Grieving to Believing


Are you feeling stuck in grief and sadness?

Death is the hardest and most emotionally challenging struggle that you can ever go through. It can make you feel sad, depressed, and stuck in a cycle you can’t get out of.

You have heard of the seven stages of grief, but did you know there is one secret stage that not many know of? It’s called, “Regaining Hope.”

When you are experiencing grief, it is normal to have questions. You might ask yourself…

  • Is Heaven real?
  • Is my loved one really with me?
  • What is my loved one doing in Heaven?
  • Who is he/she in Heaven?
  • Will I see them again?

Whether you are sad, depressed, or lonely, there is one thing you should know. Your loved ones are always with you.

In this powerful audio seminar, Matt Fraser will take you on a journey to healing. Together with Matt, you will explore the inner workings of Heaven, learn the answers to your most sought after questions, and strengthen the bond with your loved one in spirit.

You will also learn how you can escape sadness by finding faith again in your life and transform your grieving into believing.

Runtime: 36 Minutes