Noelle Gray

The Detroit News

Detroit — Psychic medium Matt Fraser wants to bring peace of mind to the residents of Detroit, one lost loved one at a time.

“I feel drawn to come, because I want to bring peace,” said Fraser. “People need to realize, especially with the pandemic and all these things happening, that we need to come together.”

Fraser will be performing Sunday at Motor City Casino, the first live entertainment being held at the Sound Board Theater since the pandemic shutdown.

As the star of the television series,”Meet the Frasers” on E!, Fraser explores his personal life alongside his family and pageant girlfriend Alexa’s family, taking viewers to the other side of his day-to-day experiences.

“Instead of all the readings and the things you see on TV, it brings people behind the scenes of my life, and get to know me, to get to know my family, and I thought that was pretty cool,” Fraser told The Detroit News over the phone ahead of the live show.