I met Matt in Sturbridge Ma at a group reading.  My mom passed June 3, 2013 and 4 months later my husband passed.  My two daughters, who are pictured here with my mom when they were kids, came with me.  I was going wanting desperately to hear from my husband, to know he was ok, to ask him for guidance in my everyday life.  Who came through was my mom.  I knew as soon as Matt made eye contact with me that she was there.   “Your mom is waving and jumping up and down next to me saying I have to talk to YOU and that I will know you because you look just like her.”  That’s how I met Matt.  I always knew mom was by me, as we had an amazing relationship when she was here.  I was also ok letting her go back home as we had said and did everything we wanted while she was here.  The night before she died, I sat on her bed and she took my shoulders, looked me square in the eyes and said “I love you,  Dee”   I knew she was saying goodbye.  When she came through in Sturbridge, I wasn’t surprised.  Mom loved to laugh and she did that daily (whether it was appropriate or not..lol).  Her sense of humor came through with her.  She validated that she taught me cooking and showed Matt pictures of bed sheets.  Well, I was 5 when my dad taught me to make gnocchi,  he would roll it, cut it in pieces, pass the pieces to me where I would roll them off my fingers to make the shape then pass them to mom who would arrange them on flour covered sheets on her bed to dry.  Then she told us she sent a dog down.  She said “you better get off your ass and get that dog house trained.”  At first I  thought it was my daughter’s golden puppy, but when she said to get her trained, we all knew she meant my youngest daughter’s pup, Lola.  Lola is a small, black pug, who was being stubborn about potty training (and my daughter was being lazy).  My mom sent her because she looked exactly like the little black pug my parents had, Inky.  It all came around full circle.  Matt told me that my mom took on the roll of my angel and will be watching me for the rest of my time here.  He even wrote it in my book, thank you Matt.  I knew my mom was around because she would toss pennies at me.  Twice, while I was in the bathroom, naked,  getting ready for my day, a penny would fall to the ground out of no where.  I finally said “ok Ma, I know your herre but some privacy, please! ”  lol.  I know a lot of people need this closure, and as much as I love mom, I really hoped for my husband, I know that if she’s with me, so is he, they had a great relationship.  I hope that if you are on the fence about seeing a medium but you are suffering with grief, go!  Your loved one will do whatever they can to get Matt’s attention..they do not understand why we are so sad because they are so happy.  My best wishes and prayers for all healing.


Dee Lutsky