St. Rocco Spiritual Protector Medal


Much like the Corona Virus there was a time in history when Italy was struck with a rampant disease. As the virus started to spread, one person stood in its way, St. Rocco.He prayed with those who were made ill by the disease, made the sign of the cross over them and almost immediately, they were healed.

When you are faced with uncertain times, you can call upon your Angels, spirit guides and loved ones in spirit along with St.Rocco to send you divine healing from above.

God and our Angels work through the hands of doctors, nurses and healthcare workers. They send strength and healing to those who believe in their divinity.

When you wear spiritual medals you invite the energy of your Angels and loved ones into your life to watch over you. It is a spiritual reminder to the Universe that you are open to their healing and divine support.

You can wear this medal around your neck, hold it and pray with it, or give it to someone special.

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