Angels to the Rescue


Have you been looking for some divine healing in your life?

Whether it is something eating at you emotionally from the past, something physical holding you back, or an ongoing illness, you can remember one thing:

Even when you do not feel them, you have angels who walk with you every day. You even have your own special angel. This is your guardian angel.

In this audio seminar, Matt Fraser will teach you how to open and expand your connection to your guardian angel and the angelic realm so that you can discover powerful healing and guidance in every area of your life.

Angels are like the guidance counselors in Heaven. They are there to help you and assist you through any of your worries, fears, stress, and anxiety.


In this inspirational audio seminar, you will learn…

  • Who your guardian angel is and the role they play in your life.
  • The significance of angel numbers and their meaning.
  • Angelic protection and prayers.
  • How to feel and connect with your angels, and so much more!

There is no job too big or too small for your angels to help you with. They are standing by waiting for you to call on them for help. Are you ready to meet them? It all starts right here with this audio seminar.

Runtime: 32 Minutes

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