People often wonder what exactly happens after death. Is there an afterlife? Are our deceased loved ones at peace? While different faiths lead to different conclusions, one man has gotten a pretty clear vision into the other side.


Psychic medium Matt Fraser has “the sixth sense,” or the ability to connect with souls that have passed on. He uses that ability to put the living at ease by relaying messages from their deceased friends or relatives.


While Fraser has now accepted his special gift, when he first began hearing voices from the other side as a small child, it was quite frightening.


“I was around the age of 3 or 4 when I first started seeing and hearing the departed,” Fraser said. “It started off where I saw my grandmother that had passed away when I was 3. After that, other souls started coming in, so it was crazy, because being a little boy, I was like living that movie, ‘The Sixth Sense.’


Every time I went to bed, all these souls would line up trying to speak with me and connect with me. When souls started to show up that were not family members, souls that I had never met before, that was so scary for me, because I didn’t know what they wanted. I thought the house was haunted. I didn’t realize these were souls that had messages. I was convinced that our house, growing up as a kid, had evil spirits in it, because I didn’t know why it was that I was feeling these things.”


These strange sensations at a young age were a hefty burden, so Fraser tried to rid himself of the voices and carry out a normal life.


“I did everything that I could to make the voices stop, to just be normal, to stop hearing and seeing these visions,” Fraser said. “But, it never truly left completely. Even though I did everything I could to make the voices stop and push what I was sensing away, I always could feel people on a different level. It was just this inner connection I had on a deeper level with most people. I could feel their pain, I could feel them on an emotional level.”


Due to this heightened connection he felt, Fraser chose a career path where he could help others.


“Because I had that ability, I always felt I needed to be in the healthcare field,” he said. “So, I actually started my career as an EMT, where I worked for the World Trade Center in Boston for the security operations department. Then from there, I went to go and see a medium for the first time myself, because at that point I was older and I wanted to understand what it was that I was running away from. So I went to see a medium for the first time and it changed my life, because I realized this is actually a gift. It’s not something that I have to worry or run from. It’s something I could actually use to help people.”


With newfound clarity about his ability and a passion to use his gift, Fraser began connecting people with their loved ones from the spirit world who were coming through with specific messages. He then started hosting readings to touch as many lives as he could.


Fraser explained that he can’t necessarily choose who he connects with, but rather the departed souls choose to connect with him when they have a need to talk to their loved ones.


“It all depends on the souls,” he said. “Souls come through when they have messages. It’s not like I’m walking down the street and all of a sudden there’s just random souls and everyone’s soul of a loved one is coming through. It depends on when there’s a message or when a soul has to come through. For example, so many times, we don’t get to say, ‘goodbye.’ So many times, there are questions over a loved one’s passing, such as how they left this world and if they are safe and at peace on the other side. There’s so many things that we question and wonder, and that’s where I come in as a medium. Souls will use me to finish their stories and tell a story they couldn’t when they were here in this world.

“I don’t ask questions, because the souls on the other side, already know what they have to come through and say to help you to heal. For example, when I do a reading, I never say, ‘Who are you looking for? Who do you want to connect with? What do you want to ask them?’ Because the thing is, your loved one’s spirit can hear your thoughts, feelings and emotions and they know what it is that you need to hear to be able to heal and move forward with your life, and that’s what’s so amazing.”


This connection certainly sounds amazing, and understandably, hard to believe, until you have experienced it for yourself. Laughlin guests will have that chance when Fraser comes to the Edgewater Pavilion, Saturday, Nov. 25.


“Come to a show and watch a reading,” Fraser implored. “There’s so many times I see skeptics’ whole world change for the better just by coming to an event. It happened not too long ago when I was on television. There was this reading I did with Michael Clayton, a former NFL player who had me on his talk show. It was funny because, he didn’t really want me on because he didn’t believe in mediums or the other side. But the moment I started talking to him, his friend that passed away came through, and he was just completely blown away. He was in shock and it changed the whole way he thought about death.”


Fraser said anybody in the audience at his shows has a chance to receive a message from the departed.


“The moment I walk out on stage, it’s like the audience disappears and all I see is dead people,” he said. “I tell people, ‘It doesn’t matter where you sit, it just matters that you’re there.’ When you’re there, you’re part of the experience, whether you’re sitting in the front or the back. What’s amazing is, the souls lead me all around the room. One minute I could be talking to someone in the front row who lost their son, to next thing you know I’m in the back talking to someone who lost their daughter. What’s amazing is, the souls have a way of reaching every single person there. If there is a message for you, I will get it to you, no matter where you sit, and that’s the fun part.”


While his events are entertaining, Fraser is in the business of helping people and that is why he tours the country sharing his gift with the world.


“I love having this gift,” he said. “In the beginning I didn’t, because I didn’t understand it. Once I understood how powerful these messages are and how they help people, that’s when I realized, ‘Oh my god, this is incredible!’ I’ve seen these messages change people’s lives. I’ve seen so many people not want to move forward in their life because of the loss of a loved one, or they think there might not be a Heaven, or an afterlife, and to hear a message from their loved one, and know their loved one in spirit is OK, it means they know they can be OK as well. That’s what I hope to achieve with every single reading.”


Fraser has also written three books, with a fourth one coming soon, in which he answers the most intriguing questions about his ability and life after death.


“My first book was, ‘The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability,’ which was an eBook all about how to discover your own gifts,” he said. “Then I wrote a memoir of my life called, ‘When Heaven Calls.’ My most recent book, I am so proud of, it’s called, ‘We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife.’ In this book, I answer all the questions people have been really wanting to ask a psychic medium but might not have the courage. Questions like, ‘Is there a soulmate?


Do you reconnect with your soulmate on the other side? What happens if a loved one passes tragically? What happens to the souls that don’t go to the other side?’ So that is all in my latest book and I’m so glad I decided to write it, because it has been the book that everyone has wanted. The moment it was released, it instantly hit ‘The New York Times’ bestseller list. I realized that so many people have wanted to ask me these questions, but may have been too scared. So I think this book really fills the gap in really helping people understand what truly happens when we leave this world.”