September, 16th, 2014 

Matt Fraser says he was about 3 years old when he first started “talking to the dead.”

Twenty years later, the psychic says he’s still receiving messages from the beyond, and he plans to share them during an appearance on Sunday, Sept. 21, in Foxwoods’ IMG 0904Grand Pequot Ballroom.

An author as well as a medium, Fraser says his first “visits” were from his deceased grandmother.

“The visits were frequent and comforting. As a child, I did not understand that my grandmother had passed because I had the ability to see and speak to her,” he said.

Hailing from Cranston, R.I., Fraser has worked as an emergency medical technician and attended some college, but wound up leaving after being overwhelmed with
requests for his medium services. Since then he’s gone on to achieve notoriety, thanks to appearances on “NBC Morning News” and “Fox News.”

Sunday’s “Medium With a Message” event marks Fraser’s third time at Foxwoods, and he says he’s “honored to be delivering messages from heaven … filled with love,
inspiration and happy moments.”

Audiences can expect an uplifting, and at times humorous program that can occasionally feel like a big family reunion.

“In Warwick, R.I., I was doing a reading for a man who lost his mother, and he was a big rugged guy, like a construction worker,” Fraser said. “His mother came
through and was talking about a tattoo in memory of her. It was a rose tattoo and she was honored by it, and all of a sudden she said, `How come you got yours
so big?!’ ”

When Fraser shared this, the man suddenly started unbuttoning his shirt to show his chest. “The audience was laughing and his family was laughing. It was
very uplifting.”

Fraser splits his time between Boston and Rhode Island, where his girlfriend lives. He said she’s a registered nurse, has attended some of his events and has found comfort in witnessing the heartfelt messages he shares. In fact, Fraser said after seeing that “life continues and doesn’t end,” she decided to start working
with hospice.

“We met online the first week we both signed up for free,” he said. “We did it for laughs and we both quit right away (after meeting each other). We connected so well;
everything happened in an instant.”

Fraser said while many people are skeptical of what he does, she understood and “wasn’t spooked by it.” But Fraser said he was afraid as a child when other spirits
came to him. At first, he pushed his psychic gift away.

Then as a teen he began doing readings for family and friends, as his grandmother had done before he was born. Word spread and soon he was feeling better about it, and was humbled by the many requests he received.

Fraser said he realized “heaven had given me an ability to help people who were hurting” and he began to embrace his skills.

“They watch us all the time, but they do not judge us,” he said of the departed. “All of those traits, like being embarrassed or holding onto anger, leave you (when you
die). You let go of all those human emotions we carry; otherwise it wouldn’t be heaven. The biggest lesson they share is to be kinder to people.”
As a medium, Fraser said he talks to all races and creeds. A board member of the National Cultural Diversity Awareness Council, he said he feels strongly about
embracing diversity.

“The core message remains the same — that love endures and that we are all the same, after all. We’re all beautiful.”

Fraser said the Foxwoods ballroom holds about 300 people. “I want to get to as many as I can,” he said. “I can do 30 to 40 or 50 readings. It’s not like a seminar; it’s
more like a group session. The whole two hours I’m passing messages; people are not there to see me, it’s to hear from loved ones.”