May 3rd, 2018

I cannot believe he is just 26 years old, was my first thought during my interview with psychic medium Matt Fraser.

So much wisdom and knowledge in someone so young! Definitely an old soul if I had to assign that term to anyone. Yes I am a skeptic, with the hundreds of infomercials and stands at every fair filled with psychic and mediums, no wonder most people today are skeptics. When I had the chance to interview the newest sensation in the medium/psychic world, I jumped at the chance; maybe this one is for “real.” Let me just say, this one is.Events DSC4577

First let me say, he is charming. Talking to him is like talking to someone you have known for years, I can see the appeal with the audience. “I was afraid of my gift” he honestly mentioned when I asked him when did he discover his talent. “I was a child and I remembered being terrified to go to bed because almost every night I would hear whispers and voices in my empty room, all trying to get my attention.”  Growing up he thought it was a curse, seeing people who are long gone from this earth; something that he couldn’t relate to his peers on. “I thought I was the only one with the ability, the only one experiencing it. I was afraid and avoided my gift for many years. I didn’t consider it a gift till many years lady. My grandmother, who also has the gift was the one that helped me accept it.” He did mention that now these days if a child has this gift, all they have to do is Google and YouTube it and know that they are not alone. It took Matt 8 years to embrace his gift.

Matt’s mother and grandmother both had the gift so it was genetically written in the stars that he was bound to inherit the family gift. “My grandmother didn’t want anyone to know that she had the ability; it was in the 1950’s and you just didn’t share that. She did do readings for close family and friends and loved helping people with important messages from their dead loved ones.” She never did it professionally for the public, but Matt grew up knowing about his grandmothers and mothers gift. Matt’s most life changing experience was when he sat down with a medium and she saw that he had the gift, she told him to embrace it. “That was life changing” he stated then he started doing readings for close family and friends, even doing them at college in his dorm room. Word started spreading quickly in Rhode Island and he started doing more readings. He went forward with this gift, he avoided for years, and never looked back.

Early in our conservation, I asked him why are there so many skeptics of your talents. “People are abused and used and it continues to go on. These so called mediums and psychics, they rip people off so people stop believing in them.” I did ask them if he has meet anyone else with the same abilities as he has? “Medium all have different abilities. People who have the gift are very very rare. Mainly people have a heightened sense of intuition, but the gift itself, I only met 2 other people with the gift. It is something you are born with, you just can’t get it.” One of the people that he does confirm to have the ability is Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo. He loves her!

He did mention to me that during his events, which by the way he is coming to Chicago, IL on September 30th for a live event (more details here!) he has a full group audience setting where he walks around for 2 hours, delivering messages from loved ones. There is always a limit of 300 people max and he gets to about half of them; but catch is he can only deliver messages if the departed loved ones are there. His first message delivered (not to close family and friends) was while he was shopping at a store on a normal day. A ghost came to he to deliver a message to another shopper in the store. He then went to that live shopper and related the message and left. Can you imagine having that happen to you? Matt does that. Another one of questions which I bet you all wonder too, is how do they dead look? “They look however they want. They can look like themselves at any age or time. I can see them as clear as day or as a shadow or silhouette. It is up to them how they want to be seen.” They present themselves anywhere, anytime, next to their living loved ones.

Reincarnation and hell, yes very interesting topics of conversation but I did ask him about them. “The majority of time when I call for a dead one to make an appearance they do, very rarely they don’t. So it does make me wonder, are they somewhere else or someplace else?” he stated. He did mention that it could be a possibility that they are reborn (he doesn’t know for sure) or at that other fiery place we all don’t want to end up in. “The dead do show me their afterlives. I have seen visions of many of their heavens. Heaven for them is a place where they are happiest and can be reunited with loved ones. I once saw a lady living on a mountain overlooking the ocean, that was her heaven.” At least we know that the happy place does exist after we are physically gone. While he was explaining the heaven he saw from readings, all I can imagine was the movie What Dreams May Come.

“My grandmother has visited me” he answered when I asked him if he had any loved ones contact him. “She comes to me with advice and has helped me on my journey.” I personally cannot wait to see him continue his journey with his gift.

September 30, 2018 at the The Congress Plaza Hotel & Convention Center in Chicago (520 S. Michigan Ave.) at 1 pm you can come experience this one of a kind uplifting & inspirational event that will reconnect audience members with their relatives from beyond the grave in a 2 hour group-style audience setting. Get more information here. Hope to see you all there.