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He’s a narcissistic psychic medium. She’s a marriage-hungry beauty queen. Together they are the power duo of Meet the Frasers, a newly ordered let’s-follow-that-wacky-family reality sitcom from E!

“Dating a psychic with a crazy Italian family is definitely not easy,” Alexa Papigiotis tells the camera as we see images of his home life in the not-sprawling not-metropolis of Cranston, RI.

Also along for the ride are Matt’s cynical younger sister Maria, who’s the voice of reason; their mom Angela, also a psychic (of course); their father Rod, a retired Navy man and ex-Fire Commissioner who’s just not that into the whole psychic thing; Alexa’s mom Sharon, who agrees that these crazy kids need to get married and start a family ASAP; Alexa’s younger sister Ava, “a beautifully put together perfectionist”; and Alexa and Ava’s stepfather Anthony, a retired nightclub owner and self-proclaimed former mobster who only has eight toes. OK.

They’re all one big, happy not-quite-a-family.

Set to premiere in 2020, Meet the Frasers is produced by Evolution Media. Mark Burnett, Barry Poznick, Douglas Ross, Alex Baskin, Lisa Tucker, Brian McCarthy and Meredith Prunkard serving as executive producers.