It’s nearly Rosh Hashanah, a time when the Book of Life is opened and the names of those who will live another year are inscribed. Do you happen to know who’s going to live?

matt fraser.jpgWhat I do know from the Other Side is that only God knows. And it’s those people I can pass messages to. One of the things to keep in mind is that when I ask for information, it’s all life-helping information. That’s what it’s for. When I do it, I don’t know what information is going to be passed on. People see it as scary, but I only do what’s helpful.

You’re in a relationship with a nice girl. I can almost hear her mom saying, “From this you make a living?” So I’m asking: Do you make a living doing this work?

I do. I do a lot of charity events up and down the East Coast. That’s a huge part of my career, actually. I also have a book, and I lead seminars and live events. My girlfriend has been personally inspired by my work. She doesn’t see death as an end anymore—it’s more like moving from one place to another place. It’s really opened her eyes.

Is your gift anything like what we see in “The Sixth Sense” film?

It is. When I was a little boy, I could see the departed. My grandma could too. When I was a child, I would hear people in the bedroom and I’d pull my covers over my head. It felt like being in a storybook. My mom would ask me who I was talking to, but I wasn’t comfortable with it at that point. I started out working in the medical field as an EMT, and I actually went to a psychic to learn how to not be afraid. Everyone receives signs.

You talk about the “other side” like it’s a family reunion. But what happens when people don’t like each other?

All those feelings of bitterness, betrayal and anger—your spirit doesn’t hold onto them. You have to let it go. Heaven wouldn’t be a paradise if we held onto those things. The message is everyone is kind and forgives. You pass on to kindness and love. And that happens even when people don’t get along.