When I first met Matt I met him at an event, I did not get a reading at the event which was okay but then I did set up a phone reading with Matt. Never knowing a thing about me and how super close I was to my mom we were best friends we did everything together and talked about everything and anything. Well in my reading Matt was spot on but the validation was the best I ever felt. Matt said to me Mom said she see’s you saved a cross with her last rose on it I balled my eyes out, never posting and showing anyone I did this, Matt proceeds to ask what’s wrong I said  Matt I forgot about that and now I have no idea where it is. I spent a week looking for this cross and then finally found it buried in a closet I cried again and immediately took a picture sending it to Matt and showing him this in fact was the cross and rose and he was as amazed as I was that I did locate this and I was never so happy to have found this.

Matt I will be forever thankful for that reading. In another sign I received it was April 2014 on Easter. I came home from a dinner in front of my house was a baby dove bird it let me pick it up hold this bird went to get some food for the bird came back down and the bird had disappeared. Well my mom always told me that if anything ever happened to her look for a bird and you will know I am near never thinking for this to happen I was able to get a picture of this bird and tell Matt my story of this bird and never told him until this happened he was as amazed as me. Matt Thank you again for validating the most important piece of my mom with this cross I can never truly express how happy I am to have it again and that in fact I did not lose it like I thought I did.