Dads Visit From Spirit

Dads Visit From Spirit

Rosemarie D’Ascoli’s father raised her to be strong and capable. He worked hard for his family, but he still made time to take his daughter fishing. He was 19 years older than his wife. In 1986, he passed away from lung cancer at age 72, leaving his 20-year-old daughter to take care of her mother.

Then Rosemarie’s mother passed in 2015.

Rosemary had expected to hear from her dad after he died – maybe get some kind of a sign that he was with her – but in 33 years there was nothing.  Hoping to connect with her parents, Rosemarie signed up to see Psychic Medium Matt Fraser at an event in Connecticut.

Rosemarie had her doubts when she saw Matt. He was so young! “He was wearing velvet slippers with shields on them, and a shiny shirt. I thought to myself, who is this guy?” Despite her first impressions, all of a sudden Matt was standing there looking at Rosemarie. “Who is Rose?” he asked. She wants to talk to you.

Her mother had come through.

He told Rosemarie about her mothers’ illnesses. “She’s so proud of the woman you’ve become!” Rosemarie remembered, “Then Matt said he had something funny to tell me. My mother said I had been wearing her ring but that I had stopped wearing it! She said I was too cheap to get it sized. Everyone laughed. But my mom was like that – she had a sense of humor and she’d give you a jab sometimes.”

Matt looked at Rosemarie, “is that true – are you cheap?” Rosemarie said that she was.

After hearing from her mother, Rosemarie wanted more. She attended an event at the Italian Center in Stanford, Connecticut.

“There were already people in there seats, I came in late and was taking my time – I didn’t realize what time it was. I landed in the last row – I thought this could be bad, but then again, maybe it doesn’t matter where you’re sitting.”

At one point, Matt said “people who are standing behind you who have passed, and if they were quiet in life, they will be quiet in death.”

Rosemarie decided to give her dad a little nudge. “I said to my dad – I know you’re a quiet guy, but if you’re here you have to do a little dance or something so Matt can see you.” He must have heard, because Matt came right over!

Matt said “I have your dad here. He liked to drink, and he’s showing me his favorite chair. He used to hide his bottle between the seat and ottoman.”

“I didn’t know that!”

“You weren’t supposed to know that!” Matt said. “I can see that your dad and your mother fighting about his drinking.” Rosemarie remembered her parents fighting. “It was true, I didn’t want to think about that but it was something we lived with.”

Matt told Rosemarie, “Your dad is very sorry he didn’t spend more time with you and show you more affection.”

Rosemarie felt so sad when she heard that. She said “Dad, why are you thinking that way? You were there for me – it was enough”

Rosemarie explained, “I felt that he did spend time with me but looking back I know that he wasn’t always available. He would come home, and I didn’t notice that he was already loaded. As a child I didn’t really think about it. He owned a liquor store, and it seemed natural that he would like to drink. He and my mom were close, even though they fought. He did everything for us. He made breakfast and lunch and even cooked dinner. He was semi-retired when we were growing up because he was so much older.”

Rosemary was so happy to hear what Matt said next. “He said he was so proud of me. I had always wondered what he would think of how I turned out. I was still in college when he died, and I missed some exams because of his sickness. I didn’t know if I would even get my diploma. On the day of graduation, I just showed up and hoped for the best. They did call my name and I got my diploma, but it was bittersweet because he wasn’t there. My father passed in June right before my graduation ceremony.”

Rosemarie went on, “After all that time it was so good to hear that he was proud of me, and I was happy I got to talk to him. After 33 years you forget to keep the communication open.

Now I feel like he’s with me. I know someone is watching over me. Even though he’s passed, we are close again, we have little dialogues all the time. I’m speaking to him more, remembering things more. Thinking about the times we had together, fishing and going for long rides in his car.”

Rosemarie was so grateful that Matt brought her father through. “Maybe Matt knew that I needed to hear from him, even though  I was expecting to hear from my mom. I have some family things going on and needed to feel my parents were with me. Hearing from them put those things in perspective. I realized that maybe I needed to change the way I look at things. It’s mind blowing to realize that my parents are still with me.  I can have a conversation with my deceased loved ones, and it’s like they are still here. I can still get advice from them. In just a few minutes Matt Fraser changed my life for the better. “

A Skeptic Finds a New Purpose

A Skeptic Finds a New Purpose

When it came to mediums, Carlos Rivera was not a believer. If he happened upon a medium on television, Carlos would change the channel. But then tragedy struck, and Carlos lost four loved ones in four years. First both his parents passed, then his wife, and then, most shocking of all, his 37-year-old son.

Carlos became so depressed that he had a hard time leaving the house. He gained weight and tried to hide out from the world.

The pain was just too much.IMAG0453

“My parent’s death was not a surprise. They were old and had lived a good life. My wife’s death was unexpected and painful – but losing my son took the life right out of me.”

Carlos had never believed that mediums could speak to the dead, but in his grief, he suddenly found himself looking for answers in places he would not have considered before.

He began researching mediums on the internet and came across Matt Fraser. There was something about the young medium that seemed different, and Carlos ordered tickets for Matt’s event in New Jersey for himself and his daughter-in-law, the wife of his deceased son.

Carlos was surprised when Matt came up to him early in the event.

“He told me things no one else would have known.”

Matt immediately picked up on the fact that Carlos’ son had taken something that was given to him by another person. He had died of a Fentanyl overdose at 37 years of age.

“Your son knows that you were involved with the police and the FBI and did everything you could to support them in breaking up the drug ring that was responsible for his death.”

Carlos left the event comforted by the contact with his son, but he needed to know more. He wanted to be sure that his son was okay in the afterlife.

Carlos went to a second one of Matt’s events, but his son didn’t come through.

The third time, Matt went right up to Carlos with a message from his mother.

“Your mother passed away recently, and she’s with your son. She says to tell you she’s proud of you for helping raise his children.”

Carlos was in fact very involved with helping out his son’s wife. But the thing that struck him the most was the way the Matt had taken on his mother’s mannerisms and way of speaking.

“It was like my mom was right there!”

Carlos’ mother had kept the home together while his father worked two jobs. “My dad was my hero, but my mom did it all. She was an angel – loving and nurturing to her family – but at the same time tough as nails. It gave me so much comfort to know she was with my son. I knew she’d keep him in check.”

Matt looked at Carlos. “She knows the pain you went through.” Then Carlos’s son had some words for his father. “He is so grateful you are helping his wife and children. He says that he knows he should be the one doing that.”

Suddenly Matt said – “Your mother said that she taught you that!”

That was exactly the kind of thing Carlos knew his mother would have said. For a few minutes, he felt like he was talking directly to his mother.

“The first time I saw Matt, it helped me, but the second time, when he came through with my mother, well, that really took a weight off my shoulders. Matt is a miracle worker,”

After the event, Carlos wanted to talk to Matt and thank him. His son came through again for a minute as Matt was signing his book. “He’s telling me that you met me in New Jersey.”

Carlos wasn’t a skeptic anymore.

“Matt gave me a whole new lease on life. I know I have the chance for a fresh start with my grandchildren. I’m getting back in shape. I was always fit, but after my son died, I found solace in food. But now I’m getting an operation so I can lose the weight and run around with my grandkids.”

Carlos went on, “I was a military man, and very down to earth. When it came to something like mediumship, I was a skeptic. I needed Matt to prove it to me. Now I see Matt on television, and he talks to skeptics like me and makes them believers. What Matt charges is a pittance for the peace and comfort he brings. I find so much peace just watching him give readings to other people.”

Carlos lives in New York City, but not for long. He’s retiring and moving to New Jersey to be even closer to his grandchildren. He’s looking forward to taking them to ballet and karate and being part of their lives every single day.

Carlos had these final words for Matt,“my son and I had such a tight bond. He was my only son, and the comfort Matt gave be was priceless. Now I’m filling my son’s shoes until the man upstairs calls me up!”



Wrestling With Loss

Wrestling With Loss

When Fallon and Michael Arcand were growing up, they looked forward to spending summers with their father in Florida. Their dad was larger than life and they loved being around him. Known to his fans as Mike Marcello, the handsome pro-wrestler might not have been there for the day to day activities of his son and daughter, but the time they had together was precious.

Looking back, Fallon explains…

“Our relationship wasn’t constant, and we didn’t spend every single summer together, but I wouldn’t let anyone say anything bad about him. He was my dad!”

One year after spending two wonderful months with their dad, Fallon and Michael said their goodbyes and headed home. EverythingPhotocollage Dec142019at125429AM e1576302936454 felt fine and normal when they left – and the children had no idea they were seeing their father for the last time.

Five days later they received the news that he had taken his life. Fallon was devastated.

As the years passed, Fallon looked for signs that her father was with her. She often found herself talking to him and asking his advice. She desperately wanted to feel his presence in her life, but there was so much uncertainty and pain associated with his passing.

Looking for Answers

Hoping to learn more about her father’s death, Fallon and a friend bought tickets to a live event with psychic medium, Matt Fraser. After a short introduction, Matt went into the audience and did a few readings. It wasn’t long before he was standing at the row where Fallon and her friend were sitting. Matt looked straight at the two women,  focusing his attention on Fallon’s friend.

“Pass the mic down, your dads coming through.”

But suddenly he stopped. “Pass the mic to her” he said, looking at Fallon. “He said your dad has to talk to you first.”

Fallon wasn’t surprised, “That’s how my dad was, he was very persuasive, and I could see him making sure he went first.”

After Fallon had the microphone, Matt said, “Your dad wants to show you he’s pushing all the drugs and alcohol aside.”

Fallon’s father had struggled with addiction.

Matt went on, “Did you just leave a big family?”

“Yes!” Fallon had recently moved out of the two-family house where her grandparents and other family members resided. It had been a difficult choice to leave the comfort of her family and go out on her own. She remembered asking her father for advice, seeking his support for her decision.

“He’s so proud of you. He says you both had a hard time growing up, and he chose to deal with it through drugs and alcohol. You respects your decision to take a different path and choose to better yourself.”

Matt told Fallon that her father knew she had just bought a house…

And bought a truck.

She had recently done both!

But Fallon was stunned when the young medium said, “Did you think about getting a personalized license plate? I see J-J, Wait, JMA!”

Fallon had wanted to get a customized license plate with her son’s initials, JMA, but she hadn’t mentioned it to anyone.

When Matt shared such exact details from her father, Fallon knew her dad was with her.

“I always sensed he was there, but Matt reassured me. He told me he’s always with you and he’s so proud of how you’ve done in life.

After her reading, Fallon felt so connected with her father, and she could see that the medium could feel it too. At the end, when Matt was signing books, he asked Fallon to share her story.

A Sense of Healing

It’s just been a few days since the reading, and Fallon feels lighter and happier in the knowledge that her dad is watching over her and liking what he sees.

“It’s also nice to hear that he owned his issues with drugs and alcohol and was asking for forgiveness.”

Now Fallon is able to give her father the final forgiveness – knowing that he is happy with the way she’s living her life.”

Fallon’s friend eventually got her reading too! Her dad came through, and then her mom. Both girls were thrilled with their experience.

Fallon is so happy she went to see Matt Fraser’s event. “You can’t even make that up. The talent to give someone the fulfillment and healing that they have been looking for – it’s an amazing gift. Just hearing what he said makes me able to go on. I want to thank Matt for giving me that reading and letting me know that I am doing right by my family. It was a very special moment for me.”

The School Locker

The School Locker

IMG 930

            John & Amber with a Tattoo in memory of Jenna

When John Pomeroy lost his only child just days after her 16th birthday, he started looking for answers. He’d always been interested in modern-day spiritual teachings, but his daughter’s passing took his search for meaning to the next level. One day, while watching Wayne Dyer on YouTube, another video on the sidebar caught John’s eye – an interview with Psychic Medium, Matt Fraser. After watching Matt’s interview, John checked out the Matt Fraser website. He saw that Matt would be appearing live in his area later that year. John and his wife Amber decided to get tickets to the event.

The couple had been mourning the tragic loss of their daughter, Jenna. Jenna had recently told her parents that she identified as a boy and was working through the challenges of being a transgender teen. She was seeing

a counselor at school, and her parents had
recently taken her to a doctor, who prescribed medication for anxiety.

One morning John and Amber were sleeping, having each worked a night shift, when they heard a loud banging on the front door.  Jenna walked to school with a friend every day, but that morning she wasn’t downstairs waiting for her classmate. Amber and John went to Jenna’s room to wake her up. Her door was locked, and there was no sound or movement coming from inside the room.  Worried, John kicked the door open and found Jenna hanging from the closet. Jenna took her own life on November 15, 2018 ten days after her 16th birthday.

Living with loss.

Looking back, the devastated parents wondered what they could have done differently. Like most teens, Jenna didn’t share everything with her parents. While they had been supportive and taken steps to help Jenna with her depression and anxiety,  John and Amber hadn’t realized how desperate the situation was. Most of the time Jenna had acted like the same happy, loving kid she had always been.

After Jenna died her parents had her body cremated. Wanting to keep a part of her close, they had special necklaces made with her ashes, contained within an infinity sign to represent their eternal love.


Jenna’s Locker Decorated In Her Memory at School

Nearly a year later, as the couple prepared to drive to Matt Fraser’s event, something told Amber to go back and get the necklaces. She ran upstairs and got them, and she and her husband put them on and tucked them under their shirts.

Arriving at the event, John and Amber got in line. At one point the line shifted and they lost their place, but John was calm. Something told him that it wouldn’t matter where they sat. He felt confident that Jenna would find them.

Shortly after the couple took their seats, Matt Fraser hopped on stage and introduced himself, then went into the audience and did a couple of readings.

Finally, Matt walked over to John and Amber’s row. He had everyone stand up, as he looked down the row.

“I feel like this was a tragedy’”

“It’s my head, I can’t breathe.

John spoke up. “Our daughter hung herself.”

Matt looked at John and Amber “ She’s telling me you have necklaces”

The necklaces were still tucked inside their shirts. John and Amber pulled their necklaces out and started crying.

“She’s telling me that one of you got a tattoo”

A week before, Amber had gotten a tattoo that said always on my mind forever in my heart.

“She’s telling me about her friends and a school locker that was kept after she died.”

Amber explained the Jenna’s school had kept her locker empty for her senior year in honor of her, and that her friends decorated it with pictures of Jenna.

“I see that you have put her picture up everywhere.”

Yes! The couple had been putting flyers up all over the neighborhood to invite people to Jenna’s one-year memorial in the park. They were installing a bench in Jenna’s memory.

Matt looked at the couple. “She says her parents were hurt the most and she mentioned her counselor, Kristen. I know there’s a lot here to absorb. She says I have to treat you like glass because you’re fragile.”

The medium went on, “She felt that no one accepted what she was doing. She couldn’t sleep. She realizes that it could have been different, and she could have come you.  She said that she knows that you would have gotten to the bottom of it.”

That hit home for John and Amber. As involve, supportive parents, they had prided themselves on being able to help their daughter with any problem she brought to them.

Matt said, “She is with a dog, the name sounds like Teddy.”

John and Amber weren’t sure about that – Teddy? they had a dog named Duke.

“Wait, could the dog’s name be Betty?” Jenna’s grandparents had a dog named Betty – the girl and the dog had grown up together.

Everyone in the room was moved by the reading. Matt asked the couple to see him before they left so he could give them a book.

“One more thing, she wants to let her father know that when he talks to her in the car she’s always listening – you went on a vacation somewhere – she’s bringing up Florida. She felt the most comfortable when you were together on vacation.”

The family had gone on a cruise to Florida and the Bahamas together before Jenna’s death.

“She loves what you’re doing with the bench, and she loves the locker, but she really wants the two of you to go on another cruise in her memory.”

After the event, Matt gave the couple a signed book. John and Amber were thrilled that Jenna had come through. John said, “I’ve heard that you usually have to wait a year before a soul comes through. It had been a little under a year after Jenna’s death when Matt delivered her message.  She was ready! She’s such a chatterbox, and he was able to read her so well. Everything Matt said was right on – like one lightning bolt after another – boom, boom, boom!”

A couple at a crossroads.

IMG 916 1

Necklaces Kept In Memory

John explained that he and Amber had a choice to make after they lost Jenna. John explained, “We drank for years but we had stopped together. We were both ten months sober when Jenna took her life.” They had put down the alcohol and embraced spirituality. But when Jenna died it was too much. The couple got a hotel room and drank for three days – but after they checked out,  they pulled themselves together and went to an AA meeting. There, they realized that the best way they could honor Jenna was with their sobriety.

Now the couple shares their story to help others. They put up a go fund me page and are starting a nonprofit to help people dealing with grief and addiction.

With as much as they’ve been through, their friends still consider John and Amber happy people. After Matt brought Jenna through to them, they feel her presence all time – they see clocks saying 111 and 333 and see signs in the form of butterflies everywhere – they know that she is with them.


Not everyone believes John and Amber’s story, but John subscribes to the mantra, Believe receive – doubt go without.

He believes that we all have a choice, “You can choose to be happy and you can choose to be miserable. Our lives are full of magic. We have our bad days, but we turn to god and get through them.

John shared these final words with us. “I was trying to live my life well before – but hearing what Matt had to share made it so much easier. We knew a part of  Jenna was still here, but now it’s like we have it in writing.”

I ran into a guidance counselor from the high school the other day. He said, “This must be a hard time for you.”

“Well, no, I just talked to Jenna the other day.”

I know that she’s always with us.

On November 15th , the couple will gather with friends, classmates, and family for the unveiling of Jenna’s memorial bench at the park. There will be a candlelight vigil, and John and Amber will release paper lanterns to float across the veil, to their beloved daughter on the other side.

You can learn more, and help fund their John and Amber’s work CLICK HERE








A Message for a Medium

A Message for a Medium

When she was young, Gina Delaney heard voices.

Her mother, convinced there was something wrong with her daughter, brought her to doctors and psychiatrists. Gina wasn’t sure what was going on, but the voices were relentless – repeating over and over in her head like a broken record.

As Gina got older, the voices continued. There were times when she couldn’t sleep and eat. “The voices drowned out everything, I didn’t have my own thoughts anymore” Gina explained. Over time, Gina realized that she had a connection to souls who had passed over, and that she could get relief from the voices by delivering their messages.

Who collects frogs?

Once, Gina kept getting a message about frogs. “Who do we know that collects frogs?” She asked everyone she could think of. No one could come up with a frog lover who had passed.

Then, out of the blue, a neighbor called and asked Gina if she wanted to come over for coffee. As the two women chatted, Gina was suddenly struck by a thought. “Who collected frogs?” she asked her neighbor. The woman answered instantly, “My Grandmother.”

The woman brought Gina her grandmothers music box. As soon as Gina touched the box, it  started to play. Her neighbor was shocked, “That thing hasn’t made a sound in years.”

As the music played, the floodgates opened for Gina, and she brought through messages from Grandma, and other people in the neighbor’s family.

Her neighbor didn’t know what to think – but an hour after Gina left, she called.  The woman had checked with her mother and everything Gina had shared made sense. “And guess what? Today is my grandmothers’ birthday!”

Gina gave in, “At that point, I realized that I had to accept these messages.”

Grandma comes through.

Fast forward several years, and Gina accompanied her sister and brother-in-law to see a medium named Matt Fraser. “They were trying to connect with his mother, and I went along to support them. I thought there was a good chance she’d come through, because I had my own experience with her.”

Gina thought back to a conversation she had with the elderly woman. “She had decided to stop her chemo and she told me she was done. She was a bit of a skeptic but even though she didn’t believe in mediums and she said she would come through to me.”

Her exact words were, “I don’t believe in that crap,  but if it’s real I’ll come back to talk to you.”

About a month after the woman had passed away, Gina got her message loud and clear.  The grandmother was worried about how her grandchildren were coping with her death. “One has an upset stomach, and one isn’t sleeping in his bedroom. The little one, Jewel, is talking to me.”

Gina called up her sister and asked, “What’s going on with the boys?” It turned out that the message Gina had received was correct and that she was hearing messages on her own.

Meeting Matt Fraser.

When Gina, her sister, and her sister’s husband arrived at Matt Fraser’s live event, Gina hoped the couple would receive the message they were seeking. Gina didn’t expect to get her own message. But suddenly the medium, wearing a sport coat and a big smile, was standing in front of her and starting to make a connection.IMG 916

“I have a father figure who wants to talk to you.”

Gina shook her head. “Nope – I just saw my father last week.”

Matt went on, “He taught you how to build houses and fix cars.”

That made sense, “Oh, that was my grandfather!”

Matt said,  “You all have something from him, all the grandkids, something small and round.”

Gina’s thought back – her grandfather had passed in 2006, and the reading was in 2018. He died in his 80s of a heart-attack, and when the paramedics removed his pink shirt the buttons popped off. Each of the grandchildren took a button to remember him by.

Gina was still a little skeptical asked, “It that’s really my grandfather, what’s his name?”

Matt looked up, “Lou – Luke?”

“WOW! Yes, Luke was his name.”

Gina was floored by Matt’s accuracy and that we was able to tell hear his name.

“He is telling me he taught you to box?”

Gina’s grandfather had taught her to be a strong, capable female. She remembered when she was little, he would play box with her – having her hit his hands.

“Your grandfather wants you to know he’s proud of you!”

Gina was touched. “I didn’t have a great upbringing and wasn’t a great teenager – it meant a lot to hear that he was proud of me.”

Gina’s sister and her husband didn’t get the reading they were looking for at that event. Gina is convinced that they are pushing too hard for the woman to come through, and blocking the message.

But Gina was delighted to have heard from her grandfather, and watching the medium in action made her more accepting of her own gifts.  “I like that Matts events are a personal experience. Matt goes row by row, talking to people, making everyone feel comfortable.”

“Having my grandfather come through made me open up even more to my own abilities. Plus, since he came through to Matt Fraser, I feel him around me all the time.”

Her grandfather always wore a white tee shirt, and now, whenever Gina wears a white tee shirt she smells his cologne.

Not only that, lately she sees the car that he drove – a blue on blue El Camino – everywhere . The same year and the same exact color scheme. Gina knows that’s her grandpa reaching out to her.

Gina told us, “Once my grandfather came thorough, I felt a little more comfortable with my own gift. I’ve gotten more relaxed about it, and I feel like I have more control of the voices.  I think it’s because I’m not trying to shut the messages out. I know how much I loved hearing from my Grandfather, and I want to give others that same happiness and comfort.


Two Deaths, Two Healings

Two Deaths, Two Healings

When Stephanie Guardino set off for a few hours of shopping, she never expected the day to end in tragedy. It had started innocently enough, as Stephanie said goodbye to one-year-old Angelina, leaving her in the care of her father, Matt.

Matt adored Angelina, he called her his “little bean,” and often slept on the couch close to her room, waking up and checking on the baby throughout the night. In fact, his vigilance concerned Stephanie – it seemed like the responsibilities of supporting their little family of three weighed upon Matt. Stephanie knew he wasn’t sleeping well, and that he often worried about his job. She even encouraged Matt to see a counselor to help him manage his stress.

When Stephanie returned home that day, it had started to snow heavily. As soon as she opened the door she knew something was wrong. The doting father who she had trusted to watch Angelina was drunk – very drunk.

“The mama bear came out in me, and I said some terrible things to him!” explained Stephanie. “How dare you get drunk while you’re watching Angelina – anything could have happened!”

Matt looked at her. “Well you won’t have to worry about that anymore.”

He walked out of the house.

There was a bad storm that night, and after a few minutes Stephanie wondered where Matt had gone. She hadn’t heard the car start up.

She braved the snow and went out to look in the car. Matt wasn’t there. There was a gym in the apartment complex. “Maybe he went there.” Before looking in the gym, she headed inside the apartment to check on Angelina.

In that moment, Stephanie had a chilling vision. Her mind thought the worst, she saw Matt dead & she imagined the police coming to the door.

Suddenly, she heard the very real sound of an ambulance roaring down the street, and shortly after, a knock. Stephanie knew that her vision had become a reality, and something terrible had happened.

She opened the door and saw two policemen. “He did it, didn’t he?” She dropped to her knees.

Matt had hung himself from the rafters of the gym.

The police waited with Stephanie until her father could get there.

Struggling with Guilt and Loss.

After Matt’s death, Stephanie was devastated. She struggled with the idea of Angelina growing up without her father. She desperately wished she could go back and pay attention to the signs. She found her husband’s journals and read his words, as he urged himself to carry on for Stephanie and Angelina.

Trying to make sense of what had happened, Stephanie visited a local psychic medium, but it just didn’t feel real.

Stephanie felt alone, as if no one understood what she was going through.

“How can anyone understand my guilt and confusion and sadness unless they had gone through the same experience themselves.”

Time passed, then, through mutual friends, she met John.

John’s father had taken his own life. The two could relate to each other because they had both lost their best friends. Their relationship brought Stephanie comfort, but she still struggled with guilt and loss over Matt’s death.

One day Stephanie and John were online when an ad popped up for a psychic medium named Matt Fraser. He was holding a live mediumship event nearby. On impulse, the two decided to go and see him together.

Healing two hearts.

The couple headed to the event feeling positive. Stephanie was clutching a picture of Matt.

John got a reading first. It was extremely powerful.

Matt Fraser told him that his father was there and talked about his uncle making a memorial bench for his cousin, who had also passed. John had just been in a conversation with his family about that very thing! John felt the presence of his father for the first time in years as Matt told him that his father was safe in Heaven – and that he was up there with his own parents, .

Matt Fraser left the aisle, and in her head, Stephanie shouted out to her late husband.

The medium had moved across the room and started another reading, when suddenly he stopped.

“Hold on, I have to go back there.”

Matt came over to Stephanie, and she started crying. She knew that her husband had heard her calling out to him.

Matt said, “I have someone telling me that they are your husband, and they took their own life.”

“He wants me to give you a hug from him.” Matt Fraser gave Stephanie a hug from her husband in Heaven.

“He’s telling me that he was having anxiety and panic attacks and was hiding his drinking from you. He just wanted the pain to stop. He was dealing with so much pain from losing his Dad and the things that had happened with his family.”

Matt went on, bringing through more words of healing for Stephanie.

“He wants you to know it wasn’t anything you did. He loved you so much and you brought him so much joy. He said he’s sorry for leaving you with all this pain. When he left this earth, he left his pain behind, but it was still with you. He sees that you think of him all the time and that you can’t move forward. He’s sorry that his family blamed you for his passing. He’s sorry you didn’t have support while you were grieving his death.”

Matt Fraser asked, “Did you think you were pregnant after the death?” I said, “I took a pregnancy test, but It was negative.”

His next words answered some questions that Stephanie had been struggling with.

“He told me that he saw that Matt was self-medicating with pills before he died. I would not have guessed that for a million years! He was mixing alcohol with pills. It made perfect sense to me. That explained his dramatic change in behavior.”

Matt shared that her husband was happy about her relationship with John.

“He wants you to move forward with my life and to start a family with John. He said “He sees that John is a good man. You have his blessing.”

“One more thing, I can see that you and Johnny will have a baby – a boy! I see that in your future.”

Stephanie and John left the event on cloud nine. So many unanswered questions had been answered. For the first time, Stephanie felt like she had permission to move on.

Later, Stephanie explained,

“The information Matt Fraser brought through was incredibly accurate and has put me at such ease to move forward with my life. It means so much, knowing he doesn’t blame me and that he loves me. I will always miss him and feel sad sometimes because he was such a huge part of my life, but I feel unstuck. I know that he is okay, and that he’s in heaven. There’s a lot of fear that if you take your own life, you’ll go to hell. But after the reading I was comfortable that he was in a good place.”

Reaching out from Heaven.

Stephanie had always had a intuitive connection with the other side. One day, before her reading with Matt Fraser, she saw her late husband on the side of the road – he suddenly sprinted toward her car and disappeared.

Because of her connection, she was confident that he would come through to her again.

“I haven’t seen him since, but I feel him. I’ve sensed him behind me. There are little things that make me feel him. He knows how much Angelina means to me, and I feel that she has a guardian angel watching over her.”

With unfinished business resolved and feeling the approval of their loved ones in Heaven, Stephanie and John are moving to New Hampshire, excited to start their new life together. They feel comfortable in the knowledge that both Matt and John’s father are safe and happy.

Recently, they set off paper lanterns – they wrote messages on them and released them into the air.

Angelina wrote a message and sent it soaring into the sky.

Stephanie is grateful that Angelina is happy and she and John want to say Thank You to Matt Fraser for bringing their loved ones closer.