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            John & Amber with a Tattoo in memory of Jenna

When John Pomeroy lost his only child just days after her 16th birthday, he started looking for answers. He’d always been interested in modern-day spiritual teachings, but his daughter’s passing took his search for meaning to the next level. One day, while watching Wayne Dyer on YouTube, another video on the sidebar caught John’s eye – an interview with Psychic Medium, Matt Fraser. After watching Matt’s interview, John checked out the Matt Fraser website. He saw that Matt would be appearing live in his area later that year. John and his wife Amber decided to get tickets to the event.

The couple had been mourning the tragic loss of their daughter, Jenna. Jenna had recently told her parents that she identified as a boy and was working through the challenges of being a transgender teen. She was seeing

a counselor at school, and her parents had
recently taken her to a doctor, who prescribed medication for anxiety.

One morning John and Amber were sleeping, having each worked a night shift, when they heard a loud banging on the front door.  Jenna walked to school with a friend every day, but that morning she wasn’t downstairs waiting for her classmate. Amber and John went to Jenna’s room to wake her up. Her door was locked, and there was no sound or movement coming from inside the room.  Worried, John kicked the door open and found Jenna hanging from the closet. Jenna took her own life on November 15, 2018 ten days after her 16th birthday.

Living with loss.

Looking back, the devastated parents wondered what they could have done differently. Like most teens, Jenna didn’t share everything with her parents. While they had been supportive and taken steps to help Jenna with her depression and anxiety,  John and Amber hadn’t realized how desperate the situation was. Most of the time Jenna had acted like the same happy, loving kid she had always been.

After Jenna died her parents had her body cremated. Wanting to keep a part of her close, they had special necklaces made with her ashes, contained within an infinity sign to represent their eternal love.


Jenna’s Locker Decorated In Her Memory at School

Nearly a year later, as the couple prepared to drive to Matt Fraser’s event, something told Amber to go back and get the necklaces. She ran upstairs and got them, and she and her husband put them on and tucked them under their shirts.

Arriving at the event, John and Amber got in line. At one point the line shifted and they lost their place, but John was calm. Something told him that it wouldn’t matter where they sat. He felt confident that Jenna would find them.

Shortly after the couple took their seats, Matt Fraser hopped on stage and introduced himself, then went into the audience and did a couple of readings.

Finally, Matt walked over to John and Amber’s row. He had everyone stand up, as he looked down the row.

“I feel like this was a tragedy’”

“It’s my head, I can’t breathe.

John spoke up. “Our daughter hung herself.”

Matt looked at John and Amber “ She’s telling me you have necklaces”

The necklaces were still tucked inside their shirts. John and Amber pulled their necklaces out and started crying.

“She’s telling me that one of you got a tattoo”

A week before, Amber had gotten a tattoo that said always on my mind forever in my heart.

“She’s telling me about her friends and a school locker that was kept after she died.”

Amber explained the Jenna’s school had kept her locker empty for her senior year in honor of her, and that her friends decorated it with pictures of Jenna.

“I see that you have put her picture up everywhere.”

Yes! The couple had been putting flyers up all over the neighborhood to invite people to Jenna’s one-year memorial in the park. They were installing a bench in Jenna’s memory.

Matt looked at the couple. “She says her parents were hurt the most and she mentioned her counselor, Kristen. I know there’s a lot here to absorb. She says I have to treat you like glass because you’re fragile.”

The medium went on, “She felt that no one accepted what she was doing. She couldn’t sleep. She realizes that it could have been different, and she could have come you.  She said that she knows that you would have gotten to the bottom of it.”

That hit home for John and Amber. As involve, supportive parents, they had prided themselves on being able to help their daughter with any problem she brought to them.

Matt said, “She is with a dog, the name sounds like Teddy.”

John and Amber weren’t sure about that – Teddy? they had a dog named Duke.

“Wait, could the dog’s name be Betty?” Jenna’s grandparents had a dog named Betty – the girl and the dog had grown up together.

Everyone in the room was moved by the reading. Matt asked the couple to see him before they left so he could give them a book.

“One more thing, she wants to let her father know that when he talks to her in the car she’s always listening – you went on a vacation somewhere – she’s bringing up Florida. She felt the most comfortable when you were together on vacation.”

The family had gone on a cruise to Florida and the Bahamas together before Jenna’s death.

“She loves what you’re doing with the bench, and she loves the locker, but she really wants the two of you to go on another cruise in her memory.”

After the event, Matt gave the couple a signed book. John and Amber were thrilled that Jenna had come through. John said, “I’ve heard that you usually have to wait a year before a soul comes through. It had been a little under a year after Jenna’s death when Matt delivered her message.  She was ready! She’s such a chatterbox, and he was able to read her so well. Everything Matt said was right on – like one lightning bolt after another – boom, boom, boom!”

A couple at a crossroads.

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Necklaces Kept In Memory

John explained that he and Amber had a choice to make after they lost Jenna. John explained, “We drank for years but we had stopped together. We were both ten months sober when Jenna took her life.” They had put down the alcohol and embraced spirituality. But when Jenna died it was too much. The couple got a hotel room and drank for three days – but after they checked out,  they pulled themselves together and went to an AA meeting. There, they realized that the best way they could honor Jenna was with their sobriety.

Now the couple shares their story to help others. They put up a go fund me page and are starting a nonprofit to help people dealing with grief and addiction.

With as much as they’ve been through, their friends still consider John and Amber happy people. After Matt brought Jenna through to them, they feel her presence all time – they see clocks saying 111 and 333 and see signs in the form of butterflies everywhere – they know that she is with them.


Not everyone believes John and Amber’s story, but John subscribes to the mantra, Believe receive – doubt go without.

He believes that we all have a choice, “You can choose to be happy and you can choose to be miserable. Our lives are full of magic. We have our bad days, but we turn to god and get through them.

John shared these final words with us. “I was trying to live my life well before – but hearing what Matt had to share made it so much easier. We knew a part of  Jenna was still here, but now it’s like we have it in writing.”

I ran into a guidance counselor from the high school the other day. He said, “This must be a hard time for you.”

“Well, no, I just talked to Jenna the other day.”

I know that she’s always with us.

On November 15th , the couple will gather with friends, classmates, and family for the unveiling of Jenna’s memorial bench at the park. There will be a candlelight vigil, and John and Amber will release paper lanterns to float across the veil, to their beloved daughter on the other side.

You can learn more, and help fund their John and Amber’s work CLICK HERE