October 27th, 2017

I’ve always been fascinated by people who can see things in the future and communicate with people who’ve passed away. I admit to having some proven psychic abilities, though I don’t use them like I should. I was very skeptical of those who say they speak to people who’ve passed away. It still feels a bit crazy to me, but, I recently met a woman who channels people and she offered to connect with my mom, who passes away a while ago. My mouth dropped when she told me things my mom wanted me to know that were so specific to us that no one could known the details. Yet she conveyed them to me. So it interests me. That’s why I’m happy to have Matt Fraser as my guest today. He’s a psychic/medium who’s appeared on many TV shows. He shares how to know that our loved ones who passed are still with us.



Connecting with People Who Passed Away
by Matt Fraser

Have you ever had someone who passed that was close to you? Ever wonder what they would say to you if you had the opportunity to speak to them again? What most people don’t know is that our loved ones are always around us; even after they pass away we have the ability to speak to them and communicate with them as if they were still right here with us. The bond of love that we have keeps usMatt Fraser 199x300 connected with that person even after they have left the physical world.

Even the most skeptical person knows deep down in their heart that dead is not dead. It is a doorway that leads us into another place, a stairway to heaven that is more beautiful and more extraordinary and more complex than any dream you could ever dream up. It is a place that is the ultimate vacation destination, peaceful and serene, and overlooking the physical world. The good news that comes with this is that heaven is closer than you think!

Our loved ones are always with us and watching over us. That bond of love that keeps us connected can never be broken. When you think about them, when you remember them, when you hold something that was theirs, they are there. Our family and friends and even pets are there watching over us and seeing our lives. As every second passes, they never miss out on anything. Even family members who have passed when we were just children or before we are born are there watching over us, protecting, and guiding us through our lives. So how do we connect with this place called “heaven”? Well, the first step is opening up. Allow yourself to become open minded and ask for signs from your loved ones (Mother, Dad, Sister, Brother), whoever it might be.

Ask them to show you signs that they are around you. It is as easy as just asking. This is the first step to opening up your consciousness and allowing yourself to tap in and have proof of your loved ones being there. At first you will notice the signs start off small. Maybe you walk by the grocery store and there is a man outside smoking the same cigar that your grandfather used to, or you walk by a florist and see the same type of flowers that used to sit on your grandmothers table when you visited her years ago. They’re small signs but did you notice it caught your attention? That’s the first step. These are just little small examples to trigger a memory of a loved one and help you to think about that person and even feel their presence around you as the memory of them floats around in your head.

Some of the same memories that you hold close to your heart are held by those on the other side as well. The signs are all around us. It can be from something as simple as finding pennies on the ground, or as complex as seeing your grandmother’s name on the license plate of the car that’s in front of you. The signs will be unique and special to you and you will be able to recognize them when you receive them. The great part about this is that everyone can do it! All you have to do is just ask and the signs will begin to appear! What’s great about this too is that you don’t have to go looking for the signs either, it’s not an Easter egg hunt; allow the signs to come to you.

Have fun with this. Once you start opening up the possibilities are endless! When you are missing someone that has passed talk to them. They can always hear you and love hearing from you! The more we talk to our loved ones on the other side and ask for their guidance, and remember them, the more we feel them with us and start to recognize their presence. When you talk about them and think about them it strengthens the communication you have with them and allows yourself to become more open and receive more signs and signals from them.

You may even hear them speak to you in your subconscious thoughts. One thing that you cannot forget is that you CAN ask for more! If you are someone who needs more proof ask your grandmother to throw a sign in front of you that you can’t deny. It will work.  Ask for your loved ones to come through in dreams or for them to play music so that you know that it is them coming to you the keyword is ask they do listen. This is just the beginning to increase awareness on your spiritual journey as you become increasingly creative and unfold the evolving communication with your loved ones, you can begin today, they would love to hear from you just as much as you would like to hear from them!