Jacqui Spiegel had been to many psychics and mediums before she met Matt Fraser, but one day she noticed a psychic medium named Matt Fraser on Twitter and was intrigued. She looked him up on YouTube and became even more interested as she watched his videos.

Jacqui had lost her husband, John, a brilliant physician, a few years earlier. His work was surrounded by sickness and death, but he fought the illness with everything he had when diagnosed with a brain tumor. Over the two years during which he was diagnosed, he endured two brain surgeries. But despite his condition, he was determined to keep things as normal as possible for his family.

In August 2013, the Spiegel family traveled to Washington and had a wonderful time together in the last years of his life. The memories provided comfort when John passed a year later, on August 7th, 2014.IMG 5151

Two years later, Jacqui had her reading with Matt. There was a long waiting list for readings, and Jacqui waited for seven months. When the time came, she asked Matt how he could do a reading over the phone.

Matt reassured her by saying, “If the dead can find me from the afterlife, I can connect with you over the phone!”

Matt immediately felt the presence of Jacqui’s husband and started sharing his impressions.

Matt could tell he was a fighter! He shared John’s message, “I did not want to leave my family. I hated to leave, but I can see my wife is doing a fantastic job – and now I’m able to rest.”

Matt went on to share more personal details.

Jacquie was totally floored by the reading. She said, “It was like my husband was reading my mind and relaying the information to Matt – and Matt was relaying it all back to me.”

Other psychics had shared things with Jacquie too, but she felt that Matt was different, saying, “He is definitely connected to spirit.”

She wanted to know if her husband was at peace and watched over her family. Matt assured her that John was always there looking out for them.

Jacquie had felt the presence of John before – two years after he passed, she and her son, Kyle, had visited his grave. Kyle asked his father for a sign. When they got home, they were shocked to see an image of John’s face on the bathroom wall.

Jacquie wanted to help her son heal, so she asked Matt to do a reading for him too.

Jacquie was in the room and heard the whole reading. She shared what she heard. “Matt touched on so many things that were real. He asked my son if he was a gamer – he’s got all kinds of consoles and stuff. Matt never met my son, but he knew!”

Matt said, “Your dad sees that you’re connecting with your friends all the time.” John told his son that he would be meeting people online.

“What’s with Canada?” Matt asked. John had been from Montreal. Then, “What is this about real estate?”

Kyle couldn’t believe it! Jacquie was in the process of getting her license and going into real estate.

John also knew that Jacquie and Kyle were looking at houses.

Matt added, “He knows that you and your mom are considering a dog, and he thinks you should get two!”

Kyle hadn’t really wanted a reading, but Jacquie knew it would help him feel more connected with his father. After the reading, Kyle thanked her for encouraging him to talk to Matt.

Matt also brought through Jacqui’s mother. And they both had a laugh over what she had to say.

Matt asked, “What’s with Chanel? Well, your mother is in your closet, and she sees all your Chanel bags. Your mother said, “Don’t worry – buy those extra pairs of shoes! Don’t deny yourself!”

Matt explained, “A soul has never said this to me before. She trusts you. Your mother is telling me that my daughter is no dope. She knows what she’s doing.”

Jacquie was thrilled by what Matt had to say next, “Your mother was like a spitfire on Earth, and she’s lining people up. You’ve got a whole army of people waiting to talk to you.”

Her father was there, too. Although he had always worked hard to take care of his family, he had never told Jacquie that he loved her. Matt had a special message, “Your father never said the words, but you’re in his heart. He wants you to know he loves you.”

After Matt read Jacquie and Kyle on the phone, Jacquie attended two of his live events. Matt signed a book, and she met his family. Jacquie truly felt that she had experienced Matt’s gift in all ways.

Matt told Jacquie that she also had a high connection to spirit.

One thing Jacquie knows for sure is that she’ll see Matt again – she can’t wait until he comes to New York!