I went to a group reading on Sunday July 16, 2016 in Foxborough Mass. I was hoping to hear from my mother. I was also hoping that because it was her birthday (59 yrs old) that it would give me a better chance. Matt had already read several others before me and when he ever turned and looked at me and said. “Your mother is deceased.” I was in complete shock.

Prior to meeting Matt I always had this heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Like my mom had passed away just yesterday. like, I would never ever be able to feel free from this feeling.

It was 2 days before my 6th birthday that my mother, of a young 24years,  had passed. Hospital was a bit all over the place with cause of death and the death certificate is illegible (which Matt nailed right on the head!).  Matt stated my mother told him she died of infection. That statement, to me, makes total sense.  Not to mention he pointed directly to where her issues were and that was with her spleen.

My family became very divided throughout the years and I don’t think anyone has healed. Including myself.  I carried a very heavy sense of grief every single day for 33 years. Loss, lack of hope, sadness. The list goes on. Meeting Matt really made me see things differently and I truly believe that he gave me the closure that I have yearned for my whole life. Today, I feel such a sense of peace throughout my body that it really is hard to put into words. Closure is what one friend has told me.

Everyone and anyone who is yearning to get such closure from a loved one that passed really needs to go to see Matt. He is the real deal and I wish I could thank him again for helping me. I really do feel like a different person today. I just feel at peace. It was also quite the experience to see others getting their readings too. He was so specific at times and some of the things he said were amazing!!

I will be going again.