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Contact Us
Private Reading

There is currently a two-year waiting list for private readings.

Please Click Here to be added to the waiting list for when appointments become available.

Live Events 

To purchase tickets or to locate an existing order, please contact Ticketmaster or the venue box office. 

Ticketmaster Phone: 1 (800) 653-8000



Audience View Email Support: 

Technical Support

Website error or course access issues (no events related issues), please contact:

Wonder Media AI Agency, Los Angeles 



Members of the press please submit your request electronically by fax or email.

Imal Wagner, Lead Publicist  

Phone: +1 (301) 325 – 4085

Fax: +1 (401) 808-8667 


Press Kit: Click Here to download. 


Producers, Booking Agents, Advertisers please submit your request to the following:

United Talent Agency
Agents: Andrew Lear & Natasha Bolouki
Phone:(310) 786-4819
Address: 9336 Civic Center Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Booking Agents, Theaters and Event Centers please submit your request to the following:

Day After Day Productions
Agent: Seth Shomes
Contact Our Office

Providence, RI Office: +1 (401) 573 -1360

Boston, MA Office:     +1 (617) 455 -6250



Please send written mail (including fan mail and packages) to the following address.

Matthew Fraser LLC
P.O. BOX 192
Boston, MA 02137

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