At Fall River Country Club, Fraser Aims to Help People Get in Touch with Deceased Relatives


May 20th, 2013

No one knows if the souls of the dead are particularly attracted to golf courses. But on Sunday night, at the Fall River Country Club, spirit medium Matt Fraser, known for what he says is an ability to speak to the dead, was helping a room full of people get in touch with not-quite-lost loved ones.

Fraser’s known for this ability, and Sunday night, he was donating a portion of receipts from his $40-a-ticket show to Forever Paws, a Fall River organization IMG 8242dedicated to the health and welfare of animals.”We need the money,” said Beverly Andrade, Forever Paws treasurer.Andrade said Fraser gives the shelter about one-quarter of what he makes from his show.”We’re always remodeling,” Andrade said. “We just painted four rooms.”We need donations,” she said. “And we always need adoptions.”A portion of the evening’s proceeds went toward a new fence at Forever Paws, meant to protect the animals from any mishaps due to upcoming construction in the neighborhood.

Fraser, lean in black pants and a blue dress shirt, worked the room of about three dozen people in his own style, asking people in the crowd to tell him whom among the dead they might be seeking.A frown on his face and closed eyes, sometimes a, “Give me a second,” as he homed in on what he says are messages from the world of the dead.Then, fast questions. “Did you just buy a new car?” He asked one woman.”Yes,” she said. “She’s telling you good luck with the car,” he said of the long-lost relative on the other side.There are sometimes tears. “She’s telling you she’s at peace,” Fraser said of one women’s long-dead mother.

Fraser asked another woman if her relationship with her significant other had a lot of “ups and downs.”It did. “If your mother were here, she says she’d tell him off,” Fraser said.

To learn about Forever Paws, visit or in person at 300 Lynwood St., Fall River.