SI ADVANCE: Psychic Medium Matt Fraser brings his gift to Staten Island

SI ADVANCE: Psychic Medium Matt Fraser brings his gift to Staten Island

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Matt Fraser says he’s been seeing dead people for as long as he can remember.

(Video by Bill Lyons)

Branding himself as a “medium with a message,” the 27-year-old psychic medium recently performed a live reading in the

Hilton Garden Inn, Bloomfield, as part of a cross-country tour.

“I think a lot of people come in positive because they’re very interested in hearing a message from a loved one,” said Fraser’s father, Rod. “Then you get people who are skeptical and then some who aren’t skeptics but they don’t know who Matt is and they’ve never been to a psychic. It’s always a mix.”

Fraser’s live reading on Staten Island was a testament to the mixed market. It was attended by 250 people; some were alone, others were with friends and family — but all came looking for answers and a chance to communicate with those they’ve lost.

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Fraser explained to those in attendance that he started his career as an emergency medical technician, but decided to use his gift of talking to the departed —

something he claims he’s been able to do since he was 4 years old — for good.

Before he made his way across the room, Fraser told the crowd: “Even if your loved one doesn’t come through to me, they are still with you. Look for their signs.”

“When souls first pass, it’s very hard to communicate with them,” he said. “You know, there’s a lot of paperwork to fill out,” he joked.


Rosemary Wenig of Sunnyside went in a skeptic and left a believer, saying Fraser nailed details about her father during the group reading.

“Things that he brought up are things he couldn’t have known from anywhere else,” she said. “I was totally in awe. I had goosebumps and, of course, he made me cry, but it was really wonderful.”

“I think he validated for quite a few people and I gotta say, he was better than most of the ones I’ve seen before,” said Linda Graves, another Staten Islander in the crowd.

Apparently, communicating with a lost loved one can be profitable. Fraser said there is a two-year wait for a private reading with him, and he recently announced dates for his seven-day “spiritual cruise” in 2019.

THE LIST TV: How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities – 3 Tips from a Psychic Medium!

THE LIST TV: How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities – 3 Tips from a Psychic Medium!

What happens when we pass on? And how can we keep in touch with our dearly departed? These are questions many of us have pondered. The List spoke to renowned medium and author Matt Fraser, who shared three tips on how to develop your psychic abilities. Read Matt’s insights below to learn to how to sharpen your intuition, and communicate with the Other Side.

By: Victor Padilla

1. Send a Sign to Heaven

Matt’s first tip on how to develop your psychic abilities? Send a sign to Heaven! Your loved ones are only a thought away. Sometimes people are frustrated because no matter how hard they try, they have not been able to see, feel, or sense signs from their loved ones. I always give them the same advice. Your loved ones in Heaven might need a sign from YOU – so they know you’re emotionally ready for them to connect. Conversation is a two-way street. When you start to speak to your loved ones at the beginning or end of each day, you begin to open the channel and show them that you are ready to feel their presence. It can help to say “hello” to them either out loud or in your head. Tell them how your day is going and ask them for guidance. Your loved ones in Heaven love and support you. They love helping you achieve your goals. Sometimes it can even help to write a letter to them in Heaven. The more you speak to them, the more that you begin to feel and sense their presence and understand that they are with you.

2. Trust Your Feelings

Have you ever heard that little voice inside you? The one that tells you slow down! in the car, right before an accident happens? Or maybe you’ve had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right, and then something happened. It is important to know that that little voice is not just coming from you. Heaven and your loved ones are using it to reach you. The same way you can sense and feel when danger is near, or when to use caution, you can also use that sense to feel the presence of your loved ones. They can come visit you in a dream, or you may even feel them with you, but not be able to explain it. The key is trusting your feelings. When you wake up from having a dream, write it down. When you feel a presence around you or have random thoughts come to mind of a loved one, thank your loved one in spirit for the visit. Heaven gives us all a cellphone to reach Heaven. That is why so many children see and have experiences with seeing family members who have passed. Although most of us “outgrow” the ability to see them, they use your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to communicate with you. Another way you will sense them is through smell. If you suddenly smell your grandmother’s Jean Nate out of nowhere, it means she is close by. One of the most critical parts on how to develop your psychic abilities is trusting your feelings, trusting your inner voice, and going where you are being led.

3. Look for Signs & Synchronicity – How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities 

Matt’s third tip on how to develop your psychic abilities is to look for signs and synchronicity. Signs are the best way that Heaven uses to communicate with you. They send you signs based on their personality. They are the butterflies that you see by their graveside, or the 11:11 that keeps popping up on the clock, or the pennies, dimes, or nickels you continue to find. The rule is that anything you think is a signs form Heaven is. They use this way to reach you because they want you to know they are close by without interfering in your life. Signs are like little postcard from Heaven. They come at a time when you least expect them, but most need them. They bring a smile to your face and remind you that they have never left. The way you know that a sign is real is if it keeps repeating itself again, and again, and again. When you finally wonder why it keeps happening, that’s when you know it’s a sign. Coincidences do not happen, but divine timing and signs do. The more open that you are to receiving them, the more that you will receive.

If you’ve been looking for advice on how to develop your psychic abilities and reach the Other Side, now you’ve got three tips to try!

Want more insights into the afterlife? Download Matt’s book The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability on Kindle here – or buy a hard-copy here!





May 3rd, 2018

I cannot believe he is just 26 years old, was my first thought during my interview with psychic medium Matt Fraser.

So much wisdom and knowledge in someone so young! Definitely an old soul if I had to assign that term to anyone. Yes I am a skeptic, with the hundreds of infomercials and stands at every fair filled with psychic and mediums, no wonder most people today are skeptics. When I had the chance to interview the newest sensation in the medium/psychic world, I jumped at the chance; maybe this one is for “real.” Let me just say, this one is.

First let me say, he is charming. Talking to him is like talking to someone you have known for years, I can see the appeal with the audience. “I was afraid of my gift” he honestly mentioned when I asked him when did he discover his talent. “I was a child and I remembered being terrified to go to bed because almost every night I would hear whispers and voices in my empty room, all trying to get my attention.”  Growing up he thought it was a curse, seeing people who are long gone from this earth; something that he couldn’t relate to his peers on. “I thought I was the only one with the ability, the only one experiencing it. I was afraid and avoided my gift for many years. I didn’t consider it a gift till many years lady. My grandmother, who also has the gift was the one that helped me accept it.” He did mention that now these days if a child has this gift, all they have to do is Google and YouTube it and know that they are not alone. It took Matt 8 years to embrace his gift.

Matt’s mother and grandmother both had the gift so it was genetically written in the stars that he was bound to inherit the family gift. “My grandmother didn’t want anyone to know that she had the ability; it was in the 1950’s and you just didn’t share that. She did do readings for close family and friends and loved helping people with important messages from their dead loved ones.” She never did it professionally for the public, but Matt grew up knowing about his grandmothers and mothers gift. Matt’s most life changing experience was when he sat down with a medium and she saw that he had the gift, she told him to embrace it. “That was life changing” he stated then he started doing readings for close family and friends, even doing them at college in his dorm room. Word started spreading quickly in Rhode Island and he started doing more readings. He went forward with this gift, he avoided for years, and never looked back.

Early in our conservation, I asked him why are there so many skeptics of your talents. “People are abused and used and it continues to go on. These so called mediums and psychics, they rip people off so people stop believing in them.” I did ask them if he has meet anyone else with the same abilities as he has? “Medium all have different abilities. People who have the gift are very very rare. Mainly people have a heightened sense of intuition, but the gift itself, I only met 2 other people with the gift. It is something you are born with, you just can’t get it.” One of the people that he does confirm to have the ability is Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo. He loves her!

He did mention to me that during his events, which by the way he is coming to Chicago, IL on September 30th for a live event (more details here!) he has a full group audience setting where he walks around for 2 hours, delivering messages from loved ones. There is always a limit of 300 people max and he gets to about half of them; but catch is he can only deliver messages if the departed loved ones are there. His first message delivered (not to close family and friends) was while he was shopping at a store on a normal day. A ghost came to he to deliver a message to another shopper in the store. He then went to that live shopper and related the message and left. Can you imagine having that happen to you? Matt does that. Another one of questions which I bet you all wonder too, is how do they dead look? “They look however they want. They can look like themselves at any age or time. I can see them as clear as day or as a shadow or silhouette. It is up to them how they want to be seen.” They present themselves anywhere, anytime, next to their living loved ones.

Reincarnation and hell, yes very interesting topics of conversation but I did ask him about them. “The majority of time when I call for a dead one to make an appearance they do, very rarely they don’t. So it does make me wonder, are they somewhere else or someplace else?” he stated. He did mention that it could be a possibility that they are reborn (he doesn’t know for sure) or at that other fiery place we all don’t want to end up in. “The dead do show me their afterlives. I have seen visions of many of their heavens. Heaven for them is a place where they are happiest and can be reunited with loved ones. I once saw a lady living on a mountain overlooking the ocean, that was her heaven.” At least we know that the happy place does exist after we are physically gone. While he was explaining the heaven he saw from readings, all I can imagine was the movie What Dreams May Come.

“My grandmother has visited me” he answered when I asked him if he had any loved ones contact him. “She comes to me with advice and has helped me on my journey.” I personally cannot wait to see him continue his journey with his gift.

September 30, 2018 at the The Congress Plaza Hotel & Convention Center in Chicago (520 S. Michigan Ave.) at 1 pm you can come experience this one of a kind uplifting & inspirational event that will reconnect audience members with their relatives from beyond the grave in a 2 hour group-style audience setting. Get more information here. Hope to see you all there.

WE BLOG THE WORLD: Matt Fraser Brings Comfort From the Spirit World

WE BLOG THE WORLD: Matt Fraser Brings Comfort From the Spirit World


December 12th, 2017 

If you’re interested in the ‘Other Side’ and have been on a spiritual journey for awhile now, you’ve likely heard of Matt Fraser, an internationally-renowned psychic medium. Let’s face it – his team seem to have nailed it on the Google search front – Matt is easy to find.

When I first began this journey of experiencing the work of ‘spiritual voices‘ and interviewing them,  mediums were at the top of the list, largely because I knew so little about mediumship. While I’m dozens of books into the topic now and have had about the same number of experiences, it still feels relatively new.

Although there are certainly similarities to every medium’s experiences (as children and adults), each is divinely gifted with an ability to bring love, peace, connection and healing in very unique ways. Just as therapists have their own raison d’etre and particular style with working with people, so does the medium world.

When I first visited Matt Fraser’s website, my first impression as a long time publicist myself, was “whoah, these shots feel so glitzy,” as if somehow a celebrity persona and mediumship couldn’t go hand-in-hand. The truth is that other “in-the-limelight” mediums like Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo who Matt says he admires, project a similar “Hollywood-like” image from a quick visit to their site. The more you dive into the spiritual world however, the more you realize that who we show up as in our ‘human body’ may be a far cry from the voice of our soul and Higher Self.

While I haven’t connected with Caputo personally yet, what I’ve seen of her work shows me an outgoing and ‘so not shy in front of a camera’ gal, yet she comes across as down-to-earth and let’s face it….damn funny. The same genuine nature holds true with Matt Fraser.

My Experience with Matt Fraser

My personal experience with Matt was anything but “glitzy” – his warm, authentic voice and soul is all about giving and healing those he works with in his life. During our interview, one of his childhood stories even brought me to tears.

Early on in our chat, I learn that his grandmother was a gifted psychic although a closet one, for what New England catholic woman would go public with such a rare gift in the 1950’s?  Matt says, “Grandma Mary, who was the first spirit I ever communicated with, died when I was three. She was a psychic in hiding her entire life — she was ashamed of it.”

Matt too ‘had the gift’ for as long as he can remember, hearing and seeing spirits as early as three years of age, but like so many children mediums who first fear the unknown, he tried to shut it down. After having a psychic reading in his late teens, where he was told he would be a famous psychic someday, bringing his gift to many, it made him explorer a little deeper. After all, at the time he was working for the World Trade Center as an EMT and had his career laid out as a ‘healer’ in a different way. How could this future prediction really be true?

When he relayed this reading to his mother however, she surprised him with a response he didn’t expect. “When you were born, Grandma Mary said that you were a psychic and had this gift,” she said. Into a household closet she went and pulled out a homemade card deck that his grandmother had made for him out of construction paper using old fashioned magic markers to create special symbols, characters and so on.

“What kind of symbols?,” I asked him. Matt replied, “she had a red hat man, an older gray haired man and there were different topics like job, love and relationships and so on.”

Although his grandmother didn’t believe in tarot card decks, in essence, the ever so talented Grandma Mary had perhaps created one of the first “Oracle” decks of the time, however one no one got to see her beautiful work because she had to hide from such a treasured gift.

“Grandmother made these for you right after you were born,” his mom, who also has psychic gifts, said during that very special day when she also relayed to Matt that his Grandma Mary could speak to the ‘Other Side.’

While psychic mediumship may not be frowned on as it once was at the turn of the century or in the more recently 50’s and 60’s when Matt’s grandmother was in her prime, the Spirit World is still largely feared and misunderstood.

For example, Matt tells me that there are some TV shows and companies who won’t invite him to speak because their audience may be too religious and still fear that his work is not of “God.”

The sad truth is that it couldn’t be further from the work of “God” however not in the way that so much religious dogma preaches it. In fact, Matt, like so many other psychics and mediums I have talked to, open a reading with a prayer, whether this is to “God, “God Light,” the “Highest Possible Light,” the “God Head,” “Christ Light” or simply “Divine Love White Light.”

There are others that are used, but these are the ones many use and I frequently hear mediums ask for protection from Archangel Michael (Matt Fraser included) and other angels, ascended masters and guides, to ensure that the reading is from the highest possible place and source, and to guide them on our journey.

While surely there are non-authentic mediums and psychics, for every charlatan, there are countless others infused with pure spirit, committed to serving others, for service is often how many mediums describe their life path.

For example, in a recent interview with respected medium John Holland, he says he conveys to his students: “If you embark upon a path of mediumship, understand that it is a life of service.” 

Matt Fraser gets this too and sees his life as a path of service to others. Thousands of readings later, Matt has made a career from talking to deceased loved ones of so many, bringing them messages of hope, comfort, and healing. I am not excluded but I’ll save that for the end.

Not unlike the early days of another famous psychic James Van Praagh, Matt would hear whispers from spirits in his room at night, which is known to be a common time when spirits try to communicate with us, whether we’re psychic or not.

Matt says that his biggest gift (and joy) is that he can bring people a sense of peace that their loved ones are always there, watching over them, sending messages of love and guidance, and sharing in their life’s happiness. He adds, “it is truly the gift that keeps on giving.”

“When connecting with the other side, I am blessed to learn something new every day.”

I asked Matt about Earth-bound spirits (sometimes referred to as ghosts) and unlike so many spiritual teachers and mediums I have talked to, he says that earthbound spirits are rare.

Renee: “What about if they died a tragic life, like suicide or in a war?” ( I was thinking about so many of the cases that Diana Palm often works with in helping spirits “cross over.”)

Matt: They rarely stick around for too long. Mostly, they find a way to cross over as loved ones will come to get them, and bring them into the spiritual realms.”

He asserts that when people pass over tragically, they have to let go of the burdens and emotional traumas this entails so they can work on healing on the other side.

Renee: How is your mediumship work different from others?

Matt: One way, is that I offer validation. I do this in different ways, from delivering names and dates to locations and particular memories. When I work in a crowd, I don’t like to do “group” readings but will go up to a person I am feeling energy from and stand in front of them and might say, ‘your father is standing behind you and wants you to know that he is here with you always.’ That kind of thing.

He reminds us that our spiritual family can see so much — they are around us all the time and even visit family celebrations. We started to talk about his work more specifically at this point.

Renee: What advice do you give others before you work with them and ‘how’ do you work with those who are grieving?  

Matt: Often when the grief is so heavy, it can act as a barrier to communication for me. (I was surprised by this response btw). If you’re not able to hear and see signs from a deceased loved one, you may be hurting so badly that you are unable to connect.

The same happens with me and is one of the reasons I have a policy to wait at least a year after someone has lost a loved one before I do a reading for them. (I was also surprised by this).

Renee: Is this because you can’t connect with them before then?

Matt: I’ve been able to connect with a spirit within a few days of their death, however it isn’t a constant. I would rather not disappoint people with a reading that isn’t as strong and clear as it could be. When people first pass, there’s a lot of ‘letting go’ to do so their souls can be free.

When someone crosses over to the ‘other side’, that spirit needs time. They reignite with parents and other deceased family members. For some spirits, transition can be quick but others can take much more time to begin a healing process. By waiting a year, I find that my readings are often more clear and in-depth. I feel that providing a more accurate reading is more fair to my clients.

When Spirit does come through to Matt, he says it comes quickly and naturally. “Does that mean you are mostly a mental medium,” I asked. He says that as soon as he stands next to someone, the information just comes. “The messages are always so different,” says Matt.

He reflects as he talks about an experience he recently had at the Providence Fire Department where he spoke for a benefit. “Mostly, I just ‘hear’ things I’m supposed to convey,” he adds.

Matt Fraser doesn’t ask questions because he doesn’t need to. “There’s no turning off ever,” he says with a soft laugh.

Renee: If it’s mental, then communicating with other cultures should be automatic then yes?

MattIf a spirit did not speak English in the physical world, I’ll ‘feel’ what happened in their body, including how they died, if they’re trying to convey that to me.

I’ll also hear names, places and faces. It’s like ‘reading’ pictures. Spirits will ‘paint’ a picture — it’s almost like watching a movie. I’ll see visions in front of me — visuals. Sometimes, it’s verbal. It’s quick when it comes through. They often want to convey a message of healing to those they left behind.

Like so many other spiritual teachers and gurus, Matt asserts that there’s a widespread awakening now that is unprecedented in history even if you don’t hear about it in your day-to-day life. Be sure to read my article on Thomas Hübl who is focused on raising global consciousness to prepare for the next wave in our evolution.

Even though this ‘awakening’ is becoming more prevalent, Matt Fraser largely deals with grief and helping others communicate with their deceased loved ones in a way that brings on healing. Then he hit me with another surprise.

“I limit my clients to only one reading a year.” 

Renee: “WOW,” I found myself saying. “Why is that?”

Matt: I feel that one of my biggest gifts is that one reading should be able to give them enough comfort and healing to last. They shouldn’t rely on me for healing – that needs to come from within and when I do a reading, I hope that the communication that I relay is special and healing enough that they don’t need to get ‘hooked’ on needing readings.

He says, it’s not about the money for him and that it’s about helping others. And help them feel more comforted he certainly does.

Of course my mother (the grandmother who raised me) came through pretty clearly towards the last half of our session just as she did in spades during my time with John Holland. I had to laugh however when Matt said that she wasn’t the first ‘spirit’ he saw however — it was my grandfather who still feels very protective of me. He was tough in his human body and still is on the other side.

My mother acknowledged how great at networking I was and constantly helping other people but had to add that it was well overdue for me to step into my own limelight. I had to laugh because as wearing two hats in my life — one as a publicist and the other as a writer, it has always been about helping others shine.

Each time she comes through however, her voice is getting stronger and stronger, something she couldn’t do as a woman born in 1916. It’s almost as if Gaia and Goddess energy are helping her spirit shine brighter and brighter on the other side. This alone gave me so much joy.

Before our call ended, he quickly added, “I see another father figure – do you have another dad?” I laughed softly and said yes. He went on to communicate what Dad’s spirit wanted to say to me. Without going into the details as my father was a pretty complex and trauma-filled man, let’s just say that Matt’s message was incredibly accurate. Just remember that letting your spirit family know that you forgive them, that it’s all okay and that you still love their souls just as they are, gives healing back to them just as their communication brings healing to you on the Earth plane.

Imagine gifting that to countless people week after week, year after year. While there are clearly many who still don’t believe that the spiritual realm exists, for those who are open and ready for healing and letting go of old trauma and energy that no longer serves you, genuine psychic mediums like Matt Fraser can help you sail along on your journey just a little more smoothly.

I can understand why those who have the ‘gift’ like Matt Fraser say ‘it’s not about the money’ It’s because they inherently know that it is their Soul’s Purpose and when you’re living your Soul’s Purpose my friends, everything will be in alignment.

That said, Matt Fraser certainly has made his business a prosperous one between hosting sold out group events, private readings, and his book The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability, which is available on Kindle and Paperback over on Amazon.

Additionally, in March 2018, he’ll be doing his first cruise with Holland America to bring his work into the open seas. For more information on Matt and his world, visit his website.

ORLANDO SENTINEL:  Communing with Spirits on a Psychic Cruise

ORLANDO SENTINEL: Communing with Spirits on a Psychic Cruise


November 15th, 2017

In Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” the salty seaman recounts his cursed ship being stuck in the doldrums for weeks, during which the severely dehydrated crew is visited by Death himself and “They dropped down one by one.” The mariner watches as “The souls did from their bodies fly.” And thus was documented the very first spiritual cruise.

Psychic medium Matthew Fraser’s “Spiritual Odyssey on the Sea” will likely have a better outcome. For one thing, the seven-night cruise on Holland America’s ms Nieuw Amsterdam leaving out of Fort Lauderdale, March 24-31, will have plenty of food and beverages on board. Also, guests won’t be swabbing decks; they’ll be swabbing lotion on their sun-kissed skin as they cross the Caribbean. However, there will be no shortage of departed souls in attendance.

Fraser says he has communed with the disembodied since he was a 4-year-old in New England. It’s a gift he claims his mother and grandmother had, too. (Genetic, perhaps?) He’s worked his unworldly communications skills into a successful career as an up-and-coming celebrity psychic, having appeared on numerous talk shows and radio programs and demonstrated his abilities in live readings. And he’s made it his mission to reconnect people with their loved ones.

But why a cruise? Do the departed like all-you-can-eat buffets and musicals?

“Being on the cruise and being able to speak about the different experiences that everyone onboard has been having is really healing within itself,” says Fraser, who bills the cruise as not just a psychic experience but an inspirational and transformative retreat. “It’s almost like a Tony Robbins event. Everybody in the room is feeling the energy and they’re feeling touched. They’re all vibrating on the same level … in the middle of the ocean.”

Unlike performance mediums who bring participants onto a stage and put on a psychic show, Fraser’s style is more communal. “I keep it like a group event. I don’t use a stage. I walk around the room and I reconnect as many people with their loved ones as I can.”

Nervous about ghosts haunting the bilge pumps? Fear not. Because Fraser claims to be the conduit for spiritual communication, he can act as an otherworldly doorman. “A spirit is somebody to me who is a family member who has passed on who comes and visits you. And a ghost is somebody that you don’t recognize,” he says. “If there’s a soul that’s going to come through that doesn’t have good intentions, then there should be no reason why I should bring them through.”

Matt can offer answers to age-old spiritual cruising questions such as: Do the dead get seasick? Can my deceased grandmother help me win at the pai gow poker table? And of course, How can my expired spouse find me if I’m four daiquiris deep in the Bermuda Triangle?

“Spirits are energy and they are everywhere,” says Fraser, who tunes in the hereafter like a heavenly ham-radio operator. “One reason why this cruise is important is because one of the ways you can connect with your loved ones, the easiest way for them to come through, is when your mind is at ease.” That’s one thing both psychic supporters and skeptics can agree upon.

So break out the Ouija board and tell those spirits to pack their Speedos for a cruise that crosses the Tropic of Cancer and the astral plane.

If You Go:

What: Matthew Fraser’s “Spiritual Odyssey on the Sea”

Where: On board Holland America’s ms Nieuw Amsterdam departing from Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale with ports of call in Key West; Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos; Amber Cove, Dominican Republic; Half Moon Cay, Bahamas.

When: Seven-night cruise March 24-30, 2018

How to book:


HUFFINGTON POST: A Match Made In Heaven

HUFFINGTON POST: A Match Made In Heaven


March 9th, 2017

Psychic Medium Matt Fraser Confirms His Relationship with Alexa Papigiotis Miss Rhode Island USA


Usually one to be quite quiet about his personal life, beloved psychic TV medium Mathew Fraser recently announced the exciting news to his fans and the media that he has been dating Miss Rhode Island Teen Alexa Papigiotis in a relationship that is moving along in a natural, healthy pace with both partners being very happy.


Well respected psychic medium Mathew Fraser is known for the surprisingly accurate observations he’s made on television and in live events that some would say border on magical and many others would insist prove the existence of unseen psychic abilities.  This combined with his high energy, good looks and charisma has won Fraser an ever growing legion of fans.  In exciting news, the rising celebrity, who is usually very silent about his private life, recently confirmed he is happily dating Alexa Papigiotis.  The beautiful and talented Papigiotis is the current Miss Rhode Island Teen titleholder.  Fraser made a special request of the media to be respectful of their privacy so their relationship has the chance to continue to grow naturally without outside pressure or other stresses.

“Alexa and I have been quietly getting to know each other for several months and we have become very close and are now dating each other exclusively,” commented Fraser.  “We thank you for your support and respecting our privacy. We want to continue our relationship privately as a couple and continue to be individually performing at events.”

According to Fraser, 2017 is set to likely be his most exciting and productive year yet.  His schedule for television appearances is coming together nicely, with other special events and surprises planned that should leave his fans old and new alike more than satisfied.  All while enjoying a private personal life that is overflowing with hope, positive energy and possibility.