March 9th, 2017

Psychic Medium Matt Fraser Confirms His Relationship with Alexa Papigiotis Miss Rhode Island USA


Usually one to be quite quiet about his personal life, beloved psychic TV medium Mathew Fraser recently announced the exciting news to his fans and the media that he has been dating Miss Rhode Island Teen Alexa Papigiotis in a relationship that is moving along in a publicityIMG 3241natural, healthy pace with both partners being very happy.


Well respected psychic medium Mathew Fraser is known for the surprisingly accurate observations he’s made on television and in live events that some would say border on magical and many others would insist prove the existence of unseen psychic abilities.  This combined with his high energy, good looks and charisma has won Fraser an ever growing legion of fans.  In exciting news, the rising celebrity, who is usually very silent about his private life, recently confirmed he is happily dating Alexa Papigiotis.  The beautiful and talented Papigiotis is the current Miss Rhode Island Teen titleholder.  Fraser made a special request of the media to be respectful of their privacy so their relationship has the chance to continue to grow naturally without outside pressure or other stresses.

“Alexa and I have been quietly getting to know each other for several months and we have become very close and are now dating each other exclusively,” commented Fraser.  “We thank you for your support and respecting our privacy. We want to continue our relationship privately as a couple and continue to be individually performing at events.”

According to Fraser, 2017 is set to likely be his most exciting and productive year yet.  His schedule for television appearances is coming together nicely, with other special events and surprises planned that should leave his fans old and new alike more than satisfied.  All while enjoying a private personal life that is overflowing with hope, positive energy and possibility.


On May 13th 2019, Matt proposed to his long-term girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis who was Miss Rhode Island Teen USA winner in 2017.