Before she had a child of her own, Sandra Palladino had heard that mothers and sons share a special connection, but it wasn’t until her son Michael was born that she really understood how deep that bond could be. Michael was the love of her life – and the feeling was absolutely mutual.

When Michael passed on July 4th, 2016 of an overdose, Sandra’s world came crashing down. Michael was just 34 years old.

Searching for answers, Sandra visited local psychics to try to connect with the son. She didn’t get the connection she was looking for, until one day she saw that Matt Fraser would be hosting an event in King of Prussia right outside Philadelphia. She quickly went online to get a ticket.

When Sandra arrived at the event and saw the crowd, she wasn’t really expecting to get a reading. She watched as Matt walked into the audience and shared spirit messages. Just the idea that souls in heaven could reach out to their loved ones on earth was comforting to her. But before she knew it, Matt was heading over to Sandra’s side of the room. Even before he asked her row to stand up, Sandra knew in her heart that he was bringing her a message from Michael.IMG 2357

Matt immediately came up to Sandra with an image of her grandmother holding out earrings. As soon as he mentioned them, Sandra remembered that her grandmother had bought her a beautiful pair of earrings in Italy when she was 16.

Then, Matt asked if Sandra had a male child who had passed away.

“I feel that he passed from an overdose,”.

That blew Sandra away!

He’s here. He’s very good looking, and he’s saying that he knows you have his picture on your phone.

Sandra had her phone in her purse. She pulled it out and turned it on – her screen saver was a picture of Michael.

Matt went on to say, “Your son has a very strong energy, and he’s saying that you’re taking too much on yourself. You need to stop blaming yourself.”

In her heart, Sandra believed she had done everything she could – but after Michael’s death, she had wondered if there was anything she could have done to prevent the tragedy. His addiction started with prescription opioids. She would go into his room and see bottles of pills. She often asked him, “Are all these necessary?“

“The doctor is giving them to me!” was his answer.

Matt said, “You were Michael’s rock. He says you were always there for him.”

Then Matt said something unexpected. “Everyone is worried about your mother, who has dementia, but you need to worry about your father.”

It was true that Sandra’s mother had dementia, but as far as she knew, her father was perfectly healthy.

Matt’s words echoed in her head just a few months later when Maria’s father started having heart problems.

“Who is Ryan? He’s very worried about him.”

Matt’s words hit home for Sandra. Ryan was Michael’s stepbrother, and Michael had always worried about Ryan when he was alive.

“Michael is asking you to reach out to Ryan and let him know he’s looking out for him.”IMG 2379

After the reading, Sandra called Ryan’s father, who confirmed  that Ryan was indeed having a hard time dealing with Michael’s death.

Sandra shared how the message about Ryan was rock solid proof that Michael was really there. “Ryan isn’t a common name – and Michael was always so protective of him, that message was clearly from my son.”

At the end of the reading, Matt asked if he could give Sandra a hug. “Your son needs a hug from you.”

Matt ended the session with these words. “I see Michael watching over you when you are in your car. He’s worried about you, because you’re stuck in your grief.”

Sandra doesn’t like to say that she’s moved on, because it sounds like she is leaving Michael behind. She will never leave him. She knows they’ll be together some day.

Sandra was always a spiritual person, and the reading with Matt further confirmed her feelings. After the reading, Sandra and Matt arranged for her to share her story, hoping that it would help other mothers in the same situation. Right after Sandra made the arrangements, she looked outside, and showing up vividly against the snow was a bright red cardinal. She knew it was a sign from Michael.

Sandra said that after the reading, she felt a wave of warmth and peace. “I know that Michael is with me.. Matt Fraser is very gifted. It must be wonderful for him to know that he can bring peace to people. What more could you want!”