Psychic medium Matt Fraser will bring his show to MGM Northfield Park on Oct. 27. (Adriel Bencosme)


Psychic medium Matt Fraser talks after-life lessons ahead of MGM Northfield Center Stage show

‘They don’t speak the same way we do here in this world, but when I connect with the souls, they’ll start to make me feel things,’ he says


“I literally feel like the operator in heaven,” says psychic medium Matt Fraser during a recent phone interview.

“Remember back in the day, you would call the operator and say, ‘I wanna get in touch with this person,’ and then they would go and make the connection happen? That’s basically what I do every single day — it’s about putting people back in touch with the people they miss.”

The celebrity medium says he plans to put some people back in touch at his appearance Oct. 27 at MGM Northfield Park.


“They’re fast-moving pictures that show me a lot about a person’s life. They can show me milestones, challenges, things that they went through, favorite memories. I take all of these pieces, and I put it together to deliver a message to that person.”

It’s been a busy few years for Fraser.

He tours like crazy, makes slews of television appearances, filmed his own television series, “Meet the Frasers,” on E! back in 2020, and published two books in two years.

Most recently, he became a dad.

Fraser and his wife, Alexa Papigiotis, welcomed their first child, Royce Matthew Fraser, just a couple of months ago.

He says it’s too early to tell if baby Fraser will inherit his ability, but he says there’s a little sign that he might.

“When Alexa was first pregnant with him, she started having premonitions,” Fraser says.

“She would say things, and all of a sudden, things would come true. Then it went away after he was born. So we were kinda looking at each other like, ‘Could this be?’ I think that’s a telltale sign, but I don’t wanna jinx it yet, so I’m just kinda keeping my fingers crossed. We’ll see what happens.”

Fraser says he was born with an ability to connect with the dead, which, naturally, freaked him out as a young boy.

Suppressing his ability was easier than confronting it, so that’s what he says he did for many years.

Celebrity psychic medium was not on his agenda, so he became an emergency medical technician instead.

“I had extreme empathy for people,” Fraser says about his time as an EMT. “I always felt people on a different level — I could feel the pain that they were going through; I could feel the sadness.

Eventually, Fraser for the first time visited a medium, who, according to him, told him he should use his gift.

“I said to her, ‘I wouldn’t even know how to use it — I pushed it away! I don’t think I’m psychic anymore.’ I remember she laughed and she said to me, ‘You never lose your ability.’”

Sure enough, his ability came back, and he gained a following.

“I think that my ability helped me in that way.”

Fraser says being bullied in high school prepared him for handling skeptics later on in his career.

“If you’ve gone through a bullying experience and you’ve overcome it, then it really sets you up to be able to walk through life and not care what people say about you,” he says.

“People … made fun of my gifts when I tried to talk about this,” he continues. “I had a weird accent to them, I was not into sports. I was a different kind of kid.”

It’s hard to imagine now, with Fraser’s vibrant and outgoing personality, but there was a time he wanted to be invisible.

“I remember not talking and hoping people wouldn’t see me or wouldn’t come up to me; I didn’t wanna be approachable. I was really introverted at that time. I really suppressed who I was.”

Eventually, Fraser decided to get back to who he truly is.

“I believe that the experience that I had led me into the journey that I’m doing right now. Being a medium and coming out and telling people that you’re psychic and you have this ability, it also comes with a lot of criticism.”

Now, he says, he loves reading skeptics.

“I think that’s one of the best things; when you can take a skeptic, someone who really doesn’t believe, and show them, ‘Hey, look, your loved ones are here.’ I think those are the best readings that I do.”

The one thing Fraser wants you to know about this show is that It doesn’t matter where you sit.

“I don’t care if you’re sitting in the front row, back row or side row. I mean, I have taken the elevator to the third-floor balcony to read people. During the event, I am all around the room delivering messages,” he says. “If your loved one has a message for you, I will get it to you.”