by Kevin Wierzbicki

PHOENIX,AZ: He sees dead people, and talks to them too. And the souls from the other side that showed up at Matt Fraser’s group reading June 2 at the DoubleTree Suites hotel in Phoenix had plenty to say, and Fraser was happy to pass their messages along to attending loved ones.

Fraser has a boisterous personality and during the introduction before the reading began he proved also to be quite funny. Peppering his speech with mild profanity, Fraser quickly charmed the crowd of about 220 people, coming off as the approachable guy-next-door type, who just so happens to also have an uncommon ability.

Fraser explained that he’s had the ability since he was a kid, and he tried to push it away in his youth only to have it become stronger. Ironically, it was a visit to a medium that finally convinced him to embrace his special talent.

Fraser’s audience was assembled in short rows of eight or so chairs, and when he approached someone to give them a reading, he would have the whole row stand up. Around 10 persons, sometimes including their mates or siblings adjacent to them, were given readings. As Fraser said a couple of times, referring to the information he was imparting, “Hey, you can’t Google this stuff.” And indeed he amazed with the messages that came from the other side. One person’s departed loved one appeared to Matt holding a rifle; it turns out he was an avid hunter in this life.

Amusingly, a spirit who hated cats on this side said she has a cat on the other, and loves it! Fraser pointed out that animals go to the other side as well, and he received a message from one departed gentleman who has been reunited with his beloved mynah bird in the afterlife.

There were a few admonitions too; one fellow was busted from the other side for not quitting smoking yet. But mostly souls wanted to comfort their living loved ones, letting them know that they were okay and even thriving, and there were specific details, like the guy who lost his hair during cancer treatment letting his loved one know that he has a full head of hair on the other side.

In one instance Fraser asked a woman what she has to do with butterflies, to which she responded that she has a butterfly tattoo in a private, not visible place. Fraser also explained, and this is especially relevant in the heavily Hispanic Phoenix area, that when a spirit doesn’t speak English, they show him a series of pictures that gets their point across.

It doesn’t seem like there were any skeptics in the crowd, and if there were, they most likely left convinced that Fraser is the real deal. More importantly than that, everyone should have left the event comfortable in the knowledge that life does not end at physical death and that loved ones and friends on the other side are looking out for the living. Fraser is very generous in using his ability to give that comfort to the world.

After the reading Fraser signed copies of his book “The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability.” Fraser has a string of dates scheduled for throughout the summer and into autumn; for ticket information go here.