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Matt Fraser The Medium has been a highly sought after guest appearing on radio and tv world wide. From appearing on radio shows and helping listeners connect with the other side, to appearing on TV talk shows to share insight and knowledge, Matt Fraser is using his gift to help change the world.
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Matt Fraser,, the 27 year old internationally famous psychic medium and author is appearing across the east coast showcasing “Medium with a Message” an inspirational event which will reconnect audiences with loved ones that have past.

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VARIETY: E! Greenlights Reality Sitcom ‘Meet the Frasers’

E! has given the greenlight to a new sitcom. The series, titled “Meet the Frasers,” follows Rhode Island local celebrity couple Matt Fraser, a 28-year-old psychic medium and Alexa Papigiotis, his 21-year-old pageant queen girlfriend. “Meet the Frasers” will showcase...

DEADLINE: E! Sets New Reality Series About A Psychic & His GF

He’s a narcissistic psychic medium. She’s a marriage-hungry beauty queen. Together they are the power duo of Meet the Frasers, a newly ordered let’s-follow-that-wacky-family reality sitcom from E! “Dating a psychic with a crazy Italian family is definitely not easy,”...

E! NEWS: Matt Fraser’s New Reality TV Show   Alexa Papigiotis and Matt Fraser are not your average small-town couple. "Dating a psychic with a crazy Italian family…is definitely not easy," confirms the 21-year-old pageant queen in this exciting first look clip...

MASS LIVE: Psychic Medium Matt Fraser To Appear at MGM Casino

Matt Fraser bills himself a psychic medium with the ability to contact the dead. He has appeared before sold out crowds, written a book on the hereafter, teaches courses and even led sea cruises for believers. And for those wishing for the chance to hear from...

SUNDAY GUARDIAN: What Will Happen To You After Death?

Does one become a twinkling star in the sky after death? If not a star, what does one become after death? At some point in our lives, most of have wondered about what happens after death : is there an afterlife or is there nothingness? Death anxiety, according to...

SI ADVANCE: Staten Island Loves Psychics !

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- If history has proven anything, it’s this: Staten Islanders love psychics. Psychic medium John Edward, best known for his popular television series, “Crossing Over with John Edward,” is set to perform a two-hour group reading June 18 in the...

NEW YORK TIMES: Matt Fraser American Psychic Medium

One by one, everyone in the room was reliving some loss. Helplessly, I thought of my own father, who died when I was 11, and those old emotions, stored away but never far off, took hold of me as if I were graveside.

THE OBSERVER: Believe it or not, Matt Fraser Connects

Whether or not psychic medium Matt Fraser can channel the voices of the dead is a subject I’ll allow the pundits on the web to debate ad infinitum.Since, I didn’t have the chance to have a reading from Matt Fraser at his Jan. 6 appearance at Foxwoods Resort Casino…

NEXT on SCENE: A Real Life Psychic Medium

Who's NEXT? Television Psychic Medium, Matt Fraser! Matt is an internationally-renowned psychic medium and best-selling author of The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability. We had such an inspiring show with this talented rockstar. Booked two years out, Matt is...

CT POST: Psychic medium Matt Fraser to appear at Foxwoods

Matt Fraser is headed to Foxwoods Resort Casino to present his “Medium with a Message” event on Sunday, Jan. 6. His mission is to connect those who have passed with the loved ones they left behind. Fraser says people who attend the two-hour event, which takes place in...


First let me say, he is charming. Talking to him is like talking to someone you have known for years, I can see the appeal with the audience. “I was afraid of my gift” he honestly mentioned when I asked him when did he discover his talent. “I was a child and I remembered being terrified to go to bed

WE BLOG THE WORLD: Matt Fraser Brings Comfort From the Spirit World

If you’re interested in the ‘Other Side’ and have been on a spiritual journey for awhile now, you’ve likely heard of Matt Fraser, an internationally-renowned psychic medium. Let’s face it – his team seem to have nailed it on the Google search front – Matt is easy to find.

ORLANDO SENTINEL: Communing with Spirits on a Psychic Cruise

Psychic medium Matthew Fraser’s “Spiritual Odyssey on the Sea” will likely have a better outcome. For one thing, the seven-night cruise on Holland America’s ms Nieuw Amsterdam leaving out of Fort Lauderdale, March 24-31, will have plenty of food and beverages on board.

HUFFINGTON POST: A Match Made In Heaven

Well respected psychic medium “”Mathew Fraser is known for the surprisingly accurate observations he’s made on television and in live events that some would say border on magical and many others would insist prove the existence of unseen psychic abilities. 

BELIEF NET: Connecting with People Who Passed Away

I’ve always been fascinated by people who can see things in the future and communicate with people who’ve passed away. I admit to having some proven psychic abilities, though I don’t use them like I should.

THE CABINET PRESS: Discovering The Psychic Gift

While most of us actively seek our own vocations in life, there are others who have their destiny thrust upon them. One such example is Matt Fraser, a young man who, through no choice of his own, inherited the mantle of a psychic medium. In the last four years, he has gained tremendous attention and acclaim…

GO LOCAL: Matt Fraser The Medium Returns To RI

At only 3 or 4 years old psychic medium Matt Fraser says he heard the voices of the departed for the first time, and although scary at the time, he has since learned to harness his gift to help people around the world.

BOSTON VOYAGER: Meet Matt Fraser A Real Life Psychic Medium

Matthew, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I am a 26 year old Psychic Medium. Growing up with a psychic mother and grandmother, it probably shouldn’t have been a surprise that I had inherited the family gift.

COAST TO COAST AM: The Dark Side Of Psychic Ability

There is not a dark side to Other Side, Fraser commented, but rather it’s earthbound spirits who haven’t crossed over that can project negativity to us. To get over to the Other Side, it’s like going through TSA at the airport, but instead of removing your shoes and laptop, spirits have to release all their negativity.

SFGN: Young Psychic Opens Up About Afterlife

“It’s very rare. There’s good and evil in the world, everywhere you look. I always ask for information on the other side that is the highest and best. I always say a prayer before a session, asking for healing and validation. If it’s not there to lift somebody up and help someone in the audience, I’m not going to let it come through,” he explained.

LOWELL SUN: Believe It Or Not

Matt Fraser compares himself to Haley Joel Osment’s character from “The Sixth Sense.” He sees dead people, or so he claims. And he wants to connect you to the spirts of your friends and family members who have passed away.Fraser says he began seeing ghosts after his maternal grandmother died when he was a child.

CELEBRITY CAFE: Matt Fraser Shares Signs From Heaven

Have you ever thought you felt the spirit of a loved one who passed away around you? It’s not uncommon; as a medium I have heard from hundreds of people around the world who have felt and experienced their loved ones in similar ways.


Like many other mediums, when he was young, some of Matt’s family realized that the special psychic talents of both his maternal grandmother and mother were passed along to him.  At just the age of four, Matt began seeing and hearing the departed in his bedroom at night and this understandably frightened him.


Psychic medium. What comes to mind when you hear those words? Does one think of doubt? Or fear of the unknown? Or subliminal curiosity that hides behind personal pride? Maybe all of these hit close to home. However, in my case, it was more like freedom from the known and intrigue.

CRANSTON HERALD: Native Psychic Displays Talents

Cranston native Matt Fraser, who attended Stadium Elementary School, Bain Middle School and Cranston East, entertained, amazed and surprised the sellout crowd .“I originally started my career as an EMT. I always had a calling to help people,” Fraser said.

JEWISH BOSTON: Four Questions with Matt Fraser, Psychic Medium

And now for something completely different! Psychic medium Matt Fraser has been called a “psychic superstar,” so I just had to ask him if he knew who was being entered into the Book of Life this week. Turns out it’s not quite that simple! If you’re curious to see Matt in person

CONNECTICUT POST: Renowned Psychic To Read Audience At Foxwoods Casino

Hailing from Cranston, R.I., Fraser has worked as an emergency medical technician and attended some college, but wound up leaving after being overwhelmed with requests for his medium services. Since then he’s gone on to achieve notoriety, thanks to appearances on “NBC Morning News” and “Fox News.”

CONNECTICUT MAGAZINE: The Dead Will Speak to You at Foxwoods

HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT :  August, 29th, 2014 Maybe it’s not something you readily acknowledge or say out loud—like the maternal grandmother of internationally famous psychic medium Matt Fraser keeping her abilities from her husband, saying “she was just having a...

EXAMINER: Triumph of the Spirit

I just got off the phone with Matt Fraser. He’s a psychic who is traveling around the country doing group readings with folks who want to make contact with their dead relatives. I talked with him about his work and his life. He also did a reading for me and I can affirm that this guy is the real item.

NASHUA TELEGRAPH: Matt Fraser Has A Message For You

Fraser, a Boston-based psychic-medium and author, was holding one of his “Medium with a Message” events in Connecticut. “Her son came through after his recent passing,” Fraser said. “He talked about how she’s touching so many lives and encouraged her to reach out and help other parents.

THE DAY: We Could All Use A Good Medium

Foxwoods Resort Casino will be hosting the medium Matthew Fraser tonight for one of his Messages from Heaven events. The way this works, if you are not familiar with Fraser’s shows, is that he connects people in the audience with their dearly departed, passing along some quick messages.

WICKED LOCAL: Psychic Fundraiser A Success!

“Does that makes sense to you?” Psychic medium Matthew Fraser asked that question a lot during his recent appearance at the Wareham Elks in a fundraiser for Team “Friends of Faye” in support of the effort to fight Alzheimer’s Disease.

HERALD NEWS: Spirit Medium Lends A Helping Hand

At Fall River Country Club, Fraser Aims to Help People Get in Touch with Deceased Relatives FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS : May 20th, 2013 No one knows if the souls of the dead are particularly attracted to golf courses. But on Sunday night, at the Fall River Country...

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: What pet gets Valentine’s Day love?

That’s probably why I like the notion of celebrating Valentine’s Day for Animals, a notion conjured by Boston psychic Matt Fraser as part of a fundraiser for Forever Paws, a no-kill animal shelter in Fall River, Mass. His ultimate goal is to make Valentine’s Day for Pets annual and national on Feb. 15,and forever after.

WICKED LOCAL: Unlock Your Psychic Ability With Matt Fraser

NEW ENGLAND  November 23rd, 2012 Matthew Fraser is a “2012 best Esteemed Psychic in America,” was named a “Psychic Superstar” by OM Times Magazine, has appeared on numerous talk radio shows, and is internationally known for his abilities, as well as being a truly nice...

INSPIRE ME TODAY: The Importance Of Spirituality

Spirituality is the most important and fundamental aspect of living that improves all areas of someone’s life. Focusing on developing your spirituality allows you to be the best person you can be and opens up your senses to a whole new world.

SSW MAGAZINE : Boston Medium

Most people can go to a restaurant and have a relaxing meal. For Matt Fraser, however, dining out often turns into a spiritual feeding frenzy as those in the afterlife bombard him with messages that they want him to deliver to strangers. A message for the waitress from her dead mother leads to advice for the guy sitting next to him from his deceased dad, and so on and so on and so on. Pretty soon, he’s talked to the entire room. So much for a relaxing lunch.

OM TIMES MAGAZINE: A Psychic Superstar

Matt Fraser is one of the youngest professional psychics in practice; however, his psychic gift has been in existence for generations.  Matt has been carrying the gift of psychic ability within him as far back as he can remember.  His mother and grandmother were also renowned psychics and he has well preserved this lineage. Matt is both a Clairvoyant and Clair-audience and hence, has a remarkable ability to communicate with spirits and people who have passed away.

Press Release
Psychic Medium Matt Fraser Announces March 2018 Dates for Exciting 7 Day Western Caribbean Cruise
Tuesday, July 18th, 2017: Download here

Thousands Along With Whoopi Goldberg Tune Into Psychic Medium Broadcast
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