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Matt Fraser and his family star in ‘Meet The Frasers’, the new reality show on the paid channel E! which opens this Wednesday (10), at 22h. The comparison with the success ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ is inevitable, but a gift separates the protagonist from Kim Kardashian’s attraction: mediumship. “The difference is that my family sees and hears dead people,” jokes Matt in a telephone interview with Yahoo.

“I take the title of ‘new Kim’ as a compliment, all of them [the sisters] are inspiring,” he adds.

The medium is 28 years old and lives in Rhode Island, in the United States. Matt travels the country demonstrating his gift, serving customers and became famous for his appearances on television. Now, ahead of his own series, he wants to prove that his family is more “normal” than many people think. Yes, Frasers love each other, fight, scream (and a lot) and even work together – the family business revolves around Matt. “We are not like the Kardashians, actually. We are not a ‘for TV’ family.

My mother is not delicate, she never has her hair done or wears makeup … Everyone on the program is real because they live in real life, “he explains.

Miss Alexa Papigiotis, Matt’s girlfriend, Angela, the mother, and Maria, the younger sister, are as much a protagonist as he is. The medium’s in-laws also participate in the reality. They are all so present that the couple has a hard time touching life together. “They cross the line. Our mothers get into a lot in our lives. They are constantly on top of us and don’t leave us alone – and we can’t get rid of them because we work together. I get a little nervous, but I love them very much, ”says Fraser.

While fighting with his mother for not getting dressed for the cameras, the medium and his girlfriend sport powerful looks. His wardrobe is full of sparkle – from suit to shoe – and he sees fashion as a way of approaching the public. “Alexa and I love fashion, that’s why we get along so well. And I love using different things to cheer people up. They think that a medium is someone ‘dark’. I want to prove the opposite. I’m just a 28 year old guy who has a gift, and I use fashion to show that I am fun and full of energy ”, he says. “My family is not scary, just a little crazy,” he says.

 Fame was not objective

Before becoming a celebrity, Matt was a paramedic. Although he looks like a narcissistic man, he guarantees that he never wanted to be famous for the gift he shares with his mother. “I always wanted to work in the health field until I realized that I could also use my gift to help people. It started as a hobby and I stopped here, I never imagined being famous ”, he says. The young man is new to Instagram @MeetMattFraser but he is committed to a career as a digital influencer, sharing a “chic” lifestyle with the right to have designer clothes, jet trips and champagne.

And the whole family celebrates the repercussion of the reality, which debuted in the USA in January this year. “They didn’t expect people to stop in the street to take pictures, they didn’t expect to be so popular. They are very happy with the affection ”, says Matt.

Quarantine turned into vacation

For those who live stuck with the meddling and “limitless” family, social isolation due to the new coronavirus has fit like a glove. The feeling of slack, however, did not last long: believe it or not, Matt and Alexa are already missing the family.

“At the beginning of the quarantine everything was very quiet, it felt like a vacation. We stayed together, cleaned the house, organized things. But I miss them. I haven’t seen my mother in three months because she has health problems. It has been a challenge because our parents and sisters are always at our home. You don’t realize what you have until you lose, ”he says. The solution is to make video calls. Matt’s events were even canceled because of the pandemic and he has been doing his shows online.