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What do you get when you bring two crazy big Italian families together -a reality hit TV show! The E! network series “Meet the Frasers,” follows Matt Fraser, a 28-year-old psychic medium and Alexa Papigiotis, his 21-year-old pageant queen fiancée as they live their lives in small town Cranston, Rhode Island.

In ‘Meet the Frasers,’ fans are able to peak in on their everyday lives. Matt communicates with passed loved ones, Alexa’s pageant queen life, the couple’s engagement reveal, and their adorable cats who always seem to steal the spotlight are the show’s highlights.

This adorable celebrity couple shares how they first met. Alexa explains, “Matt first DMed me on Instagram and congratulated me on winning the Miss Rhode Island Teen USA pageant.” The two later agreed to meet up for coffee and from then on, Alexa knew Matt was the one. Their mutual love vibrations can be felt simply by speaking to them, just as it is clearly portrayed on their show.

The question everyone asks Alexa is, “What is it like dating a psychic medium?” Alexa admits that at first, she was very weary, but soon she witnessed how Matt’s amazing gift touched so many people’s hearts and brought closure to his fans. This has me thinking, we should all find a psychic medium to date, am I right?

Matt is America’s top psychic medium who hosts various group readings around the world. From going on tours, to releasing his best-selling book “When Heaven Calls,” he has also made several guest television appearances on shows like The Kelly Clarkson Show, The Real Housewives, and Botched. This multi-talented psychic medium keeps people on edge when it comes to his group readings.

Everyone wants to know, how did he discover this gift? Fraser explains, “I was around 3 years old when I first saw my grandmother. She was the first soul that I connected with and I started to speak with her as if she was physically present With the ability to speak with souls, there is a process that occurs which has changed over the years, When I was younger I would see spirits of passed loved ones. They would literally be yelling and screaming to me in bed, trying to get my attention.

However, now that I have embraced my ability, that does not happen anymore because the spirits know that I am open to communicating with them whenever they

want.” Fraser knew this was a gift he needed to share with the world on live television.

Alexa Papigiotis previously won Miss Rhode Island Teen USA. The show depicts her prepping for her next pageant – Miss Rhode Island USA. Fashion plays an important role in Alexa’s persona. Her bold sense of style is inspired by iconic women such as Aubrey Hepburn, Victoria Beckham, and Kris Jenner. She loves a clean elegant look and has a fashion project in the works. Likewise, Matt also has a strong sense of style, which he describes as different, iconic, and memorable. Together their fashionable spirits shine through the screen.

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Matt Fraser & Alexa Papigiotis Style Week

With increased exposure and international television distribution, Matt and Alexa who come from a small state, are grateful for the love and support they receive in the public eye. They get recognized wherever they go and are amazed by how so many people are invested in their lives and want to learn so much more about them.

Despite 2020 being a crazy pandemic year, the couple still keeps busy. Their wedding date is set for February 2021 and we predict that this stylish couple would only deliver a magical wedding experience.

“Meet the Frasers” is waiting to hear back on a Season 2 renewal, due to the pandemic. Regardless, Matt and Alexa will be working on more special television projects. The couple has captured our attention and we are excited to see what their future brings to the public eye.