Matt Fraser, star of Meet the Frasers on the E! network, went from being an EMT to a reality star in what seems like an overnight change, but that certainly wasn’t the case. Not only was it a long journey for Fraser to accept his abilities, but when he started doing readings, which were initially just for fun, he never intended to be one of the next big faces in Hollywood.


In an exclusive interview with, Fraser explains that the process of him being where he is now with his gift wasn’t quick or easy.


“It took a long time for me to actually accept my gift, because when you are so young and you’re seeing the departed, you don’t think that it’s people who are family members of friends. When you’re seeing dead people, you think of them as ghosts.


I never thought of them as people who used to walk this earth,” Fraser explained to PopCulture. When Fraser first noticed his gift, he was around 3 to 5 years of age, saying the only person he felt like he could relate to was the “little boy in The Sixth Sense,” because that was his life.


“I woke up every night seeing and hearing people who had died, and it was frightening for me,” he said, adding that in the beginning, it wasn’t something he wanted to do as he just wanted to “live a normal life.” But in his teens, he went to see a medium and that’s when he realized how much of a blessings his gift was.


Before becoming a full-time medium, Fraser was an EMT who says he started doing readings for family and friends, but that it expanded into large audiences — that’s when he was approached to do a TV show. But he’s not the only one in his family who has this talent. His mother and grandmother were also gifted with psychic abilities, but clarifies that they all read differently.


“My grandmother, she actually used to use cards to read people … [but] my mom is different. My mom will meditate before she does a reading, and she’ll get visions and things in the form of thought waves,” he said. “Where with me, it’s almost instantaneous, I see and hear dead people. And when I walk up into a live event or an audience space, I literally see them.”


When Fraser was approached about doing the show, he said it changed a lot for him but mostly because his followers now get to meet his family members, including his mom, who he jokes is “not professional” saying “tickets go missing” and that she doesn’t usually dress up either. While this may be the case, his mother has been by his side since day one — they even worked together before his reality show.


The show offers his fans an opportunity to not only see how he’s changing other people’s lives through readings, but it allows them to meet his family, and now fiancé Alexa Papigiotis.


Fraser just wrapped his book tour for “When Heaven Calls: Life Lessons from America’s Top Psychic Medium” and is gearing up for Season 2 of Meet the Frasers. Fraser is still finding ways to communicate with his fans while quarantined with his family amid the coronavirus pandemic. For more information on how to get your own personal reading from Fraser and a list of locations he’ll be visiting, visit his website here.