I was 18 years old at the time of my mothers passing. My biggest struggle was learning how to live without her. I was upset she wasn’t going to be there for major milestones in my life. I was especially upset when I found out I had been accepted late into a nursing program she knew I wanted to be in. Previous months before I learned about my acceptance there, she watched me open my rejection letter from them. Not being able to tell her in person about the news really upset me for a while. I have always believed in the gift of mediumship but I had not tried seeing a medium until almost a year after her passing.

My aunt was the one who told me about Matt. When she saw he was coming to Massachusetts, she bought tickets for six of my family members to attend.  The date we went to see him was September 11th, 2016. What I loved about that was 9/11 is a number I had been repetitively seeing for a long time. I knew that seeing Matt on that day was a sign from my angels. I was unsure if I was going to get a reading but when he walked up to me I was starstruck. He immediately connected with my mom. Even though I was already a believer in mediums, there were 2 validations from him that really made me say “wow”.  Matt told me he saw my mom sitting on a couch reading letters. He asked what that meant to me. Well, from the day she (my mom) passed, I wrote letters in a journal to her. No one knew that. It was just something I kept to myself. That validation blew me away and I was so happy she knew about the letters I was writing for her.  The second validation is that he said she was showing him lots of flowers. Well, we had a celebration of life for her and had everyone take home a memory card with seeds to plant in her memory. That was just really beautiful to me.  Matts information besides those two details were accurate and I knew it was my 100% my mom. I cried many happy tears and had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. It helped me show that she really is watching over me and knows what I am up to.

After my reading, I had fewer days of being sad and angry about my moms passing. I continue to look for all the signs from her and kept up with writing her letters. I have a greater sense of peace after hearing from her. People should attend Matt’s events because even the shortest messages he delivers stick with you forever. Its really healing to see others get their closure and peace as well. In the future I hope to attend more of Matt’s events and learn more about mediumship and spirituality.