spirit world, the more that we feel closer to them and that we can connect with them and speak to them, and that way, it doesn’t seem so final. There is a continuation and living life as a spirit,” he added.


He acknowledged that the tour has been “great.” “We have been working on it,” he said. “People are less afraid to go now and you can see that. I like seeing people going out, having a good time and having fun. I finally feel like we are back where normal should be,” he explained.


Fraser spoke about falling on stage during an intense psychic reading. “I was so scared because I was more afraid when I heard the audience’s reaction,” he said. “It was a really big arena. I didn’t realize that there was a speaker behind me so when I went to step back I basically fell backwards. It happened so quick, it was a fall but luckily, I didn’t hurt myself.”


While he has yet to be in Greece, he hopes to go visit his wife’s motherland. “I love the Greek food, customs and traditions. The tiropita and the spanakopita are my favorite,” he said. “I love all of the traditions that people of Greek nationality have. We love avglomeno soup, koulourakis, and the koufeta almonds for weddings. I feel like the Greeks have a dish or a tradition for every celebration.”


He shared that his baby, Royce, is doing well. “The baby is doing good, and he is so cute. This is the perfect age. I wish we could freeze time and keep me this age, it’s the best, and I really enjoy being with him,” he said.


He shared that he likes the new streaming platform Threads because it’s the “new Twitter.”


His book “We Never Die, Secrets of the Afterlife” is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other book stores.

BROADWAY WORLD: Psychic and Reality TV Star Matt Fraser returns to Las Vegas

BROADWAY WORLD: Psychic and Reality TV Star Matt Fraser returns to Las Vegas

Psychic medium and E! Entertainment reality TV star Matt Fraser is returning to The Summit Showroom inside The Venetian Resort July 21 and July 22.


Matt is a medium that receives messages from those who have passed and tours throughout the year to reach a wider audience.


“When you are a medium, something new happens daily,” he laughs. “I tour throughout the country, but the audience is diverse in Las Vegas since many people in the audience are from around the world. This is one of my favorite events since it is one of the most intimate I do on tour. It is so unique since I am up close with the people who are attending.”


Feature: Psychic and Reality TV Star Matt Fraser returns to The Venetian Resort Las VegasHis goal is to bring healing, hope, and laughter to the audience with his outrageous personality and unique approach to mediumship, passed down from generation to generation. As a teenager, he wanted to understand this ability and embrace these gifts. Born and raised in Rhode Island, Matt still resides in his home state.


He has written three books, The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability and bestsellers When Heaven Calls and We Never Die, Secrets of the Afterlife. “I am writing my next book, which focuses on what actually happens when we pass on. It is an inside look at the other side during the transition process.”


He has appeared on other television shows, including Botched, The Real Housewives franchise, The Doctors, and The Kelly Clarkson Show. Matt has read for celebrities including Donny Wahlberg, Gloria Estefan, Jenny McCarthy, and the stars of the TV show Botched, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif.


As an audience member, he selects people to read from the back of the theater as well as the front rows. Matt will move around the room to connect with the right people with a message. He aims to read for as many people as possible who attend his shows.


Matt Fraser returns to The Summit Showroom inside The Venetian Resort Las Vegas July 21-22. Show time for both nights is 8 p.m. Tickets are available for purchase at any box office at The Venetian Resort or by calling 702.414.9000 or 866.641.7469.

Photos by MotorCity Casino