I was very excited to skype with Matt. I had lost my son a year ago, and was searching for a medium to be able to connect  with and get messages from my son, Brandon.  I had experienced loss before. Both my parents have passed away at different times. But the loss of a child is different. Anyway, not only did my son come through with messages, but my mom came through too right away. Having them both confirm, and talk about her being there to greet him on the other side, was complete validation for me that they are together, and that an afterlife exists. All the questions I had about his passing were answered, and  it just seemed like they both knew everything I was thinking about and talked about it. And they both  talked about many things that are going on here, currently, in mine and my family’s life. One special part of my reading was something that only became completely clear, AFTER the reading!!!

Matt had asked if I had been listening to my son’s voice, like a voice recording? All I could  think of in the moment was  of  watching old family videos, that I had in fact, been watching.  But later on, it hit me. I had been recently going through boxes of all his old school work, and inside his kindergarten box, I found a cassette tape!!! On the tape was a “voice recording” of my son at  5 years old voice, talking with his kindergarten teacher.  It was a short, getting to know you thing she had made, and I’m guessing she made one for each child. Hearing my son’s 5 year old voice was precious. I was overcome with emotion, when I found that.  This was truly an unbelievable thing, that my son knew I found this tape,  and brought it up, because he was with me at that exact moment I was listening to it.

So many messages, so much emotional weight lifted. THANK YOU MATT!! I’m so grateful you have this gift, and that I was  lucky enough to find you, and have a reading with you!