Welcome to Keeping in Touch, I am so glad you are here!

So often when we lose a loved one we think of them as being in a faraway place or unreachable. As a psychic medium I can tell you that is the farthest from the truth. What you will learn in Keeping in Touch is that your loved ones are closer to you now in spirit than when they were in life. They are watching over you, guiding you and helping you on your journey toward healing.

In this course you will learn exactly how your loved ones are living life with you each day, the signs they send, and ways you can communicate with them. The more you learn about Heaven and the Afterlife the more you will learn that your loved ones spirit never dies. In fact, the bond and love that you share only grows stronger and stronger over time. It’s not about saying goodbye or letting go, its about keeping in touch and it begins with you!